Sunday, 30 December 2007

Out of Synch

I normally use my mobile phone as an alarm but last night I left my handbag at my girlfriend's place so i told chris to set the alarm for me for church....

so this morning... i was sleeping so soundly (think i had a sweet dream but i can't remember my dream) when i felt the soft warm glow of the sun's rays through my eye lids.... then i

me: AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! dear, i'm gonna be late for work!!!! AAAAHHH AAAAAHHHH AAAHHH! *bolt out of bed into wardrobe*
chris: *mumbles something incoherent*
me: AAAAHHHHH!!!!! *panic* AAAAAAHHHHH!!! why didn't u wake me??? i thought i told u to set the alarm clock for me? *panic*
chris: ah... bbb... brrr.... mmmmm...
me: *pause* wait.... today is new year's day right? it's a holiday... no wait, it's new year's eve.... oh no, wait, it's sunday! GAH!

*crawl back to bed to sleep.. zzz*

hahahaha, i'm so stressed about going back to work, golly =P

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Japan Pics ^^

Yes! Yes! Yes! I finally finished editing my Japan pics!!! ^^ *stretch out arms, run around room smiling*

my pictures, are over there! *do Mocca man pose and point to top right*


to enhance your viewing experience, click on my ken hirai song, open the gallery link in a new window then view ya? ^^

i shot all the photos (except those with me in them, they were shot by chris) and the first photo was edited by YD, who taught me Lightroom.

Btw, i DID change clothes alright? i just happened to choose pics of me from the same day. hahahaha! and we didn't vandalise the bamboo and carve on it ya... it was already there.

Hm... for some of the pics, i was really exhausted so i don't think i did a very good job. to the pros, pls be merciful in your comments, it's my maiden try ya? thanks ^^ not all the pics are nice pics. i have included some for the culture aspect as well as for my friends and family who prefer to see normal stuff. LOL

Golly, my eyes feel so tired now...@.@

Oyasumi! ^^

Thursday, 27 December 2007

My Favourite Things

^^ i just saw a v cute pic of a cute cat, wearing a muffler gazing out a window at falling snowflakes... reminds me of Julie Andrew's My Favourite Things in The Sound of Music

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudel,
Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes,
Snow-flakes that stay on my nose and eye-lashes,
Silver white win-ters that melt into spring,

These are a few of my favorite things,

When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel, so bad.

Yea... when I feel upset or am sad, i think about my favourite things too......

My Other Favourites

Here are my two other fav pics:



Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Let There Be Light...Room

Lemme talk about something more joyous...

Today, i learnt how to use lightroom... n here is my favourite pic. i edited it a bit using lightroom. i made the stones grey n the green leaves more prominent cos i wanted to convey the message that the green leaves stand out n everything else surrounding it pales in comparison. so when u see the pic, u r drawn to the green, the miracle of life n promise of growth that sprouts amidst harsh surroundings. and this tiny sprout of hope is so bursting with potential n vibrance that it makes everything else around it look static n monochromatic. yea.

I don't care if u don't like it. I LURVE it can le.

This picture is entitled Hope.

Disaster Beef Stew

Today.... my famous beef stew... turned out a disaster... so i feel rather upset...

why nei? cos i added too much red wine n it turned too sour. i usually buy the small bottle but last night, somehow, all the small bottles were gone n i bought the big one... so i pour n cos i was v tired (PMS, couldn't sleep last night) poured too much so i was like *shit*..

n i left it in the oven for too long... the beef turned hard le. i put it in at 830am... supposed to take out at 1130am... but in the end, took out at 130pm... basket. so when i scooped it, i knew it le. cos my beef didn't break up into shreds. it was one piece one piece... so i toot.

so, when my guests didn't attack the beef like my usual other guests.... i knew it was a disaster.... but i kept quiet... just know in my heart can le. i didn't want upset my guests who guai guai finished up everything else, but didn't really touch the beef.

i tried eating it again for dinner... but i also pui! chris also no appetite.


i am so v upset.

my reputation.... has been ruined.

pls trust me... my beef tastes much better than todays... normally, it's scraped clean de. n i got put in effort... just red wine n timing wrong so....

i am inconsolable.

Once A Month

Last night, the moon was so round so big... the sky was so clear... i wanted to shoot it but was in the car. when i finally got home... basket, the clouds covered the moon le...

ya, full moon comes once a month.... n I AM V DEPRESSED NOW. my porcupine spikes r out.... i am ultra sensitive... so beware. don't upset me. u will regret it.

n it doesn't help that i have to go back to the office for some stupid meeting tmr n fri. why on earth do they have so many things to say must say for two days?????????????? *fuming mad* basket.


AAAHHHH! my kor's twins are girls!!!!! yeah!!!!! so cute so cute!!!! ha ha... kor says hope they look like mum or aunt ^^ ah, hope they think like me too ba LOL. AAAHHHHH!!!!! i'm so excited. can't wait to spoil them rotten. LOL

AAAHHHHH!!!!!! i'm gonna be aunt le nei! AAAHHHH!!!! ah yee le!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

already thinking of the cute burberry pumps, babies concert w SSO etc etc.... hee ^^

I AM AN AH YEE LE!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*grab head run around room like siao cha bor*

Monday, 24 December 2007

Myocardial Infarction

Golly... my kor just almost gave me a heart attack!!! i smsed him to tell him i got his babies two sets of kawaii outfits each n he replied:

kor: o forgot to tell u, it's triplets. u bought 6 sets right?
me: HAA???? WAT? HA??? HA? HA? pls tell me u r kidding!!!!

no reply

so i called... tee tee tee....

me: kor! pls tell me u r kidding!!!! triplets???? how can it be???
kor: LOL... ya, i'm kidding la... it's twins la...
me: -.- phew... hope it's one boy one girl! ^^

ah yo kor, don't give me heart attack like that can?


Blessed Christmas

HA ha... lemme be the first to wish you a Blessed Christmas ^^
btw, that's brownie ^^

lemme wish specific people:

Thanks dear for loving me unconditionally. for putting up with my nonsense. really appreciate it. Love ya. Have a blessed Christmas! *HUGS*

I love u so much kor, u know that *HUGS* thanks for always feeling so proud of me. i can't wait to see your twins. i will really spoil them de ha! LOL

Er... my mum doesn't read my blog de lor! LOL

*BIG BIG BEAR HUG* I feel so blessed because I have a friend like u. Thanks for your 18 years of friendship. Thanks for always being there, your shoulder to cry on, your listening ear etc... if i were a guy, i would have married u!!! Love you. Really.

Thanks for always showing me a glimpse of God's love. *BIG HUGS* u r so sweet n so beautiful. Love you.

Hey girl, wish u blessed Christmas n may the Lord grant you the desires of your heart *wink + HUGS*

Thanks for your friendship. i am blessed to have a wonderful ex-colleague like u whom i can call a FRIEND ^^ zhu ni sheng dan kuai le! *BIG HUGS*

Salmon run small group:
Great to have all of u steer me in the right direction always ^^ thanks for friendship n have a blessed Christmas!

Ali, Eli, Era, Liming:
It's been 10 years!!!! yes, 10 years.... n i thank God for each one of u ^^ i love u guys n am glad we can continue to meet twice a year in heaven!!! LOL. have a blessed Christmas ^^

CC, HJ, TF, Miss Lee, PG, Ling, T, Roy:
Blessed Christmas! Life in the office is less of a bore with u around ^^ really enjoyed working w u n thank God for your friendship ^^

ah... looking for your name right?

