Saturday, 26 May 2007

Excuse me, are you an uncle or auntie?

what would u do if someone wearing a flirty wrap around dress (low cut, short), black fish net stockings n stilettos sashayed past you? before you drool, take a closer look! we had dinner this evening at a newly opened shopping mall n was leaving the restaurant, approaching the escalator when horror of horrors, we saw someone described as above "gaylek" pass. we shot each other glances of disbelief... that person was a man! sorry, let me be more specific, an old uncle! =P i mean, revolting is an understatement. he had a durian 'do with lots of white hair n looked every bit like your char kway teow or mee pok (mai harm) uncle! oh man.... we tried not to glare but we couldn't help it. the other shoppers were also stunted beyond measure. that uncle sure got lots of attention. i'd say he summoned the kind of head turning wave as if a celebrity appeared. my, he was ornate. necklace, bracelet, even anklet! n he was wearing chic shades at night... n revealed what looked like evidence of hormone pills in his low cut dress.... wa biang, we had a v good dinner (describe the next time) n felt it erupting up our stomachs... before he reached the escalator, he was buying jewellery (i mentioned he was ornate right?) n chris wondered if that poor salesman is nowing suffering from post trauma depression n has doubts about his own sexuality. we followed behind him (not that we want to tailgate but we happened to be going in the same direction n just accelerated to take a closer look u see) chris was like, dear, my phone cam isn't working, can u take a photo? i want to upload on my blog! i was like *tsk* no dear, i will do no such thing but felt my fingers reaching for my phone in my hand bag and grouchingly quicken my steps to snap a shot of shim. i did get a shot of shim but sorry, i won't upload it because it's bad enough that i am bitching about shim. subject shim to public ridicule n make him famous? no way! sigh... i have heard of parents disowning their sons who have turned to other side but gosh! what would u do if it's your dad??? i mean, one day your dad comes home in a dress n announces, hi all, i'm bi-curious. my world will come crashing down man. i think i'd disown myself. this uncle reminds me of another hermaphrodite i saw last time, working at an S11 coffeeshop near the old library (stamford road). it was also an uncle... who my friends n i believe is in the "transition" stage. u know, transforming from male to female is not like "ting ting" press a button n uncle morphs into aunty! it's a process. so this uncle w curly hair ala PCK only it's highlighted, tatooed eye brows n yes, what looks like evidence of hormone pills under his S11 polo T would serve us drinks n we'd lose all our appetites.

this world has gone wrong man... what with brokeback mountain n i recently read that AWARE is supporting a movie w lesbo theme... what has happened to our world? i miss those days when men were men n women were women, when a kid will not be confused and greet someone as "uncle" OR "auntie".... now, the poor kid will probably burst into tears cos he is confused... boo hoo... call uncle or auntie???!

A cup of tea

In my last entry i wrote about my encounter w coffee. here, i'm going to write about my passion for tea. i love tea. all sorts, but preferably the naturally caffeine-free floral types like chamomile (soothing), rose buds (great for preserving youth n beauty) n the packed with antioxidant green tea (genmaicha, sencha, houjicha, gyukuro cha, matcha, anything that has the suffix -cha). did i mention that i came in tops in an antioxidant scan done at my office for staff? hee hee...

recently i bought a pack of green tea called "sencha 88". the girl said the leaves are picked on the 88th day of spring n it's a v good quality tea. i was v fascinated. it's the japanese, who else would have thought that the leaves taste best when picked on the 88th day?

