Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Day 4: Nara

Reached Kyoto, my fav, n went to Nara for a day trip ^^

Food Review: Shikitei (Nara)
Taste: 6* I wiped EVERY dish clean!
Value for money: 4* JPY 3,350 approx. SGD50 each.
Service: 6* v attentive yet not intrusive
Ambience: 6* it's actually a ryokan.... w v v traditional architecture... i v v like. the tatami n all.... the whole works la. it's as japanese as it can be. the toilet.... smell super nice. i will stay there for a night if i go to Nara again.
Will I go back again: I probably won't go to Nara again le... =P a bit boring

We had fish course:
White wine i didn't really like the taste of this wine though... guai guai de...
Tofu with Ebiko i looked around... no one, so i licked up ALL the ebiko =P LOL... chris rolled eyeballs... he said i do unglam action in posh restaurant LOL
Boiled Taro n Vegetables i love Taro (yam) too.... yummy.... i drank e remaining stock from the bowl when waitress was not looking =P
Maguro Sashimi the sashimi hor, is cube de lor!!!!!! not sliced de! WA!!!!! so generous!
Fish Soup v clear n light soup
Baked Nasu (eggplant) WA!!!! This is the piece de resistance!!!! it's baked to perfection.... i scraped the eggplant clean n relished it. Chris, the carnivore, was like Eeee... Eeeee... i eat until jin jin you wei lor! LOL.
Somen (like bee hoon kind of noodle) i was v intrigued by the presentation. they served the somen in a bamboo cylinder... when u lift the bamboo, the somen plop! slipped into the sauce! wa!!! so fun! so creative
Chris had Porridge with Ume bits... turns a tinge of pink like rosy cheeks when mixed... v nice taste.... he slurped the whole bowl
Lemon Jelly and Mikan (tangerine)
Earl Grey

I saw the teacup... ooh, v pretty, feels good then when i looked under, my eyeballs almost dropped out.... NORITAKE IVORY CHINA!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NORITAKE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food Review: Ramen Street (Kyoto Station Building Level 10
Taste: 4* The EGG! The EGG! it's the EGG!!!! Ah!!!!!! soup was v tasty yet not too salty... it's better than Marutama ANYTIME.
Value for money: 5* JPY730 approx. SGD10 each.
Service: 2*
Ambience: 2*
Will I go back again: YEAH!

Hotel Review: New Miyako Hotel
5* (i think)
Why i like it:
1. 3 mins walk from Kyoto station
2. the bellgirl is pretty n v polite... yes, they have bellgirl, as opposed to bellboy
3. room is spacious
4. pocketed spring mattress
5. dressing table w big big mirror
6. toilet is nice... love the heated toilet seat.... wide range of amenities.... they have hairband! n shower sponge! Pola toiletries *add points* cotton pads n buds *add points* oohh... Grohe shower head *add more points* ^^
7. LCD TV.... that works
8. humidier... ya man, they actually HAVE a humidier in the room! *applaud*
9. breakfast... was a choice of 3... restaurants!!! wa! no kidding. japanese, french or american *applaud*

Why I don't like it:
1. not enought hooks in toilet for towels. that's it.

Place we visited:
yeah... a temple... oh, on our way there, we saw many people gathered at a spot w cameras... apparently waiting for some big star. turns out that they're waiting for Tamaki Hiroshi LOL.... i waited a while then ah ya, heck la... sian... if it's Ken Hirai, i will wait lor... haha.
Todaiji another temple... it's the tua tua one that everyone must go to if come to Nara... yawn
Nara Musuem of Photography WA!!!! the photos r v v nice!!!! it featured the photos of Irie Taikichi (Nov 5, 1905 - Jan 16, 1992) who photographed Nara a lot. Wa... his moon shots are SOOOO nice.... i bought his picture books ^^

He used the following cameras:
Vest Pocket Kodak 1912
Rolleicord (MF) 1933
Leica M3 (35mm) 1954
Hasselblad (MF) 1981
Nikon Linhof Technika (LF) 1963

haha... today i wear nice nice.... nice black cardigan n white blouse inside that i bought in Hiroshima, beige skirt, burberry trenchcoat n boats n i think i blended in quite well someone actually came to me n asked for directions! it's a group of japanese who i believe are on holiday to Nara... i replied, "watashi wa gaijin desu (i am a foreigner)! ^^ " so happy... ^^

After Dinner, we went to Bic Camera n i checked out the Nikon D80.... oh, i tried the D300 first... which is out of my league n budget la... but boy! the colour is so nice!!!!!! n the click sound! Shiokness factor: 10*!!!! wa..... n Takuya Kimura is their spokesperson.... sheesh.... Canon spokesperson is.... Ken Watanabe =P lao uncle.... i am v tempted to switch to Nikon nei... n G is edging me on... stupid YD, i smsed him he ner reply...