Thursday, 29 November 2007

Short And Tight Shorts

(If you think I'm going to write about what you are thinking... dream on...)

Well... this is an observation i have made for some time and i cannot tahan so must write about it... teenagers these days... the boys... they wear their school pants so low that i feel if they're given a tug, they'd drop off... the other day i saw two boys wearing jeans... so low i could see their boxers, n they're not even calvin klein! golly, want to show off boxers at least wear branded la.... but then, u shouldn't even show your underwear in public! people are not interested to know what underwear u r wearing! (er... i think for girls, that's a different story ba... n a different genre le.... there are lots of chee ko pehs around who would LURVE to see... oh well... all men are lascivious, to a certain extent)

my generation had a different problem... the fashion then was to wear the pants or shorts tight tight! n yes, i remember... the ACS and hwa chong boys... they'd wear their shorts so tight it's obscene... but i guess they find it sexy... like the boys now find it sexy to wear pants low low n show off underwear... but i think their parents worry about health... n i have always felt that wearing shorts at sec 3 is v v wrong. it's v offensive...come on, the boy has reached puberty... give him a pair of pants!

an ACS friend told me that's why the uniform has been changed to berms...! LOL.

Check-In Baggage

Ha ha... am suddenly reminded of an incident that Lis and Joe told me about their check-in baggage once. they had gone for some mission trip and they brought packets of chai tao kwei to cook for the locals, to let them have a taste of singapore and apparently someone brought a coleman box to pack them in but was smart enough NOT to tape it at all... so that person happily checked it in.... doo dee doo dee doo...

when they arrived, they collected their baggage at the conveyer belt and out came the coleman box... with the cover off! and trailing behind were the packets of chai tao kwei! LOL...

Heartless Men

Just now grace came over for dinner (cos roger, her husband, is working late n chris is in camp) n she saw my seagull (medium format camera)... it brought back some unpleasant memories for her...

" ey...? u also got a seagull?"
~ yeah, jiahui gave me, bringing to perth.
" u know... that was the camera i was carrying when i fell
~ ooh?
" n ALL the men, including roger, went for the camera!
~ wa! how can? roger?
" ya! i was so upset!
~ it's not even an expensive camera...
" ya!
~ -.- maybe cos they no longer produce it ba...
" maybe la *sulk*

sheesh, save camera... how can? tsk tsk tsk... at least the other time when i fell, everyone came for me... but then again, i was holding a PNS... hm... if in perth i fall, i wonder whether they will go for me or for my cam...

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Ah! The Beauty of Root 2 (i.e. 1.41 to 3 s.f.)

Root 2 is such a beautiful number.... it's irrational, which means it cannot be expressed as a fraction of two integers. Why is it beautiful? and why is it so special? well, because we use it everyday, some of us use it more, some use it less... most of us use A4 paper right? the A4 paper has the special property of RETAINING the same length:breadth ratio when folded in half i.e. when u fold the A4 in half the get A5, the ratio of length vs breadth REMAINS THE SAME! fold again, still same! Ah! nice! Not every rectangle has this property u know? only the A4 paper nei! ^^

and what's that special length:breadth ratio? hee... root 2 lor! ^^

If u let the length of the A4 paper be x and the breadth be y, the property states that:

length/breadth of A4 = length/breadth of A5
=> x/y = y/.5x
which gives x^2 = 2y^2 and so,
x/y = root 2 = 1.41 (to 3 s.f.)
(or equivalently y/x = 1/root2 = 0.707)


so next time when u enlarge your A5 to A4, look at the percentage. it's 141%. that's 1.41x100. when u reduce, it's 71%. that's 0.707x100. he he ^^

n today, i discovered that to get to the next f stop, u multiply by (make a guess?) yes! root 2! haha ^^

so the f numbers are 1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, ...

it's a geometric progression with a common ratio of root 2.

why is that so nei?

borrowing from wiki, "In optics, the f-number (sometimes called focal ratio, f-ratio, or relative aperture[1]) of an optical system expresses the diameter of the entrance pupil in terms of the effective focal length of the lens; in simpler terms, the f-number is the focal length divided by the aperture diameter. It is a dimensionless number that is a quantitative measure of lens speed, an important concept in photography"

well, with each stop, the aperture area is HALVED... (see diagram, courtesy of wiki)

Let the T(n) and D(n) be respectively the area and diameter of the nth circle. Let the radius of the nth circle be r.
T(n) = pi(r)^2, D(n) = 2r
T(n + 1) = (1/2)pi(r)^2 = pi[(1/root2)r]^2, D(n + 1) = 2(1/root2)r = root2(r)
so, D(n + 1)/D(n) = 1/root2
which means the diameters form a geometric progression with common ratio 1/root2 i.e. to get to the next diameter, u DIVIDE by root2.

but f/# and diameter have an inverse relationship so that's why, to get to the next f number you MULTIPLY by root 2!

for half stops, if i am not wrong, it's roughly the midpoint. and one third stops, i think u just divide the interval roughly into thirds... 1 d.p.... a bit off by 0.1 sometimes. but i think it's quite right... sometimes f/1.3 and f/3.2 and other differences are used for the one-third stop scale.

Here are the typical one-half-stop n one-third-stop f-number scales. note that the numbers in bold form the geometric progression i mentioned above, with common ratio root 2.

Typical one-half-stop f-number scale
f/# 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.7 2 2.4 2.8 3.4 4 4.8 5.6 6.7 8 9.5 11 13 16 19 22
(courtesy of wiki)

So to get to the next half stop, say start with 1.0. u multiply by 1.41 then u take the midpoint. note that that's NOT the same as 1.0 multiply by (root 2)/2 ha. the whole string of numbers DON'T form a GP, only the bold numbers do. u must take the midpoint point of two successive full stops.

Typical one-third-stop f-number scale
f/# 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2 2.2 2.5 2.8 3.3 3.5 4 4.5 5.0 5.6 6.3 7 8 9 10 11 12.5 14 16 18 20 22
(courtesy of wiki)

So to get to the next one-third stop, say start with 1.4. u multiply by 1.41 to get 2, then u take 2 - 1.4 = 0.6. that's the interval. u divide that into 3 roughly equal parts, u get 0.2, 0.2, 0.2. that's why the intermediate stops are 1.6 and 1.8. again, note that that's not the same as multiply by (root 2)/3. the whole string of numbers DON'T form a GP, only the bold numbers do. u must divide the INTERVAL between two successive full stops into roughly 3 equal parts.

i still have a lot to learn about photography but such simple formula n concepts really make it so much easier and more interesting for me! if u already knew all that i blabbered about, sorry to bore u =P pls check the correctness of my working then. haha ^^

omoshiroi ne! ^^

Minimum Point

Hm... i feel moody... n sian... recall the Sine curve... i am now at the point where x = 1.5pi... i.e. y = -1. minimum point. can't help it... it's biology... so every tiny thing that upsets me, upsets me a lot a lot. i am ubersensitive now, everything that everyone says, i will think a lot a lot n i'd cry easily... read moving novel will cry, listen to touching song also will cry (like the ken hirai one on the right. i dont really understand everything but think it's a love song... it's the tune... i find it v moving... i hear the piano intro only i cry le)... don't even let me anywhere near sad movie.... i will cry buckets...

i upset my colleague roy last night... it was about our Perth trip... he was "miffed" about me so i felt REALLY bad... i cried... even after he said he was cool about it, he even sent me 3 smileys... to reassure me that he was ok. but i still felt bad.... even up til now... argghhh.... i also miss chris... miss his side view when i walk pass the study... hm... Fri is our wedding anniversary, he will be in camp, i will be baking in Perth, covered in flies like a raisin scone... and got to take cab to airport... so exp...

there's nothing i can really do... except to pray that i don't spoil the mood of people around me... i can only let it pass.

