Wednesday, 31 October 2007

We Are FPS!

Yes, some of us r FPS... foutain pen snobs! ha ha... that's cos after using a fountain pen, regular pens just suck big time.

some time ago, YD had to get his nib checked so he was without his fountain pen for a few days n he was like whining, "i've gotten so used to writing with a fountain pen that ball pen really sucks!"

and G grumbled in an sms to me, "Yee i hate ballpoint."

the only drawback about fountain pen is that the ink is NOT waterproof so it can't be used for important documents. the other day i spilled some plain water on a piece of writing n the ink got washed right off! i mopped the sheet of paper n it was clean, like i never even wrote anything on it before.... sheesh... nakaya has a special carbon ink which is more waterproof but if u don't use it regularly, it jams up the nib... n u got to really wash it... so ma fan.

n also, last time i had another fountain pen (which i bought from raffles city basement) n i brought it w me to japan. think something happened to it on the plane n the nib got badly stuck... can't use anymore... so, cannot bring foutain pen overseas ha? hm...

Like a Fountain (II)

Some people don't know how to use fountain pens....

Yesterday I had a meeting with my colleague Roy (I waited half an hour for him... he said to meet in the room, he needed to go toilet first... boy, he must have had a severe case of constipation *grumble grumble* but when he finally arrived, he looked v busy n looked like he really rushed there so i also didn't really make noise. roy has the kind of face that u can't get angry w, goofy look so u want to laugh when u see him... ha ha... anyway he was v nice to help me print stuff for the annual dinner cos i forgot how to use the selphy le so he had to teach me AGAIN... ha ha)

anyway he was "delegating" work to me n at one point asked, "ey, can i borrow your pen?" "sure..." u see, roy is left-handed n he held the pen in a v awkward way... he scribbled scribbled then suddenly kinda wrote in the wrong direction n e nib scraped the paper, let out a soft squeak n some ink squirted out *pish* onto the paper. i glanced at him wide-eyed n he stared at the nib, chuckled, "oh! it's a fountain pen! that's so cool!" -.- *uncle, u have been using it for the past one min u JUST realised it's a fountain pen???* i smiled hee hee... but thought "heng, that's not my nakaya..."

anyway, i ordered nakaya on mon ^^ when i told chris, he almost fainted n screamed, "DEAR!!!!!" but i am still waiting for their email. they said will email me in 4 days to confirm the price n give payment insrtuctions de, hai... so slow.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Grouch, YD n i were talking about lomo cams that day. I asked Grouch what LOMO means n she said it means "old mother".... ya right.... i found out that LOMO stands for Leningradskoye Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Leningrad Optical Mechanical Amalgamation), a manufacturer of advanced optical instruments, medical equipment and consumer cameras, based in St Petersburg Russia. ooohhh, that really helped.

anyway, i read in 8 days that Holga has a limited edition range, Meg and Jack, red n white colour one.

Meg package comes with camera, lomography ringflash n mask filter

Jack package comes with camera, titamiun fish eye adaptor lens, 3 plastic lens filters, batteries n one roll of 120 film.

USD$180 (SGD$263) each.

Mac vs. PC

Golly... i have been using Margaret our MacBook so much these days that when i use my office PC, i keep wanting to close the Internet Explorer by moving my mouse to the top left! Argghh... n the Ctrl+C etc.... on Margaret is Apple+C (Apple is the key beside space bar) I keep wanting to do that with my PC, except that the key beside spacebar is ALT! Argghh...

ha ha..

Monday, 29 October 2007

Weird Dreams

hwa... today i really chobo chobo... on leave ma. MSNed with Grouch last night til 2am!!! ^^ then woke up at 10am... nua for a while then had brunch while watching martha stewart (which i record everyday). then i slept again at 2pm til 4pm... shiok.... it's nice once in a while to nua...

I have been having weird dreams lately. just two days ago, i dreamt that i shat out maggots. Yeah! gross hor! maggots! can u believe it? the whole toilet bowl was filled w maggots... =P (sorry if u r eating while reading this...)

then last night i dreamt that YD invited G n i to his house, which turned out to be a ship (as in he lives on a ship). it's got three storeys w level 1 being the living room, level 2 his parents n sister's bedroom.... then level 3 which is actually the deck, is his room. his "room" has no shelter, one bed, one table, one chair n his clothes were in lao pok cloth suitcases... i remember thinking "wa, if rain how?" then G n i had to climb a vertical metal ladder to get to his "room" but i kinda freaked out cos the ladder is outside the ship n i'm scared of deep waters. then G's ladder got dislodged n she was like dangling.... n YD just kept laughing at us. then G's ladder totally gave way but she didn't fall. she held on to the ladder which floated beside the ship... like a cloud... anyway, no matter how we climbed, we could not get to his stupid "room" so YD scooped the two of us, one on his left, one on his right n flew us (yes he can fly) to shore! ha ha.... so weird, so bizzarre..

i think it's a rojak of everything. cos the other day G was playing computer game in which she is a bunny jumping on clouds, so i guess that's why she was floating on the ladder. n we were talking about going out for a meal n drinking choya n sake then YD was worried he has to carry two drunk girls home. n Quent n i think YD looks a bit like West (see pic), a minor character in Heroes whose special power is flying! ha ha....

Bath Time!!! ^^

yay yay yay! my injured knee has finally healed!! ^^ can finally take baths. i LURVE taking baths... water must be sio sio like onsen then add some rich luxurious soap infused w essential oils (btw, onsen cannot use soap de hor! at home ok) sometimes when i have leftover flower petals from my floral arrangement, i'll throw them in too. once i even threw in milk powder! ha ha ^^

oh yes, YD reminded me... onsen powder. that's like the best!! i have finished using mine. Dec must buy again ^^

when i was in ritz KL, the package came w a complimentary butler drawn bath. but they used peppermint essential oil. i soaked in there for like 30 sec then started shivering like mad! super cold! my teeth were chattering.... n i was really really shivering.... i called out to chris

~ d...d...d...dear....
" what?
~ i....vvv.....vvvery c...c...c...cold....

chris came in, saw me shivering violently n quickly took a towel to wrap me up. i was still shivering for the longest time after that. then HE went and soaked in the bath n said,

"wa!!! so shiok! liang liang de! dear, u don't know how to appreciate er!
~ -.-
"ok ok, i let u order another bath ok?
~ i want lavendar cleopatra milk bath tomorrow *sulk + shiver*
"ah k ah k cleopatra milk bath"

Saturday, 27 October 2007

What I Hate To Lose

Last night during bible study... Chris asked a question "what will u most hate to lose?" n the answer cannot be model answers like "oh, my bible" or "oh, my faith" or intangible things like relationships etc....

boy, seriously, most of us felt it was our phones!!! not that we all have Prada phones but because of all the contacts in our phones! yes, we have gotten so used to storing numbers that golly, i don't even know my mum's number or my own home phone number!!!! chris' number n grace's number used to be the only ones i memorise until he recently changed number... sheesh... chris says his whole world would go haywire cos all his schedules are in there too... LOL... we've become so dependent on technology...

but if intangible things i possess (relationships not counted) are included, i'd say it's my voice... i love singing (ok, i don't always sound good cos sometimes i start off in the wrong key n it gets too high i can't reach so i squeak) n it's so much a part of me. already i feel rather frustrated that i can't play music... if i can't sing, i'd be really miserable man...

so what would u hate to lose?

Lao Ah Mm

hai... lately i have been made to feel like a lao ah mm by the people around me.... CC never fails to reinforce that.... yes, i am one of the most senior ones in my office n my dept... *grumble grumble* so do YD n G... in their subtle ways, they tell me i am old.... right... fine... to think i am so nice to them... sometimes they may be joking but hm.. i do feel hurt nor... but chris always encourages me though... n i always feel n look younger than him too, which is great, chris is the best... KJ is also the best, he always makes me feel younger than him... ha ha... how sweet... n yes, today, i just realised that in my ministry, i'm the second oldest member (in terms of years of service). i have been singing in church for 7-8 years! boy, that's a long time! jo would say things like, "but u r much older than me!" yes thanks, i know, don't have to rub it in... at least i don't have white hair like u *bitchy bitchy*

i just wish people around me will be kinder n more sensitive... one of my fears is aging (i also fear lizards, getting kiapped by lift door n deep waters)... so sometimes i tell chris, "dear, i want to die at 40... before i start growing old..." chris will just roll his eyeballs n brush it aside. yeah, i'd hate to age... men are like wine, women like fresh milk... this world is so unfair. when men grow old, they become actually more attractive but then women become like old hags... like used tea leaves... sad... v sad...