Mori: Thanks for your friendship n for your sweet card n letters, for missing me when i was in japan. Have a blessed Christmas ^^ *HUGS MUAK*

Tamaki: U quickly come back from Japan n teach me PS le! LOL. Merry Christmas ^^ *HUG*


the weather in japan was really good when we were there. it only rained one day which was our last day there n i was shopping most of the time anw... LOL

so, praise the Lord ^^


I just finished unpacking n downloading ALL the pics into margaret... so tired le... unpack unpack unpack.... now got so much laundry to do... =P then packed the gifts n snacks into packets for family n goodest friend grace n pris... so tired n thu n fri gotta go back office for bo liao meeting... -.-


Product Review: Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 ($97 from Cathay Photos)

I like my lowepro ^^ it's so compact but i can squeeze in my 400D with kit, 10-22mm, 50mm w hood, 70-300mm w hood, one pair of ballet pumps, my nike water bottle, umbrella, polarizing filter, lens cloth, wallet and magazine ^^ n the front pouch i can squeeze in toiletries pouch, pen, sunglasses and gloves! ^^ n side pocket for handphone just nice ^^

the pic here is green but i got the black one ^^

*Sweat Blood*

Now i have to go calculate how much money i spent in Japan.... *sweat blood*

These are what i bought:
Tod's DFS Singapore:
ballet pumps

Kyoto Kiyomizuzaka:
20 plates (10 for grace)
10 bowls
20 chopstick rests
6 sake cups
6 chopsticks (for grace)
1 macha bowl
2 sets of infant wear for Kor's twins

Kyoto Takashimaya:
2 luggage bags
Burberry skirt n dress
1 pair of shoes

2 rice scoops
Momiji heat proof pads for pots
Momiji cloth
Momiji mantou
Momiji fruit picks

my pretty blouse ^^

Loads of choc snacks (Kobe choc is famous ma)

2 sets of artist infant wear for Kor's twins
toiletries like soaps, scrubs, oil-blotting paper, miracle water etc.
3 photo albums from photography museum at Nara
6 bottles of sake
2 bottles of umeshu
pretty japanese letter-writing paper
japanese clogs
misc snacks
other what-nots

but I didn't get to go to Doguyasuji in Namba, Osaka, to buy my jap chef's knife n cold sake flask nei... sheesh.

Golly... so many stuff *sweat blood*

Why I Love Japan

Here are some reasons why i love Japan:

1. The food!!!!! i can totally eat japanese food EVERY day!!! there is so much variety n they're mostly healthy ^^
2. The weather - there is just something about the weather n the air. my skin n hair r at their best ^^ my hair will go where i ask it to go, won't stubbornly point in NSEW directions.
3. The people - majority are v v polite n civic-minded.... although we did meet one jap guy who tried to cut Q at the bus stop.
4. The WORLD-CLASS transport system - Japan's transport system then can call world-class k? when they say bus, train, subway, shinkansen leave at 10:22, it leaves at 10:22.
5. The toilet bowls - those w heated seats, bidet, spray, blow-dry, music... hee ^^
6. The shopping - excellent de lor *look at my new luggage bags*
7. The service - even small small shops give good service n will wrap nice nice. when it's raining outside, they will wrap your carrier bag with a plastic bag so your purchases won't get wet de. that is wat i call GEMS.
8. The eye candy - jap guys r good-looking!LOL.
9. The sights - within japan itself, there are so many sights... even the japanese have holidays in other parts of japan... most of the places we visited, the tourists r actually japanese, didn't really see many foreigners like us, except at famous tourist attraction spots.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 7: Kyoto

It's back to kyoto for ONE MORE round of shopping at my favourite Kiyomizuzaka!!! ha ha.... golly, i bought so many stuff (bowls, plates, chopstick rests, sake cups, macha bowl etc etc) n i still have my 6 bottles of sake, 2 bottles of umeshu n tons of jap snacks for family, colleagues n friends... i had to go to takashimaya to buy TWO luggage bags!!! n while there, got lured to burberry n bought a dress n skirt which i really LOVE!!!! so we were like 2 bags go there, 4 bags come back. but japan's luggage bags are v good quality de nei... mostly 4-wheel drive n the straps r made of leather de... but u pay for the quality la... LOL... the service is EXCELLENT! the uncle helped us pack our pottery into the luggage bag n because it was raining, some of our boxes were a little wet n he took tissue, cleaned one by one, even gave us bubble wrap... feel so touched.. when i bought the shoes the other day, the guy (v handsome de... so i take my own sweet time =D) also v v helpful....

we had lunch at a tonkatsu restaurant on Level 7 of Takashimaya building. dinner was at some random ramen shop at Shin-Osaka station cos we had to go back to the lao pok New Osaka Hotel for the night n pick up our remaining luggage then fly back the next day. back at the hotel room, i stared at all our stuff (ok, chris will say it's not OUR stuff... LOL) n really started sweating blood, asking myself, sheesh, how are we gonna lug all these back??? i had 4 luggage bags full, n one carry bag full n some small small bags of this n that.... sheesh.... jialat.... so i quickly showered n started packing.... pack pack pack... WOAH! managed to psqueeze everything into the 4 luggage bags er!!! but my sakura bag since it's hard-cover, was the most difficult to close... i sat on it.... didn't work... (although i ate n ate n ate, i weighed myself at the ryokan, i put on only 200g... phew... ha ha, which is good, i'm not complaining) so i got chris to help... ok, closed! haha!

so we each dragged 2 luggage bags, plus our own backpack (my lowepro ^^) n i couldn't wait to check the bags in sia... dragged until my left hand almost kena blister nei! LOL. later the unpacking will be an even bigger headache man =P haha.

Day 6: Arashiyama, Kameoka

Suggested Itinerary:

If you have time, take JR Sagano line from Kyoto to Kameoka then take a 2-hour boat ride down Hozu river to JR Saga-Arashiyama station. to come back to kameoka, stroll through bamboo grove and catch the sagano romantic train... very nice. But think you have to buy the ticket from Saga Torokko first.

Alternatively, take JR Sagano to Umahori, walk to Kameoka Torokko station, take the sagano romantic train to Arashiyama Torokko station, get off at the bamboo grove stop and stroll through which is what we did. you can either take JR back to kameoka to stay at your ryokan or take JR back to kyoto. there are ryokan in arashiyama too ^^ We stayed at a ryokan in Kameoka =)

If not, Take JR Sagano line from Kyoto to JR Saga-Arashiyama station which brings you to Arashiyama and take a stroll down to the famous Togetsukyo bridge (apparently it's one of the favourite Sakura viewing spots in Japan). There are many little shops to pick up souvenirs, snacks etc. We had crepes which were really good ^^ Eat lunch at Yoshimura, a handmade soba shop with great view of the bridge (we didn't eat there, we ate at some random shop then saw these n i was like AAHHH! handmade soba!!!!! AAHHHH!!! nice view some more!!!! AAAHHHH!!!)