I need chocolate *sobs*

The Unanimous Gasp

I was talking about LBH being v shuai. in his other korean dramas, when he comes on screen, u gasp n stop breathing de. yeah, that kind of effect.

i felt it also when Legolas in Lord of the Rings appeared on screen... the girls in the audience did a unanimous audible *gasp!* my guy friends heard it too... shawn was like, "did u guys hear the unanimous gasp when Legolas came on screen? i can't believe it!" *fling hands into the air* Legolas is for the girls what Arwen is for the guys la. n when he flung himself up the horse, and skateboarded on his shield down a treacherous flight of steps n kept shooting arrows non-stop, every arrow hitting the target... u can feel n hear all the girls gasping at his every move n their hearts pounding. chris had to snap me out of my wide-eyed fantasy (i was wa wa wa-ing) n drag me back to reality, "it's CG dear... he can't fling himself up a horse like that de... by the laws of physics, not possible" i -.- him of cos. IT'S A MOVIE ADAPTED FROM A FANTASY NOVEL??? HALLO! hobbits also don't exist! ok? diao. but when i saw Orlando Bloom, i was like "ha? that's Legolas? ok..." at least Liv Tyler looks hot even when she isn't Arwen... feel so cheated.

George Clooney... when he appeared on screen in Oceans 13 (i think) also commanded that kind of effect... hm... it's his killer eyes. one look and ta ta ta shoot dead many women in their paths. power.

the other one is Leo DiCaprio in Titanic. When he was all dressed up n stood at the top of the stairs and turned around to look at Kate Winslet, it's that same unanimous audible *gasp!* in the entire cinema. yeah, i don't particularly fancy Leo but he did make that kind of entrance... but i jiahui n i felt he was shuai in Catch Me If You Can.... good girls like bad boys ba! haha ^^

Movie Review: Hero 3* (6* if u r Takuya Kimura fan)

Just watched Hero with goodest bestest friend Jiahui. We found the plot engaging (of cos it helps that Takuya was in almost every scene n that he looked cute in everyone of them too ^^) and the last part was rather touching i was moved to tears (typical of jap dramas, there's always a touching part n a value they teach). Takuya is not just a cute face, he can act de lor... and it had a good ending ^^ romantic ne... i like... but our other slurpilicious hunk Lee Byung Hyung (LBH) only got like what? 5 mins of screen time n he didn't look his most shuai... chey.

think Kimura n LBH appeal to people like Jiahui n i, our generation one... nowadays the young people got weird notions of shuai. people we feel r shuai, they don't feel so... they think people like Rain r shuai... hm... not really my cup of tea ba... just like kimura and LBH are not really everyone's cup of tea.

worth watching?
yes, if u like courtroom drama.
absolutely a must if u like Kimura... 150 mins worth of him... subarashi ne. *wipe saliva*

Claire Is So Teh...

Golly, my darling Claire... is sooooooo.... teh... i wonder where she got those genes from *roll eyeballs* when i let her out, she will come n smell me, chin me... rabbits chin objects or people to say, "alright, now u r mine! ^^" what they do is they rub their chin on u, it's a teenie bit damp, feels v good one. she will also put her paws on my lap or back n stand on her two hind paws... AAAWWWW!!! kawaii ne! and when she wants to be stroked, she will come n kachiao your hand n act super teh... i can almost hear her go "hng.... sayang me can...?" AAWWWWW... so cute. i bet if she can draw circles on my arm w her paw, she would... when she goes back into the cage and i want to close the door, she'd give me the tamaki puppy eyes, "u want to go le ah?" AAAWWWWW....

this girl has great potential... her teh power at such a young age has superseded all the familiar teh-ing tactics i know...

initially when we let her out, she would pee a puddle here a puddle there. but now she seems to be getting the hang of it. she'd climb back to her cage to pee pee then climb back out again to play. what a clairever girl she is ^^

Why The Discrepancy?

Hm... I have a roll of Provia 100 which I will have to develop n G says it cost round about $5 at places like Ruby. Yesterday I was at Ngee Ann City and there was a shop that also does development of such films but it cost $20 per roll (w/o mounting)!! wow! why the discrepancy??? Develop one roll there can do 4 rolls at ruby nei!

Food Review: Ben n Jerry's Chocolate Therapy 5*

Oh boy... i was so craving chocolatey choc ice cream last night i was still thinking about it today. so when i passed by ben n jerry's, a strange force drew me to the counter n i felt my finger pointing to the "chocolate therapy" new flavour... "can i try that?" i put the dollop into my mouth... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... chocolatey! then i could not decide between choc fudge brownie or choc therapy. in the end, jiahui chose choc therapy i chose CFB... wa, we share share eat... so shiok! jiahui eats slower... her her... n she needed to drive so i offered to help her finish... she -.- me. haha, good food shared with great friend becomes spectacular!

my rating of choc therapy ice cream? 3 syllabi: OR-GAS-MIC!

oh, n we saw that kuriya is having fugu season!!!!!!!! yes! but think i will eat in japan ba... haha ^^

Monday, 26 November 2007

Feel Sad

The 5 missing young men in the Cambodia boating tragedy have been confirmed dead, their bodies finally found... Sigh... Chris n i cruised down that river (Tonle Sap River) in Sep when we were in Cambodia... although i dont know these men personally, i feel sad for their family n loved ones... so young, with bright futures awaiting them. when brownie n hiro (our pets who we treat like children) died, we were already so sad... these are real sons of people...

My deepest condolences to the families and friends of:
Mr Stephen Loh Soon Ann, 31 (NJC PE teacher, 23rd SEA Games representative)
Mr Jeremy Goh Tze Xiang, 24 (2nd-year student SIM, youngest of three children)
Mr Poh Boon San, 27 (Engineer, youngest of three children)
Mr Reuben Kee, 23 (Music composer, Mr Singapore 2007)
Mr Chee Wei Cheng, 20 (older of 2 sons)
(above info taken from here)

there was also a 6th body found, that of a cambodian rower whose boat also capsized on Fri...

the NJC PE teacher is one of my best friend's colleague (she is a teacher at NJC). she was so shocked to hear of it...

sigh... u really do not know when your life will be taken away just like that... for me, it's at least comforting to know where i'm heading and i always tell my loved ones not to grieve cos i am going to a better place n we'd meet again...

feel so sad for their loved loves n family...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Perth... Nightmare

I recall a nightmare i had about the perth trip... which i told YD n G about...

remember i said i fear going for sandsurfing? well, i dreamt that i was squating down getting ready to go down when someone pushed me from behind and i went head down, my chin split and my body lay lifeless on the sand while blood branched out from my chin... YD n G ran to me, YD shot a killer stare at the group up there and shouted, "WTF KICKED HER??!!!" and G also screamed, "she has phobia one!" then someone (either roy or YD, i can't remember...) carried me, the blood dripping down my neck n hair onto his thigh...

*pats chest* scared scared...

Chris Is So Farnie!... LOL

Chris has this way of saying the most unexpected things that make me laugh non-stop.... today i cooked lunch and when koshihikari rice was served, he looked at the rice and exclaimed,

"Wa dear! Qing Tian Pi Li Fan ah???!!"

and just now in church, he made me almost chuckle in the middle of service cos there was this uncle making announcements and he always pronounces "children" as "chewrens" so chris leaned close to me and whispered, "it's the chewrens uncle" i almost burst out but it was rude so i gek n gek.... n tried to suppress my giggle... n he did it again, "chewren... chewren" i rolled my eyeballs and inched away... trying to concentrate...

haha... and in the uni, he'd say the most spontaneously hilarious things n make us laugh until cry de... haha...

we were waiting to enter the exam hall to take the chaos and fractals exam n were quite anxious... trying to read and remember whatever last thing we can... but chris is the type who takes only his stationery n can't wait to charge in to score another A+. so one of our friends A. said, "eh, chris, we're so gan cheong, say something funny, quick quick!"

chris didn't even have to think hard, looked at my T shirt (there was a 9x9 square with the (1,2), (2,1), (2,3), (3,2) squares coloured) and he mumbled, "why are you wearing what looks like a sierpinski's carpet??"

wa, we all laughed until peng sia...

her her... *wipe tears*

Yakult Auntie... And Others

There's this Yakult aunty who comes by my place every week to sell Yakult. i personally prefer Vitagen but the first time she came, i felt she was v poor thing, pushing her bike with the cooler bag so i bought a pack from her. then she thought i want it regularly and will come by EVERY week n i have been buying from her every week cos i feel bad saying no... sometimes i am in the shower or in my wardrobe and don't hear her she will holler, "xiao jie! yakult!" n i hide n wish she'd go away... but no she is v v persistent. she will bang on my door or come back again later so by hook or by crook, she has to sell that pack of yakult to me...

