Sunday, 26 August 2007

Cute Vase

This is a cute vase but I find it difficult to secure the flowers. Dr Lim suggested using floral oasis because the kenzan can't fit in and i don't know how to use wires yet so i tried. my first try =) think i should have placed the taller anthurium in front... i always have this bad habit of placing tall ones behind... got to get rid of it.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Wonderful Gathering =)

Today I was invited to a gathering organised by some old friends from my previous workplace. it was so nice to see everyone again after 6 years, some of whose (unfortunately, so sorry) names i can't remember. but i remember all the familiar faces =) the guys look the same (with the exception of andrew, a sleep-deprived doctor-to-be whose charming eyes are now framed by dark eye circles) and the girls, my, so chio! some of them look like they stepped out of TV (not sadako style, but celebrity style!). it was heart warming.... vivien was there too and they got us both a cake... although i'm still recovering from pharyngitis, when i saw the choc cake, it screamed, "eat me eat me!" and albert, the cheeky one, encouraged me so ok lah, i ate some. wa, v good choc cake =P they gave me a card and everyone wrote something in it. that's my favourite type of present (other than diamond, bird's nest... you know, the usual), a card with LOTS of words =) i'd read them over and over again =) read already heart will smile one... albert said something that really touched me, "you ni cai you wo men!" wa, so sweet of them.

cake and card: $40+
xin yi: priceless

Ikebana - Shoka

I did this on Fri with ginger flowers. i like the look of shoka because it's very simple and elegant but i find it very difficult to do because the stalks have to be inserted into the kenzan in one straight row so the bottom part forms a mizugiwa (water's edge). when you look at it from the front, you should see only one branch at the bottom (about 5cm). yet the stalks must branch out at the top. the number of branches used must be an odd number with the exception of 2 and must be of varying heights. and the direction at which each branch must point is also very important. i need to practise more cos i just progressed to stage 3 and in order to go to stage 4, i need to take a shoka test... stressed..

Church Annual Food Fair

Yeah! today was the food fair! Thank God i rested yesterday and recovered =) i was v sick on thu evening... when i came back from work, i washed my face and lay down on my bed and felt i was going to die cos every atom in my body ached... my throat, head, sholder, stomach, legs.... everywhere. but after resting on fri, i felt much better! PTL!

so in the evening, grace, pris, rog, chek and ling came over for the preps... we made a banner and a signboard as shown in about 1.5 hours! that's record time conpared to last year when we took 10 hours and grace slept over!!! (read earlier entry on food fair)

so this morning we set up stall at 10 plus. the fair was supposed to start at 1030 but some people played cheat and started early but never mind, we were selling drinks. ha ha... business was rather brisk. at some points we were swamped. while we were filling the cups with drinks, we wondered how we managed to sell gyoza last year with all the frying and steaming! ha ha, yeah, we had more manpower but it was really hard work! towards the end, many stalls started packing. the one beside us packed up so early with earnings of $1000 plus!!! so we had to resort to peddling the drinks on a tray. chek and i went upstairs to the plaza to peddle, met Pastor Melvin who was thirsty and persuded him that he need two cups =P by 3 plus, there were very few people left so we started selling the leftover juices by the bottle and yeah! we managed to clear all our supplies!

We made $681.60 this year, minus the cost price, the profit is more than $500! that's like almost 5 times more than last year at 1/10th the amount of effort! and no maroon armpits this time round! LOL... next year we'll definitely sell drinks again =)

Glory to God! ^^

Tarabagani Wa Ichiban Oishi!! - Kuriya (Great World City) 4*

It's tarabagani (alaskan king crab) season!!!! So wednesday we had tarabagani ryori at Kuriya in Great World City =D

we ordered one set to share and some other a la carte dishes like japanese tomato, uni sushi (sea urchin) and a grilled fish. actually we didn't initially order the grilled fish.... chris felt hungry so he walked over to the seafood display, pointed at the fish and said he wanted it shio yaki (grilled with salt). the japanese tomato $6 was just ONE cherry tomato (bigger than the usual cherry tomatoes) sliced into 6 wedges served on a bed of crushed ice and it is to be eaten with japanese mayo or salt. boy, it was soooo.... sweet and juicy!! even chris, a carnivore, loved it. i prefer it with salt but chris liked the mayo better. salt is supposed to bring out sweetness, that's why people eat chocolate with salt crystals (that's like the pinnacle of chocolate enjoyment although i have never tried). then the uni sushi, chris took one look and passed on it. i was excited because Martha Stewart, the guru whose show i faithfully record everyday and watch whenever i get the chance to, LURVES uni... i plopped a piece into my mouth, chewed it and felt the yakinori (seaweed) was not v crisp, the uni turned into a creamy texture which i felt was like pate, which i HATE! so i quickly ate the other piece and tried to forget about it... didn't particular like it. king says "it's an acquired taste and it's supposed to look firm but feel soft when touched" ok, so uni is like breasts... "looks firm but feel soft when touched" what a description!

anyway, so our meal came... first was edamame (japanese green beans) served in a cold asymmetrical bowl (i like the bowl). chris (carnivore...) said, "dear, gei ni chi la!" then we had assorted crab rolls, very pretty... like maki, just four different types with very generous fillings of crab meat and ebiko. next up was tenpura!!! my favourite. it was one gigantic kani leg about the thickness of two of my fingers put together, deshelled and two plump stalks of asparagus. it was straight from the pot so it was piping hot, crisp on the outside, firm sweet flesh on the inside! yum! next they served nigiri sushi there were tuna, salmon, squid and of course kani. i don't like squid sushi so we left it on the plate. the grilled item was grilled, guess what? kani leg! the sweetness is locked in and you scoop out the flesh with the instrument provided to get generous pieces of the meat. then the hotpot... it was kaminabe paper hotpot loaded with what else but kani, veg, tofu, shitake mushroom and served with udon. the grilled item was a few kani legs, shio yaki, grilled with salt. the succulent flesh packed with sweetness really heightened my enjoyment =)

For dessert, they served a Japanese peach pudding with strawberry ice cream and i also ordered a slice of japanese musk melon. boy, when you bite into one piece, the saccharin sweetness explodes in your mouth and permeates your entire being and for a split of a second, you forget even your own name! it's no wonder it costs $60 plus PER melon.