Then stroll down the bamboo groves, a very tranquil walk through a spectacular span of bamboo on both sides... i felt like Ziyi Zhang in Crouching Tiget Hidden Dragon and Chris n I also felt like bouncing off the tops of the bamboos for a sword fight... swoosh swoosh swoosh.... LOL. this will bring you to Arashiyama Tokoro station where u can take an old school train (they call it Sagano Scenic Railway, sit at first carriage where it's open carriage) to Kameoka and enjoy the beautiful view of Hozu river ^^ while walking through the bamboo groves, u will pass by Tenryuji (in Kanji it is Tian Long Si which means Heavenly Dragon Temple) Ah... according to chris, in Jin Yong's novel Yi Tian Tu Long Ji (don't ask me to translate this k), that was where Duan Yu (some hero la) learnt the Liu Mai Shen Jian (6 pulse Heavenly Sword)... Ooohhh.... ic.... i am so impressed -.- diao... so i kept humming the theme song to irritate chris and asked him, "so dear, r u going to ask the abbot to teach u the sword moves??? ha? ha ?" LOL and he -.- me

So the Romantic train brings u to Kameoka where u can take a bus (free, pick up at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30pm only) to Sumiya-Kihoan, an old style ryokan at the Yunohana Spa region. That's the one i blogged about the other time with the 100-year old cherry tree bath tub... yes, it's really carved out of ONE trunk, i inspected it... haha. if u want to u can pay JPY3000 to go to a private onsen in the mountains. we didn't la. the public one is good enough le... i love onsen, it's so liberating... everyone strutting around nude without a care in the world n just enjoying the nice soak... i like that feeling ^^ and they always have all sorts of products for you to try de... i tried the charcoal scrub... WA! v good sia, all my rough areas (knees, elbows) became smooth smooth le... i bought it of course, n tofu soap (well, it sounded good ma haha). This ryokan has a pretty good library facing a nice garden. while i was there i read 5 books!!! Through The Lens - National Geographic Greatest Photographs (a collection of 500 pages worth of photos!!), Wagashi (a book on Japanese sweets that u eat with macha, the pretty pretty type with red bean paste ones) and 3 interior design books, Japanese Design, Small Spaces and Bathrooms. Got piano there too but i didn't dare play la... so malu. Dinner was ok. there was no particular dish that made me moan n groan but i must say they do the stuff i don't like well (well means i will actually eat it n quite enjoy eating it) such as squid sashimi, oyster n leek. the squid sashimi hor, actually tasted good, not the chew-and-chew-and-chew-still-there types i had in singapore. it will form some gooey paste n u swallow it, nice taste ^^ but i didn't like their chicken, it's the cooked on the outside, RAW on the inside type... i scared bird flu ma... LOL... so that was the only dish i didn't clean off from the plate/bowl LOL... breakfast, WOAH! i LURVED the braised daikon!!!! and the roasted miso (which was roasted on a leaf of unknown origin on a small stone stove)!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! it was so good i asked for a second helping of rice which is v v rare and almost unheard of for breakfast... LOL. whenever we go to ryokan n eat these food, chris will look at them suspiciously and "yee yee yee" but i will be like "WA! WA! WA! so nice so nice!!!" and he will leave the weird-looking ones untouched n i'll be like "ah yo! so lang fei! hao liao nei!" don't know how to appreciate... hiaz...

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Day 5: Kyoto

Food Review: Yojiya (Ginkakuji) closed on Tuesdays

Taste: 5* I wanted to lick the bowl but the ambience v you ya so didn't...
Value for money: 4* JPY 1,500 approx. SGD20.
Service: 4* v attentive yet not intrusive
Ambience: 6* this shop is actually on the Path of Philosophy linking nanzenji and ginkakuji... tatami room facing tranquil zen garden... totally cool.
Will I go back again: Definitely!

I had Oshiruko (Red bean soup w Rice Balls) w Omacha (powdered green tea that is whipped til frothy frothy de... to G: the one Hani senpai whip until left little bit! LOL) and Chris had Machacappucino. The Oshiruko was not the pureed type in Shimbashi Soba at Paragon. the red beans are tua tua liap de... different texture ba... i like both. and the dango here is roasted but shimbashi uses soba balls. bith r nice ^^ it was here that i heard the nikon click coming from the guy sitting on our right n my heart got v itchy again... golly...

Food Review: Kaniya
Taste: 6* No one was looking so I licked the bowl after finishing the porridge. my fav was the tenpura queen crab leg... deshelled de... orgasmic.
Value for money: 5* Well, it's tarabagani... so worth it lor. JPY 11,550 approx. SGD150 per set (we shared one set, 10 course)
Service: 4* today a bit crowded so we had to press button for our zosui (porridge)
Ambience: 5* individual sections w partitions. that's why i can lick bowl...
Will I go back again: It's our third time here so wat do u think?? LOL

Places we visited:
today is mainly shopping day for me cos have not had the chance to REALLY hit the stores... ^^
Path of Philosophy is a v tranquil stroll from Nanzenji to Ginkakuji. We took our own sweet time, stopping to shoot n shop a little shop run by an artist. bought two super kawaii jumpers for my kor's twins ^^ but he only had two pieces, one pink, one black. hope he has one boy one girl lor. if two girls still ok. if two boys, then one of them has to wear pink n look guniang le. LOL. also stopped by yojiya cafe for omacha. it's actually a famous shop in japan selling skincare products n is known for their oil-blotting papers that japanese women use as an essential cosmetic item. of course i bought la. also bought yuzu (japanese citric fruit) soap (smells really good ^^), miracle yojiya water etc etc. LOL.
Kiyomizuzaka... of course have to come here to buy Kiyomizu pottery, the best in Japan! ha ha... i spent quite a bit here... chris almost had a heart attack. chatted w e salesgirl, she gave me her namecard n hopes i will visit every year (told her this is my third time at her shop le) LOL... chris thinks i kee siao but i v control le... too many choices, too beautiful.... but those i really like.... are exorbitant (like ONE sake cup for SGD$200... siao) so didn't buy... LOL....
Nishiki Market... a hotchpotch of food stalls from fresh seafood to preserved veg to whatever la! if u r not too hungry (like we were since we had a late breakfast) and quite thick-skinned, u can walk down this street n sample all the food then no need to eat lunch le ^^ i tried roasted dango (riceballs) yum! n honey-roasted sweet potato which was superb! had some sushi... uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), ebi (prawn) n anago (i still have not figured out wat this is... eel?). i also wanted amaebi (sweet prawn) m otoro (tuna belly) but they didn't have. hm.... i like uni nei... the one i had in singapore must be not v fresh... this one's got nice creamy texture n no funny smell ^^ oishi!
Takashimaya wa!!!!! the shoes in japan r sooooooooooooooooo.... nice! singapore sells all the open-toed types which i don't really like (used to but not now.... open toe doesn't look v pro for work ma) n here, it's mostly closed toe nei (maybe it's winter ba)!!!! i bought one pair... kirei ne ^^ n some burberry stockings which i can't find in singapore.

today i tio scold by chris after takashimaya....he thinks i spend spend spend without thinking de... so i can forget about my nikon or canon liao..... no need so headache le... both cannot buy le *sobs* then i sulked on the way to kaniya.... n i had gastric pain (not fake one k?) so he kinda felt bad... think he will relent tmr n let me continue kee siao... LOL

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Day 4: Nara

Reached Kyoto, my fav, n went to Nara for a day trip ^^

Food Review: Shikitei (Nara)
Taste: 6* I wiped EVERY dish clean!
Value for money: 4* JPY 3,350 approx. SGD50 each.
Service: 6* v attentive yet not intrusive
Ambience: 6* it's actually a ryokan.... w v v traditional architecture... i v v like. the tatami n all.... the whole works la. it's as japanese as it can be. the toilet.... smell super nice. i will stay there for a night if i go to Nara again.
Will I go back again: I probably won't go to Nara again le... =P a bit boring

