Thursday, 20 December 2007

Day 5: Kyoto

Food Review: Yojiya (Ginkakuji) closed on Tuesdays

Taste: 5* I wanted to lick the bowl but the ambience v you ya so didn't...
Value for money: 4* JPY 1,500 approx. SGD20.
Service: 4* v attentive yet not intrusive
Ambience: 6* this shop is actually on the Path of Philosophy linking nanzenji and ginkakuji... tatami room facing tranquil zen garden... totally cool.
Will I go back again: Definitely!

I had Oshiruko (Red bean soup w Rice Balls) w Omacha (powdered green tea that is whipped til frothy frothy de... to G: the one Hani senpai whip until left little bit! LOL) and Chris had Machacappucino. The Oshiruko was not the pureed type in Shimbashi Soba at Paragon. the red beans are tua tua liap de... different texture ba... i like both. and the dango here is roasted but shimbashi uses soba balls. bith r nice ^^ it was here that i heard the nikon click coming from the guy sitting on our right n my heart got v itchy again... golly...

Food Review: Kaniya
Taste: 6* No one was looking so I licked the bowl after finishing the porridge. my fav was the tenpura queen crab leg... deshelled de... orgasmic.
Value for money: 5* Well, it's tarabagani... so worth it lor. JPY 11,550 approx. SGD150 per set (we shared one set, 10 course)
Service: 4* today a bit crowded so we had to press button for our zosui (porridge)
Ambience: 5* individual sections w partitions. that's why i can lick bowl...
Will I go back again: It's our third time here so wat do u think?? LOL

Places we visited:
today is mainly shopping day for me cos have not had the chance to REALLY hit the stores... ^^
Path of Philosophy is a v tranquil stroll from Nanzenji to Ginkakuji. We took our own sweet time, stopping to shoot n shop a little shop run by an artist. bought two super kawaii jumpers for my kor's twins ^^ but he only had two pieces, one pink, one black. hope he has one boy one girl lor. if two girls still ok. if two boys, then one of them has to wear pink n look guniang le. LOL. also stopped by yojiya cafe for omacha. it's actually a famous shop in japan selling skincare products n is known for their oil-blotting papers that japanese women use as an essential cosmetic item. of course i bought la. also bought yuzu (japanese citric fruit) soap (smells really good ^^), miracle yojiya water etc etc. LOL.
Kiyomizuzaka... of course have to come here to buy Kiyomizu pottery, the best in Japan! ha ha... i spent quite a bit here... chris almost had a heart attack. chatted w e salesgirl, she gave me her namecard n hopes i will visit every year (told her this is my third time at her shop le) LOL... chris thinks i kee siao but i v control le... too many choices, too beautiful.... but those i really like.... are exorbitant (like ONE sake cup for SGD$200... siao) so didn't buy... LOL....
Nishiki Market... a hotchpotch of food stalls from fresh seafood to preserved veg to whatever la! if u r not too hungry (like we were since we had a late breakfast) and quite thick-skinned, u can walk down this street n sample all the food then no need to eat lunch le ^^ i tried roasted dango (riceballs) yum! n honey-roasted sweet potato which was superb! had some sushi... uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), ebi (prawn) n anago (i still have not figured out wat this is... eel?). i also wanted amaebi (sweet prawn) m otoro (tuna belly) but they didn't have. hm.... i like uni nei... the one i had in singapore must be not v fresh... this one's got nice creamy texture n no funny smell ^^ oishi!
Takashimaya wa!!!!! the shoes in japan r sooooooooooooooooo.... nice! singapore sells all the open-toed types which i don't really like (used to but not now.... open toe doesn't look v pro for work ma) n here, it's mostly closed toe nei (maybe it's winter ba)!!!! i bought one pair... kirei ne ^^ n some burberry stockings which i can't find in singapore.

today i tio scold by chris after takashimaya....he thinks i spend spend spend without thinking de... so i can forget about my nikon or canon liao..... no need so headache le... both cannot buy le *sobs* then i sulked on the way to kaniya.... n i had gastric pain (not fake one k?) so he kinda felt bad... think he will relent tmr n let me continue kee siao... LOL