There are other door-to-peddlers that come to my neighbourhood and i always end up buying something from them, from ice cream to detergents. There was this time a mother-and-daughter team... they looked really "qi liang" and the mother started relating her sob story of how her husband, the sole breadwinner, lost his job and her young children are still schooling blah blah blah, her young daughter standing next to her with those angel eyes... i cannot tahan... i bought the huge bottle of miracle detergent (which she claims can clean anything)... that bottle is still sitting below my kitchen sink, unopened, n that was a few years ago...

haiz, i just find it hard to turn people away when i see them lug bags of stuff door to door to sell... my heart softens even more if the person is old or is a young kid...

Chris n i like to have teochew porridge at maxwell market n there are always people selling packet tissue... but chris always brushes them away n i always feel sorry for them... cos the young kids are so poor thing... while their more fortunate peers play on PS3 or nintendo Wii... or go overseas for fun holidays, they're out selling tissue...

haiz... so chris n i drink yakult regularly because i don't have the heart to tell the aunty, "aunty, i actually prefer vitagen nei..."

I Am A Diva

Hi, I'm Claire, the Miniature Lop, who has recently adopted Chris n Ann as my pets. They are rather good pets I must say... always so attention seeking n always paparazzi-ing me. Oh well, that's cos i have a very unique colour u see. I am a Black Otter, which means my back n all is black but my front is white, just like an otter... v rare. O! i guess I will have put up with their fascination! The price u have to pay to be special. *roll eyeballs*

Ta Ta!

Ann: it's v difficult to shoot Claire cos she is hyperactive so the pics come out OOF most of the time... not to mention, underexposed! *slap thigh... (private joke)* ha ha.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Irritating And Cheapskate Neighbours

Haiz... my neighbours are so irritating... they dirty the corridors and don't clean up after themselves. sometimes chris n i find trash in the lift either on the floor or hung on the bar... the refuse chute is just around the corner... why can't they just throw the trash where it's supposed to go? we're really quite upset... n i won't even get started on their poor taste when it comes to the "decor" they put up outside their houses.... sheesh....

but what made me really really upset yesterday was someone STOLE one of my recycled items. i had put out two bags of items to be recycled. one bag contained newspapers n another was filled to the brim with some old bags that i didn want cos they were either moldy, badly stained, torn or the colour has faded. after i left them outside my door, i went marketing and when i returned, the bag containing the bags was missing!!! someone must have seen the contents (cos the recycling bag is translucent) and taken it away. i was utterly flabbergasted! how can people be so cheapskate to take what is not theirs?


Dinner Party

Golly.... i just woke up cos slept at 3 plus last night. had a dinner party of 9 n did tons of chopping, cutting, peeling, grating, grating and grating (no joke grating ONE WHOLE daikon!) and washing, drying, washing, drying, washing, drying =P now my whole body is aching from the finger tips to the toe tips... arggghhh.... my arms, shoulders n calves are the worst de... =P i chute all my pattern minus the ikebana and chilled towels (cos no space in fridge) and practically used every piece of receptacle i have! ha ha. but G n YD were v sweet... massaged me one on the left one on the right while we were watching kill bill... i felt quite pampered... ha ha... the left side felt really shiok... REALLY... when u get someone who knows where to press n what pressure to use.... it's wa! groan-n-moan ichiban! ^^ the right side... hm... it's the thought that counts so it was... mo totemo tanoshi k? ha ha ^^

boy these people can really eat n they can really eat rice! there was not enough rice so i went to cook another 3 cups of rice but it took a while so when it was done, they were like... er... can't eat le... ha ha. so i'll be having rice today for lunch and dinner! they also finished my whole box of unagi fish maw... n i thought that's like ah peh food! haha ^^

i'm glad they came over last night n though i was busy walking in out in out kitchen, after i finished washing up n had a chance to sit down w them... i really enjoyed their company. ha ha... but i dont think i'll be able to so this again... it's too exhausting... if they come again next time, can i use disposables? until i get a dishwasher or a maid =P

G is so sweet, she scooped one piece of cod for me when i mumbled into the air "i want cod" *so gan dong* n asked me to "sit down n eat" *hugs* n YD (who had never lifted a finger at home) also helped me scoop stuff n soup n helped me dry the wine glasses... such a sweetie... chee also v sweet one, helped me clean table n smsed me after he left to say thank you.


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Food Review: Niigata Koshihikari (Rinse-free) Rice With Shokuhin Furikake - 6*



*roll around on a meadow covered with perfect fluffy rice grains*


THIS.MUST.BE.THE.BESTEST.RICE.I.HAVE.EATEN!!!!!!!!!!!! it's it's it's AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orgasmically delicious! *cover mouth with hand, close eyes in ecstasy while mouthing "eh! oishi! sugoi! tanoshi!!"*

Niigata Koshihikari rice is Koshihikari rice from Niigata, a prefecture reknowned for being the ideal region to produce Koshihikari rice, the very finest variety of Japanese rice... probably the wagyu of rice i'd say. shokuhin furikake is the rice condiment recommended by the salesgirl at meidiya, a sprinkling of an assortment of sesame seeds, seaweed, dried vegetables etc...

as u know, i am helping grace with her articles so i didn't really have time for lunch. I cooked the rice, sprinkled it with some shokuhin furikake and had it with onions and mushrooms sauteed in teriyaki sauce... simple yet delightful meal.

That's it liao, thu i am so gonna serve rice! ^^

Price: $27 for 2kg (i mentioned it's the wagyu of rice?)

This kind of rice is only for special guests or Chinese New Year... seriously cannot afford to eat it everyday!

Thursday's Menu

Ha ha! Thu having steamboat at my place ^^ i like the jap style steamboat which ends with cooking porridge in the stock saturated w all the essence of the ingredients. gently stir in one beaten egg, serve hot in bowls sprinkled w yakinori (roasted seaweed) strips n chopped spring onions. OISHI!!!!!! but i bought a pack of really excellent koshihikari japanese non-rinse rice that is so delicious on its own i may serve rice this thu then.

I also prefer fresh ingredients rather than processed ones like meatballs, yong tau fu n er... luncheon meat with the exception of fishballs. so i'd probably have cod, pomfret, prawns, BEEF!, BEEF! n BEEF!, chicken, scallops, minced pork, mushrooms (whatever fresh mushrooms i can find. maybe pluck off Tamaki sama.... LOL! i LURVE mushrooms) toufu n veggies. i am not a fan of pork n can't get kurobuta (premium pork) so maybe just one box of shabu shabu pork ba...

stock: i use dashi made from bonito flakes (dried fish packed in a cake n shaved paper thin... what they top takoyaki with), dried mackerel and konbu (kelp), add to that utsukushi shoyu (light soy sauce), sake n loads of prawn shells (oh i will deshell n de-vein the prawns so they're easier to eat ^^) and chunks of daikon (radish). tis a light, mild broth that thickens with flavour as we go along... i used to have to make the dashi from scratch which i am v lazy to do n the bonito will fly all over. but the chef at Nogawa recommended these soup satchets with the ingredients ground into powder form that gives the same taste! ya, it's the real thing... no additives ^^

dip: yuzu pon (soy sauce flavoured with yuzu a japanese citrus fruit), grated daikon, finely chopped spring onion n a squeeze of momiji (a kind of jap chilli sauce)

dessert: most likely home-made brownies with ice cream.

drinks: what else? choya w green tea n o-sake!!! kanpai! ^^

so looking forward to using all my dining ware ^^ will set the table tomorrow ^^ will need placemat, napkin, soup bowl, rice bowl, small dish for food bits, chopsticks, sake cups, choya glasses, sauce dish, ladles n holey ladles... tis the first time i am using my sake cups so i am v v excited ^^ but too bad i only have 5... 3 people (the heavy drinkers....) will have to use wine glasses. so excited!!!

