Friday, 14 December 2007

I'm In Love!!!!

and the other person feels the same way too! *GASP!*

Awwww..... , my gf liming's daughter is such a DAHRLING!!!!! AAAWWWWW..... i adore her.... yesterday she came, dressed in all pink..... aaww.... her pixie face, saccharin sweet voice, anime eyes.... aaawwwww..... i'm in love with her! jon n liming think she is in love w me too ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ cos she said she "likes to go to aunty ann's house" ^^ ^^ ^^ the last time she came, she ate so much of the steamboat food n she LURVED the cod ^^ hee and she is super teh only at my house ^^

she chirped us two songs, Little Town Of Bethlehem and Jesus Loves Me.... AAAWWWWW...... kawaii!!!!!! i must say her pitching is v v good for a 3 year old, not a surprise since her mum is v musical.

princess needed to go home at 3 pm to take her afternoon nap (oohhh.... so niang...) cos she can only sleep in her pretty cot, cannot sleep anywhere de (think she will feel the pea under the mattress? LOL) ... so i was a bit bu she de

me: danielle, can u stay a while more?
princess: *stare wide-eyed with cutest anime eyes*
me: we're going to have ICE CREAM!!
princess: *pixie face lights up, haninozuka look... AAWWWWW!!!!* i wanna eat ice cweam ^^
me: kk ^^
jon: er... do u really have ice cream? if not i better run down to buy...
me: *pull out my ice cream drawer* yes! of cos! got haagen daz, ben n jerry's n mochi ice cream! *to princess* danielle, come, let's go outside to eat ice cream ok? ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

so we ate the mochi ice cream but princess only eats the filling so ok ok, dig out for her, daddy eat the mochi case. n she only wants the pink ones. ah yo... so teh de... haha

this morning when i was still nua-ing in bed, i got a call from liming...

liming: ann, my daughter, your new fan, wants to thank u for the apple cupcakes, they're v nice...
princess: *the most saccharin sweet voice chirping* AUNTY ANN!
me: *AAWWWW.... heart melt le... jump up from bed, wake up le* HI DANIELLE! did u eat the cake?
princess: yea
me: do u like it?
princess: bearwy nice! thank u aunty ann!
me: *AAAWWWW..... i so wanna hug u* that's great! did u eat the apple slices on top?
princess: er hm ^^
me: ^^
liming: ha ha... she said she wanted to talk to aunty ann to thank her for the cake.... thanks. my mum-in-law baked them ^^
me: ha ha, that's good ^^

wa.... so cute so cute!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! ichiban kawaii!!!! she reminds me of... ME! ha ha.... so niang... so teh.... so buay tahan.... so want to hug her.... she makes me wanna have a kid nei... ha ha. liming says danielle is just like me that's prob why she has taken a liking to me and has become my number one fan. ha ha... i am so in love w her nei... ha ha...

daughters r so cute.... the fathers were sharing about how much they enjoy the attention seeking daughters n how much they love holding their daughters' hands... they will enjoy until the day she feels embarassed to hold daddy's hand and wants to shake it off to hold boyfriend's hand... ha ha. n they were also worried about the good girls like bad boys syndrome. worried that they will marry wife bashers... etc etc... ha ha... girls.... fathers' precious gems... no matter how old they grow, they'll always be daddy's little girl ^^