so how do you make a good cup of tea? i don't think i qualify as an expert or tea connoiseur but i think it boils down to 4 things: tea leaves, temperature, timing n tea set. i mean, u must first have kickass quality tea leaves right? n generally, it's one teaspoon per cup plus one for the pot. then the temperature of the water must be just right. for sencha, the water can't be too hot. i have a "cooling pot" for gyukuro cha. it's like a tea pot, only without the lid n with a wider hole. you pour your boiling water into it to cool down before pouring it into the pot. when making dragon well, once i see small bubbles start to form, it should be just about ready. then there's timing. the leaves must be infused for the right amount of time. then, to enhance the enjoyment of tea, i think the tea set is very important. japanese tea must be served in proper jap tea cups, chinese tea in tea sets, english tea in pretty fine bone china tea cups. i can't afford wedgewood (although i forked out the money for a wedgewood fine bone china sugar bowl to hold brownie's ashes, only the best for my baby. he would not have wanted to reside in anything less...), i use hankook st james, a korean brand. i also go ga ga over narumi n noritake. when i was in nagoya, the home of noritake, i was so disappointed that i didn't get a chance to visit noritake heaven. i am v particular about the receptacle... i mean, water n juices must be served in glasses, milo in a mug, coffee in a coffee cup, champagne in a champagne flute, sake in a tiny goblet etc... you get the idea. i once asked chris to kindly get me a drink (water). he put cold water from the fridge in a mug n i was like.... that's wrong dear. so the second time i said, "dear, can u get me some room temperature pure (filtered) water in a glass pls?" train them once n they get the idea. back to the tea set, everything has to be warm. i once ordered rose bud tea at a renowned dessert joint n the tea came in a nice french press (add points) but the tea cup was like air con cold. it's been sitting in the air con room that's why. i gestured at the waitress n told her, "ikskewz me, the tea cup is cold" n she looked at me like i was speaking a foreign language. then the manager came n i reiterated myself. she got the idea (she'd better, she's the manager). that's why good coffee joints line their cups or glasses near the hot water percolator. that way the steam warms the cups/glasses.

there aren't many decent tea joints in singapore... apart from V tea room at the esplanade, regent hotel n ritz. i love high tea (i mean the scones, sandwiches n dainty french pastry type, not the mee siam, soon kuey type). english high tea as opposed to intercontinental high tea. regent has quite a good value for money. at $27+++ u get a choice of special blended tea n a three tier serving of savoury n sweet assortment. refillable. ritz uses wedgewood.... nice! the next time chong sin want to give us a treat, i'd suggest ritz. some times jiahui n i go to V tea room for a cup of tea. it's nicely decorated n makes u feel like u r in europe in the victorian era. the cookies r to-die-for. i like the rose ones n the cranberry ones.

oh yes, my sencha 88. did it live up to my expectations? well, i made it, poured it into my noritake cup, took a sip, slowly savoured the fragrance while it smooths down my throat n warming it as it passes through and ahh.... all my fatigue melted away. after i finish the tea, a sip of hot plain water brings back the sweet aftertaste. mmm.... i love my tea.

Coffee, tea or...?

The other day i attended a coffee tasting session at starbucks. i don't drink coffee actually.... i mean, i have never had coffee. i am serious.... never really liked it and i think caffeine is bad. anyway, was at this "sharing" planned by my workplace, part of their "staff development".... so the manager, a friendly skinny bespected young lady passed round tiny cups of iced water for us to "cleanse" our palate. then she passed the choc eclairs that scream "eat me eat me!" i love choc eclairs n was about to pop it into my mouth when she suddenly halted us.... unfortunately, two of the guys got to it much faster than i did n had already devoured that pastry.... so they have to cleanse their palate again.... next came the tiny cups of coffee. took a sip...aurghhhh so bitter, did we not pay enough for sugar? but as polite gracious people we forced out a smile after the first sip... she said we could eat the eclair now and boy, the combination of choc n coffee is actually quite delicious! how could i never have discovered this? o... the two guys who had digested their eclairs got to take another one (there were extras) n i was like... darn, i bet they did it intentionally just now so that they can eat two! after that she shared their "best practices", history etc. and rounded up the session w a surprise voucher for everyone =)