We had fish course:
White wine i didn't really like the taste of this wine though... guai guai de...
Tofu with Ebiko i looked around... no one, so i licked up ALL the ebiko =P LOL... chris rolled eyeballs... he said i do unglam action in posh restaurant LOL
Boiled Taro n Vegetables i love Taro (yam) too.... yummy.... i drank e remaining stock from the bowl when waitress was not looking =P
Maguro Sashimi the sashimi hor, is cube de lor!!!!!! not sliced de! WA!!!!! so generous!
Fish Soup v clear n light soup
Baked Nasu (eggplant) WA!!!! This is the piece de resistance!!!! it's baked to perfection.... i scraped the eggplant clean n relished it. Chris, the carnivore, was like Eeee... Eeeee... i eat until jin jin you wei lor! LOL.
Somen (like bee hoon kind of noodle) i was v intrigued by the presentation. they served the somen in a bamboo cylinder... when u lift the bamboo, the somen plop! slipped into the sauce! wa!!! so fun! so creative
Chris had Porridge with Ume bits... turns a tinge of pink like rosy cheeks when mixed... v nice taste.... he slurped the whole bowl
Lemon Jelly and Mikan (tangerine)
Earl Grey

I saw the teacup... ooh, v pretty, feels good then when i looked under, my eyeballs almost dropped out.... NORITAKE IVORY CHINA!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NORITAKE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food Review: Ramen Street (Kyoto Station Building Level 10
Taste: 4* The EGG! The EGG! it's the EGG!!!! Ah!!!!!! soup was v tasty yet not too salty... it's better than Marutama ANYTIME.
Value for money: 5* JPY730 approx. SGD10 each.
Service: 2*
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: YEAH!

Hotel Review: New Miyako Hotel
5* (i think)
Why i like it:
1. 3 mins walk from Kyoto station
2. the bellgirl is pretty n v polite... yes, they have bellgirl, as opposed to bellboy
3. room is spacious
4. pocketed spring mattress
5. dressing table w big big mirror
6. toilet is nice... love the heated toilet seat.... wide range of amenities.... they have hairband! n shower sponge! Pola toiletries *add points* cotton pads n buds *add points* oohh... Grohe shower head *add more points* ^^
7. LCD TV.... that works
8. humidier... ya man, they actually HAVE a humidier in the room! *applaud*
9. breakfast... was a choice of 3... restaurants!!! wa! no kidding. japanese, french or american *applaud*

Why I don't like it:
1. not enought hooks in toilet for towels. that's it.

Place we visited:
yeah... a temple... oh, on our way there, we saw many people gathered at a spot w cameras... apparently waiting for some big star. turns out that they're waiting for Tamaki Hiroshi LOL.... i waited a while then ah ya, heck la... sian... if it's Ken Hirai, i will wait lor... haha.
Todaiji another temple... it's the tua tua one that everyone must go to if come to Nara... yawn
Nara Musuem of Photography WA!!!! the photos r v v nice!!!! it featured the photos of Irie Taikichi (Nov 5, 1905 - Jan 16, 1992) who photographed Nara a lot. Wa... his moon shots are SOOOO nice.... i bought his picture books ^^

He used the following cameras:
Vest Pocket Kodak 1912
Rolleicord (MF) 1933
Leica M3 (35mm) 1954
Hasselblad (MF) 1981
Nikon Linhof Technika (LF) 1963

haha... today i wear nice nice.... nice black cardigan n white blouse inside that i bought in Hiroshima, beige skirt, burberry trenchcoat n boats n i think i blended in quite well someone actually came to me n asked for directions! it's a group of japanese who i believe are on holiday to Nara... i replied, "watashi wa gaijin desu (i am a foreigner)! ^^ " so happy... ^^

After Dinner, we went to Bic Camera n i checked out the Nikon D80.... oh, i tried the D300 first... which is out of my league n budget la... but boy! the colour is so nice!!!!!! n the click sound! Shiokness factor: 10*!!!! wa..... n Takuya Kimura is their spokesperson.... sheesh.... Canon spokesperson is.... Ken Watanabe =P lao uncle.... i am v tempted to switch to Nikon nei... n G is edging me on... stupid YD, i smsed him he ner reply...

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Day 3: Hiroshima and Miyajima

Food Review: Some random Ramen shop in Hiroshima Gourmet Street
Taste: 5* The egg is SOOOOOOO perfect! wa! when i pried it open (they served one whole egg) half expecting to be disappointed like in Singapore.... AAAHH!!! the egg yolk is soft n almost flowey... AAHHH!!!!!! i kept moaning n groaning la ^^
Value for money: 5* cheap! JPY 730 approx. SGD10
Service: 2*
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: Yes! ^^

Food Review: Anago shop in front of Miyajimaguchi Station

I had Anago Tenpura, Chris had Anago Meshi. It's like Unagi (eel). Miyajima is famous for anago and oysters cos it has oyster farm but we're not fans of oysters so...

Taste: 4* It's my first time eating Anago Tenpura.... v v good sia. ^^
Value for money: 3* ok la. JPY 3,300 approx. SGD50
Service: 1* but 5* for effort ha ha... this is a family business run by a couple n old mother... they like v busy rush in rush out de n we got to keep calling them de but the lao ban niang piggyback her baby to serve so i give 5* for effort lor! LOL...
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: Yes! ^^

Places we visited:
1. Hiroshima
Atomic Dome
you know, the one the americans bombed la... the ruins.
Gates of Peace haha... i saw some schoolkids on excursion... so cute... so i took pics of them having picnic n they gamely posed for me.... so cute.

2. Miyajima
the Tua Tua Tori... bumped into YD n family ^^ i was walking back to the ferry terminal when i saw a familiar face waving at me... ha ha, it's YD ^^ so nice to bump into him there. his parents didnt recognise me n thought "who is this waving at us...?" maybe cos i was wearing a woollen hat ba... when i realised that there is ferry service til 10pm, i RAN back to the Ootori (chris waited for me back at the terminal cos he felt cold) to take sunset but the sunset hues were not v pronounced, hidden by mountain so sheesh... maybe i missed it? -.-but then i realised they use spotlight to shine at the ootori so wa, it glows at night de. nice. ^^

while i was waiting for sunset, i took shots of myself looking at the ootori (using timer) n a black guy came up to chat with me...

guy: professional desu ka?
me: iie (no)
guy: hobby desu ka?
me: hai
guy: hobby in japanese is..... shyumi?
me: hai
guy: r u a student?
me: no, i am on holiday here...
guy: hi, i'm *can't rmb his name, not handsome ma*
me: hi, i'm ann, pleased to meet u
guy: where r u from?
me: singapore
guy: singapore! that explains why u speak english so fluently!
me: it's our FIRST language
guy: nice ya? *looks at tori*
me: yeah.... i came to shoot the sunset... my HUSBAND is waiting for me at the ferry terminal... cos he feels a bit cold
me: -.-
guy: i like your burberry skirt
me: thanks
guy: my wife has one too *good, he has a wife*
me: ^^

haha.... before he left, i was still there admiring the glowing ootori so he said goodbye. actually, now that i think about it... it was pretty dangerous.... me, there, dark dark, alone.... only ootori glowing n some street lamps.... haha...