Totemo Tanoshikatta!

Today I learnt three new words: Sensia, Velvia, Provia. LOL!

G, YD n i went to gai gai. they needed to buy films n YD wanted to get a tripod so i kay poh tagged along (actually not kay poh la... my presence is actually v important... haha!). golly, these guys are serious n crazy. G spent $120 n YD $200 on film for their SLRs... talk about low deposit high instalment plans! thank God mine's a DSLR... =P YD bought a $1200 gitzo tripod... i love the legs... the checked design... nice... but hate the greyish top n head... the bag is nicely padded (extra $150 so total = $1350 almost the price of my DSLR!!! more than my LV bag!!!) but i can't get over the colour of the zip... gitzo really needs a designer like me to tap the ladies' market... i say tie up w LV for a signature monogram tripod bag... haha.... maybe for their next GTT-2 that cost wat? $10K? haha.... crazy.... but useful things that are also BEAUTIFUL are normally expensive.

but i am seriously quite in love w the TLR! when u look into the viewfinder... wow! sugoi.... kirei ne... it's just a feeling i can't describe... i feel transported back in time... the image i see is just great... or "picture-square" in the words of someone i know... haha ^^ hm.... i may usurp that TLR n if i really like it, get a bronica, like G. suggested... but it's a high instalment plan... plus i'll have to get a film scanner too? maybe borrow YD's scanner... haha, he should start charging people rental of equipment! i seriously cant afford DTLR... THAT is like downpayment for a flat? LOL.

We had lunch at Hock Lam Beef noodles on Purvis Street. oishi! discovered that I am an odd species cos i eat only meat. Chris is like them, they eat every part of the poor cow. =P

we later went to The Cookie Museum, or what used to be the V Tea Room at the esplanade for tea. the tea cups r pretty but my Pomegranate Paradise became overinfused so it was really strong. G had Earl Grey Sencha, very robust bergamot aroma, i like. YD had Queen's English Breakfast, his fav, though G n YD felt it was a tad too mild. They like their teas strong, I like mine milder ^^ we were v cheapskate... tried almost every cookie in their collection but never bought anything =P but i felt bad n did order a mango cake melt which they both didn really like.. haha. hm... i much prefer the previous setting which was more cosy... now they use large renaissance type armchairs to recreate the pomp n grandeur of Loius VI but i feel so far away from my companions. i just want a cosy chill-out, not a social, royal tea session. for the change in ambience n the price tag ($71), i'd probably not go back again. Regent would have been so much better value for money. for $27+++ per person, u get an english high tea set (i.e. sandwiches, cakes, scones etc etc... food!) n yes, the whole works of fine bone china etc.... my kind of thing.

we went marketing for thursday's steamboat... bought the jappy ingredients.. haha... we discovered that Isetan is better than Meidiya cos what the latter does not have, the former does.... sheesh... should have gone straight to Isetan. many thanks to the gentleman YD who offered to lug the sack of rice n 3 bottles of "beverages"... ^^ G was carrying her photo purchases n a seemingly out-of-place daikon! LOL!

kyou wa totemo tanoshikatta! ^^

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Being Bullied n Bullying People

When i was v young, i always get bullied by people (kor, neighbours, cousins) maybe because i was v small... the doctors said i wasn't eating enough n was too skinny. i had to go to polyclinic every month to get some supplements to improve appetite... and the nurses (i thought nurse are supposed to be gentle de, pian ren de) would bark at me, "SO SKINNY ONE! NEVER EAT IS IT? MUST EAT MORE! SO SKINNY!"

i remember first day of school in primary one, when i tried to board the school bus carrying my schoolbag on my back... i grabbed the bar, put one leg up n tried to hoist myself up, hai ya! but sheesh, cannot get up, bag too heavy (mum kiasu packed every subjects' book inside plus all the notebooks, pencil case, water bottle) then the aunty (normally schoolbuses are run by one uncle, the driver, and one aunty, the counter, helper, whatever u call her) grabbed my bag handle n phoot! lifted me up the bus! hahahaha!

whenever my kor and i played see saw, he LURVED to wait till i was at the top then SUDDENLY chao off so i will pong! to the ground... he would have such a great laugh (kk, when he was young, he was irritating, it was only when he grew older that he became the protective, caring bro that he is now)... my mum would scold him, "see nang kia!" she warned him not to do that... bad for girls she said (think she was worried it will affect my reproductive capacity! hahaha!)

and my cousins (male la! what else?) i hated the younger one... the elder one is nice (see, older guys are nicer) n would teach me organ (they're rich kids so he had the chance to learn music... so nice) but his mum told him to stop teaching me which he did... chey! the younger one... once took a wound-up toy car n put in on my head... the spring unwound n grabbed my hair... no matter what my mum did, she could not dislodge the car. so it was either i have a permanent car-shaped hair accessory or cut my hair. she grabbed a pair of scissors, trimmed here trimmed there n got the car off. i also ended up w a really bad hair cut... the top part of my hair was like spikey... hate that boy!

so i guess that's why when i went to primary school, i felt i had to bully people otherwise i'd get bullied. and i will pick on boys... except for this one girl... her name (i still remember) is Li Ling Ling (we went by chinese names then) but we called her "bao zha tou" cos she had natural afro curls.... i sat behind her in class. so one day, i took my stapler, opened it, n started shooting the staples into her hair n having a field time until kena caught by teacher... hahaha! so naughty.

boys, they're so irritating. so, must bully. round about P3, i grew taller le but the boys, some of them still have not had their growth spurts so hahaha, easy target. i'd bully them, push them, get rough w them, call them "ai dong gua!" etc etc...

hm... so i had a really bad reputation in primary school and recently for the very first time after P6 graduation, we had a class reunion and the boys all remember my misbehaviours but i was v embarassed n apologised and they were like "bygones bygones". then this one guy who came late went, "ok ok, let me guess who is who!" when it came to me... he got stuck... "who r u ha?" someone mouthed my name and he was like *thunder and lightning*

"HA????? YOU ARE GAO.... GAO.... --- YUN???? don't bluff! ha? u r? wa! what happened? u changed a lot nei! last time like qia cha bor, now so sweet one ah? hahaha! i don't believe! really ah? she really gao --- yun? ah ha ha ha. ok ok people change... hahahaha"

hahahaha... yeah, people change ^^

Scared Scared

Aiyer... on the itinerary for Perth... there is sand surfing which i believe is sliding down a sand dune on a sledge or something... er, can i NOT do that? tis v v scary for me...

many years ago, i went to some theme park in KL (cant remembre the name but think the place has closed down cos someone fell from their roller coaster n see kiao kiao) n they had some big splash station... similar to the one in Singapore (is it defunct already?) except it was higher... i Q-ed up w my friend for a long time... the Q was from the bottom of the slide to the top. when i finally reached the top n the personnel handed me the mat, i took it n sat on it, ready to go down on my butt. he stopped me,

"go on your front!"
~ ha? why cant i go on my butt?
"no! u moust go on your front.
~ you mean head first?
"yes yes!

so i pulled the mat from under my butt, put it under my knee, knelt down n grabbed the mat close to my body... then i froze.

flash back:

i was on the top of a slide getting ready to sit n slide down when my irritating neighbour (a boy, the bullies are always boys...) kicked me... i went head first, didn slide down properly, koked my chin and it split open! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
got blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant remember much of it though cos i was quite young then but i remember there was blood, there was sand (last time's playgrounds are covered in sand de, not like the springy track material they use now). everyone rushed towards me... my bro panicked, screamed up 7 floors to call my mum (last time we got no handphone ma) i cant even remember whether i had stitches... maybe i tried to forget... dont think so

so i knelt there holding the mat, sweating blood... the person shouted GO! i was still there... then at the last minute, i chickened out... told him sorry i cant do it, returned the mat and walked down past ALL the people Q-ing up. they all glared at me, some giggled. i thought never mind, malu a bit it's ok. i felt good about not going down. met my friend at the bottom who said, "wa heng ah u didn go... i sustained some abrasions on my legs n it just went bong bong bong! now my front is so pain!"

phew... thank God i chickened out... so in Perth, NO ONE will be able to make me go head first... it's too scary for me... not even DIOR earrings or DIOR anything. i dont want my chin to split open again.... got sand some more...