Lao Ah Peh Using Internet

ha ha... got two lao ah peh beside me trying to use internet... they spent like 5 mins typing the wrong URL.... uncle, u only have 15 mins nei... i also don't want to kay poh wait they think i got nothing better to do (which is the case actually)... ha ha.. nowadays, old people r also v savvy de nei... know how to use internet... v good v good... ^^

Retreat.... So Long De

Hwa.... i am writing this during the retreat man... hotel got internet ($1 per 15 mins) cos everyone is so super bored n just chatting. jo went to her mum's to sleep, lydia went to church coming back later... so those left are all guys, i'm the only girl so sian...

we had planned to spend the entire afternoon to practise the song we're presenting tomorrrow but who knew jo wrote the parts so super easy to sing that we finished practising in like 1 hour then now the whole afternoon we just choboh choboh in the hotel function room.

walked out for horlicks... it's not even gao like i wanted it. what's wrong with these people? horlicks gao, not too sweet, cannot understand de nei. always give me horlicks sweet sweet. aunty, gao means more powder, not too sweet means less condensed milk k? and i smell of chicken rice cos i had the horlicks at a chicken rice restaurant =P hm.... got to stay for dinner cos henry paid already... sians. n when i go home, Chris is at LAN gaming session. sians.

boy am i bored...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I Love Ryokans!!!

Yay Yay Yay! i finally had the time to book my Japan trip today ^^ I can't wait to soak in the natural hot spring water in Yunohana Spa off kyoto in the open-air bath tub made from 1000-year old cherry tree (see pic) ^^ wa! i like!

one thing i love about ryokans or japanese inns is that there is absolutely nothing to do (most of the time) except rest, bathe, eat. so u feel really relaxed. n i love those ulu malu ryokans deep in the hills, beside waterfalls, facing the sea etc... those u see on japan hour. the serenity, the beautiful surroundings n the personal service are some reasons why i go back again n again. the highlight of every ryokan stay is the cuisine n bath. good ryokan's serve kaiseki ryori n have outdoor bath tubs filled with natural spring water. there is a reason why japanese women have such great skin.... i believe onsen is one of them ^^

so yes! i can't wait! Dec 2007!!!! hm.... ^^

Chanel No More

Hai... my Chanel sunglasses is sold out... i just saw it on tue n now it's out of stock le... so upset.... hai.... chris thinks it's God's will.... hai....

Give Yourself Something ^^

Hee.... like i said, i feel my boss doesn't really reward me for all the work i do *grumble grumble* so i go n buy myself something nice. i am going to buy the lovely shades** i saw on tuesday.... hee hee.... can't wait to use it in sunny Perth in dec... hee hee... now u know why i have so many nice stuff ^^

**did i mention it's Chanel???? ah ha ha ha ha.... i'm gonna look so cool....

n yeah.... i'll order the Nakaya too.... ooohhhh ^^

Food Review: Chocolate Mochi (Minamoto Kitchoan at Takashimaya B2) 5*

On a lighter note... i mentioned that nothing comforts me more than singing n praying to God. well, up close in second place is good food (ooohhh.... tarabagani..... ah.....) or good chocolate like royce chocolate or chocolate in the form of....

What: Chocolate Mochi from Minamoto Kitchoan at Takashimaya B2. CC n my favourite. it's japanese mochi with chocolate filling n coated in cocoa powder


when i eat it, i make sounds.... ya.... sounds that make people around me uncomfortable... ha ha.

Ha ha... the first time CC ate it, she was at my house n sitting on my couch.... her legs shot up to be parallel to the floor n she closed her eyes in bliss, "OHH!.... HEN.... HAO.... CHI!!!! OOHHHHH.....!"

Warning: i think it's v heaty.... drink plenty of water. i ate it two days ago w CC n drank Milo.... wa, potent sia.... the next day pimples popped out on my right cheek nei... n i had a little difficulty in the toilet (if u know what i mean)... gotta gek a bit.... ha ha ha ^^

Monday, 22 October 2007

22nd NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!! *jump around like a crazy girl, punching into the air!!!!!!! run around in circles* the japanese movie Hero is coming!!!!!!

I took the train down town today and at the station, a poster stopped me in my tracks, my ferragamos skidded and my heart skipped a beat... *gasp* TAKUYA KIMURA!!!!!!!!!!! LEE BYUNG HYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!! both starring in the same movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Takuya Kimura.... cutest guy alive in Japan... Lee Byung Hyung.... my favourite korean hunk!!!! one movie ticket! two eye candies!!!!

i IMMEDIATELY smsed my buddy jiahui..

~ Miss! yes yes yes! 22nd nov! the day the movie starring takuya kimura n LBH screens islandwide!!! yes!
" Wow...ok, mark calendar...!
~ i just saw the poster!!!! they look chao shuai!!!!!
" so long never see Kimura san and LBH, really miss them man

Yes!..... er... what's the plot? who cares!!! we just wanna watch the two of them! er hm.... and we will try to watch it just once....

check out the poster that caused me to came to a sudden halt
HERO Kimura is on second row left. LBH is first row third from the right.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

DIY Wedding Photoshoot

Our handsome friend YD who also happens to be a good photographer n Prince of photoshop (in our gang) wants to save money and take his own wedding pics.... grouch n i were discussing last night how that's even remotely possible...

he will ask his bride to pose n wait
then he will check settings on camera
set timer
run to stand/sit beside her
pose, smile
then repeat this procedure 200 - 300 times (that's the average number of shots people take lor.... let's say u cheapskate take only 100 la....remember the other time u took photos for us.... u only needed ONE per person but how many shots did u take??? so think about how many photos u want for your album.... then multiply by that number lor!)
back n forth back n forth

buay sai la uncle!

actually the photoshoot is not the siong one. it's the dinner... imagine $80/pax times say 40 tables... that's $32k sia.... n your new home (we presume u will stay in condo? otherwise downgrade for u nei!) that's the one....

girls, u can start counting... if your dad asks for 10 tables n let's say people bao $80 per pax... he will make a profit of $8k marrying u off. not bad not bad. plus the other stuff.... not bad leh. ha ha ^^

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Low Deposit High Instalment Scheme...

End of year is approaching... people r getting married... HJ was lamenting that day he kena SEVEN red bombs... yeah.... people hate getting red bombs.... chris n i HATE wedding dinners... unless u r meeting up w old friends or if it's a close friend getting married....

cos u get dressed, pay $80 - $100 per pax to go to a dinner to eat the same 10-course dinners. i'd rather have my chi chi yakitori anytime. n we don't even eat shark fin.... then there's the first dish entrance that we can't stand... why do the waiters have to dance their way in? holding the plate in their hands n swaying to some corny music? n e bride.... the most poor thing one.... she doesn even get to eat much... cos she gotta change outfit, then change again.... then there's the oh-so-common video of their childhood la, how they met la etc.... *yawn* n e couple got to pop champagne (my bro shot the cork at the champagne glass pyramid... KERPIISSSHHH!! steady sia! u could say his wedding was a bang! ah ha ha ha *slap thigh*) go around taking pics with everyone, half of whom they have never met cos these r their parents friends... then the guy gets drunk cos his pig n dog friends will tekan him.... n on their wedding night don't think they can do anything one la.... they'd be totally exhausted. in the movies, they always show couples on their wedding night, the groom carry the bride into the room, lights dim, music comes on... followed by the heat.... not true one la! in singapore, first thing people do is count ang bao money! then so exhausted zzzz le. they have their whole lives together wat!

wedding dinners are an expensive affair... for the guy.... cos the girl's side will "demand" x number of tables. how this works is the girl's parents will politely ask (i.e. demand) say 10 tables during the negotiation meeting between parents n whatever other "necessities" like roast pig etc etc.... so the guy's family has to PAY for the 10 tables but the girl's parents get to KEEP the ang baos.... marrying off daughters in singapore is a lucrative business i tell u... that's why parents INSIST on having wedding dinners. they must get back all the ang baos they gave out at their friends' children's weddings. the other reason is to announce to the whole world their son/daughter is getting hitched. why they want to do that, i have no idea.

but most couples i know have to fork out the money themselves... their parents don't really pay... so the poor guy has to slog n slog.... that's why many of my guy friends r not ready to settle down. yes they love the girl but sorry, they just don't have enough $$$. first u have to get the diamond ring. the norm is at least 1-2 months pay... then it's the wedding package: gown, photoshoots etc.... the wedding dinner, the HDB flat.... all need $$$$$$$. loads of it. all my friends just hope to "break even" with their dinners i.e. income = expenditure. i say, just hold your dinner in 7th month la... cheap cheap.... sure break even one.

so most singaporeans i know r in debt once they wed.... then they have kids.... n then their kids grow up n get into more debt... but rich kids don't have that problem. firstly, their parents will prob pay for their dinners (hot favs r shangrila or ritz or fullerton) n their ang baos will be big big cos they have rich relatives n parents have rich friends. parents may throw in a condo or landed property wedding gift. it's a cycle....

talking about weddings reminds me of wu can rou.... got one friend's friend... her mum wanted to ask for roast pig... then one family member persuaded her that roast pig is v passe, moreover can't keep... ask for wu can rou better.... so yes, on the gift delivery day, the guy's family sent over cans n cans n cans n cans of wu can rou!!!!! the girl's family had pan fried wu can rou, fried rice w wu can rou, baked wu can rou.... n yes, maybe even steamboat wu can rou =P for the longest time! ah ha ha ha....

my mum.... she is the dream mother-in-law. during the negotiation session. she insisted she DOESN'T want wedding dinner. she told us to just have a church wedding.... n as for dowry.... she asked for 8 oranges n an ang bao... so yeah, we just had a church wedding n NO dinner (yeah hey!) ha ha... we made money from our wedding of course.... enough to pay for my couture gown, photoshoot, all the chap pa lang plus got extra for honeymoon nei!

when we tell our friends... they'd be like, "wa, chris kio tio gim leh! so lucky. pretty n smart wife.... but at low cost"

but he always replies *with 3 strokes down his temples* "but.. but... but... mine is a low deposit, high instalment scheme...!"

ha ha ha ha! =D

I Am A Heartlander Nei....

Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say I am a heartlander? When i uttered that in the office, my colleagues would dart their eyes towards each other n suppress their giggle... some will almost choke on their food...

Obe of my colleagues Chris C would retort:
"Ann! you are bourgeoise la! how can u say you r a heartlander! heartlanders are for proletariats like me!
"ya right....!

I'm serious! I AM A HEARTLANDER!!!!! I live in a HDB flat in a er.... not-so-heartland heartland! I work in a heartland n i shop at a heartland mall (well... ok, i also like taka n paragon)! how can people not agree i am not a heartlander? ok, so i have some difference of views with some people...

e.g. recently we're planning the annual company dinner n we're supposed to come up w a list of lucky draw prizes.

i suggested Tempur back support pillow ($268), Osim foot massager ($588), ARAMSA Javanese Lulur Spa for two $360, latest ipod touch ($468) and my colleagues were like:

"wa! v ex leh! $200 plus for a pillow?
~ *it's a Tempur aunty. i have two! one for every night... one travel!* hm...ok
" and the foot massager... very ex too... oto cheaper...
~ o...k.... we KIV first
"the spa, very ex leh? why don't just buy for ONE?
~ er... it's reasonable lor... spa botanica costs at least $600 per couple. n who goes to spa alone *what losers*
"i do! n what if the solo types like KK (a solo guy) get e prize n has no one to go with? how?
~oh...ok... *what a loser, he can always give it to me* how u know he doesn have a BOYfriend? ok... will buy for one then
"ipod is sooo passe..."
~ *er... aunty, have u even SEEN the lastest ipod!??* my husband says it's an object of desire nei.... v slick n cool...
"no la, most peole have ipod or MP3 already"
~ k lor *this one can play video, aunty*

the following r the ones i cannot tahan:
1. $200 travel voucher *yawn*
"$200 can like go to bintan or batam! not bad"
~ *resist rolling eyeballs* er... ok.... but i'm not hot on batam n bintan *unless it's angsana or banyan tree.... i'd PAY not to go to bintan lagoon.... it's torture* u all decide lor

2. $20 popular book voucher
i don't even want to comment on this.... i suggested borders but somehow it was forgotten

3. table fan
"oh, our staffroom is so hot.... n sometimes come back to work on sat no air con ma"
~ *resist rolling eyeballs* oh....k.... erm.... my side is arctic i gotta like wear trenchcoat *wish i don't win the table fan* n who comes back to work on sats???
"oh, if we get the clip-on one it's cheaper"
~ right....

4. $50 NTUC voucher
ok, this one we got free cos my office recently purchased a washing machine n we were given this so am throwing it in...

5. CapitaLand mall voucher
"got many malls can use nei! like tampines mall, parkway parade, bugis junction... etc...
~ *resisit rolling eyeballs* right...

thank goodness last year we had a leftover of $300 which could not be rolled over so i bought $300 takashimaya voucher to be used this year.

when i told chris about this episode.... he also agreed that my colleagues r a bit.... giam.... ha ha.... but added, "but dear, u v high class.... v hard to satisfy..."

but tell me, i'm a heartlander right?

Excuse Me: Are You Heaty?

Sighs... nowadays EVERY fri night (since last fri) i will get excruciating sore throat, killer migraine (like someone is wringing my brains like laundry) n fever... i reckon it's the cumulative effect of a hectic week. but miraculously, i will wake up on sat with sore throat gone, head clear, body temp normal... funny sia...

Maybe i'm just heaty... my nose is bleeding sia... not dripping bleeding la (that's not normal) but when i clean, the tissue got blood stain... yeeee.... so heaty...

Chris does not believe in the concept of heatiness... neither do my doc (western med) friends. they'll ask me to explain what is heatiness n how to tell if something is heaty... well I have no idea! i just grew up knowing how to differentiate heaty from cooling food.... u just KNOW something is heaty, something else is cooling... or something is neutral... (they were like, oh great! now there's a NEUTRAL)

u can't tell from the temperature of the food...

1. durian is heaty, mango is heaty, watermelon is cooling, apple is neutral (even if u put them all in the fridge)
2. iced chocolate is heaty (all chocolate r btw) but hot chrysanthemum tea is cooling
3. all deep fried, BBQed n baked foods r heaty
4. sauteed, steamed, stewed, boiled n double-boiled foods r neutral.

u also can't tell from the colour...

5. chilli is heaty but like i said watermelon is cooling (both r red)

n it's not just food..

6. stress makes u heaty
7. heatiness makes u hot tempered...

argghhh! i don't know la, don't ask me! i just know got sore throat cannot eat heaty food, got cough check colour of phlegm, green = heaty cough, white = coooling cough. heaty cough must balance w cooling food, cooling cough don't go n take more cooling stuff! aarrgghhh! don't ask me to explain la! i just know k? chris says it's all rubbish... green phlegm means got infection, that's it.

chey.... but our chinese ancestors have believed in this notion of cooling vs heaty for generations so heck la, i'd pass them on to my children too (IF i have them)... "yes sweetie, listen to mummy... durian is heaty.... n it also has a stench that permeates the heavens! so don't eat it k? good boy, mummy love..."

Golly, i better go drink my Ling Yang w winter melon concoction. i feel heaty.

I Am A Dior Addict

Golly, when i went for facial on Wed, my beautician Cindy saw me using my Dior lipgloss n she exclaimed,

"eh ann! today's newspaper wrote about Dior lipgloss u know? tat it contains highest amount of lead! can cause kidney failure etc!"
~ *gasp* really???? i LURVE Dior gloss!!! oh dear! where where where show me!
"*shows me the page from LIFE* neh, here...!
~ *gasp* oh shit!
" they say Revlon safest, no lead...

Ah...! I eat like at least 6 tubes of gloss a year! mostly Dior! oh no... guess what i did? i went to buy a Revlon gloss n threw away all my Dior glosses (only two la, heng...)

so i told CC on thu n she, also a Dior make-up fan, was shocked
"oh no! i have the Dior lip palette!
~ i threw all my Dior lip gloss away nei
"ha???? throw? v waste...
~ ya, threw...

Golly, what next? their powder? u may have read in my previous entry (long long ago one) that i only allow Diorshow powder on my face... Sheesh... i better start weaning off Dior totally man... i use Dior powder, Dior blush, Dior eyeshadow, Dior gloss, Dior mascara... n i was reading the Dior newsletter that day n coveting their Christmas sets... eagerly awaiting the day they hit the stores... Gosh... Ah! How can Dior do this to us????

I shall be strong n not suffer withdrawal symptoms.... hope they don't say their earrings contain unsafe metals that emit radioactive waves which may cause degeneration of brain cells n deafness... I'd really cry er...!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fussy Traveller

I am a really fussy traveller... I ABSOLUTELY MUST take day flights because I can NEVER sleep on the plane unlike Chris who dozes off after buckling up so had to change his mindset and ALWAYS arrange for day flights. he was a little upset at first because he feels taking night flights can "save money" i.e. save one night's accomodation n maximise our time there. but if i don't get a good night's rest.... my mood is as good as a provoked hungry bear so i kicked up a big fuss. once. n chris got the idea. now, he would rather pay that one night's accomodation and sleep peacefully for the next few nights. smart man.

well, my colleague Roy n i are going on a business trip together with a group of people n we're in the process of planning it. we had the following teleconversation this morning...

roy: eh ann ah, i'm trying to confirm the flight dates n time... seems like we have to take early morning flight...
me: how early is early..?
roy: er.... 1 am...
me: *RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!* ONE A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????
roy: er... ya....
me: I CAN'T SLEEP ON THE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A 5 HOUR FLIGHT!!!!!!!! WE'D REACH AT LIKE 6AM? I'D BE HALF DEAD WHEN WE REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ROY: no choice la... the only other flight is 3 pm... then we can't spend so much time there.
me: *whine* don't want la.........aaaaa...... i will die one..................... hng.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm *chute 100% teh power*
roy: no much options nei
me: *whine whine whine* hng.... can la.......
roy: sorry la....
me: RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* THEN U GO DO WHATEVER U WANT LA! I DON'T WANT TO GO ALREADY!*PRESS RED BUTTON ON PHONE* *fuming mad* (the last part i threaten only la, didn't mean it one)

i immediately felt bad cutting him off but still sulked a bit before i smsed him:

me: sorry i slammed phone on u.... v unprofessional of me. u decide what's best lor, for them. i should support u. but u'll have to put up w my whining. do i get to share room w E? that one i think u can arrange. i scared of sleeping alone de...

before i even finished typing, i got an apology sms from him n he was concerned whether i still wanted to go...

well, someone once describe me as "dagger mouth, toufu heart" so....

me: i whine at airport, on plane, in Perth u don't complain ha... if i die in Perth due to insufficient rest, give my DSLR to E. and my fountain pen to K.** (i predict I will have bought the Nakaya by then) and tell my loved ones i love them. Thanks.

roy: ok, i will put up w it. don't worry, if you rise to the heavens in Perth, i'll make sure we give u a 21-shot salute with our cameras

me: *slap thigh* =) ha ha ha ha. that's a good one =)

hm... i really HATE taking night flights.... *grumble grumble whine whine* which is the reason why i have not visited US or Europe.... not until i can afford business class n get a good night's rest. i won't even go in my accomodation requirements... i am really fussy.