Momijidani (momiji is maple leaf) is supposed to be spectacular in autumn because it will be filled w maple trees! kk, next year.... MUST STAY AT IWASO RYOKAN!!!! can get view of Ootori AND momiji... sugoi! ^^ I love Miyajima... v beautiful... next time, i will stay one night there... and must be in autumn! ^^

Monday, 17 December 2007

Day 2: Sannomiya, Kobe

Food Review: Maison De Fleur Paradis Kitano (Kitano Ijinkan, Sannomiya)

Taste: 5* i kept reminiscing about it after i left restaurant... so ^^
Value for money: 3* a bit ex la...
Service: 4* typical jap lor.... can speak a bit of english
Ambience: 4* very French... v you ya.... nice... i like.
Will I go back again: Yes, if i am nearby ^^

It's a Japanese-French Restaurant set in a lovely western style building.... v nice ambience... ^^
I had fish set, chris had beef steak set (JPY 110,000 total approx. SGD$150)
Pumpkin n Potato Soup was smooth n rich. I almost licked the plate! =P
Baguette w Butter.... oohhh.... from ratatouille... i learnt how to tell whether a baguette is good.... from the sound it makes.... n this baguette... KRRRR.... is v good! ^^
Hotate Sashimi (Scallop).... AHH!!! it's so fresh so nice!!!!! LURVED the edible flowers that came w it. Served french style i.e. v pattern liao liao... nicely decorated n all ^^ i like
Seared Fillet stuffed w Shimeiji Mushroom w cream sauce, potato rosti n seasonal veg.... love the tiny portion... again i almost licked the plate! and oh, it was topped with ikura (salmon roe)!!!! yummy!
Caramel cake w strawberries
Earl Grey tea

Oh, did i mention they use Narumi fine bone china? *add points* ^^

Food Review: Kobe Steak Restaurant Mouriya (Umeda)

Teppanyaki Kobe Gyu ^^

Taste: 6* It's Kobe gyu. 'nough said ^^
Value for money: 4* It's Kobe gyu. JPY12,000 approx. SGD160
Service: 5* typical jap lor.... can speak a bit of english
Ambience: 4* i like.
Will I go back again: Definitely ^^

We weren't v hungry so shared a Kobe Gyu n Live Prawn course
Umeshu yum!!! but i drank too fast n turned as red as the prawn i was eating... felt a little inebriated on the train back n had to squat down.. so malu... LOL
Proscuitto which chris politely declined n let me eat all
Green salad
Kobe Gyu
150g v v juicy.... Oh....oh.... ah.....the marbled fat oozing out... wa biang... feel so xing fu eating it.
Live Prawns 3 tua leng gong prawns.... but i didn't know they'd pressed the live prawns on the teppan.... so cruel.... they were struggling n waving their little legs... i am an animal lover.... too bad this one tasted so good.
Assorted veg which chris also generously offered me all
Red wine (FOC w coupon) which i didn touch after downing the Umeshu.... i didnt know Umeshu was incl... if i had known, i would have order juice instead... -.-
Garlic Fried Rice... one of the best fried rice i have ever eaten. Cooked w Wagyu bits (yeah, w the fat!)... OISHI!
Earl Grey

Places we visited:
Nada No Sake (Sake breweries): Wa! Got free samples nei! i bought like 6 bottles of sake n 2 large bottles of umeshu ^^ then later regret cos v heavy to lug home. kanpai ha! n they have this ikan bilis xiao cai to eat w the sake.... wa v nice. we bought 5 packets! ^^
Kitano Ijinkan: This is a collection of beautiful western houses... it's like a little Europe in Kobe. v nice to stroll around. Can take City Loop line from Sannomiya station de. bought famous Kobe chocolates n chocolate cake ^^
Nurobiki Waterfalls Er... don't go in winter la... the first waterfall we went to was like trickling... almost dried up le so we u turn go back liao! LOL...
Maya Ropeway:Oh boy, the night view of Kobe is v nice, nicer than Perth for sure... but because the last cable car back down was like 20 mins after it turned dark, didn't manage to take many night shots. but nice view....

Sunday, 16 December 2007


YES! YES! YES! finally reached japan. i will upload pics when free k?

wat better way to start my gastronomic journey than FUGU (puffer fish)!!!!! I had wanted to eat this last just in case i die then cannot enjoy the rest of the journey le but heck la, it's v safe de la... LOL... we headed to Tarafuku at Umeda for dinner after checking in to New Osaka Hotel. Actually, after we dragged our luggage to Shin Osaka n was preparing to check in, we realised that our JTB agent made a mistake... she told us she booked New Osaka Hotel for us n gave us the info to that hotel but in actual fact she booked Shin Osaka Hotel (New Osaka Hotel is read Shin Osaka Hotel in japanese) but can't blame her cos there are apparently THREE hotels there called Shin Osaka Hotel... so we waited... called... and waited.... called... and waited.... until they finally sorted things out n got us a room at New Osaka Hotel.

Food Review: Tarafuku at Umeda
Taste: 4* I almost cried when i ate the porridge!
Value for money: 4* er... it's fugu so it's supposed to cost a bit more la (JPY 5,500 for each approx. SGD70) but i don't think it's Torafuku, which is the best.
Service: 4* good. they had a waitress who can speak fluent english...
Ambience: 4* tatami sit on floor type
Will I go back again: Yes!

We had the set which consists of:
Fugu Sashimi (my favouritest!! one plate not enough nei...)
Fugu skin (i don't usually eat fish skin... actually, i hate it but Fugu skin is nice cos it's QQ de... crunchy crunchy.... i like ^^)
Deep Fried Fuku
Yaki Fugu (Grilled)
Nabe Fugu (Hotpot)
made from the stock at the end of the Nabe... Woa.... my favourite!!! woa.... the stock has absorbed all the goodness n essence of the Fuku, veg etc...., add n egg, yakinori.... wa.... oh.... shiok factor: 6*
Dessert was musk melon w strawberries ^^
I also had sake brewed in roasted Fuku tail... v interesting. was expecting a small cup but ta da! it came in a big glass... diao.... i took the equivalent of a small cup n left the rest there... (i can hear YD going.... ah! so wasted! LOL... )

Hotel Review: New Osaka Hotel
Why i like it: 3 mins walk from Shin-Osaka station. That's it.
Why I don't like it:
1. i got to drag my own luggage to my room
2. got no dressing table
3. no wireless internet
4. TV not working
5. the basin tap cock de. water is either scalding hot or ice cold so i have to fill the basin w lukewarm water to wash face.
6. toilet seat not heated
7. breakfast no variety

Friday, 14 December 2007

I'm In Love!!!!

and the other person feels the same way too! *GASP!*

Awwww..... , my gf liming's daughter is such a DAHRLING!!!!! AAAWWWWW..... i adore her.... yesterday she came, dressed in all pink..... aaww.... her pixie face, saccharin sweet voice, anime eyes.... aaawwwww..... i'm in love with her! jon n liming think she is in love w me too ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ cos she said she "likes to go to aunty ann's house" ^^ ^^ ^^ the last time she came, she ate so much of the steamboat food n she LURVED the cod ^^ hee and she is super teh only at my house ^^

she chirped us two songs, Little Town Of Bethlehem and Jesus Loves Me.... AAAWWWWW...... kawaii!!!!!! i must say her pitching is v v good for a 3 year old, not a surprise since her mum is v musical.

princess needed to go home at 3 pm to take her afternoon nap (oohhh.... so niang...) cos she can only sleep in her pretty cot, cannot sleep anywhere de (think she will feel the pea under the mattress? LOL) ... so i was a bit bu she de

me: danielle, can u stay a while more?
princess: *stare wide-eyed with cutest anime eyes*
me: we're going to have ICE CREAM!!
princess: *pixie face lights up, haninozuka look... AAWWWWW!!!!* i wanna eat ice cweam ^^
me: kk ^^
jon: er... do u really have ice cream? if not i better run down to buy...
me: *pull out my ice cream drawer* yes! of cos! got haagen daz, ben n jerry's n mochi ice cream! *to princess* danielle, come, let's go outside to eat ice cream ok? ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

so we ate the mochi ice cream but princess only eats the filling so ok ok, dig out for her, daddy eat the mochi case. n she only wants the pink ones. ah yo... so teh de... haha

this morning when i was still nua-ing in bed, i got a call from liming...