Friday, 16 November 2007

On Leave

Hm... am on leave now n everyday i wake up n ask myself the same question: "what should i do today?"

dont get me wrong... it's not that i am v free... i have things to do... it's just that i am in a v nua mood so i just want to procrastinate a little... ha ha.. in fact, i have a lot to do. i need to complete paper work for perth trip, pack wardrobe, kitchen, storeroom, brownie's room, finish watching ouran anime, revise my jap, read a good book (i try to do that whenever on leave), learn pachelbel's canon in D.... yeah. i have done two of those le (wardrobe n kitchen) ha ha...

way to go!

Projectile Motion

Ha ha.. i have always liked and done well in physics. a couple of years ago, i had the chance to experience projectile motion. it was the event of the year and i became quite famous as a result. well, actually it was an accident i was involved in n i recalled it last night when G n I were talking about accidents...

i was walking across a running track while talking to a friend JS (he was on my right) and there were people training etc... suddenly, JS shouted, "XIAO XIN!" i turned and saw a teenage boy sprinting towards me at lightning speed, WITH HIS EYES CLOSED. before i could react, he collided into me n banged my right cheek (i turned around remember?)... eye witnesses recounted that i projectiled a couple of metres away n i lay on the red track, unconscious for a while. when i regained consiousness, i was already on the ambulance with the boy n another friend H on my way to NUH. i looked around me... H held my hand in hers,

~ ya...
" I am helen...
~ k... er... what day is it today?
" it's wed...
~ oh... *saw the diamond solitaire on my finger* er... am i married?
" *freak* no ann, u r engaged, u r getting married in nov remember?
~ hm... am i marrying chris or calvin? (calvin is my ex bf)
"*sweat blood* u r marrying chris, ann... *sweat blood*
~ ic...

Golly! H told me after the incident that she really freaked in there n the boy he was crying n kept apologising... he must have thought i lost my memory.... apparently, i was in shock and suffered temporary memory loss... but ironically, i remembered my job and even enquired "who's going to take care of them when i'm not around?" H assured me that someone will sort it out... i tried to recall the knowledge i need for my job n i couldn so i thought, "sh*t! thats bad... i'm gonna lose my job."

i rested in the ambulance... felt my right jaw n elbow in pain... when we arrived... they put me on a wheelchair n rushed me to A&E... my mum was already waiting there, so was the boy's mum. i think the boy told his mum what happened in the ambulance n she kept apologising to my mum who said, "it's ok, not his fault, accident" chris rushed there too. he was really worried. think H told him about the questions i asked... ha ha.

well, thank God i was not severely hurt n my memory came back. the boy went home w a plaster over his nose bridge n went back to school the next day. i was given 3 days MC (wed - fri). i remember i had to go for some stupid course on sat so my mum asked if the doc could give me one more day... he refused to... (one of the reasons why i hate public hospitals) but heck la, think i chao the course anyway... ha ha...

my right jaw was sore for a few weeks after that. everytime i chewed, it hurt... but i became a legend... people remember me as the one who projectiled across the track!

ha ha... what an experience!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Wardrobe

Hwa... i packed my wardrobe today... spent 6 hours... started at 3 plus, paused for dinner, just finished... so tired now...

i seriously feel i need more wardrobe space although chris thinks the problem can be solved if i stop buying more clothes... right... no space no space... hm... gotta have our annual girlfriends' clothes exchange high tea le.... what grace, pris n i (we're about the same size, plus minus a bit la) do is we pick out clothes we either don't want, haven't worn for a long time or cant fit le, bring it to someone's place and we barter trade... v fun de. it's like shopping without money... wa, i have one big box nei...

also threw away some really really old bags (not designer la... wen throw one.... anyway the quality is v good so can use long long de)...

wa, then i stood there n admired my neat wardrobe ^^ v therapeutic nei... i sorted very category by colour... skirts, pants n 3/4s, tops etc... blacks, browns, blues, reds, greens, yellows, whites... hope chris doesn mess up.

tomorrow i will pack my kitchen =P

Travel In Style

On sunday i was at my in laws as usual n saw a luggage bag in the living room with a pink ribbon ball (like those people jian cai one... but smaller) on the handle... so i asked,

~ wa pa, who gave u luggage bag as a present?
" no la... it's mine.
~ er... why u gift wrap?
" your mother tied it there so easier to recognise
~ -.-||| er... ok *try not to roll eyeballs*

then yesterday on the MRT, i saw a group of people each dragging a luggage bag, presumably going to the airport. their luggage bags all had a ribbon of sorts too! golly! red ribbon ball (like my father-in-law's), large pink ribbon, yellow ribbon. n it's not the satin cloth type nei! it's the plasticky type... diao... so funny de... cant they just put a classy tag with their names n contact number? what if someone w the exact same bag ties a ribbon of the exact same colour? how?

haiz, my luggage bag... should not have that kind of problem i believe ^^ from far far i can recognise le... but i will still add a tag with my name n possibly contact number la, in case there's someone with the same good taste as me. keke ^^

anw, i believe in travelling in style... G told me her parents told her some people wear lok pok lok pok n filp flops to take plane... aiyer... so unglam one. i always try to wear something comfortable yet presentable n wear proper shoes. if i am going to a country w autumn or winter, i will surely wear my knee high boots n pack my birkies in my hand luggage so i can change into them on the plane. more comfy. i also pack my stockings, thermals n handcarry my trenchcoat so before i get off, i go plane toilet to put on my stockings, thermals n then after i get off n am outside, i put on my trenchcoat... like that then got style ma.... ha ha. i like autumn n winter.... i can wear my stockings, boots, muffler, trenchcoat, gloves, pretty woollen hat.... i like ^^

shoes.... it's a problem for me.... when we go on cheoong sua cheong hai trips, got to wear walking shoes... but walking shoes not pretty nei.... so how? i also dont know how... n track shoes w jeans is like =P haiz... my perth trip, got to wear comfy walking shoes de nei... n think got to wear pants all that, which i hate. i hate wearing pants. i am a girl, girls wear skirts. ok that's an excuse, it's cos i only have one pair of jeans n one pair of pants. i have a couple of 3/4s though... but haiyer! pants not pretty de... hng... i like to wear skirts...! ok, shorts r ok. but may kena mos bites.... but pants.... eeee... i dont like.... hng...

that day i saw a pair of pretty shoes... n the sole is nike air technology de.... nice... it's pretty AND comfortable *grin* dont ask me how much it costs k?.... ha ha...