** I was actually v torn as to who to give what.... hope the arrangement is ok.

Monday, 15 October 2007

The 5 Languages Of Love and The Greatest Love Of All

Yes I'm sure you have read about the 5 languages of love: Words, Deeds, Time, Gifts and Touch.

Words - words of affirmation n encouragement spoken or written
Deeds - things done for someone
Time - spending quality time together
Gifts - making ot buying a gift for someone
Touch - hugging, holding hands etc.

The way you most frequently show love is probably the way you want most to be shown love. From my observation, women r more adept at showing love. n i'm not talking about Eros which is romantic love. i'm talking about the expression of love to people around u. your friends, family, colleagues etc. etc.

i was talking to my colleague M n she related a conversation she had at home with her son...
M: *to son D* come D, say I love you mummy!
D: don't want!
M: u r just like your father!
D: ha? u mean daddy has never said i love u? *turn to father* dad, how come u have never said i love u to mum?
M's husband: It's not manly! Men don't say i love u!

N i'd say i'm quite passionate when it comes to love. all my 5 langauges of love r v strong.... but probably gifts n time stand out. It will be v obvious if i like someone. I'd enjoy spending time with them, i'd do things for them (cook, bake, make things, help them record shows, paint nails etc... ha ha, i'm talking about grace... she always asks me to record shows for her n she can't paint her own nails!), i'd write cards, notes etc., i'd be v comfortable coming in close distance with them, touching them n letting them touch me (hugs etc.) n yes, gifts too. n i dare say i am known to give good gifts. i put in effort to source for or prepare the gift n i only give people what i will want to receive myself, if i can afford it, i'd get them something they probably won't bare to splurge on themselves. that's what a gift is for right? if u can afford it n is willing to buy it, then it won't be as thrilling. so i get v v upset if a give someone something n it turns out to be not up to standard. i'd feel v v bad n i will never patronise the shop ever again. i'd feel obliged to get them another gift n make sure this time round, it's prefect... and the packaging, it's got to be perfect. i love to gift wrap... this also makes it v difficult for someone to buy me gifts as i can be rather extravagant on myself too so inevitably, it will cost a lot to thrill me because what i want n can't afford, most of my friends can't too ^^ like BMW Z4, condo at cairnhill, 1 carat diamond etc.... n i have not met anyone who wraps presents as nicely as me.... ha ha... (so BHB) so i'd prefer words then. just a simple card (oh, if hand-made even better)... sincere words from the heart scribbled even on the cheapest piece of paper with the ugliest handwriting will mean a lot to me (i have received these over the years). i'd read it over n over n over n over again... ^^

hence, it will also be v obvious if i don't like someone. someone once told me i can be read like a book as i don't hide my emotions v well. if i like it will be v obvious, i don't like i will show it one.

so, do u think i like u? ha ha ^^ should b v obvious right? ^^

but no love can beat God's love.... love so strong He was willing to die for me... the bible says "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend".

What Women Want

I think all men would kill to have what Mel Gibson in "what women want" was able to do. he could read women's minds. well, we women r really unfathomable creatures n i think i stand nearer to the "beware! landmine!" part of the spectrum... uber sensitive, ultra teh n super niang. when i get upset, sometimes i want to talk it out but sometimes i want to clam up. the tricky part is, the other person doesn know when i want what. i am not unreasonable though... when i am right, i insist i'm right but i do ponder n pray n ask God to show me where i was wrong n if i did do or say anything to hurt the other person, i will apologise.

so yesterday when we had an argument after church (in which i was right... as assured by my buddy grace. it was legitimate of me to get upset over it AND kick up a big fuss cos she'd have done that if roger did the exact same thing) i just wanted to clam up... i was so upset i ran off n took e train home. then when chris came back i pretended to be asleep, woke up went for piano, came back n continued playing piano. he tried to make up but didn't really apologise n give in to my demands so i ignored him. he wanted to talk... i totally ignored him because his solution was such a ridiculously stupid one if i told grace she'd flip too. so i was in the kitchen opening my pack of koh yeo n sunblock that i bought n he kinda trapped me in a corner n tried to "talk sense" into me but i just wanted to clam up n be alone but he wouldn't let me so i screamed n yelled "go away leave me alone! let me go to the room!" he blocked me with his big sturdy body like a tree in the kitchen n i was v v frustrated because i just want to be left alone n he won't leave me alone... arrghhhh! i threw the koh yeo n sunblock at him! AAAHHHHHH leave me alone!!!!! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chris didn't move n said sternly, "stop it!" i wailed n whined "AHHHHH! let me outa here!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO GO TO E ROOM!!!!!!" then i pretended to calm down n when he let his guard down i wormed myself between his legs n kitchen cabinet n scurried to the room n locked myself in the toilet. he stood outside n scolded me,

C: "your attitude is v bad!"
me: *sit on toilet bowl n sulk*
C: come out now!
me: *... sulk*

after like 10 mins....
C: ok, i agree to give u what u want but can u not be so unreasonable n have such bad attitude? *walk away*

i came out, still sulking then was so tired i went to sleep. when i awoke, he came into the room, "i am going for dinner at my parents' place. if u want to come, get up now"

one thing about me is no matter how angry i am, i don't let his parents n grandma know because they have been so good to me n i love them so i don't want them to worry... in the car, i cried n prayed in my heart n God showed me that i was a bit crazy (i skipped one crazy part in the kitchen... told grace only) n gave me the grace to open my golden mouth n say sorry. think he was still sore so ok lor... i ignore u u ignore me... we're even...

but chris' dad ALWAYS prays at the table n whenever he does that, i ALWAYS feel my heart soften so after that when we went home... we were ok le.

then i went into my wardrobe n ey! my dresser lamp is working... *gasp* chris changed it! the bulb is not easy to find n i have been so lazy to change it so have gotten used to putting on make up under insufficient lighting. n u won't believe this but i change the bulbs at home cos chris doesn't really know how to. so when i saw the light, i felt v v touched because he did something that is not him to do.... it turned out that he went to search for the bulb when i was asleep. wa, gan dong nei. so i hugged him n said sorry again...

today before he left, he kissed me goodbye which means he was ok le too ^^ cos if he was still angry, he'd boh hiu me de... hee ^^

Rich Kids vs Poor Kids

Sigh... rich kids get all e opportunities, exposure. gadgets etc whereas poor kids can only dream.... i was definitely a poor kid n sometimes when i think about it still feel a little sore. why? because i wanted v much to learn music but my parents could not afford. that's why i am only learning it now but at my age, my stupid fingers don't do what i tell them to do. those of u who know me should know that i am rather musically inclined so i believe if i had learnt piano starting at 3, i'd be kicking ass by now. secondly, i really wanted to put braces (as recommended by my pri sch dentist) but my mum was like, "ha? $2000? no need la..." ok so i grew up with crooked teeth. i have had to extract two perfectly good healthy teeth because they were misaligned, that was cheaper than braces you see... now i have problems because after the extraction, there was a small gap which has become larger so EVERY time i eat, food gets stuck there so i have developed a nimble tongue.... sheesh.... rich kids get to keep all their ang bao moneys, i got mine taken away to "offset" my parents giving. anyway, my ang bao money also not a lot lor... those $2 $4 types. chey! rich kids stay in condos or houses... i can only work hard to buy one of my own. rich kids get fetched to school, poor kids squeeze w everyone on the bus. sometimes my dad would send me (if i missed school bus) on his motorbike (not vespa la!). we never had a car... my dad drove larger vehicles like forklift or lorry. during CNY, he'd borrow a lorry n we'd go visiting in that. when rich kids don't make it locally, they study overseas n come back "overseas grads", poor kids try to squeeze into local uni. rich kids get their first car from daddy when they get their licence, we can only work hard to buy our own Japanese car. rich girls get condos or houses as dowry when they get married to another rich kid, poor kids get themselves in debt for a tiny HDB.... poor kids' kids tend to be poor kids too... that's OUR kids (IF we have any)... i'd be heartbroken if my son tells me, "mom i want to be a doctor" n i have to tell him "sorry sweetie, mommy can't afford..." i definitely will let him learn music (with his choice of instrument) n if i can see he has a talent in something... anything... music, drama, dance, art, photography whatever (er... prob except sports... short lifespan la)... i will definitely support him. not everyone needs to be a doc or lawyer... i will encourage him to take the road less travelled n develop his talents to their fullest potential but i also fear... what if he doesn't make it? do i have the money to offer him a second chance? i really don't know...