So dinner was wonderful, although the crabs in japan are way fresher, i enjoyed it and at $48++ per set, i find it a steal. smsed jiahui and she was like, "wa, so worth it, want go eat tmr?" i probably won't be touchng sri lankan crabs for a while =P but the fish chris ordered cost $88!!!! i almost fainted. yes, it was grilled to perfection but $88 for ONE fish is like... hm... i told chris, "dear, next time before you say "shio yaki" pls ask "ikura desuka" (how much?) first hor..." he just shrugged it off and said, "but it was delicious what...." oh well... ha ha.


food: 4*
ambience: 4*
value for money: fish 2* everything else 5*

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Food Review: Mekong Vietnamese Pho Bo (Melbourne) - 5*

Talking about beef noodles, the best i have tried has to be Mekong Vietnamese Pho Bo in Melbourne (Swanston Street). It's an air-conditioned eatery and they serve free flow tea (tastes like some variant of chinese tea that chinese restaurants here serve but lighter) in vacuum flasks. those Vietnamese noodle shops in singapore are cmi. I especially can't stand those trying to be upmarket and slightly fusionistic ones... =P

At Mekong, the beef slices are tender and juicy, the stock saturated with all the goodness of beef essence and the glass noodles smooth and satisfying, topped with paper thin onion slices and loads of spring onions and parsley. Wonderful on a cold autumn or winter evening. It comes with a dish of fresh, raw crunchy bean sprouts, wedge of lime, basil leaves and chopped chilli. I don't like the smell of basil so I just plunge in the bean sprouts to scald them and some chopped chilli, sometimes i'd squeeze a bit of the lime. then u slurp up the noodle with a piece of beef and sip the piping hot soup and feel it go down your throat, oesophagus and warm your stomach... ah... bliss... oh.... mm.... i'd say orgasmic, like royce chocolate... ha ha... and while at it, you can check out the photo gallery on the walls showing pictures of all the famous people who have dined there such as Bill Clinton and Jackie Chan and a whole host of politicians and celebrities...

people ask me why not eat vietnamese beef noodles in vietnam? well, i have never been to vietnam (actually was organising a company trip to vietnam or myanmar (boy was i excited!) but my co-workers prefer Perth... yawn)... i guess aussie beef tastes better too? The shop is run by Vietnamese migrants so the recipe is authentic and with superior ingredients, u get a great bowl of Pho! apparently, melbourne pho is famous too =)

Hai, but i boycott Oz already, cos their stupid airport tax is sooooo... ex. chey! hope they set up an outlet here!!!

Monday, 20 August 2007

My Last Meal

Since we're on the issue of food, I dug out this entry from May...

my last meal has got to be 'fugu' (puffer fish) sashimi or sushi. i love the sushi - vinegared rice w a slice of fugu n a shiso leaf. oh man... someone i know describes it as "it's worth dying for." enough said.

n kobe gyu... o, the pinnacle of excellence in beef. once u have tasted wagyu, normal beef will not satisfy u anymore. i read on the internet that wagyu is from cows that genetically have marbled fat high in omega 3 n in japan, i heard that they drink beer, get massages n listen to mozart. sorry to disappoint u cows out there but the thing is, u have to be BORN a wagyu cow. drinking beer, getting massages n listening to mozart DOES NOT make u wagyu grade. it's like wearing a kimono doesn't make u a japanese. wonder how much the stud fees for a wagyu bull is...

we visited a matsusaka gyu yakiniku place in namba, osaka n gosh, it was so good (not to mention the waiter is really cute)! the beef is succulent, tender n needs little or no seasoning. just grill it, dip it in the special blended sauce n enjoy it's authentic taste... yum. i was v fascinated w e way they served wasabi. in singapore, they give u this small lump of green wasabi paste. in that restaurant, they served the entire wasabi plant n a grater. it looks like a tiny yam, one u can hold in your hands. so u grate it n pick it up w your chopsticks into your shoyu. it dissolves instantly into the shoyu, unlike e paste type that needs poking n jabbing n some cajoling w your chopsticks before it stubbornly agrees to bind with the shoyu... i was so fascinated that the next day i went to doguyasuji to buy the shark skin grater for wasabi. it's still sitting in my kitchen cabinet because singapore doesn't sell fresh wasabi plant!!!!! ah!!!! not even isetan (i have not checked meidi ya). i'm waiting for the day i can impress my guest w my freshly grated wasabi =) but meidiya sells good wagyu beef =) ha ha...
finally, it's hokkaido king crab. never been to hokkaido although chris keeps persuading me, he was so bent on going that he tempted me, " dear, if i buy u a burberry winter jacket will u go to hokkaido w me?" i immediately stopped what i was doing, my eyes lit up, eyebrows raised...i seriously was tempted... that's not too bad an idea... let me think about it... "don't take too long to think" chris replied "... or i'll have to enjoy fresh hokkaido king crab myself, after a good soak in the outdoor onsen with a snow capped mountain backdrop!"