Face Off

Haiz... these days everyone is on facebook... the other day rog n grace asked excitedly,

"ann! r u on facebook??
~ er... no...
"go n sign up la!
~ er... i have been invited by other friends... but i dont want... so wu liao...
"everyone's in nei!
~ so? it's so wu liao... u poke me i poke u...
" shawn is in, ben, lisa n joerg, pam n adriel!
~ really?
" P also! u should check out her pic! ha ha
~ oh yeah? can i check out her pic without signing up?
" think can u go search for me
~ kk

so i went n searched for rog's profile... sheesh... got to sign up as a member then can view... -.- ok so i bo pian signed up w some bogus email add... "a confirmation has been sent to your email, please follow the link to register" diao... *blow out fumes* asked chris,

~ dear! u sign up la!
" er... i am already in facebook...
~ -.- u signed up liao? n u didn tell me???
" =D
~ -.-

so i signed up again w chris' email (u all know i am v gu dong one, only got ONE email add, which is my workplace email =P). ok i am in. search for rog again.... golly, that guy has 128 friends, 90% of whom i believe he doesn even know... some people r weird or what? they put up half nude pics of themselves... what kind of attention r they trying to attract? no wonder there r date rape cases linked to chatlines n all.... u put up a pic like that, guys get horny n think u r easy le.

anw, i went n searched for our common friends....checked out P's pic... wa! hm... interesting pose.... ha ha.. k, add P, shawn, ben, lisa, joerg, pam, adriel... n found a few more other church friends, ministry people... add pic of me w brownie.. ok, done!

the next day, chris received a deluge of emails.

joanne teo added you as a friend on facebook
grace added you as a friend on facebook
pamela added you as a friend on facebook
roger added you as a friend on facebook
etc etc

"wa dear, u got a lot of friends hor!
~ k la

i logged in to look see again... k i have 9 friends. not bad la, at least i know 100% of my 9 friends. some of them add messages like "joanne is upset her vaio doesn work..." er... ok, thanks for info... or "pamela is thankful she has a happy family" ok, that's sweet... other than that no one has poked me which i dont give a hoot about anyway.... zzz...

haiz ok la, i dont mind facebook cos some of my friends in there r overseas so it's a good way to keep in touch w everyone but seriously, i dont check it everyday de... i'm just too lazy... wonder how long this facebook fad will last. i hope i dont end up having a few hundred "friends" 99% of whom i dont even know... diao.

Monday, 12 November 2007

I Am Not High Class

Aiyer... someone said I am used to high class accomodation... let me clarify...

Actually I am not like that... it depends on what sort of trips i am taking. If it's the cheong sua cheong hai (i.e. lots of sightseeing) type need high class accomodation for what? waste money only... as long as it's in a convenient location, not sleazy like got scantily clad women n shady characters lurking around, got comfy bed, clean sheets n pillow, ensuite clean toilet n mirror, i am ok de... kk, i may get irritated by the bedsheet colour or claustrophic room but hey, not in the room most of the time so ok la.

but if it's a resort or ryokan it's a different story... if u r going to nua there the whole time, it should b posh right? so i will splurge on resorts n ryokans... resorts must be v luxurious... no, decadent. if not travel all the way there for what? might as well sleep on my own bed... must have added value compared to my house ma (not that my house is v posh but travel all the way there, must be more luxurious than own house agree?) good to have limousine pick up, must have big comfy bed w cotton sheets n many pillows, must have bath tub, the more luxurious the better, best is open-air... must have Spa, must have big big clean pool, service must be impeccable (greet us wherever we go add points, address us by name add more points), must be quiet (cant stand the family type, want to sai all the noisy kids nerng ba), must have nice restaurant w good food, must have great breakfast spread (those with champagne for breakfast, add points ^^)

ryokan must have great onsen n fantastic cuisine if not, once again, travel all the way there for what? preferably the traditional architecture type... must have nice outdoor onsen n kaiseki ryori... ah! i rmb one ryokan, the chef came to our room to prepare the tenpura crab claw at our door step... wa! nice, i like. best tenpura i ever eaten... n i LURVE tenpura... this one is deshelled crab claw *slurp* my fav is tarabagani tenpura... Oh! thinking about it i get excited le... Oh...

so u see, I am not high class! ^^

Gitzo traveler titanium

Gitzo traveler titanium

*grab head w both hands, run around the room like a siao cha bor screaming*

The Gitzo traveler titanium comes w a titanium ball head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It costs....
it costs....
open your eyes big big ha....
IT'S A WHOOPING USD$2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lemme repeat.... USD$2.5K!!!!!!!!!!!


these people crazy or what? ok, so it's a 390-piece-in-the-world limited edition titanium-carbon fibre build, w titanium ball head, can laser engrave name n is covered by an italian leather case.... need to be so unattainably exorbitant meh?????????



Why is my taste so high class all the time???????? why is it that every time i set my eyes on something, the price tag gives me (or rather, chris) a myocardial infarction??????????????


*breathe out fumes*

I have parked this item next to the BMW Z4 and condo at cairnhill on the list of my favourite unattainable things that i don't need anyway.... cos if i stay there n drive that car... i'd have the spare cash for that tripod...

KK, ner mind... i'm not that pro anyway... my lao pok skills, use $35 olympus 0-88 can le ^^



Sunday, 11 November 2007

Product Review: Wilton's Cookie Pro Ultra Cookie Press *****

Wa!!! I have been looking for an effective cookie press to be used for my mummy's secret recipe butter cookies. because the dough is quite thick, a piping bag will not do... i once tried using a piping bag n it broke... so i have been rolling the dough into lil balls then press each ball flat with a spoon then top each cookie with a piece of maraschino cherry... v ma fan n time consuming... but i found this last week n boy, it's so super effective n easy to use! u just put your dough into the cylinder n punch the lever... each click dispenses a cookie... I tried it just now... click click click... n it has cut down my preparation time by half!!! wa!!! so fang bian!

the stainless steel cylinder is removable for easy cleaning plus the the lever can be clipped in a position for convenient storage. there is even a container for the design disks so u can store them away without misplacing them! 10 designs. today i used the flower one, v pretty ^^ a very good product!!

Price: $69.85 (Chong Trading Co. - The Adelphi, Coleman Street, Level 2)

Objects Of Desire

G. posted some objects of desire on her blog... maybe i'd post some mine too...

Gitzo traveler titanium
Since we r on this topic of tripods, i went to search for nice tripods... wa found this one... v nice... limited edition, only 390 pieces in the world n can laser engrave name on leg... comes in italian leather case *drool* check out the link... the specs r not v clear... never state weight, height n whether ball head (should b la)... but one thing's for sure...

Piao liang nei...

Gitzo traveler titanium

piao liang too... the urushi (lacquer) blackish-red tanamuri... handcrafted 14K gold nib n japanese lacquer body... *drool again* USD$460

Friday, 9 November 2007

Thanksgiving: Almost Tio Chicken Pox

Remember i mentioned that I took a jab yesterday? Well, i actually went to get some painkillers n since there was no Q, i just suddenly had this crazy idea, "why don't i get my chicken pox vac?" so yeah, i got the jab, by that gentle doctor... but v ex nei... $80... plus my painkillers n gastric medication, $170.... hwa, heart pain... so broke...

today i was in the office doing some work when one of my colleagues who is on leave called,

"ann... have u had chicken pox?
~ er... no, why?
" u better go get jabbed... i am having chicken pox now... (we had lunch together on wed)
~ *gasp!* ha???? wa! i just got it yesterday nei! for some funny reason, i heard a voice in my head telling me to get chicken pox vac!
" Wa! good good! my doc says as long as u get jabbed within 3 days u r safe =)
~ PTL!! yay yay!

Wa, i calculated... if i tio, it will be about 2 weeks from now... so that means... AH!!!!! I can't go perth!!!!! n Roy will sweat blood i tell u...

I believe that voice in my head is God's voice.... God works in miraculous ways... God is such a cool Father n got sense of humour de lor ^^

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hokkaido Ryokans ^^

Wa, next june i must go to hokkaido ^^ i found a nice ryokan with nice outdoor onsens ^^ wa ^^

Nemuro Yourouushi-Onsen
I think the outdoor onsen in this ryokan is natural one!!!! looks natural cos got view of stream ^^ and two of the suites (220 n 221) have loft n attached outdoor wooden bath de! ha ha ^^ but some of the pics not so nicely taken.... they should really PS the pics.... the one on the top of the website is better.