liming: ann, my daughter, your new fan, wants to thank u for the apple cupcakes, they're v nice...
princess: *the most saccharin sweet voice chirping* AUNTY ANN!
me: *AAWWWW.... heart melt le... jump up from bed, wake up le* HI DANIELLE! did u eat the cake?
princess: yea
me: do u like it?
princess: bearwy nice! thank u aunty ann!
me: *AAAWWWW..... i so wanna hug u* that's great! did u eat the apple slices on top?
princess: er hm ^^
me: ^^
liming: ha ha... she said she wanted to talk to aunty ann to thank her for the cake.... thanks. my mum-in-law baked them ^^
me: ha ha, that's good ^^

wa.... so cute so cute!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! ichiban kawaii!!!! she reminds me of... ME! ha ha.... so niang... so teh.... so buay tahan.... so want to hug her.... she makes me wanna have a kid nei... ha ha. liming says danielle is just like me that's prob why she has taken a liking to me and has become my number one fan. ha ha... i am so in love w her nei... ha ha...

daughters r so cute.... the fathers were sharing about how much they enjoy the attention seeking daughters n how much they love holding their daughters' hands... they will enjoy until the day she feels embarassed to hold daddy's hand and wants to shake it off to hold boyfriend's hand... ha ha. n they were also worried about the good girls like bad boys syndrome. worried that they will marry wife bashers... etc etc... ha ha... girls.... fathers' precious gems... no matter how old they grow, they'll always be daddy's little girl ^^

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Why Do You Love Me?

Today I asked Chris, "Why do you love me?" one will expect to hear "because you are pretty" or "because you are cute" or "because you are smart" etc....

but he answered,

"i don't know, i just do"

i felt v touched... and it reminds me of one of my favourite poems...

Elizabeth Barret Browning

Sonnet XIV
If thou must love me, let it be for nought
Except for love's sake only. Do not say
I love her for her smile--her look--her way
Of speaking gently,--for a trick of thought
That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
A sense of ease on such a day--
For these things in themselves, Belovèd, may
Be changed, or change for thee,--and love, so wrought,
May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
Thine own dear pity's wiping my cheek dry,--
A creature might forget to weep, who bore
Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
But love me for love's sake, that evermore
Thou may'st love on, through love's eternity.

Here's my other favourite poem, also by the same poet:

Sonnet XLIII
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, -I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! - and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Incomplete Kitchen

hm... i have always felt my kitchen is incomplete... until today... some people don't have oven n electric mixer... diao... i was looking forward to hit doguyasuji in osaka (flying off THIS SUN!!!! yay! *do silly dance*)... want to buy 10 more lacquer bowls (the shallower type), ice bucket, ice tongs, 10 soup spoons, japanese chef knife, sake cups n flask (the kind w the hole for ice) for COLD sake ^^ when whatever catches my eye n i fancy. of cos, will got to the letter-writing shop in namba to buy my sakura stickers n pretty letter-writing papers ^^

i realised i do have some stuff that most people don't have (when i am free will take pics of those i never featured before):

1. mezzaluna (herb chopper)
2. milk froth maker
3. salad spinner for spin-drying leaves.
4. shark skin wasabi grater (bought in osaka last year which i have never used cos singapore hardly has fresh wasabi, which i love)
5. electric orange juicer
6. waffle iron cum sandwich maker cum sandwich grille (yes, i can make olio dome kind of sandwich by kiapping it in the sandwich grille to press it n toast both sides)
7. cheese plate, cheese knife n cylindrical cloth cover for the cheese plate
8. lazy susan cake plate
9. cake knife n cake server
10. tea cosy
11. bamboo steamer
12. ying yang claypot steamboat (it's a claypot w a partition in the centre... most ying yang pots are metal de, mine is claypot de k)
13. kaminabe (paper hotpot)
14. cookie press
15. wooden sushi serving plate

Golly, i do have a lot of wu-ey-bo-ey in my kitchen (the stuff have overflowed to my empty room le) =P but i still think my kitchen is incomplete. i can do with dishwasher, food processor, coffee maker, wine opener n ....... ^^

Window Grilles And Primary Schools

Talking about window grilles... when my in-laws n grand-in-laws first visited our place, they exclaimed, "WA! u ner put window grilles!!! how come ner put? must put! if not 9th floor dangerous for kids!"

we were like *er... pa, ma, we don't want kids nei* but neither of us had the guts to say it then... we just hee hee it off... chris said, "no need la! u see condos... where got people go n put grilles de??? so ugly!"

then they looked out of our window n saw a school which looked like a primary school n were rather excited, "WA! good, got primary school nearby!" grandma said w a smile, "next time your chewrens can study there! ^^"

er... ah ma, u think too far le... haha ^^

now, ah ma sometimes uses guilt tactic, "ah boy (that's wat she calls chris), ah ma lao le... can't wait too long to carry your bear-bee le"

today during the gathering, alison, as usual, when no one else was around in the kitchen, asked me the most dreaded question:

ali: so, r u planning?
ann: NO *avoid eye contact*
ali: ah ya, was hoping that u'd be planning already
ann: NO *continue washing dishes*

as it is, i already HATE chinese new year because everyone asks me that EVERY YEAR. let me say it once n for all: I. DON'T. WAN'T. KIDS. but if God gives it then fine, it's a blessing but we don't purposely go n make babies... why can't people just be happy for me that i don't want kids n i don't have kids? like i am happy for them that they r so fruitful n like multiplying. their kids r so sweet... i adore them n the way they call "aunty ann..." so teh i will melt n wish i have kids like them too... but of cos, i snap out of fantasy n wake up into reality... kids = no life, at least not the life i am used to now. when i see a pair of chanel shades, n i like them, i just buy, don't have to think about little one's tuition fees. when we want to go overseas, just go. when i want to go shopping, watch movie, just go. want to nua in bed, just nua. want to watch DVD, TV... blog, just do it. don't like window grilles, don't put. free n easy. having a kid means my whole life revolves around my kid... -.-

actually it's also because... deep inside, i am still a little girl... i like to teh... i like to be the focus of attention, i like to be loved, i like to be special. i see the world as a beautiful place n believe everyone to be inherently good unless they show me otherwise. being a mum means i can't be a little girl anymore... i have to act grown-up 24/7... it will b v tiring... i am just too lazy n there is absolutely no motivation to be. n it's a great responsibility. i have to watch wat i say n do n even think about... because i have to be a role model.

the typical singaporean life is: 1) study hard, 2) get into good school, 3) get a degree, 4) get a good job, 5) get married, 6) have babies, 7) grow old, 8) die.

sians... i already feel sian that i have reached step 5. so typical singaporean. sometimes i wish i am an artist, designer, chef or spa critic in say japan or europe... so nice.

it's been 5 years... we still don't intend to put grilles (unless claire is that agile. i'd put up with ugly grilles for claire) n the primary school? it's supposed to be a good school which parents will kill to get their kids into... we're just glad it's there (k, apart from the noise) cos it means the resale value of our flat will be higher! LOL ^^

Great Gathering

Ha... it was a great gathering today, although i was the only one who actually cooked cos they all have kids n are too busy to cook. er... era doesn have kids, one is on the way though, but era can't cook de, she always brings fruits. kekeke. she is a garang woman, not the niang type like me...

we exchanged presents. era gave us each a christmas CD, ali gave toiletries, eli gave chocolates n liming gave cookies (some almond cookie, she isn't sure too LOL ^^). i gave them each my apple cinnamon cupcake recipe w the ingredients (the pre-weighed ones)...