But i still give thanks because i think it made me a better person. i think i would have been a complete brat n snob if i had been a rich kid who got what i wanted when i wanted. as it is, i'm already quite spoilt cos my bro gives in to me all the time. it also made me work v v hard for my A levels (THE exam of your life) to get a scholarship so i can do what i do now. my job is not the best n probably not what most people will want to do if given a choice but at least i am paid a decent salary (meagre is what Chris calls it) n i do get job satisfaction, in a smile, a note, a thank you. i believe in the work that i do... that one day when i go to heaven, God will show me all the riches in heaven that i have stored up by touching lives (i hope i have at least touched some) and then i'd be a rich kid ^^ actually, I AM a rich kid now.... cos my Father in heaven is the richest Father ^^ Yay!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Product Review: Tiger Balm "Koh Yeo" Plaster (Warm) 3*

Haiyer.... think I lao liao (you all r supposed to politely disagree)... of late i have been feeling here pain there pain everywhere pain pain pain... *point to shoulders* koko itai desu.... *point to lower back where 2 dimples are* koko itai desu.... zenbu totemo itai desu!*

My colleague Ling also... she'd walk over... "Wo de yao hen T...O...N...G...!!!" n i'd reply "wo ye" surprising Mrs N n Mr T don't have that problem.... chey...

On Fri, my back hurt really bad that when i was with MZ's group, I had to stand up n do touch toes exercise.... so malu. n i was like doing stretching in the office before lunch too... stand straight bend down touch toes, sit down, legs v shaped, tuck left heel in reach for right toes etc etc. lower body lie down on sofa upper body dangle off sofa.... still itai desu.... arrgghhh... i'd let out groans n moans n C.A. who was eating on the sofa beside mine mumbled, "er Ann, can u not make those sounds? =P"... "sorry.... arrgghhh... ahh...."

~ CC, why don't u help me? i lie down on my front u go on top put your right knee on my back then pull my shoulders up n crack me?
CC: er... i don't dare....
~ tsk! u lousy one.... i need thai massage...

so i tahan until yesterday.... i decided to tia koh yeo... got the tiger balm plaster. there's the cool or warm one. of course i chose warm one la... it's not easy to use... got to stick the gel onto the sticky plaster then stick on yourself. i didn't realise the gel is SO sticky i accidentally touched it n got my fingers all sticky sticky n the cloth plaster is so flimsy... i tia one on each shoulder n one on lower back.... wa, i felt the heat penetrating my shoulders... shiok... when chris saw me, he exclaimed,

"wa dear, no need so kua zhang ba!
~ ya, like lao ah em hor?
"no dear, u r not lao ah em... =)

went to sleep... wa, slept very well nei... sio sio one... i like.... when i woke up this morning, my shoulders r not so pain le but my back like no diff... maybe try different brand tonight.... ah.... but the Tiger Balm plasters' smell isn't v strong so later when i go church i won't smell of koh yeo...which is good ^^

talking about koh yeo smell, Aaron always smells of koh yeo. i buay tahan so asked him on fri n he said it's because someone spilled a bottle of those tui na lotion into their washing machine so he has been smelling that way for about a year! Yee... er =P

ah ha ha....

* translate: koko - here; itai - pain; zenbu - all (as in quan bu); totemo - very.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mary Had A Little Lamb & Itsy Bitsy Spider

My neighbour's son plays the recorder n for about the past half a year, he has been playing only Mary Had A Little Lamb & Itsy Bitsy Spider EVERY SINGLE weekend.... yes, only two songs n i don't hear any improvement.... however, yesterday, yes yes yes! he finally played something different! weng weng weng, xiao mi feng! arrrggghhh, but his notes always wrong one..... gosh.... i feel like telling him, boy,

it's soh mi mi fa re re, do re mi fa soh soh soh.... soh mi mi fa re re do mi soh soh mi... re re re re re mi fa, mi mi mi mi mi fa soh, soh mi mi fa re re, do mi soh soh do.... *roll eyeballs*

it reminds me of myself when i was still taking the ABRSM piano exam... for one whole year, i played only THREE songs until chris knew the tunes by heart.... n yes, i'd play all the wrong notes too =P

i have since given up ABRSM, just play recre now. but this boy is one hell of a persistent sia.

Garang Guni Cha See Lang....

Arrgghhh.... Roar! want to take afternoon nap on a Sat also cannot. The garang guni in my ulu malu neighbourhood is super on the ball. he goes around horning and shouting, "*por pee por pee* Garang Guni! *por pee por pee* Poh Zoa, Lay Leo, Dian Si Kee! *por pee por pee* Garang Guni! *por pee por pee* Computer, handphone, DBD!" and i swear he shouted n por pee-ed 50 times. and like as though one Garang guni man is not enough.... there are like THREE!!!! all appearing within mins of each other (different voice so i assume different people... unless nowadays they're so competitive got to vary tone for better publicity...)

I wanted to take out my karaoke mic (i took it from my mum thinking my player can do karaoke but chey, cannot), turn our Bose to the max n shout "Shut up LA! bo poh zoa doo see bo poh zoa la! shout 50 times ma see bo poh zoa!" but chris thinks it's too rude.... he said, "dear, people trying to make a living... don't be like this..."

*grumble grumble* but some people.... very inconsiderate one....

Thanksgiving: Healing

As u might have read, i was utterly exhausted last night n when i reached home i had to return an important call n the person on e other line just yakked and yakked and yakked and yakked and yakked and yakked and yakked and yakked..... buay ta han.... n my church friends were waiting for me to start bible study so i had to politely tell her.... *phew*

I was supposed to lead worship n struggled through the hymns since i had a sore throat.... then when grace took over leading the bible study, i started chomping down my fried rice.... n gulped down three glasses of orange juice.... so thirsty. Thoughout bible study i didn't talk much n also couldn't think straight cos my headache was killing me (i mumbled something out-of-this-world that i think shocked the hell out of CY. Ling didn hear it (thank God) n CY was glad.... grace n pris just laughed hysterically... ha ha ... sorry guys! ^^)

Pris gave thanks that her little toe was still intact. she had ingrown toenail n refused to seek medical advice n i nagged n nagged n nagged n nagged n nagged n nagged until she went.... boy, if not she might have had to amputate *grumble grumble* but God healed her miraculously n she didn't have to see the specialist! ^^

after they left.... i was so tired i just showered (didn't wash hair... which is VERY rare... i wash it every day unlike some girls w long hair who wash every other day) cos i really didn't have e energy to blow dry (i always do, i HATE sleeping w wet hair), brushed teeth and plonked my tired n sick body on bed, reached out to grab Margaret our Macbook n tagged a few entries before i felt my eyelids succumb to the pull of gravity.... closed Macbook, plopped my head on pillow, grabbed bolster n melody, pulled up duvet (air con off, windows closed) n prayed,

"Dear God, watch over me n protect me n grant me a good night's rest.... heal .... me..... of......... my...... sore..... th..roat....... n....... my...... fe......................ver............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. didn't have time to say amen.

this morning when i awoke, wa! i am ok le nei! PTL!!!

Neoprint Feeva!

someone put a neoprint pic on her blog n I thought to myself, "Neoprint is so yesterday!!!" but boy was i wrong! the other day some of us went out for lunch n the girls decided to take neo prints... well, i was skeptical n felt a little embarassed at first... e last time i took neo print was like aeons ago.... er... but i think police started wearing pants le la... ke ^^

i was v fascinated... it was a little shop w no one manning it per se n about 5 - 6 booths covered w pics of doe-eyed japanese babes, psychedelic cutie designs and plastic curtains. i seriously doubted that all 14 of us could squeeze into ONE booth n they assured me that it was possible.... ok, so we went into one n i was like... wa! got tiers one nei! they even have monkey bars above (i wondered what it's for) n SH said,

"oh, some guys will hang their legs up there n invert themselves...
me: right.... *nod in amazement*

we arranged ourselves butt in butt out alternately and true enough managed to squeeze everyone in, in 3 rows! (when i told CY n BX we managed to squeeze in, they were like, "got cass there can ah?" so bad!) never mind that the people in the front row almost pulled their hemstrings cos they had to do half squats everytime we took a shot... they were panting n screaming like they had a strenuous workout at the end of it man... ha ha... we did cutesy, sexy, hideous etc etc.... numerous poses. at one point sexy cass got up on her highest tier, raised her skirt and cooed, "i want to show my legs!" i shot her a look n she coyly sat down.... then a while later she wanted to invert herself on the monkey bar.... ah yo, just sit down la girl!!! when we were done, i thought we WERE DONE. but no, there was more!

someone: now go out n decorate!
me: decorate? hm...

our photos appeared on a screen n sexy cass grabbed a stylux n "tok tok tok tok" started embellishing our photos with hearts, words etc etc.... like a pro designer.... she was so adept at it i wondered whether they can press "other equipment" at that kind of speed....

ha ha, it was great fun... i love this bunch of people n i really enjoyed myself that day ^^

i dated Grouch to take neoprint another day.... YD's coming too (he will cut n style his hair shuai shuai ^^).... can't wait! Grouch n i really like to pose n though YD hates to, he'd obliged when we tell him what pattern to chute.... ke ke ke... i already thought of a few poses le.... sultry + shuai, kawai, "colgate chee howe", dao n yes, we must do our signature pose ^^ ah ha!

maybe i will also psycho grace n jiahui to do w me.... ah ha ^^

What a Pong!