anyway, we found an excellent crab restaurant near koimizu street in kyoto called kani ya (kani - crab, ya - house) that serve kaiseki ryori, an elaborate feast of up to say 13 dishes, each cooked using a different method. at kani ya, all the dishes involve crab. so u have crab sashimi, boiled crab, grilled crab, fried crab, crab chawanmushi, crab hotpot (kani - crab, nabe - hotpot. i always feel awkward ordering this dish...)etc etc. it's crab galore. the legs are thick like thicker than your fingers n it slides out from one end if you push it from the other. our favourite is the crab porridge made using the stock at the end of crab steamboat. imagine all the essence of the crab absorbed by each rice grain...yum. i feel hungry already.

here's the website for kani ya if u r interested. they have various branches all over japan.

hm... i love to eat ^^

Food Review: Teochew Porridge (Maxwell Food Centre) 4*

I miss my teochew porridge at maxwell... the uncle who looks like Jackie Chan (we call him chen long uncle) remembers us... not a difficult task as the stall is patronised by mainly old folks and we're the only two young uns (relatively!) most of the time. Some times Chris will betray me by driving there for lunch by himself while i'm stuck force feeding myself w my office cafeteria food in order to stay alive... chen long uncle will enquire of chris, "ni tai tai mei you lai ah?" how sweet =) the dishes are cooked by this old ah ma and during meal hours, there's always a Q but we feel it's worth the wait. We can easily get about 5 dishes (fish, 2 veg, chicken, meat) for about $10!!!! cheap and good. oh.... i like the braised trotters *smack lips* yum! must be the fore trotters, more tender than the hinds... but i eat only a bit, and will try to jog before or after! ha ha.... actually the fatty skin is packed with collagen but i don't have the guts to eat it.... after that, top it off with some hum chin peng... ooohhh.... sinful but once in a while, it's good to indulge don't u think?

food: 4*
value for money: 4*
ambience: 0*
average Q: at least 2metres during peak hours

Food Review: Alishan Taiwan Porridge (1*)

I was too tired to cook dinner so i suggested eating Hock Lam Beef noodles for dinner at don't-know-what street but argghh! it was closed. And the punggol nasi lemak Q was soooooooo..... long (as usual) so we tried alishan taiwan porridge. we ordered two bowls of sweet potato porridge, one stewed fish (not whole, just one piece of tail), one veg, one scrambled egg and one braised chicken... the bill came up to $22!!!!!!!! boy, it's soooooooo... ex for coffeeshop ambience and chap chye peng fare!!!!!! i felt so heart pain and with every mouthful, i kept reminiscing about my fav Teochew porridge at Maxwell market, at half the price and twice the taste... I'm not sure if it was just me but i felt the porridge tasted a lil burnt =( so upset... i felt so cheated...$22 for this???? pui!

overall rating:
food: 3*
value for money: -1*
ambience: 1*
Average Q: no Q

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ikebana =)

I normally have to redo the arrangement when i get home (otherwise how to bring the flowers home? duh...) Took a pic =) hm... it's jiyuka ("zi you shi" in kanji meaning freestyle) the lesson on fri was about surfaces, hence the big green leaves. the rest r just accompaniment flowers. love the red sunset at the bottom. i just realised that i forgot to bend the coconut leaf on the left so it's not so straight and to cut away the small part of the monstera leaf at the bottom left so it doesn't look like it's touching the vase (it's not but when viewed 2 D it looks like it does)... and i think i didn't leave enough border at the top of the photo... oh well... i am too lazy to retake the photo cos i had to clear this desk to take the pics... and it's not easy to move this vase with the arrangement, scared the water (which is about 1 cm from the rim) will flow out... ha ha ha.

love the yellow, green n white vase =) got it in kyoto and shipped it back together w the V shaped one below. couldn bear to buy the kiyomizu vases cos they r expensive, but soooooo pretty. anyway, think kiyomizu vases r too good for me la... he he he. am v pleased w this yellow one =) i have a classmate who has about 300 vases!!!! he is a teacher so he visits japan at least once a year and ships back his vases. wa, teachers are so rich meh? i believe he has some kiyomizu vases. he told me his kitchen cabinets aren't for kitchen appliances, they're for vases!!! so kua zhang.

the other arrangement was done w the left-over flowers. i was v tired already so anyhow cha cha cha la... ha ha ha. love the bright orange heliconias =)

i am level 2 only la (there are like 15 levels i think. my teacher started when he was like 15 and i think he is now 40 plus, a dentist)... so not so nice =P you realise my arrangements r skewed. it's because in ikebana, there has to be assymmetry and somehow, maybe because i am right-handed, i always end up doing it skewed to the left... ha ha ha.

think i pricked myself on the kenzan (in kanji it's "jian shan", literally mountain of swords... it's a heavy metal base, usually circular with many sharp vertical spikes like in those kong fu shows where the person lies down on the spikes and someone whacks the slap of concrete balanced on his body.... ya, but much smaller cos u place in your vase and poke the flowers on it... ha ha ha) argghhh... it's at my cuticle, on my left ring finger. damn pain now...

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Movie Review: Bourne Ultimatum (4.5*)

I just caught Bourne Ultimatum and WOW! WOW! WOW! it was ULTIMATE! SPLENDID! the movie was replete with heart pumping action, from London Heathrow airport to Waterloo station, to Spain Madrid, Morocco, back to NY. i barely blinked! (ok, the part when he was killing the moroccan assasin in the toilet, it was so brutal i hid behind my cloak) and boy, Bourne is so bleddy smart (you know i like smart men! hm... actually, the person who wrote the book or script is the really smart one...) love how he outsmarts the bad guys and gets away every time. ooohh hooo! the most exciting bit i felt was the moroccan chase... i almost had a myocardial infarction! and my fav part was when he used "diao hu ling shan zhi ji" on the baddie Noah... ha ha! or bee good!