era: i don't have oven
ali: i also don't have oven
ann: -.- diao... ha??? how can u all not have oven??? then how?
era: but think my mum got a small one...
ali: ya think my toaster oven can... can set temperature one
ann: o...k... n do u have electric mixer?
era: ha?
ann: electric mixer
era: oh... use hand cannot ha?
ann: -.- cannot *unless u want hand to break...* v tiring...
era: can la, use hand la...
ann: k... lor...

haha... they said my gift is v complicated... haha... next time i will just bake for them la. i would have if not for the fact that the meeting was quite last minute n i was feeling a little under the weather the whole of yesterday. didn't feel like eating anything the whole day til dinner. just slept. i had wanted to bake my famous butter cookies cos era loves them but had no time, n no energy. next time ba.

got up at 8am today to cook my beef stew which takes 4 hours to prepare... after they tasted it, they agreed that it was "worth the effort" words like honey to my ears. it's nice when my guests praise my cooking n r sincere about it. ^^ makes the 4 hours melt away... when i cook for people i like, i add a secret ingredient, it's called xin yi. the recipe makes it delicious, the xin yi makes it spectacular. i swear it makes a difference.

they started talking about primary schools, chinese tuition classes, ballet classes, kid's gym... blah blah blah... i just listen lor...

anyway, i still think it was a great gathering... everyone's so happy, with their little families n all... n seeing people i like xing fu, makes me xing fu too ^^

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Mix - Up

her her... i am expecting guests tomorrow for a lunch party (my NUS girlfriends n spouses n children) but the coordinator Era, the hero... smsed everyone "hey, meet at ann's place for lunch, 12" she told me and L the day which is Thursday but apparently, didn't tell two of them so while i was nua-ing on my bed.. my door bell ding dong! so i dragged myself out of bed thinking... can it be yakult lady?? then i heard a sweet voice chirp, "aunty ann!" n i was like er.... is that eli? diao...

i opened the door, still in my PJs... eli flashed a bright smile n sarah her cutie pie daughter chirped again, "aunty ann!" i stood there stunned and said w my pre-colgate breath,

~ er... it's tomorrow nei!
" ha?? isn't it supposed to be the 12th? today is the 12th.
~ *diao* i think era meant meet at 12pm
" oh dear.... (oh dear because it's supposed to be pot luck!)
~ ya, o dear, my beef is still in the supermarket... i have not bought... ah ha ha

so i invited them in... ran to the room to change into something decent and they waited for KH her husband to come fetch her... n bring back the yong tau fu for 10 people...


they dropped me off at the supermarket n when i was there, i received an sms from A.

" can gimme your address? i am taking cab down now
~ *diao... again* er... no! it's tomorrow!!!
" wa, good thing i double checked...
~ -.- era is a hero...

so i smsed everyone "hey everybody, the lunch is TMR!!! not today! haha!"

A. n family had the food for 10 people, for dinner... n she is going to cook the same thing for lunch tmr...


J for Germany?

I have had to read my IC no to people over the phone (tour agents/banks etc.) and there was once...

"may i have your IC no pls?
~ SXXXXXXX Germany
" so it's SXXXXXXXJ?
~ -.- er G, G for Germany
"oh... er... ok
~ -.-

reminds me of the bimbo joke... bimbo went into lift and pressed G button n it sent her to the Groundfloor then she exclaimed, "orh! G for Geero!" diao...

and there was one year i ordered a christmas log cake and told the girl
~ erm... i don't want any santa claus figurine ya? just gimme reindeer, thanks.
so she wrote on the order form don't want santa... c-l *pause for v long like donno how to spell* i stared wide-eyed... i waited, she paused, until i buay tahan...

~ er... it's c-l-a-u-s
"oh haha, thanks =D
~ u r welcome -.-

and when chris orders his fav ice blended vanilla at coffee bean, they will sometimes spell his name wrongly. it's been spelt as kris, cris and yes, even christ...


Disaster Films

Gah! I went to collect my films yesterday and they were horrible! the coloured ones were mostly underexposed. the BW isn't too bad but sometimes i forget to wind so two images get superimposed. Argghh! i don't even want to scan le la.

Monday, 10 December 2007

"Th" in "The"

Golly... i just heard those campus superstar kids prancing around singing christmas carols n everytime they pronounce "the" as
"de", a grimace appears across my face...

Deck DE halls with boughs of holly.... =P

Rudolph DE red-nose reindeer... =P

boys and girls, it's THE, not DE! "Th" is a voiced interdental sound pronounced by blowing air rather forcefully out of your mouth with the tip of your tongue between your teeth (hence "inter" dental). and it's VOICED means if you place your hand on your throat, you should feel it vibrate as opposed to "th" in "through", you don't feel your throat vibrate... D is a voiced alveolar sound made by tapping the tip of your tongue on the flesh just behind the top row of teeth, and again, your throat should vibrate as opposed to "t" sound...

didn't someone teach them how to at least pronounce THE words correctly? n i thought there is an RGS n VJC girl... sheesh... tsk tsk tsk...

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Recipe: Hot Cocoa

*smack lips* chocolate chocolate chocolate... tastes great gobbled, slowly savoured, slurped, drunk, licked. mm... mm... ooh... chocolate is good. i LURVE chocolate. the weather lately has been nice n cool, rainy n all... so tis best to have a nice cup of cocoa ^^

2 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp sugar
200ml fresh milk

1. mix the cocoa powder, sugar and teenie bit of cold milk (about 3 tsp) into a smooth paste
2. heat remaining milk in microwave oven for about 1.5 min, high
3. whip milk with hario super creamer
4. pour into cup
5. sprinkle with more cocoa powder
(i used a clover template here ^^)
6. (optional) serve w tiny marshmallows on saucer if u dont wanna spoil the design. some people just add a few on the top
(reduce sugar then)

enjoy ^^ ah!

Product Review: Hario Super Creamer 4*

fancy whipped milk like those at coffee joints? this super creamer is probably one of the best. battery operated. whips up a creamy texture... mm... mm... although the froth is not as lasting as those at pro coffee joints... it's good enough for home use... available at major departmental stores (i think la... i got mine in Takashimaya) at $14.


Margaret Is Mine! ^^

YES! chris just got a Dell XPS M1530 so... MARGARET IS MINE NOW!!! ^^ hee...

Friday, 7 December 2007

Oh Boy! I LURVE The 50mm f/1.4!!!!

Yes Yes Yes! *grab head, run around living room, exhilarated* AAAHHH! I LURVE the 50mm f/1.4!!! I took these 2 shots (sans PS k?). As you know, it's really difficult to photograph animals, especially active ones like claire wong... but i managed to catch her resting ^^ and o well, got a shot of my seagull too ^^ may not be the best by your standards but i like the effect ^^


HA ha ha ha... G told me something funny last night... apparently someone thought i have a daughter cos in Perth i whined that i miss my husband and "daughter"...

someone: *to G* wow, i didn't know ann had a daughter...
G: *raise eyebrow* ???.... er... wait... wat's the name of her "daughter"???
someone: claire
someone: -.- oh...?

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Candy
Happy Birthday to you ^^

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Irritating Callers

These days, i keep getting irritating calls... I got one again today when sucking floor...

troo troo...

*pick up phone, woman's voice at the other end*
"Hi, may i speak to Mr Wong pls?
~ he is not around *it's 3pm... he is at work... duh...*
" may i have his mobile number pls?
~ *of cos not!* erm... may i know who's that speaking?
" oh, i am a property agent...
~ wat is it about? i am his wife. u can speak w me.
" oh i just want to ask if u would like consider selling your flat
~ no we're not interested
" but the price now v good
~ erm... ya i know. but we'd need a place to stay?
" why don't u consider selling?
~ erm... *lady, r u dumb or wat?* in order for us to sell THIS flat, we'd need to first get ANOTHER place to stay?
" the price now really good u know
~ *breathe out fumes* i know *and for the one millionth time* but we're not interested k?
" how about renting out your room?
~ not interested
" your area v good... a lot people want, can fetch good price
~ we don't like the idea of strangers living w us, thanks. bye.

so irritating... why can't they understand that in order for us to sell, we need to buy first? diao... so dumb. n how did they get our number anyway? do they just flip the yellow pages n start dialling? housing agents nowadays r so desperate ah? golly...