Grouch n i were having a tea break n we had our usual girl talk.... somehow e conversation wandered to smelly men... can't remember how it started... n amazingly all the while we were munching on our tuna sandwich like as though it added some flavour =P

me: man, e other day i was at a mall near my house n a group of NCC boys swarmed past me (all about same size as ah howe one, which is XXL, XXXL).... golly! i nearly died from the pong!

man, e saturated n cumulative pong of post-workout pubescent boys can kill a skunk!

G: ya, that time got someone in conference room 5 also. he exercised then came in without showering.... at first we didn't smell it because of our relative position cos all the doors were closed but then someone opened e door n e change of pressure created a sudden draft that drew his BO toward us n it penetrated our nostrils we were like "wa lao! what's that bad smell!"

then she told me about how YD ostracised himself from e group n tried to chair a meeting sitting in one end of e room while the rest of e committee sat on the other end because they sat w a pungent post-workout ah howe! ah ha ha ha... charismatic leader jiu shi bu yi yang... can chair long distance meeting de! *slap lap n laugh hysterically* i hope he shares room w ah howe in Perth! ah ha!

her her her.... i ADORE grouch.... we can talk about anything n talk freely... i don't feel any generation gap at all (according to YD's estimate, i am 6 years older than her) hope i get to share room w her in Perth... then we can chat n chat n chat n chat n chat.... ke ^^

*GASP!!!!* I Have Adobe Photoshop Nei!!!! But I am IT-ly challenged =P

HA! i actually have Adobe Photoshop nei!!!! oots! ^^

I met Yandao n Grouch yesterday afternoon n i brought my lappie along. Grouch clicked here clicked there... then said,

G: u got photoshop wat!
me: ha? *surprised* got meh?
YD: *giggle.... golly, she doesn even know... continue writing w his fountain pen*
G: n u have not even opened it..
me: wa, how u know?
YD: *let out a giggle*
G: cos they asked me to register
me: ooohhhh.... so where to open ha? tell me tell me....
YD: *resist rolling eyeballs, continue writing*
G: go to start
me: ooohhhhh! yay!!! *gasp!* i have adobe photoshop!!! eh... but like dont have icon to click one ha?
YD: create shortcut *continue writing*
me: er... like how?
YD: click, right click, copy
me: ah then?
YD: right click, paste
me: ha? why not paste short cut?
YD: just paste...
me: why don't paste short cut??!!
YD: because when u paste it's already creating a short cut, u don't create a short cut of a short cut.... er .... never mind. just paste *pity chris, back to writing*
me: *open photoshop, look wide-eyed* oooohhh.... i have photoshop! er.... *look guilty* but i forgot how to use le... (although i have attended (was it one or two?) of YD's photoshop workshops in which he adeptly click here drag there burn here blend there level here level there to transform a great pic into a spectacular one)
G: *shot a "bu hui ba?" look at me...*

so i passed G the CD containing pics from our cam whoring the day before and she open it w another desktop Mac n tried to do some merging of two pics but grumbled "argh! i need your tablet!"
me: but how to transfer e pics to my tablet? oohhh! i got thumb drive!
G: *shot a look at me, smugly took CD out from the Mac drive* u r not IT-ly so challenged ba! *moved CD to the right of my lappie.... then suddenly stopped* oh...
me: -.- my tablet got no drive one....
G: *look embarassed* oh ya, i forgot... er... *avoid eye contact* i got thumb drive.... *proceed to click here draw there w the stylus* cannot lei.... different tone
YD: *mumbled something*

hm... if YD, our Prince of Photoshop, was allowed to, i bet he'd get there, click click click then TA! DA! done! ke ke ke ^^

anw, when YD was s....l...o..w...l...y.... doing e stuff i gave him some pointers or hints to do, G n i started doddling on my lappie (it's a tablet PC). she drew YD kneeling on D24 n XO26 durian husks (one on each side) because recently he tagged a misogynistic remark on G's blog... then G drew me w a leather whip standing beside him.... she even added some chinese dialogue.... occasionally asking how to write a character ....

G: how to write cao1 (copy)?
me: ya, C-A-O
ha ha ha.... what losers...

G is such a creative cartoonist. i noticed she tried to draw my ferragamo heels ^^ n YD could only wonder what on earth we were giggling and sqealing about.... ke ke ke...

Oh.... I was v naughty... on my way to e toilet, i saw a cockroach n i remembered that YD n ah howe r TERRIFIED of cockroaches n an evil thought entered my mind, coupled w an evil grin.... so i stepped on it (not w my ferragamos la!) with my wedgies not to kill it, just to immobilise it, grabbed some toilet paper, grabbed e fella walked back to e room, opened e door...

me: =D =D =D
YD: wa, why u so happy?
me: i have something for u! *whip out tissue covered cockroach* COCKROACH!!!!
G: ah ha ha ha!!!! =D =D =D
me: *tried to ignore me*
me: it's real leh.... check out the feelers (they were still moving) *showed G*
YD: *golly, it's real! jumped from his seat, dashed out of the room at the speed of light*

i went out, threw e thing away n walked back to toilet to wash my hands.... YD saw me coming, thought i was chasing him and RAN right to the end! ha ha....

me: i threw away already la... what a sissy...
YD: *threw me a "u r so wu liao" look*

*slap lap* AH ha ha ha.... wat a girl!

a while later ah howe popped in n i was like "darn, should have kept e cockroach for him man!" ke ke ke ^^ ah howe is sooo... cute.... love his colgate smile ^^

i went home totally exhausted but i was happy... cos i love hanging out w them n watching them... so cartoon some times. n i think we have the same frequency.... which is important.... n goofing around w G washes all my tiredness n frustration away. I adore Grouch!!! ^^ My HONEY!!!!! n YD, i like talking to him about japan.... he knows a bit of jap like me. he knows e diff between katakana, hiragana n kanji n he totally understands what i mean when i say tarabagani, wagyu, fugu, uni, ebi, kaninabe, otoro, shio yaki, kaiseki ryori etc etc... n has tasted all (i think) of them too ^^ he also knows mentaiko, mugi cha n i believe many others i have not tasted ^^ he's quite a connoiseur... sometimes he even corrects my mispronunciation of jap... like when i pronounced "ken hirai" wrongly ^^... YD no nihongo wa jyozu desu ka? watashi no wa jyozu ja nai! (i hate writing in romanji cos i can't write hiragana or katakana on my comp nei) ha ha ^^

ha ha.... hm.... next week i must explore explore PTS a bit.... i have the King of photoshop Mr T sitting near me *grin gleefully* ha ha!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

LM 101: Lessons For Men Chapter 2 - How To Beo Cha Bor

for LM 101 Chapter 1, read "Difficult Questions" ^^

It's a fact. most men can't ogle without turning their heads or beo cha bor without moving their eyeballs.... they have tunnel vision. a woman, on the other hand, can be having a dinner conversation w her friend, looking AT her friend but AT THE SAME TIME checking out that cute waiter.... we have.... peripheral vision =)

let me give u an example....

some of us went out for lunch yesterday and BX sat on my right. i sat opposite SL n SH sat on the left of SL (i.e. opposite BX). u see, BX has the hots for SL for the longest time but is constantly in denial.... over lunch, i noticed that he would glance at SL periodically and when he turns around to talk to me, his eyes will do a quick detour to SL first before meeting w mine. so i confronted him

me: BX! u kept beo-ing SL!
BX: where got?
me: got! i saw!

after my discovery, everyone on our side of the table started STARING at BX's eyes and when he did it again, we'd be like,

NEH NEH NEH!!!! u beo-ed again! n he'd totally "jiao bian" and refused to admit it....

BX then felt v conscious n tried v hard to focus on his sliced fish hot pot... it got to a point that tiny blood veins started emerging on the whites of his eyes!!!! ah ha ha ha.... but too bad for him... he has done that action ever so frequently and at such regular intervals that his brain has programmed it as "reflex".... blink 10 times, glance at SL once.... he was totally unaware!!!! ha ha ha ha....

well, i think guys should PRACTISE how to beo cha boh.... here's a suggestion:

tear out a chio bo mag pic. stand in front of a mirror. stick the pic about 10 cm away from the reflection of your face. now, concentrate n focus on YOUR reflection but AT THE SAME TIME, beo the pic. make sure eyeballs don't dart.... try looking at the dress colour, long/short hair etc... practise this w the pic on the left, on the right... n even pasted over your chest reflection. ya, some men like to beo women's boobs but r SOOOOO bad at it.... it's so obvious. they're talking to u but their eyes rove down occasionally... sometimes i feel like snapping my fingers n saying, "ey.... yo dude, i'm up here!"

but the good news is this: most men r suddenly endowed w this gift while women take on tunnel vision... when they r behind the steering wheel. ^^

Boo....! Hooo....!!!! *sniffle*

*sobs* =( i grazed my knee today.... *whine* so pain... we had dept lunch and birthday celebrations and i tried to take photos for KS n gang but tripped over something (can't remember what)... i fell n my right knee s...c...r...a...p...e...d across the carpet floor *bew hew* it was v painful and i think i knocked my left little toe against something too but tried to act cool cos got guests.... thank God i didn't "zao geng"... i tried cleaning it... AAAHHHH.....OOOOO.... ER.... pain .... pain... pain....! found a bottle of yellow solution and dabbed on ....EERRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO PAIN!!!!!! sting sting sting!!!! *wail*

Grouch says must raise leg when showering.... hng! *whine* so ma fan... so chor lor!!!! her..... *whine whine* n now i cannot wear short skirt.... her... ah...hng *whine whine whine*

think photography n me r not destined to be.... the last time i also fell and sprained my ankle...