Kawayu Onsen
and this one has quite nice website... i like the music... v serene...
click on dining.... wa, see the sake cabinet, wagyu n kani leg... =P *drool*
click on night... wa, can go star gazing nei.... got this phenomena called "diamond dust" nice ^^

Good Doctors

Doctors, like vets, nurses n teachers, must have genuine compassion for their patients. I don't like those doctors that are there just to get the job done... n some don't even do a good job...

My family doctor, Dr Wong, is a nice, gentle doctor who is concerned about me as a person n will always make it a point to chit chat w me n find out how i am doing when i visit him (which is rather often cos i fall sick v easily)... when i enter, he'd smile, look concerned n ask, "yes ann, what happened to u?" talking to him makes me feel better... it's a kind of therapy in itself too. he owns the clinic near my place n business is normally brisk... on weekends n public holidays, he is not there but one of his kah kias will be... those newly graduated young doctors who can't choose n can only take lousy schedules...

today i visited n it was one of his proteges... a young bespected (all my doctors, other than my ophthalmologist are bespected... don't know why... must be study too much) guy. i can tell that even though he was working on a public holiday, he was genuinely concerned for his patients. he answered all my questions patiently then asked, "any other questions?" so wen rou... v nice doc. he gave me a jab... i am v v scared of jabs de n i screamed before the needle even touched me. but he wasn't startled. he tried distracting me by talking to me n it was quick n painless. i may have seen him only once but he made an impression because i could feel his sincerity.

actually my favourite doc is one called Dr Chua Kok Keong, near my old house. He is a young doc who worked under the more experienced doc who owned the clinic. v v nice (quite shuai too la... her her her) n v compassionate n wen rou. but one day he just disappeared... i think he opened his own clinic. i still remember him because he is a good doctor.

now, about bad doctors.... there's another clinic near my place (it's actually nearer) but i went there once then never went back again... the doc is v fierce n v buay kam wan de.... she'd bark,

"ya, what's up?"
~ i have v bad cramps.... can i get an MC?
" *scolding tone* u don't need an MC
~ but it's really v v painful... i can't do anything
" just take the painkillers *didn't even look at me... scribbled on her paper*
~ >.<

there's a reason why her clinic is not crowded at all while Dr Wong's clinic is bursting, sometimes overflow until outside the clinic.

there's another doc when i was hospitalised for severe tonsilitis.... he tried to take my blood for me through the vein on my hand!!! ... poke poke poke... so painful i cried... he didn't even console me... then he told nurse... "can't... it keeps clotting... take from the arm.." HAAAA??????? uncle!!!!!!! u poke poke poke! then cannot now poke again??????????? did u even graduate from medical school???? but i had no voice to scream at him so i just cried v loudly.... he didn't really apologise n still charged me $40 for the taking of my blood. -.- what a quack...

yes, doctors, vets, nurses n teachers, all must have genuine compassion. it's a calling... it's not a job.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I Love My Kor (II)

When my mum calls me... i know pay day is near. I always guai guai TT money to my mummy after pay day de... but recently i changed phone so i lost her account number. i did manage to get her acc number eventually but never had the chance to do the transfer.... i was v busy this month, been working late so kinda forgot to TT money to her. so apparently she called a few times but i could not get to the phone cos i was busy so she thought i was avoiding her.... anyway, she managed to find me n the conversation in Teochew went like...

"darling girl, why can't contact u de?
~ wa, i v busy.... got big project... ending soon though...
" *sound extra wen rou* it's ok la... no time visit me never mind.... just remember to TT the money la
~ *feel stabbed in the heart... don't u miss me, your daughter?... so u only miss my money? sit facing room corner w dark cloud above raining on me only* orh...
" er... next year i am going for holiday with some friends....
~ *oh ok... i will gib u some pocket money if u DON'T ask* oh?
" so i told kor u all each can gib me some spending money =D
~ *3 strokes appear down forehead... diao... -.- my prediction so zhun* ok, will do, enjoy yourself
" u take care ha, bye! =D
~ yeah, bye...

my mum's language of love.... is $$$. give her many $$$ means v love her.... haiz.... but she is my mum nei. if she feels loved that way, then i give lor.... mummy only got one ma.... but i do get a little hurt n upset... that she can don't miss me de... haiz... so back to my entry title, I Love My Kor.. why? because....

I tried saving my mum's acc number into my phone n afterthat sent an sms to my kor that read something like:

~ kor, mum call me only because she miss my money!! she doesn miss me!!! i don't mind giving her money.... i will gladly do it! but i don't like it when she demands... i v upset.... she doesn miss me... she only miss my money!

but guess what????? i PRESSED WRONGLY N SENT IT TO MY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LIGTNING THUNDER* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! i smsed my kor at lightning speed..... t t t t t t t t t t t t forward that sms to kor

" yeah girl, i understand your frustration... but mummy only got one... can give give lor...

~ KOR!!!!!! AH!! HELP!!!!! AH!!!!!! I SENT THAT SMS TO MUM BY MISTAKE!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!

*grab head with both hands, pace up n down living room, sweat blood*

my kor replied, "you ah!"

~ AAAAHHHH!!!!! HOW HOW HOW!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! kk, think mum doesn know how to read sms..... *plead* please please please, can u go over n delete it for me????? (my kor stays like a few blocks away from mum)

" kk, see what i can do"

~ kor... got to act fast! if she reads it.... DIE!

" *japanese word for hotpot*

so my kor, who was at work, put down everything, jumped into his BMW, sped to my mum's place, grabbed her phone n deleted my message! *phew!*

"deleted. u owe me big time!"

~ yes yes.... i know. *BIG HUGS* thank you kor... i love u kor

" u really owe me big big time. if she had just pressed ONE button, you're dead!

~ yes, i will repay your kindness to my nephews or nieces (my sis-in-law is having twins)

" who ask u to be my sis?

~ =P i love my kor *BIG BIG HUGS*

yes yes yes, i love my kor!!!! *so touched until cry n BIGGEST HUGS* ^^

Product Review: Tokuhon Koh Yeo Plaster ****

Arghhh..... yesterday i folded one load of laundry, did laundry twice, hung it up twice, changed pond water, cooked dinner n sucked floor. when i was changing the pond water, i got distracted by something n i left the siphon unattended. when i went back out into the living room, i saw that the pond had overflowed n my floor was like a reflection pool... sheesh.... i tried mopping up the water (should have used Gigi to suck it) n some water seeped under my japanese platform table so i had to HER AH! HAI YA! HWA! lift it up n mop the underside plus the floor underneath... *sweat*

then last night, i was awakened by excruciating throbbing on my right forearm... it hurt so bad as though someone was repeatly hammering it. HER AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! it was so unbearble i could not sleep.... then i got up n stuck two pieces of Tokuhon plasters on the area n within minutes, the pain was soothed n i did manage to go back in slumber ^^

Tokuhon (the kanji letters read "tuo ku hai" is in "tou li ku hai" which means to be rid of misery have to translate for some people...) plasters are so fuss-free to use unlike the Tiger Balm counterparts. they come in packs of 12, small pieces about 1x2 inches square each n you just tear it off the plastic n stick it on. works quite fast n the effect lasts quite long. not smelly too...

this morning i told chris about my arm n he laughed n said,
"dear, u blog too much n MSN too much le la! don't blog n MSN anymore la"
~ -.- it's because i did too strenuous work....

i stuck two more plasters, one on my each shoulder, n went to work in a long sleeved turtle-neck top... told ling about what happened and she chuckled,
"eh, last night rain leh! it's rheumatism ah!
~ -.- thanks ah
" n why will u have koh yeo at home? i thought only people like my mother will have??? ha ha ha ha
~ -.-

and that day i told two privileged people my chinese name.... (only people who i decide r in my inner circle know my full chinese name. it's an honour. normal people only know my surname n last character.... my middle character is a secret... NO ONE has EVER EVER guess it correctly. that piece of paper that i wrote my full chinese name on, u better frame it up... fan ti zi some more k??? k? K? K?) n one of them said,
"wa, v last generation nei... your chinese name =D
~ -.-
" like my father's generation that kind... the generation before us
~ -.-

thanks ha... v your father's generation n rhematism. what next? *grumble grumble*

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Wa Wa Wa! Yasui Desu!