so i saved the voucher til yesterday n i decided to try a cappuccino (ok, some of you must be thinking by now that i live in the mountains. i wish, then i get to drink spring water everyday, how nice. i am actually a tea person. but i'd choose water or freshly squeezed juice anytime) the eclair was calling out to me again but the warm choc cake caught my fancy. so i tried to look cool n ordered a cappuccino pls, low fat milk, decaf n a warm choc cake, thank u v much. when i got the coffee n cake, i couldn't wait to try them (even though the coffee came in a mug... i just have this thing about receptacles which i will write about in another post). but i was thinking... er... need to add sugar or not (hello, come on, i have never tasted coffee ok?) i thought take a sip first la. but there was a lot of foamed milk so when the hot beverage touch my tongue, i was caught unaware n got scalded... ouch! aurgghhh.... ok, eat cake eat cake... i sank my fork into the dark brown dome n pried it open expecting to see the moist choc centre ooze out so i can give the blissful look when i taste it.... it didn't. there ain't no moist choch centre. i popped a piece into my mouth.. i was like... eeerrrrr.... outside warm, inside fridge-cold.... no blissful look. only peeved look, i took the plate, marched to the counter n said politely but making sure i showed my displeasure "ikskewz me, the WARM choc cake is COLD." the guy apologised n offered to warm it for me. so when it came back, it was cut into 4 quarters (they figured it out i guess) whether or not the staff added any snort or spit i prefer not to speculate.... i hear it happens when u complain about your food. i don't like to waste food so i ate the brown gooey thing (i think they tried to make it up to me by drowning it in choc sauce...) as i reminisced about the warm choc souffle at The Dining Room at Ann siang hill. oh.... the choc lava flowed out when the dainty dome is lightly pricked with a dessert fork... i tried to find something to read... nothing. no newspaper, no magazine.... i felt the cake was a little sweet (remember? it was drowned in choc sauce) so tried to get some water. no iced water either.... is this starbucks? n they have more than 10000 outlets worldwide?

so my verdict? i'd stick to chamomile or earl grey in fine bone china, thank you very much.

Spidy 3 and Responsible Parenting Part 2

Before I start, here's a warning. I just started this blog so there's gonna be a deluge of entries as i do loads of backdating... i have lots of issues to share and my mind is working over time to retrieve the data...

anyway, the other day we went to catch Spidy 3, with great anticipation... i think tobey maguire is hot. so we had a nice dinner of xiao long bao and proceeded to the theatre. a few minutes into the show, i felt a kick on the back rest of my seat... i turned around, annoyed and stared at the kiddo behind me. he pretended to look innocent... so i thought never mind... they are a family of 5, they outnumber us so i let it go.... but that irritating kid kept doing it n everytime he did, i spun around to dagger stare him... then his dad quietly told him off.... didn't apologise to me at all.... so i thought, ok, he's going to stop.... fat hope. he didn't. that prick was obviously getting the kick out of it (literally). i was peeved so i turned around, stared at him n mouthed angrily, "stop kicking my chair!" this time, his dad feigned ignorance.... i could not concentrate on the show.... in my head was the throbbing knocks by that trotter... so my enjoyment of spidy 3 was grossly impeded by some rascal, poorly brought up by irresponsible parents. i think these parents should just watch the DVD at home or perlease, for the sake of other cinema patrons sit on the first row!

back to spidy... at one point, tobey maguire looked quite hot when he turned bad (good girls like bad boys i guess) but i was glad he turned back from the dark side.... i still prefer him as the brilliant geek who is o so in love w mj.

GSS - batsu!

Oh the GSS is here! but this time i have to control... just got grace to buy me this gorgeous LV wallet from paris... it's so pretty.... n i put the picture that king gave in it... v nicely done. what a sweet gesture, roy n i thought. when he told me the amount of effort he put in doing this for us, i felt so touched i cried.... there were times i wanted to quit when vexed but sweet gestures like this really warm my heart. photo paper 10 cents maybe? camera $3000? (estmate la... i don't know) lights $10000? (again estimate la) computer $2000.... "xin yi" - priceless. i think this boy has a gift n i believe he will use his gift well. he looked so serious when taking the pics n really put his heart n soul into making them perfect... i will treasure this.