Definitely worth watching! forget all other movies. just catch this one! it's kickass!

P.S.: but i felt the lensman was trying to achieve the blair witch effect at times, which irritated me that's why i gave 4.5* only. lensman's fault...

Movie Review: Secret (3.5*)

I caught Secret, starring Jay Chou, also directed by him, with my buddy Jiahui (Chris hates chick flicks) and i'd say it's v good for a first try. I was never really crazy about Jay but boy, was he charming on screen. i personally find musically talented men exceptionally charming, equally charming r good looking men (duh?), brilliant men (like Chris), rich men and athletic (not the wrestling or sumo type, the swimmers, golfers, tennis players and footballers) men. I have dated all types except rich, and married brilliant! it's important lay, in case want to proliferate the earth, at least i am guaranteed of good genes.... ha ha. anyway, boy was i impressed! as a piano student myself (a lousy one i'd admit.... i sometimes feel i should stick to singing but darn, paid so much for the piano... should have tried guitar instead... cheaper), i was bowled over. jiahui leaned over,

"ey, when will u be able to play like that?"

~ he's been playing since young lor... i was at it for TWO years?

"wa, he chao shuai hor?" *salivate*

~ yeah... *drool*

it's a sweet teenage romance film... with all the innocence of first loves, the first kiss, ride on the bike, doing things together like playing the piano and first dance... very saccharin sweet... the sad moments really tugged at my heart strings but glad it had a good ending. the plot is very interesting... well won't spoil it by revealing it for those who have not watched... very fairytale (or rather, fantasy) but it's worth watching. it's a mighty good effort to boost his popularity... i'm sure every time he appears on screen, his fans will gasp and skip a heart beat... and his character is such a faithful, wholehearted guy who loves only one girl although there's this other chio bu who also digs him. AAWWWWW!

Song Review: There's No Place I'd Rather Be vs Home (Both by Kit Chan)

I don't know if you have seen or heard the latest ND song, There's No Place I'd Rather Be written by Jimmy Ye and performed by Kit Chan on TV, wearing a striking red dress w a big bow and equally red lipstick. Well, i prefer Home anytime. For one, the new song's melody isn't as catchy (other than the chorus)... the tune for the verses have too many variations, not easy for the lay man to follow. and the lyrics, boy, so unfriendly... i know he is trying to say even after travelling the world, he still finds Singapore best. yes. but how many singaporeans, the heartlanders especially, have been to cairo and river kwai, big ben and west end?? and how could he miss out japan???? ok, maybe after u go to japan, u'd like it better than here... kekeke, the food's better, shopping's better, public transport's superb (THAT, is WORLDCLASS), girls pretty, guys handsome, good service, great onsens.... what more can u ask for? ok, maybe the educational system is more stressful than ours (which i feel is already at breaking point for some) and housing prices more exorbitant... but oh well, i can sleep on a futon on tatami EVERYDAY!!! someone once asked, "who wants to do Japanese studies in the uni?" I DO!!! ey, i actually went for the selection test for japanese language as an enrichment course for one semester but they asked questions on history of japan... of course i won't know la! that's why i want to study japanese language... duh! so i didn't get selected and ended up doing German instead.... ha ha ha.

anyway, let's not digress.... so how many singaporeans have travelled so far n wide?? hence they can't really sing the song w conviction like Home. maybe if he'd written "i had shopped at JB and climbed KLCC, heard the kerching in Genting... but i'd still prefer our pasar malam, n the IR in sentosa!" it would have touched the hearts of more people! ha ha ha...

Good To Have A Friend Like You

Hai... whenever i look at Mrs N's desk beside mine, i am overcome with shame and inferiority.... Mrs N is SOOOOOOO.... organised.... her desk is superbly clean i have had people asking me whether there is anyone sitting there. Then there's HJ, he is also one super on-the-ball-knows-every-deadline guy. his desk is also extremely neat, not to mention his handwriting, it's like a font type... so sometimes i feel the need to make myself feel better, especially recently, with the tons of deadlines... i'd turn around to Ling,

~ ey, ling, have you done this-this-that-that?

"you say leh?"

~ good, just asking to make myself feel better... it's good to have a friend like you...

"ha ha ha.... *turns to T* it's good to have a friend like you!

T: ai ya! si la, need to do this-this-that-that by today. ann xiao jie, how to do ha? *stares at computer screen*

A: you go to here then click there and then, ah now key in your userid and password

T: ah yo, si la! what userid and password?

L: it's your XX and YY...

T: *types them in* ha ha, correct! *smiles at ling* u r a good secretary...

hai, when i see Mrs N's neat, clean, sparkling desk.... i'd feel depressed... then i'd look at Ling's stacks of stuff and T's heaps of stuff and feel better. Mrs N has every document arranged neatly in labelled files, i have pieces of paper strewn here and there but i know where to find my stuff if i need them... Ling has stacks of stuff, can't find what she wants... T has heaps and heaps...and heaps, he only knows where to find his camera... ha ha!

It's good to have friends like Ling and T! =)

Call Me Che Che...

My colleague Ling sometimes brings her daughter En Ning to the office and I'd chat with her.... the first time I met the darling, i gave her a chocolate and said, "call me che che ok?" she took the sweet and chirped, "che che". ling turned around and guffawed,

"ann! i can't believe u! u r aunty! don't confuse her and ask her to call u che che!"

~ why? cannot meh? she did it willingly what.... ke ke ke

"what willingly? you bribed her!!! ok, at least u r not as ridiculous as T... he tells her to call him kor kor! ah ha ha ha!"