Wa Wa Wa! Jiahui says Canon 400D w kit lens costs about $800+ in Japan!!!! Wa Wa Wa, Yasui Desu!!!! I paid $1400+ for mine nei.... n apparently there r some lens only available there (the japs r like that... always keep the best for themselves!).

Want to buy say early ha! I will be there 16 - 22 Dec 2007 n will definitely drop by Bic Camera at least once ^^ Oot!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Men Who Whine

I like men like my kor.... manly... fierce when he needs to be... ROAR! v sensitive yet never whines... but i know supposedly macho men who occasionally whine.... i married one of them... i soon discovered after the wedding... that it runs in the family -.-

Specimen 1 - Chris (my husband, karate black belt, 1st dan):
this afternoon i was msn-ing gf n he came n lay down beside me....

" dear, who r u MSN-ing?
~ *concentrating on macbook* eunice
"*pretend to have ingested poison, hug tummy w one hand, reach out other hand to me* d..e....a...r.... if i am going to die... will u still continue to MSN?
~ *roll eyeballs, pretend to ignore*
" d...e...a...r.... =( u ignore me..."
~ *sigh...roll eyeballs*

when i go out with jiahui...
" u n your lover... enjoyed yourself hor?
~ no dear, jiahui is my best friend, not my lover!
" u love that woman more or love me more?
~ -.-
" u don't want to answer.... i know le... *pretend to sob* you pian xin.... u love her more
~ er dear.... i have known her longer... got over it ya?
" u... u ... that woman more important...
~ *roll eyeballs*

Specimen 2 - Patrick, Chris' younger bro (26 years old hor, not baby... this one karate blue belt only):
chris is having a bad cough n his mum (who didn know until we arrived) made fried chicken wings.
me: dear, your quota is two chicken wings *hm! don't let me eat ban mee la! gib me quota! i also gib u quota!*
mum: ya, chris, bu ke yi chi tai dou ha!
me: *giggle*
chris: *sulk*
mum: patrick, ni chi dou yi dian! bu yao gei kor kor chi!
pat: *to girlfriend* u see? u see? my ma pian xin one! kor kor cannot eat then i get to eat more!
girlfriend: hee hee...
mum: *slap his arm*
me: *there he goes again... whiner*
pat: see? i so skinny, my kor so fat! they ill-treat me de! from young like that le... pian xin one
mum: na you? yi yang!
pat: pian xin jiu shi pian xin... if kor kor can eat, u won't ask me eat more de.... pian xin... *sulk*

Specimen 3: Chris' Dad (karate black belt, 1st dan)
Chris' mum force-feeds her two sons some expensive ling zhi pills every week, supposedly for good health.... although i suspect it's got to do with maintaining good "pro-family" health. when dad saw, he was like,
dad: why sons have i don't have?
mum: ni bu yong
dad: what i no need? i also want!
mum: *ignore*
dad: u pian xin! sons have, husband doesn have! see la... see la!


Sit Down n Talk It Over

Someone sent this to me... it says:

When u r angry, it is good to sit down n talk it over.
Ha ha ha ha ha ^^ so cute!

Code Red Alert

haiz... i am uber sensitive n my tear ducts have turned into faucets.... yet again! tread w care

fri night i read someone's blog n cried "like cats n dogs" as she described... ha ha

yesterday chris upset me so bad.... i told jiahui... she immediately knew, "u PMS.... aiyer... how come chris never remember de?" yeah, he's been married to me for 5 years n he has missed EVERY 65 of my 28-day cycles.... G thinks guys just can't be bothered. but i think smart guys should be bothered.... then wont tio landmine n get injured jialat jialat...

today i watched comedy anime also can cry... (got one part quite touching ma)

just now, taxi uncle got on my nerves too... i took a cab home from my in laws cos chris had to meet someone. after about 200m...

~ uncle, u sure u going the right way?
" ya, this way shortest ma!
~ er... but i usually go in the OPP direction...
" u want go by that way ah? that way longer leh? u want? u want i u turn?
~ *of cos not la.... then got to go another 500m after u turn* er... it's ok...
" miss, this way shorter... really!
~ ok

" miss, normally u go by that way ah? but this one short cut leh....
~ ok -.-
" u normally go by that way how much?
~ erm... about $10 *glance at the meter that read $11.60*
" ha???? cannot be la! this way short cut leh!
~ -.- that's my mum-in-law's house, n i'm going home *so bleddy tweat, don't try to cheat me*
" *not convinced, tok tok tok on his small screen, map of singapore pops out* see miss *traces a route w finger* i go this way, shorter!
~ *pretend to look* hm... ok
" u go that way hor? is go further then turn back leh!
~ right.... *i seriously can't be bothered.... just get me home, i want to wash my hair*
" oh maybe it's cos got a lot of traffic light
~ *now u tell me* it's alright *resist rolling eyeballs*
" every time stop at traffic light jump 20 cents know?
~ *great! n u chose the route w a gazillion traffic lights! kudos!* it's ok *pretend to be interested in something outside the window*
" must be the traffic lights la
~ *i don't give a hoot, i wanna go back, shower n watch my anime* it's ok *blow out fumes*
"in front go straight?
~ turn right pls
" i keep left ha
~ no, turn RIGHT
" oh, right
~ *roll eyeballs + blow out fumes* first traffic light turn right again pls...

*blow out fumes* i'm so a volcano waiting to erupt... ha ha...

Shampoo Me!

Like i have mentioned before... i wash my hair EVERY day... but there r days i feel plain lazy or when i know i am going to be out til late, i'd find time to get it washed n blown at a salon. i never thought it's unusual or extravagant. to me, it's like mani pedi. well, i don't really get mani pedis (my finger nails have to be short or else my piano teacher will scold) unless i am attending a nice function like a dinner. so i think it's legitimate that i get my hair washed at a salon followed by a blow dry. depending on where i go, it costs between $15 - $22 which is fine by me. n i like to be shampooed by men... cos men have big strong hands n short nails. men give good head massage.

i'd get it washed at park mall if i have bible study or ministry meeting in church. my bible study friends know that. last time after bible study in church, they'd want to go for supper n they'd choose the smelliest or smokiest places like satay club or something -.- so i always protest, "i just shampooed my hair" but someone will say, "ah ya, wash again la!" -.-

but lately i realised that i am not normal...

CC: ha? u wash at salon?? *glance at HJ n TF*
me: ya... tired ma
HJ: *try not to say anything*
TF: *stare wide-eyed*
CC: wa, like that how much??
me: er.... shi dou ba...

n jo, my ministry friend....smsed me
jo: hey girl, wanna meet for dinner before meeting?
me: sure, but i wash hair first
when we met,
jo: ey? i thought u went home? *she saw that i was still in work clothes... if i went home, i'd be in shorts n birkies*
me: er no.... i came from work
jo: i thought u went home to wash hair?
me: er... no.... i went to salon
jo: ha??? so ex!
me: *tried to justify* er well.... it's like got head n neck massage too ma.... it's v therapeutic.... take it as a form of destress lor... her her....

hm.... seems like people wash hair at salon only when they have functions or when they r sick (like injure hand).... cos whenever i go (except the park mall aunty, she knows i wash because i have church meeting), the people will ask me, "miss, got dinner ah?" n i'll be like... "errr... no... "

can't i get my hair washed cos i feel v shuang? ha ha ^^