Monday, 17 December 2007

Day 2: Sannomiya, Kobe

Food Review: Maison De Fleur Paradis Kitano (Kitano Ijinkan, Sannomiya)

Taste: 5* i kept reminiscing about it after i left restaurant... so ^^
Value for money: 3* a bit ex la...
Service: 4* typical jap lor.... can speak a bit of english
Ambience: 4* very French... v you ya.... nice... i like.
Will I go back again: Yes, if i am nearby ^^

It's a Japanese-French Restaurant set in a lovely western style building.... v nice ambience... ^^
I had fish set, chris had beef steak set (JPY 110,000 total approx. SGD$150)
Pumpkin n Potato Soup was smooth n rich. I almost licked the plate! =P
Baguette w Butter.... oohhh.... from ratatouille... i learnt how to tell whether a baguette is good.... from the sound it makes.... n this baguette... KRRRR.... is v good! ^^
Hotate Sashimi (Scallop).... AHH!!! it's so fresh so nice!!!!! LURVED the edible flowers that came w it. Served french style i.e. v pattern liao liao... nicely decorated n all ^^ i like
Seared Fillet stuffed w Shimeiji Mushroom w cream sauce, potato rosti n seasonal veg.... love the tiny portion... again i almost licked the plate! and oh, it was topped with ikura (salmon roe)!!!! yummy!
Caramel cake w strawberries
Earl Grey tea

Oh, did i mention they use Narumi fine bone china? *add points* ^^

Food Review: Kobe Steak Restaurant Mouriya (Umeda)

Teppanyaki Kobe Gyu ^^

Taste: 6* It's Kobe gyu. 'nough said ^^
Value for money: 4* It's Kobe gyu. JPY12,000 approx. SGD160
Service: 5* typical jap lor.... can speak a bit of english
Ambience: 4* i like.
Will I go back again: Definitely ^^

We weren't v hungry so shared a Kobe Gyu n Live Prawn course
Umeshu yum!!! but i drank too fast n turned as red as the prawn i was eating... felt a little inebriated on the train back n had to squat down.. so malu... LOL
Proscuitto which chris politely declined n let me eat all
Green salad
Kobe Gyu
150g v v juicy.... Oh....oh.... ah.....the marbled fat oozing out... wa biang... feel so xing fu eating it.
Live Prawns 3 tua leng gong prawns.... but i didn't know they'd pressed the live prawns on the teppan.... so cruel.... they were struggling n waving their little legs... i am an animal lover.... too bad this one tasted so good.
Assorted veg which chris also generously offered me all
Red wine (FOC w coupon) which i didn touch after downing the Umeshu.... i didnt know Umeshu was incl... if i had known, i would have order juice instead... -.-
Garlic Fried Rice... one of the best fried rice i have ever eaten. Cooked w Wagyu bits (yeah, w the fat!)... OISHI!
Earl Grey

Places we visited:
Nada No Sake (Sake breweries): Wa! Got free samples nei! i bought like 6 bottles of sake n 2 large bottles of umeshu ^^ then later regret cos v heavy to lug home. kanpai ha! n they have this ikan bilis xiao cai to eat w the sake.... wa v nice. we bought 5 packets! ^^
Kitano Ijinkan: This is a collection of beautiful western houses... it's like a little Europe in Kobe. v nice to stroll around. Can take City Loop line from Sannomiya station de. bought famous Kobe chocolates n chocolate cake ^^
Nurobiki Waterfalls Er... don't go in winter la... the first waterfall we went to was like trickling... almost dried up le so we u turn go back liao! LOL...
Maya Ropeway:Oh boy, the night view of Kobe is v nice, nicer than Perth for sure... but because the last cable car back down was like 20 mins after it turned dark, didn't manage to take many night shots. but nice view....