~ *jaws drop* ha? then she should call me mei mei le... ah ha ha ha

T: "ey, that day ha, i was so angry leh... i went to buy something and the girl called me ah pek! hai yo, so gek sim leh"

~ *ahm chio* ha? what a surprise.... should be shuai ge ma... *giggle*

T: jiu shi lo! jiao wo ah pek! shuai ge bi jiao shi he ma!

Ling couldn't help but laugh hysterically.... Mrs N also started laughing while sipping her kopi O....

hai.... life is so fun w such hilarious colleagues... i love my colleagues!

Food Review: China Street Hum Jin Peng (Maxwell Food Centre)

I have always been very curious why there's always a long Q in front of this stall at maxwell food centre. The other day I decided to try it after i finished my chicken rice and saw the Q diminishing.... it's a v interesting concept... u gotta fry them yourself w the long wooden chopsticks.... but i acted blur and the lady was nice enough to help me (didn't want to smell oily ma...). the master was this REEEAAALLLLYYYYY old man whom i felt looked really cool cos he looked so experienced....and he looked very focused when rolling the dough.... i think men who look focused when doing their work are v cool (but this one is ah pek la).... well, the fried pastries were selling at guess what? 7 pieces for a dollar!!!! i mean, can u even buy something to eat at $1!!! in this day and age? can you? but i only wanted to eat 3 and chris only wanted 1 so i thought, nermind, i pay $1 and ask for 4 lor. but the lady charged me 60 cents!!!!! 60 cents!!! you can actually buy food for 60 cents! yay.... so i bit into the tao sah one.... OH! OH! i nearly died of ecstasy! the faint taste of the tao sah complements the flavour and texture of the crisp-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside dough, and the sesame seeds! OH! really heightened the experience! really brought out the flavour of the dough! OH! MAN!!!! it's definitely worth the queue!

Ikebana =)

Yay, finally had time to go for Ikebana class today.. yippee! and my teacher only moved 2 stalks and 2 leaves and added one leaf! yeah! when i first started one year ago, he'd rearrange the whole thing til i cannot even recognise it's mine but now at least it still looks the same! yay yay! that means i'm improving! yay yay! and i stayed til the end. when he said, "you can take whatever flowers that are left. everything in the pail are for you to take!" wa!!!! so happy, take ah take ah! now i have quite a lot of flowers at home.... yay yay! tomorrow can do floral arrangement liao! yay yay! but he is v smart, kept all the nice anthuriums and birds of paradise... chey! but still happy la, cos i finished all my major crap work in the office! yay yay! all the admin!!! yay yay! maybe watch bourne ultimatum tomorrow! matt damon! yay yay!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Hiro Is Home

We brought Hiro's ashes home on Fri. He now sits beside Kor Kor Brownie. When i held his ashes in my hands, I sobbed again because i thought of him lying in his cage and dying alone... at least we were with Brownie when he died, and so was the vet. But poor Hiro died alone, while we were at work... i can imagine him feeling weak, then he lay down on his side and every breath was a huge effort... wondering "daddy mummy, where are you? i feel terrible"... then he just stopped breathing...

Spoilt Brat

Ha ha, after i put up the entry about female drivers, the male-snob-of-a-driver my husband, chris, langgah-ed someone. he was tailgating at high speed and then kissed the ass of the car in front. so our car, Akachan, is at the workshop..thank God chris is unhurt.

So yesterday i suggested that we take LRT then MRT to church in the evening. chris protested,

"no dear, let's just catch a cab! argh..!"

~ but it's v difficult to catch a cab on a sat evening!

"then call one la!"

~ u r v rich hor?

"DEAR, if u buy one less handbag, we can take taxi to town 100 times!"

~ no dear, it's quite fun one... people pak tor also take bus and MRT ma. we try la... last time long ago we also took bus to school what!

"i don't want to take MRT! it's such a waste of my time!"

~ wen one, i brought 8 days. we can read while on the train.

"i don't want to read 8 days! n why can't u read 8 days on the taxi?"

~ i'd puke! anyway, save money la...

"*blow out anger fumes* dear, just to save a couple of dollars u waste time... time is percious!"

~ lai la, v fun one. come la =)

"*roll eyeballs* let me synch my ipod first...

so chris grudgingly followed and we walked to the nearest LRT station to catch the LRT... but chris was bent on making my journey miserable so he started his drama...

"*wail* i am very pitiful... my wife won't let me take taxi! i want to jump LRT track"

~ *pretend not to hear, engrossed in 8 days*

" you ignore me"

~ dear, read the sign on the track. it says "value life, act responsibly"


when we reached the MRT station, there were these noisy kids (as usual) and chris had something to say... again

"these see geen na, so noisy!"

~ *got into train and walked a few cabins away and sat down*

"dear! where r u going????"

~ far far away from the noisy kids. dear =) we read 8 days together?

"*sulk* i don't want *fold arms*"

~ then i'll read it myself.

so chris was sulking throughout the journey, arms folded and listening to his podcasts. we reached dhoby ghaut station and since chris failed to gain sympathy on the LRT track nor irritate me w his sulking on the train, he decided to try embarassment. he looked around, pretending to look amazed and exclaimed,

"wa dear! nowadays the MRT station is very high tech! got travellator like changi airport"

~ *glared at him* DEAR! *roll eyeballs and quicken steps so dissociate myself from him*

chris also quickened his steps to follow me and cling on to me

"dear! =)" *bingo it worked*

so we walked to church and chris lamented...

"*sigh* now we have to walk...."

~ walking is good dear, exercise and get some sunlight

" *act pitiful again* you... you subject me to the elements... so hot so dusty..."

~ reaching soon... ah, we take short cut

finally we reached church... but after this incident, i think i'd just call a cab the next time... then i can travel in peace.