*sob sob* knee pain, toe pain, stomach pain, here pain there pain, EVERYWHERE PAIN PAIN PAIN!!!!!! *cry*

Monday, 8 October 2007

Code Red

Warning: Guys may want to skip this entry... you may find it offensive

As i am approaching "Code Red" i went out to replenish supplies but Gosh, what's with the supermarkets and pharmacies????? they've all run out of my favourite protection! *fume from all seven orifices* and that's like THE only brand and type i use. i hate the type with the plasticky cover which i find scratchy and itchy. i like the cottony topped ones but I. CAN'T. FIND. THEM!!!! where r they????? i don't give a hoot about what latest technology they use for better absorption, leak proof, twist proof etc etc.... I. JUST. WANT. MY. COTTONY. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i once told a friend i only use that type and she suggested using the more intimate, insertion ones... (btw, my muumy says not yet married girls cannot use that type tsk tsk tsk) i'm married but i'm sorry darling, i don't find sticking things into myself particularly exciting. it's like "interfering" with yourself... it's very wrong... and i always fear infection.... and what if the string snaps when u try to pull it out????? imagine going to the doc and saying, "erm.... i've got ammunition stuck down under, can u get it out pls?" yewks!!!! no way!

*fume from all seven orifices* if not for my white tea shower mousse, i'd be in a really bad mood.... *grumble grumble*

Product Review: L'occitane The Blanc Mousse de Douche (White Tea Shower Mousse) 5*

This must be one of the best smelling shower foams i have used... i keep smelling myself! it comes in a mousse pump bottle which dispenses mousse so you just apply it all over your body. no need to lather baby, it already comes out as lather. oh, and the fact that it contains the goodness of white tea (high in antioxidants) makes it all the more pleasurable to use =) skin feels silky soft ^^ mmmm..... ^^

price: $38 for 150 ml

Good Service Has Rewards

I was really stressed, let me rephrase, frustrated at work today. almost exploded twice... but i REN!!! REN!!!! and REN!!!! (read "Patience" entry below) i needed a good bath after work so i went in search of a body scrub, shower foam or shower gel. I went to my favourite mall and since I brought my Sisley mailer I wanted to get the free eye and lip contour balm sample so i stood there with the card in hand. to me, good service means the girl tends to me immediately (i don't expect her to dash towards me at the speed of light) and HANDS me the sample with a smile. but no, that cakey faced b*tch made me wait a full 60 seconds. yes.. she slowly arranged the pile of paper on her desk BEFORE attending to me. instead of HANDING me the free sample, she put a book at a table 2 metres away, gestured me to go and write down my name, placed the sample on the table and walked away! she didn't even bother to explain to me how the product worked! i know it's dummy proof, just dab it on your eye contour area but as a salesgirl, she is obliged to inform me. i wanted to also buy the body exfoliator and tried to get her attention but an ang mo char boh came along and that cakey faced b*tch turned all smiley and polite and ignored me totally! was like, WT-. i stomped off IMMEDIATELY. too bad i didn't get her stupid bimbotic name or else i will surely shoot a complaint letter to her boss... *fuming mad*

never mind, i wouldn't want her to get my commision anyway. what a b*tch! i bet her eyelashes r fake!

so i decide to visit l'occitane and as i was descending downthe escalator, the girl already perked up and looked interested. i so much as glanced at the product and she started working her magic.

"miss, can i help you?" *smile enthusiastically*
~ yeah, i'm looking for a body scrub
" oh, try our latest! it's the best seller! it's very rich and leaves your skin really soft. with almond flakes. would you like to try it? " =)
~ sure
*proceeds to scoop a tiny dollop onto my left hand, gently polishes it, sprays my hand with water and cleans it lovingly with tissue*
~ wow, smells good. erm, what other scrubs do you have?
" oh we have the shea butter one which is a salt scrub. the one you just tried is a sugar scrub and we also have the verbena one." =)
~ oh verbena, lemony
" yes! =) =)
~ ok, i'll take the almond one... *continue to walk around*
"miss, want to top up to $XXX and get the free gift? try our signature immortelle range? our immortelle very precious eye serum is the best seller. *shows me a display card* studies have shown that after 4 weeks of use, fine lines r diminished, puffiness is reduced and dark circles too! but remember to have your beauty sleep, between 11pm to 2am every night! that's when your cells regenerate most optimally! =)
~ really? sounds good... *attention drawn away by a box of immortelle masks*
" oh, this mask is really effective in giving radiance to the face! would u like to get a box to try?
~ *spots a White Tea shower foam* oh, you have a white tea shower mousse?
" oh yes! you want to try?
~ ok
" the pump is really convenient *pumps out a ball of mousse*
~ wow, it smells great! i'll take one of that....
and so on...

boy, her service is sooooo...... excellent i not only bought the scrub, i also bought the masks, eye serum and white tea shower foam! so see, good service pays.

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Patience. People in my profession really NEED this virtue otherwise they won't be able to get through the day. I try my best but there are times i fail, and fail miserably. By the time I regret, it's too late because the other person has been hurt. well, on friday, one of my worst self emerged yet again... sometimes i forget that what is obvious to me is not so trivial to people around me so i get exasperated and i kinda lashed out at K. i saw his lips quiver and he gazed at the paper in front of him, trying to recover from the shock perhaps. E. sitting opposite us looked up, glanced at him then at me and looked down. she looked upset and radiated *wa, why u like that?* waves at me n i was like *oh sh*t, i shouldn't have* i apologised to K. but he just sat there and kept quiet. later after we left, i smsed E. to ask her whether K. was ok and she said she felt i was too harsh n that she saw he was on the verge of tears. gosh, "on the verge of tears"... it really pained my heart... what have i done?

i tried to forget this but God has a weird sense of humour... He has to remind me. the sermon this weekend was on PATIENCE and when i read the passage from Ephesians 4 "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love", i thought about what happened and i cried... Pastor Daniel asked, "have you been angry and thrown your temper at someone? at home? at your workplace? at school?" oh no... yes i have... maybe patience has never really been one of my virtues. argghhh.... i really feel what the apostle paul describes in Romans 7, "So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God's law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am!"

But thank God it doesn't stop there ^^ it continues with "Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!"


Difficult Questions

Someone wrote on her blog that her father gets exasperated when her mum and sis ask stupid questions like "do i look fat in this dress?"

some time ago my church friends and i were having lunch and there was this new guy who joined us and he made a comment on our friend Pris "er... did you put on some weight?" gosh, u could hear a fly... everyone gasped and the guys were like looking at one another thinking "what a prick!" as he was much much younger, the girls just took it that he is immature and taught him "you don't comment on a woman's age n weight! it's wrong! it's not socially acceptable behaviour!"

well, men need to learn to answer difficult questions about women's age n weight in order to continue to thrive in this world and maintain peace around the house. sometime in every man's life, one of these will be posed either by a female friend, girlfriend, wife or daughter. so let me offer some suggestions without really having to lie ^^

Q: Do i look fat in this dress?
Model answer: You look great to me dear *hug plus peck* OR you look wonderful tonight *break forth into eric clapton's song* (here, you're not exactly lying if "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is true)
PC answer: *pick another dress* oh, why don't you wear this instead? you've got great cleavage, it will look great on you! (takes her mind off her fatness n she'd be thinking of her great cleavage)
seriously with that cutting, even kate moss will look fat! (put the blame on the dress)
Gay answer: *hands on hips* DAHRLING, throw that dress away, RIGHT. NOW! it's SO last season! n look at those jiggly arms and tummy, have you been eating laksa? tsk tsk tsk. you'll look like a whale in everything! (gays can say anything and women won't get offended) let's go to california fitness centre *grin* then i can check out that sweatie hot bod from last week!
Worst answer: No, you look fat in everything! (boyfriends will get slapped, wives will go out and swipe supplementary credit cards while u eat takeout dinners for a week, daughters will turn anorexic)
Most frequent answer: .... *silence* OR DON"T ASK STUPID QUESTIONS! (your girlfriend/wife/daughter will just ask someone else n u better hope it's not another guy...who has the model answer)
My Advice: girl, if we find that we look fat, we probably are. hit the treadmill.

Q: *point to girl on street or hot model/celeb's pic on magazine* Do you find her pretty?
Model answer: Bu Ji Mo Ren! which means "not as pretty as someone" i.e. yes she is pretty but to me you're prettier (this is actually Chris' answer ^^) OR mmm... not my type. (i.e. i don't find her particularly attractive)
PC answer: oh wow, did you do something to your hair? it looks great! (distraction) OR actually i find her make-up a little too unnatural (pick a flaw)
Gay answer: *points to a macho guy or men's fitness mag* LOOK AT THAT HOTTIE! can't wait to pinch his cheeks (he means butt cheeks)! OR *bitch together* i tell you, her boobs are fake!
Worst answer: *Start ogling until head turn* OR ask "can i have that pic?" (your girlfriend will become your ex-girlfriend. your wife will feel hurt)
Most frequent answer: .... *silence* OR er... not bad (pretty say pretty la, don't be so wishy washy, don't dare to say)
My Advice: girl, face it, there're always going to be girls prettier than us. even miss universe feels insecure at times i'm sure. if she's on the cover of a magazine, she's probably pretty AND prettier than us! but maybe she sings off key and can't count? God is fair, there's bound to be something she CAN'T do... no one's perfect. focus on that.