The Aftermath Of Perth's Bad Weather

Golly... the weather in perth is SOOOOO..... super duper dry that my calves broke out into eczema they look SOOOOO.... super duper hideous now! arghh... i like wearing short skirts but now i gotta wear long pants or long skirt but i only have one pair of pants, one pair of jeans n i lent grace my long skirts! AHHH!!!! wat am i gonna wear??? i can't possibly wear jeans all the time til they heal... arrgghhh... -.-

and my cuticles... they cracked up too... had to rub in cuticle oil just now.


Food Review: Ya Kun 5*

Yum Yum... after a 15 min run (i guess it's almost 2.4km ba) to the next town and after cooling down, what better breakfast can one have but ya kun toast w half-boiled eggs n horlicks gao (thick), siu dai (not so sweet)! ^^

the horlicks gao is gao de lor n the siu dai is there which is quite good. didn't get pua sio leng (lukewarm) cos i normally slurp up my egg first then pour my horlicks into the egg plate. like that won't waste any egg ma, can slurp up every drop of egg. egg is good! egg is natural... i LURVE half-boiled eggs ^^ AH! i can so eat it everyday... but of cos i don't... the cholesterol will kill me, confirm die at 40! LOL.

Ya Kun kaya toast is thin, crisp on the outside, light n fluffy on the inside. not hard hard de like some breads. some breads are hard like rock u got to bite it then yank your arm down then it will break. ya kun toast is not like that, you just gently chew it off... it will krrrrr.... in your mouth n dance in the butter n kaya! WA! oishi! i like the butter sugar one more... actually today i wanted to order that but i cock eye saw wrongly ordered kaya butter... ha ha... but still good except i only bite off the parts w the butter. butter is good! butter is natural... i LURVE butter ^^ *lick lips* wash it down with the horlicks which should be pua sio leng by now n AH!!!!! i am a happy girl!

the simple pleasures of life: toast w butter... cheap but mmm... simply delightful! ^^


Haha... i feel like i have been hibernating... yesterday after i finished writing on my blog and read bible, i zonked off at around 11am, woke up at 5 plus... nua... ate dinner, zonked off again at 9pm (i was so tired i didn take my bath... i had showered when i came back from the airport and left the heater on cos i wanted a bath) then woke up at 7am... haha... i must have been exhausted and sleep deprived... haha. kk, now i feel i lost the 5 years i aged so life must go back to normal.

let me go for a jog now ^^

I Need More Equipment... And A Bigger Bag!

Gah... I think i need more equipment... am eyeing the 14mm f/2.8 ultra wide angle, the 50mm f/1.2 standard lens, the 50mm f/2.5 compact macro or 100mm f/2.8 macro and a circular polarizing filter PL-C... my sigma... hm... it's a telephoto lens? w macro function... but the macro function is like 200-300mm.. so far nei. when i shoot flowers, i don't wanna be so far... i want to be near near de nei... n roy showed me what his circular polariser can do... sugoi... and yes, a bigger bag for all my stuff plus my seagull... maybe a black canon bag or the national geographic one that G was eyeing =D

I wonder how much these will cost... anyone knows? i got a feeling the 14mm will cost more than my cam! ha ha ^^ hope they're cheaper in japan!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Special Treatment

My flight to perth must have been the most enjoyable so far... There was this really nice air steward (let's call him NAS for nice air steward) who gave such good service they all felt he was hitting on me... because sometimes when i go on holidays, i don't wear my rings (scared lose ma)... but i think he is just being nice. Firstly, he addressed me by name each time he served me n got thing no thing will come by n ask, "is everything ok?"

when dinner was served, i saw the cheddar n grumbled to YD, "i prefer brie cheese nei...." NAS probably overheard n after dinner, he served me a lovely platter of cheese samplers! got brie, cheddar n herb feta, with carr's table water, grapes, walnuts n apricot! wa! ate until jin jin you wei er! i LURVE the herb feta... reminds me of foccacia, one of my fav breads. the next day we went in search of the feta cheese at the supermarket! haha ^^

back to dinner... i ate really slowly n they started serving cornetto ice cream so my cone was like sitting there for the longest time. NAS came over, bent down, pressed the ice cream n said, "Oh, your ice cream is soft. let me get u a new one. when u r ready to have dessert, let me know" wa, so nice. G felt that he call me until v qin qie... LOL

then when i was watching a movie, he came by again n asked, "Is everything ok?" n roy turned around n gave me the he-is-so-hitting-on-you look. a few minutes later, he came back w a cup of ocha! wa, real green tea nei!

ha ha, SQ got good service de lor ^^


I just touched down about 2 hours ago and the first thing i did when i stepped into my home was to da pian. feel so relieved now... it's really endearing to sit on my throne ^^

miraculously, once i got on the plane, sat down n buckled up, my eyes shut n i totally konked off! a first in my history of travelling.... i must have been exhausted i guess... that's why now i can blog after showering rather than hit the sack like most of them. hee...

I believe everyone enjoyed themselves during the trip and managed to take good pictures so i feel happy ^^ during the first day, i kinda gave up using my seagull cos i find the viewing v confusing, the metering v ma fan, the focusing muzukashi and i don't like the feeling of not being able to view the shot IMMEDIATELY after. plus have to think think think, consider consider, compose nice nice than finally decided then press button... but G tried to help n offered me her borrowed meter....YD was v patient when teaching me (he had to repeat some steps which he had taught me before), he guided me step by step, even lent me his exp gitzo tripod for my china seagull, fixing the shoe for me and teaching me how to use it... lent me his long tube clicker for the night shot... so i told myself cannot like that easily give up... they so enthu to help me, must press on ^^ i found a way that made it easier... use a tripod. makes viewing n focusing much easier and as i shot more... it got easier ^^ i will attach the seagull on my tripod and sling the camera w the tripod dangling down.... like that quite fang bian to carry around... hope my slide shots turned out ok... G also taught me how to take nice nice sunset shots on my 400D, how sweet of her... i learnt a lot from roy, YD n G during the trip. YD gave me a quiz when we were walking along King's park n i think i scored full marks ^^

At night YD will come over n the four of us will view 20 people's shots. some people.... never tidy up their photos, just submit all the chapalang... i viewed until got migraine cos some pics were SOOOO bad! even as an amateur, i tak bolek tahan! it's like all blue blue or all blur de... ah yo... can imagine YD, G n roy... must have been even more excruciating for them! haha ^^

on the whole, i kinda of enjoyed myself cos the company was great n i learnt new things from the wonderful people who were so sweet to teach me ^^ but perth doesn fascinate me AT ALL. i won't go back... for sure. travel 4 hours to see a desert which is basically a huge mass of sand n scattered rocks.... another 4 hours to see a rock n i went, "is that it?" to me, the only thing that made it worth the trip were the cool group shots we took n i liked sitting at the top of wave rock to enjoy the wind (if u forget about the flies).

i am glad we gave up our aussie PR cos i don't think i can ever live in oz... it's way too boring n the UV kills me. i feel i aged 5 years in 4 days!

To me, Perth = UV + cold + flies + boring