Sigh.... i realise i missed out some spots. i had 31 mozzie bites!!! 31! arggghhh.... 31!!!! while we were feasting on BBQ, the mozzie's were having a buffet on my legs...

moral of the story: don't wear a dress to a picnic. that makes your legs accessible. best if you have tight-fitting leather or denim. must be skin tight so they can't fly in through small holes. i thought of leoards but chris says they can pierce through leotards. so leather or denim should do. just that u will be sitting in your own sweat... yeewww.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Happy National Day...

Yesterday was National Day and grace, rog, chek, ling, pris, chris and i planned to catch the fireworks. We were supposed to meet at my place at 3:30pm and head to stadium link (suggested by grace) for a time of bible study before having a BBQ dinner.

As usual, chek and ling arrived slightly early and we were all waiting for the arrival of grace the queen....

then, ta dah! the door bell rang and there she was, wearing what looked like a singapore flag! in almost the exact shade of red... if only she had a crescent and 5 stars.... gosh.... ha ha....

so we packed up our chairs etc. and headed to stadium link...

When we arrived, i saw a total of one family and one or two other couples and thought, "weird, not crowded at all" so grace orchestrated the entire project and said, "ok, we set up here la."

chris: er.... but the stage is *pointing in the 180 deg opposite direction* THERE!

grace: oh, not here meh?

chris: *resisting not to roll eyeballs* nicole highway is HERE *point with two hands at nicole highway*

ling: *concurring w chris* ya, the stage is there (ling is a good driver w good directional sense)

grace: ok ok we go there!

so grace, chris and i lugged the chairs and small table to go to the other side.... grace chose a spot and chris had another comment to make,

chris: erm.... i think the trees will be blocking and it's quite far away... we should go to Tanjong Rhu

grace: but it will be v crowded... last year we were there and it was so packed! EVERY square metre of space is used up!

ann: *then shouldn't we go where the crowd is?* er... let's go then.... it's not yet 5, should be ok...

chek, rog and ling were still standing near the first spot so we joined them to tell them about the change of plans. pris was the smartest of all.... she waited near the car... he he he.

chris whispered to me: dear, your good friend was going to face us in the total opposite direction!!!!! i can't believe it... *roll eyebals twice* how about watching w the fireworks BEHIND us??? ha ha...

ann: *giggle* don't be like that dear...

so we followed roger's car and gosh, went round and round! we called pris who was in roger's car,

chris: EH! what r u guys doing! u should have just gone straight la!

ok, so it wasn't grace's fault... a part of the road was closed so they were confused...

finally we made it to Tanjong Rhu and boy, are some people dead serious.... they were there in a LORRY and having picnic in the lorry. it was a covered lorry so we were thinking, wa, if it rains they can take cover....

but there was this police car parked at the end and we saw the police taking out a camera...

grace: oh no, r they going to book people??

rog: ya, they will just film every car then send u e booking!

grace: ann, go and ask them what they r doing?

ann: *er.... v good idea hor? go and ask the policeman... er excuse me, r u booking people?* ha? don't want la

rog: they will surely say no but then they will still book u

so chris plucked up the courage to ask them and was told that they were just "monitoring the situation" so we can set up here... YEAH!!!

chek: but there are no washing facilities here. that may be a problem...

someone: ah... don't drink so much water la...

we found a nice spot and set up our table, 8 chairs, small table and had a time of worship and bible study. i distributed mos repellant stickers to everyone.

the main passage was taken from Matthew 25:31-46 about The Sheep and the Goats. We shared about how we helped those in need and I shared that sometimes i feel compelled to help people because of this passage but it upsets me that there are people who are frauds... then we talked about NKF, world vision and door-to-door peddlers of food or other products.... grace and i realised that we may have been buying from the same people (we live 10 blocks away) ha ha ha... chek summed it up succinctly, "being in our affluent position we definitely should help those who are in need but we have to exercise discernment...." ya, i agree... actually, if it's a small amount (like a few packets of tissue), it doesn't really bother me. chek always has words of wisdom to offer and i think he is v knowledgable... i think ling is a little like me in that we easily feel compassion for people in need... we ended the session w the hymn Seek Ye First. after the first verse... grace said, "let's eat dinner!" ironically, the second verse is "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God".... ha ha ha....

anway, we were all hungry so we set the table while rog and chris figured out how to get the portable BBQ machine to work. we had red and white checkered table cloth, red plates, white napkin, red cutleries and red drinks! grace took out her prawns... wa, they were still frozen... we didn't really care and just popped two in. chek put on the marinated chicken drumlets and we said grace and dug into the salad contributed by pris and beef stew that i made. then chris and rog looked at the meat suspiciously...

rog: can't tell whether it's cooked...

grace decided to be the guinea pig for the prawns and chris for the chicken... Approved.

so we ate but er... the chicken was not thoroughly cooked....

ann: dear, your QC cmi leh....

chris: *geen me*

anyway, towards the end of dinner, we heard the first bang of fireworks and turned to admire the colourful bursts of vibrant flares flowering in the dark sky! it was spectacular, so spectacular that i momentarily forgot that was my tax money going up in the air into nothingness...

then a couple walked past us and the girl said to the guy, "wa, next time we can also organise something like that"

grace: ann! did you hear that? the girl said next time they should also organise something like that! *gloatingly giggle, clap hands*

we were undoubtedly the most kua zhang group. everyone else just had mats (or lorries). we had an entire Jane Austen outdoor dinner going there... ah ha ha ha...

then grace talked about bringing torches a la survivor for next year... chris roll eyeballs and i suggested renting a porta-loo to rent to people. charge exorbitant rates like $1 per entry... rog thinks we should get a walls ice cream stall.

ha ha....

boy, there was so much food and roger BBQed ALL the prawns (1 kg) they brought and grace offered them to everyone.... we ate til our stomachs almost burst... chek commented, "i have never been to a BBQ where there wasn't enough food" aye, i agree....

we left when everyone else has left and by the time we reached home, it was almost ten...