Q: How old do you think I am/look?
Model answer: *take the figure in your head, subtract AT LEAST 5 years. or if you know her, do a quick calculation then subtract AT LEAST 5 years* (this is not lying. it's mathematics. u r just doing an UNDERestimate ^^)
PC answer: i must say you look v well-maintained! did you do something to your hair? it looks great! (er... don't keep using this hor...)
Gay answer: DAHRLING, when was your last botox appointment? i can almost see that yangzte river spreading out of your eyes!
Worst answer: *a bad overestimate* (your girlfriend/wife will feel v v hurt and may start going for extreme makeover with YOUR credit card. your girlfriend may fall for a much older guy)
Most frequent answer: .... er... i'd rather not answer that OR er... i'd rather keep my comments to myself (your refusal to answer is an answer in itself. she will be wondering what your answer is. if it's a compliment, you'll say it so she will just think your answer is "you're old so i don't want to say cos i don't want to hurt u" this is actually as bad as Worst answer)
My Advice: we r better off asking strangers (like taxi drivers etc.). they'd tell the truth and if u get angry, you prob won't see them again! and yes, slap on that sunblock. you'd thank me in 20 years!

Basically guys, when it's about her weight or age or YOUR opinion about a superior specimen, you're facing a landmine so tread with care! All the best!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Ulu Malu

Someone wrote on her blog that my neighbourhood is "Ulu Malu". well, i didn't think it was that bad until today. I left the office v late, was exhausted and hungry and wanted to cab home but the bus came so i took it. I was smsing two people on the bus and got so engrossed I totally missed my stop! The bus had turned so I alighted at the next stop and tried to navigate my way back to the shopping mall (i had to return the DVD i watched yesterday) but being directionally challenged and having slight night blindness, i kinda got lost. i walked and walked and reached a dead end so i back tracked. then i realised that block is like brand new and there were some construction workers *FREAK!* so i quickened my steps hoping to find the nearest human to ask for directions... thank God i saw a woman and she pointed to the building i was supposed to go to and i tried to look out for it but it was really quite dark. i walked towards a bright void deck and saw a foreign domestic worker and asked her for directions and finally made my way to the mall! gosh! it's indeed Ulu Malu!! ha ha...

Men Don't Talk, Women Don't Stop

I watched a DVD last night and one of the dialogues between a man and a woman intrigued me as it really summarised the difference between males and females. It went like this:

W: *Gazing out of window* It's raining cats and dogs
M: ... *continue reading book or newspaper*
W: I said it's raining cats and dogs
M: I heard u
W: But you kept quiet!
M: what do you want me say?
W: u could have acknowledged
M: I'm not predisposed to speak unless i have something to say
W: if everyone speaks only when they have something to say, the human race will lose the power of speech!
M: ... *goes back to reading book or newspaper*
W: ... *goes back to gazing out of the window

What i find most irritating about men is that they're either silent or they offer advice and solutions we don't need. sometimes we just want attention and emphathy, to bitch together w us, nod, give a touch of assurance or just acknowledge that they're listening...

if the above conversation were between two women, it would have been:

W1: *Gazing out of window* It's raining cats and dogs
W2: oh yes, and boy am i glad. it's been so hot!
W1: yeah...
W2: oh, did i tell u S. bought me a Coach umbrella?
W1: oh wow! when?
W2: when in the states. it's a foldable one. u just press a button and the umbrella springs open
W1: nice! show me show me
W2: ya ya ya! *runs off to fetch umbrella and opens it*
W1: wa! nice. so if u press the button does it close back?
W2: mmm, no. got to close manually
W1: oh, will be nice if it does hor?
W2: ya, i saw one Burberry one, can leh!
W1: ha? but must be very ex.
W2: yeah... don't want to spend so much on an umbrella
W1: oh talking about Coach, i got this invite to preview their new range leh!
W2: oh! how did you get it?
W1: they mailed to my house
W2: ha? how come never mail to me? how can?
W1: er... i don't know. it's ok, i'm not interested... give u la... but don't tell S., he'd say i'm a bad influnce
W2: ey... Miss PQR got big Coach bag leh
W1: ya, I saw. and not just one.
W2: ya...
W1: but i'm not hot about Coach. Give me Burberry, Tod's, LV or Dior ANYTIME
W2: oh, i quite like Coach
W1: I know

and it goes on....

note: the above conversation contains snippets of my dialogue with my colleague CC so it's authentic.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Since i am on the issue of sake and alcohol, it reminded me of an incident last year... a v embarassing one...

well, jiahui once told me that chilled choya (japanese plum wine) mixed with iced green tea tastes great so i decided to try it. i bought the tiniest bottle of choya from the supermarket, made my own sencha, chilled it and prepared the cocktail. it really does taste great but as i was sipping it, i realised i was going to be late for piano lesson so i kinda gulped down the whole glass! i felt ok initially and even went for piano class... then about half an hour into the lesson, i felt the piano keyboard doing a wave... then i felt the room spinning... i turned around to my teacher and mumbled,

~ i think i'm drunk...
"what? did u drink??"
~ a little
" oh no... you put your head down and rest *close piano cover*
~ i need to puke

she held me up and led me to the toilet but i could not walk in a straight line... zig zagged my way to the toilet and did a merlion! i heard her telling the counter personnel "she's drunk"

when i was done with my puking, i walked back in shame and the other kids were like shooting weird stares at me... the staff asked, "shall we call your husband to pick you up?" i nodded and thanked them. went back to my studio and sat on the piano bench, pretending that i did not just embarass myself and hoping that i'd awake from a dream... i did awake... but i was still in that room... holding a pail on my lap with my head hovering above it and glaring at the kay poh kids who witnessed the spectacle and have gathered outside my door. my teacher shooed them away and closed the door... "you rest ok? your husband is coming"

imagine what chris' reaction was when he answered the call
them: Hi Mr Chris W, we're calling from the piano school... err... your wife is drunk, can you come and get her?
Chris: HAAAAA!??

Yes, so my gallant husband came to my rescue, walked through the sympathetic glances of parents, went into the studio and whipped me up then zipped me home. i told him i had choya with green tea.

he said sternly, "DEAR! why you zui jiu nao shi!!??? NEXT time no more alcohol! no more choya! that jiahui is a bad influence!"

kekeke... that's why the bible says, "do not get drunk on wine which leads to debauchery but rather be filled with the [Holy] Spirit"! AYE AYE!

ha ha ha ha =D

oh btw, i am now at another piano school... =P

Torisho Taka Wa Takai Desu!

I wrote an entry about an upmarket yakitori place but would like to clarify about the price. I wrote that it's "reasonable"... well, actually, it will burn a hole in your pocket and you should go only on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries... jiahui brought me there for belated birthday dinner last night. We ordered the following (1 means 1 skewer):

chicken broth x 2
japanese cherry tomato x 2

chicken wings x 1
thigh with salt x 1
thigh with sauce x 1
drumstick with wasabi x 1
chicken balls x 1
kobe beef x 1
sea bream x 1
japanese onion x 1
asparagus x 1
shitake x 1
zucchini x 1

red bean ice cream x 1
maccha ice cream x 1

and it amounted to almost $200 (that is, $100 per person). we felt it was expensive but given the impeccable service and excellent food quality, we'd definitely still go back, just not on an ordinary day like, "hey, what should we eat?" "oh how about torisho taka?" ha ha ha.... on her birthday next year, i'd bring her to Aoki for sushi ^^

imagine if we'd ordered alcohol! it would have cost much more! the japanese men around us ordered so much more food and sake and all... gosh, their bill must have exceeded $200 per pax we estimated... so rich *grumble grumble*

the service is really good... when we wanted to order, the waiter (cute japanese guy ^^) would scoot over, kneel beside us and take down our orders like taking exam notes... and when u order sake, they give u this large tray of beautiful sake goblets to choose from, how exquisite! i know kuriya does that too ^^ i have a set of goblets too, just don't have the chance to use it yet except sip sake by myself... can't drink much though (and Chris forbids it) we just sat at the counter looking at the master chef grilling intently... trying to steal some tips for our next BBQ! ha ha ha.... we were thinking too bad it's not the cute guy grilling... it would have been such a feast! kekeke ^^

next month is chris birthday so I'm going to have to eat yakitori AGAIN! AW....!

Monday, 1 October 2007

This World Only Mummy Good

Hi... I am Big Fat (dialect name is Toa Pui) and I live with my brother Small Fat in Ann's pond (see below)... The two guys above us are our reflections... these pics of us were taken under water... I LURVE it when Ann cleans the pond (which she tries to do every week... unlike Chris who always acts blur...) ^^ I want to dedicate a song to Ann entitled "This World Only Mummy Good" sung to the tune of "Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao":

This world only mummy good
If you've got mummy you've got food
Deep in mummy's warm embrace
Joy and bliss always!

We love our mummy ^^