hm... ya, so GSS is here n i have been eyeing the narumi fine bone china royal blue n white 24 piece tea set w gold trimmings... v pretty, imagine sipping my earl grey from that.... mmm... shoik. am sure it will taste better... n the WMF cutlery set.... but after getting the wallet... maybe not. am coveting cheyenne's burberry tote too... not to mention the gorgeous black calf leather DIOR bag!!!! costs two canon 350Ds... but the last piece was sold out seconds (like 2 seconds) before i asked for it. darn... chris says sometimes God closes the door... ha ha... i suppose so... i also ordered an LV handbag from grace but sold out also... God's will. Sometimes i am not v disciplined... thank God He closes the door! think if i bought the DIOR bag.... chris would have hit the roof... n i would have been overwhelmed w guilt. e weather's getting so unbearable i think i need Chanel shades. but i'm avoiding orchard like the plague.... temptation everywhere... v dangerous. but taka sale ends this sun... i am so torn... i have a $10 taka voucher... that should offset my purchases... no? argghhh!

Responsible Parenting

We used to have a darling brown dwarf lop Brownie who passed away last Mar due to tumours... was like losing a family member. Recently, we're considering getting another lop. saw a grey one at pet shop in great world city last week.... so adorable.... but to us, getting a pet is a huge decision cos we want to be responsible parents. we were deciding between a dog, cat or rabbit. used to have 7 dwarf hamsters but hamsters don't live v long so don't think we'll keep them again.... a dog... hm... saw roy's pic of his cute maltese, button, in the photog room and am so tempted.... but roy n shirley don't walk the dog... so sad. i think dogs r v emotionally dependent n need lots of space so unless i can provide that, i won't get a dog. chris had a dog, rocky, for 15 years, died of cancer... must be the diet... chris feeds him human food like chicken rice chicken... i mean, that's like slowly killing your dog lor... animals should eat animal food, free of oils n seasoning... but he adored rocky, will share his double-boiled-lovingly-by-mum bird's nest w rocky. the family cried loads when he died... cat... spoke to liang tong (he is the president of some cat society) n he said cats n fish don't go together. we've got a pond with 3 goldfish u see. n not to mention e kitty may claw my piano... but when i saw martha on TV w her lovely kittens, aaawwww.... so super cute lor.... hm.... so i guess we may get a rabbit lor... still thinking, big commitment. it's like "let's have a baby" to us. will want to give the pet the best... best food, best vet, best groomer (brownie's groomer was a guy called kingsley, champion groomer...). but chris' dad says "bu hui yang ren!" (why not have a baby...) we were like... ermmm... er her... no thanks.

Talking about responsible parenting.... a recent newspaper article really enraged me... this HCI bstrd beat up a bus driver (trying to act heroic in front of his girlfriend) but his dad knelt down to ask the driver for forgiveness n to give his son a second chance... i mean, this is ridiculous! parents nowadays r too soft n too protective over their kids. they don't discipline their kids... i see that all the time. so some of these youngsters grow up pampered.... chris shudders at the possibility that some of these people may end up running our country cos they have "good results" n the school's comment was "he has a good academic record" i was flabbergasted...! i have nothing against good schools n good results... chris n i were from good schools ourselves... but does getting goos results justify leniency? just because the arrogant bstrd has good results means he can beat up people n get away w it? so if the boy had been a trouble maker, perpetual late comer, F grader etc. punishing him would have been more reasonable? what a load of crap! i say all the more he should be punished! it just means that all the education he has receieved has taught him NOTHING! zilch. he should take responsibility for his behaviour. if i am his girlfriend.... i will think v lowly of him man... no integrity, cowardly behaviour.... actually, i suspect his grilfriend is also as warped.... i mean, she could just stand there n watch her boyfriend beat some driver up... highly educated doesn't translate to gracious behaviour. another report i read recently said many employers treat their maids badly n they r professionals like doctors... what a double life. at work they save lives, at home they abuse people... something is v wrong.... v sad.

sigh... just found out last night from grace that lis n joerg r leaving for aus on 21 jun... i couldn't help but burst out a bit, am gonna miss lis n salmon run is down to 5 members...