I enjoyed myself v much, loved the company and the amazing fireworks... but i lao sai IMMEDIATELY after i reached home (thankfully didn't have the urge in chek's car....) and realised after showering that i had 20 (yes, twenty, i counted) mos bites despite having THREE stickers!

But still, Happy National Day!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ich Habe Eine Popo

We are thinking of going to Europe so i thought i should brush up my almost non-existent German.... was looking through my Uni text and suddenly remembered an embarassing moment.

We were learning about body parts and our teacher, we called her Frau Zimmermann (Miss Zimmermann), made us each construct a sentence with one body part. When it came to my turn, all my classmates have used up every decent body part so i was left with the butt. i went,

~ Er... Ich habe zwei popo... (I have two butts)

Frau Zimmermann's eyeballs almost dropped out of their sockets... then she chuckled and corrected me,

"Nein nein, alles zusammen ist eine popo!" (no no, altogether is ONE butt!) and used her hands to each draw a semi-circle in the air....

My classmates almost fell off their chairs... but how am i to know? the picture had ONE arrow pointing to ONE butt with the word "popo" ma! so i thought one side is "eine popo" (one butt), two sides is "zwei popo" (two butts) ma!

ha ha ha...

I May Be A Hero Too...

I am beginning to think I may have super powers... I conduct electricity.

I mean, I keep getting electrocuted everywhere i go! i get zapped when holding the escalator hand rail or opening the car door. Sometimes I will touch something and suddenly shriek, "AAAHHHHH!!!" because i got zapped. Chris will look at me suspiciously, "dear, u r v drama mama!" believe me, this is not a ploy to get chris to open the car door for me (chris believes that guys only open the car door under two circumstances: 1. the car is new. 2. the girl is new). i genuinely got zapped!

It's quite painful...

But with great power, comes great responsibilty. Maybe one day i will save the world....

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

PLEASE Get Me There Via SPP (Shortest Possible Path) - In Peace

One of the top ten things that irritate me is when I tell the taxi-driver my destination and he says, "go by which way?"

uncle, why don't you go JB, then up to KL then U turn back??? of course by the shortest way la!

yesterday i took a cab to town and the dreaded question was presented to me for the gazillionth time...

~ er... any way, fastest la

" ok, we can go by bedok reservoir... or go TPE then PIE then ECP!"

~ anything *shut my eyes to rest*

" or TPE then CTE come out by orchard!"

~ *open eyes slightly* can also

"or TPE then CTE but come out from havelock"

~ *breath out angry fumes* which way fastest go by that way lor....

"ah, but pass through orchard will got ERP leh. can?"

~ ya

"must ask ah! some people bear particlar one. just now got one aunty take my taxi got to pay ERP she belly unwilling.....

~ *close eyes, drift off* er.... yer...

"so miss, go by TPE ha? confirm ha? confirm i got to keep right ready!"

~ ok

" must plan u know? cannot anyhow ah. wait reach there then kallang kahboh cannot one!"

~ right...

he then went on describe his every move and the rationale for his decision.

"ah, sorry i can't move to right lane now because behind got ambulen.."


"ah now can ready!"

~ *rub temple with left fore finger*

"here cannot drive too fast leh! got trafic police like to hide on the bridge to catch people one!"

~ ha? *laughs to entertain him* her her...

blah blah blah blah

"miss, reaching soon but i cannot keep left now, got people want to turn left.... after this traffic light can"


"ah now can, i keep left ha, stop where?"

thanks uncle, for your continuous commentary....

If You Scream, Don't Drive

Recently i have been toying with the idea of learning driving. Chris is a firm advocate of an all-male-drivers-nation. not that he is misogynistic or anything but he strongly believes that for the good of mankind, women should not drive. when he sends me to work and is made to halt because someone is trying to park (in out in out), he'd grumble,

"see female driver. dear, your colleagues are so lousy at parking!"

~ dear, can u not be so hostile and glare at my colleagues? it's very pai seh for me when i see them...

" but people who can't park should be banned from driving!"

so i thought i'd review the female role models in my life before deciding:

1. Mee (my mum)
- has never even touched a steering wheel

2. Ma ma (mum-in-law)
- tried umpteen times to pass the exam but gave up.

3. grace, my good friend
_ read entry "Dear, I Langgah".

grace also has a tire outside her door, a reminder that she once (i don't know how) hit the curb until the wheel came off.... steady man.

once we were in church waiting for grace to turn up then suddenly chris received a call from grace

g: chris! can u come out and help me park????!!!!

c: er, what happened????

g: i don't know... i am like stuck. i can't move forward or backward!!!! my side mirror will hit the pillar!

so we all went up to see what the commotion was about and indeed, grace somehow got her stuck in an awkward position...

chris took over the wheel and carefully negiotated the tiny gap trying hard not to scrape any paint off the car and finally did manage to park the car... when we were about to leave, grace asked if chris would get the car out for her.... chris did so but looked at me and rolled his eyeballs...

4.jiahui, my sec sch buddy
- she is more forgetful than reckless actually. she once zipped around in her then hyundai atos with her boot cover up!!! on the expressway, she sensed many drivers trying to signal (with hand) to her about something so she was very annoyed, "these male drivers, so many comments to make." then someone came beside her, wound down her window and shouted across, "YOUR BOOT! IT'S OPEN!" she then quickly stopped on the road shoulder to close the boot.... so malu.

another time we went to watch a musical at kallang theatre and she parked her car in the open air car park with the window wound down... well, it rained that night....

often, she'd be searching for her parking ticket and grumble, "tsk! why they don't install ERP parking system???!"

hmmm.... i guess it's nice to be chauffeured around hor?

i hear chris saying, "yes dear, people who scream shouldn't drive!"

