Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 7: Kyoto

It's back to kyoto for ONE MORE round of shopping at my favourite Kiyomizuzaka!!! ha ha.... golly, i bought so many stuff (bowls, plates, chopstick rests, sake cups, macha bowl etc etc) n i still have my 6 bottles of sake, 2 bottles of umeshu n tons of jap snacks for family, colleagues n friends... i had to go to takashimaya to buy TWO luggage bags!!! n while there, got lured to burberry n bought a dress n skirt which i really LOVE!!!! so we were like 2 bags go there, 4 bags come back. but japan's luggage bags are v good quality de nei... mostly 4-wheel drive n the straps r made of leather de... but u pay for the quality la... LOL... the service is EXCELLENT! the uncle helped us pack our pottery into the luggage bag n because it was raining, some of our boxes were a little wet n he took tissue, cleaned one by one, even gave us bubble wrap... feel so touched.. when i bought the shoes the other day, the guy (v handsome de... so i take my own sweet time =D) also v v helpful....

we had lunch at a tonkatsu restaurant on Level 7 of Takashimaya building. dinner was at some random ramen shop at Shin-Osaka station cos we had to go back to the lao pok New Osaka Hotel for the night n pick up our remaining luggage then fly back the next day. back at the hotel room, i stared at all our stuff (ok, chris will say it's not OUR stuff... LOL) n really started sweating blood, asking myself, sheesh, how are we gonna lug all these back??? i had 4 luggage bags full, n one carry bag full n some small small bags of this n that.... sheesh.... jialat.... so i quickly showered n started packing.... pack pack pack... WOAH! managed to psqueeze everything into the 4 luggage bags er!!! but my sakura bag since it's hard-cover, was the most difficult to close... i sat on it.... didn't work... (although i ate n ate n ate, i weighed myself at the ryokan, i put on only 200g... phew... ha ha, which is good, i'm not complaining) so i got chris to help... ok, closed! haha!

so we each dragged 2 luggage bags, plus our own backpack (my lowepro ^^) n i couldn't wait to check the bags in sia... dragged until my left hand almost kena blister nei! LOL. later the unpacking will be an even bigger headache man =P haha.