Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Food Review: Ya Kun 5*

Yum Yum... after a 15 min run (i guess it's almost 2.4km ba) to the next town and after cooling down, what better breakfast can one have but ya kun toast w half-boiled eggs n horlicks gao (thick), siu dai (not so sweet)! ^^

the horlicks gao is gao de lor n the siu dai is there which is quite good. didn't get pua sio leng (lukewarm) cos i normally slurp up my egg first then pour my horlicks into the egg plate. like that won't waste any egg ma, can slurp up every drop of egg. egg is good! egg is natural... i LURVE half-boiled eggs ^^ AH! i can so eat it everyday... but of cos i don't... the cholesterol will kill me, confirm die at 40! LOL.

Ya Kun kaya toast is thin, crisp on the outside, light n fluffy on the inside. not hard hard de like some breads. some breads are hard like rock u got to bite it then yank your arm down then it will break. ya kun toast is not like that, you just gently chew it off... it will krrrrr.... in your mouth n dance in the butter n kaya! WA! oishi! i like the butter sugar one more... actually today i wanted to order that but i cock eye saw wrongly ordered kaya butter... ha ha... but still good except i only bite off the parts w the butter. butter is good! butter is natural... i LURVE butter ^^ *lick lips* wash it down with the horlicks which should be pua sio leng by now n AH!!!!! i am a happy girl!

the simple pleasures of life: toast w butter... cheap but mmm... simply delightful! ^^