Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Day 3: Hiroshima and Miyajima

Food Review: Some random Ramen shop in Hiroshima Gourmet Street
Taste: 5* The egg is SOOOOOOO perfect! wa! when i pried it open (they served one whole egg) half expecting to be disappointed like in Singapore.... AAAHH!!! the egg yolk is soft n almost flowey... AAHHH!!!!!! i kept moaning n groaning la ^^
Value for money: 5* cheap! JPY 730 approx. SGD10
Service: 2*
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: Yes! ^^

Food Review: Anago shop in front of Miyajimaguchi Station

I had Anago Tenpura, Chris had Anago Meshi. It's like Unagi (eel). Miyajima is famous for anago and oysters cos it has oyster farm but we're not fans of oysters so...

Taste: 4* It's my first time eating Anago Tenpura.... v v good sia. ^^
Value for money: 3* ok la. JPY 3,300 approx. SGD50
Service: 1* but 5* for effort ha ha... this is a family business run by a couple n old mother... they like v busy rush in rush out de n we got to keep calling them de but the lao ban niang piggyback her baby to serve so i give 5* for effort lor! LOL...
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: Yes! ^^

Places we visited:
1. Hiroshima
Atomic Dome
you know, the one the americans bombed la... the ruins.
Gates of Peace haha... i saw some schoolkids on excursion... so cute... so i took pics of them having picnic n they gamely posed for me.... so cute.

2. Miyajima
the Tua Tua Tori... bumped into YD n family ^^ i was walking back to the ferry terminal when i saw a familiar face waving at me... ha ha, it's YD ^^ so nice to bump into him there. his parents didnt recognise me n thought "who is this waving at us...?" maybe cos i was wearing a woollen hat ba... when i realised that there is ferry service til 10pm, i RAN back to the Ootori (chris waited for me back at the terminal cos he felt cold) to take sunset but the sunset hues were not v pronounced, hidden by mountain so sheesh... maybe i missed it? -.-but then i realised they use spotlight to shine at the ootori so wa, it glows at night de. nice. ^^

while i was waiting for sunset, i took shots of myself looking at the ootori (using timer) n a black guy came up to chat with me...

guy: professional desu ka?
me: iie (no)
guy: hobby desu ka?
me: hai
guy: hobby in japanese is..... shyumi?
me: hai
guy: r u a student?
me: no, i am on holiday here...
guy: hi, i'm *can't rmb his name, not handsome ma*
me: hi, i'm ann, pleased to meet u
guy: where r u from?
me: singapore
guy: singapore! that explains why u speak english so fluently!
me: it's our FIRST language
guy: nice ya? *looks at tori*
me: yeah.... i came to shoot the sunset... my HUSBAND is waiting for me at the ferry terminal... cos he feels a bit cold
me: -.-
guy: i like your burberry skirt
me: thanks
guy: my wife has one too *good, he has a wife*
me: ^^

haha.... before he left, i was still there admiring the glowing ootori so he said goodbye. actually, now that i think about it... it was pretty dangerous.... me, there, dark dark, alone.... only ootori glowing n some street lamps.... haha...

Momijidani (momiji is maple leaf) is supposed to be spectacular in autumn because it will be filled w maple trees! kk, next year.... MUST STAY AT IWASO RYOKAN!!!! can get view of Ootori AND momiji... sugoi! ^^ I love Miyajima... v beautiful... next time, i will stay one night there... and must be in autumn! ^^