Xiao Qiang

The other day I entered the pantry to get something and saw my second boss frozen there. I said hi but she stretched out her arm to stop me from entering and gasped,

"there's a cockroach!"

~ where?

"there" *pointed to the creepy crawlie on the ground*

so i went into the toilet, pulled some toilet paper, smacked the creature, grabbed it, crushed it and threw it into the bin. then i washed my hands and said,

~ it's ok now

"wa, you're v brave"

~*so will i get a raise?* ha ha, no la... her her.

all the while she stood there looking at me in awe while i went about my heroic deed.

when i was in sec sch, i was in the band and the band room was quite infested with cockroaches as we discovered once when doing spring cleaning. i'd grabbed the fellows by their feelers and terrorise my band mates (girl school).... ah ha ha ha. they were so terrified, i got such kick out of it!

maybe i should try this on some of my male co-workers (i read on someone's blog that they are terrified of cockroaches)... lock them in the club room and throw two or three Xiao Qiang inside! *evil grin*

Dan Xiao Gui

I read on a blog that a girl watched some horror movie with a guy and he thought she'd scream and grab him during the scary bits but it turned out that he "jumped out of his skin" when the parts came! ha ha ha ha

As mentioned before, my dad, bro and i loved watching silly movies together and some of those movie we enjoyed were Chinese vampire (Jiang Si) movies. there was this movie in which the vampire was dangling from the ceiling of a bathroom eyeing the girl showering and i totally freaked out. for about a week, when i showered, i'd turn 360 deg around to double check that there was no vampire!!! ha ha... when i told my classmate, she chuckled and said, "my brother watched the same movie and he has been showering in his swimming trunks so he can leave the door open!!!!!"

ha ha ha, some guys aren't that brave after all....

Bad Hair Day

Lately I have been so bogged down with work that i don't even have time to depilate my arm pits. i am serious... so i try not to wear sleeveless tops to work. i feel that girls should not have arm pit hair. Arm Pit hair = Unglam! will do it tomorrow when i have time....

when I was in JC (my college is along Bt Timah Road), i used to take bus and i'd see girls from a certain girl school down the road (i won't name names but their school uniform is a light blue sleeveless dress) come up the bus. when the bus is crowded, these girls have to stand and they'd have to raise their arms to hold the bar or handles and i'd be greeted with unsightly arm pit hair.... =P didn't their teacher teach them to depilate, wax or shave???? most of my guys friend feel that their school uniform is the sexiest cos it's sleeveless. they probably saw one with her arms by her side....

Talking about arm pits, there was this Stephen Chow movie i watched called King of Gamblers or something and the character inside (played by Chow) was in love with a girl called Qi Meng (played by Zhang Min) who had a mole on her arm pit. she was his inspiration and he was so besotted with her that when she left, he could not win a single game, so his friends (Wu Meng Da and Wu Jun Ru) came up with a plan. Wu Jun Run drew a mole on her arm pit and pretended to be Qi Meng. Chow would bring her around but only talk to the arm pit so she had to raise her arm over her head all the time. once they went to a restaurant and he tried to feed her arm pit a hot dog... so gross!

ha ha ha... those are the silly movies my dad, bro and i used to watch....

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Dior Girl - Cute?

Took this in The Chedi Chiang Mai. Kawai ne...

My Scarred Shoes

Dear Friends, thanks for being so concerned about my shoe. Repaired it today, not perfect but make do la...

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Boo Hoo! I scratched My Ferragamos!!!!!

On Thursday after work i realised that i must have kicked something sharp while wearing my fav shoes.... the patent leather split open and i could see the grey inside. my heart broke..... i told a few friends and one of them, King, suggested

"er... why don't you ask chris for his army kiwi and cover it??"

ya right... bright idea. kiwi my ferragamos hor? why don't you use scotch tape on the cracked lens ha?????????? great idea.... *geen*...

i showed chris and he was like

"wa, v bad hor? don't think cobbler can do much leh..."

my heart feels v pain man...

Anger Management

I have been working til v late recently and didn't sleep well last night so Chris offered to help me vac the floor with Gigi, our iecologi while i fold the laundry... i suddenly heard him yell at me

"DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you get this stupid thing to work???????????? i was trying to increase the power and it keeps shutting itself off!!!!!!!!!!!" *grunts*

i took over the handle, pressed the button and it worked.... looked at chris with the see!-i-can-get-it-to-work-why-can't-you look... and mumbled

~ when i use it, it's ok what.

*grunts* "gigi is a such a slut! she can't even suck properly..." *grunts*

~you don't know how to use don't scold my equipment

somehow, etched in my memory are many such similar conversations.... it usually starts with me screaming my lungs out

~DEAR! the stupid mouse doesn work again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you want wireless mouse, at least make sure it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate your stupid computer.... it's so stupid.

"when i use it, it's ok what.

*grunts* ~your stupid computer is so dumb. why do you insist on using a stupid mouse that doesn work??????? expensive so what??????????

"you don't know how to use don't blame my mouse.

i have had many blood-spurting-from-7-orifices moments w the computer and sometimes i have to curb my anger in order not to whack the damn thing w a hammer. there was once i even took out the hammer, called chris...

~your stupid computer logged me out again! what's your stupid password?????? why must you make your stupid computer so bloody secure!!!!!!????????????

"i come back and fix it ok? i am busy

~i want it fixed NOW. NOW NOW. NOW NOW NOW! otherwise i will whack it w the hammer

"DEAR! don't be like this! i come back and fix it k?

*blow out fumes....slaps CPU* ~i hate your computer...