Thursday, 13 December 2007

Incomplete Kitchen

hm... i have always felt my kitchen is incomplete... until today... some people don't have oven n electric mixer... diao... i was looking forward to hit doguyasuji in osaka (flying off THIS SUN!!!! yay! *do silly dance*)... want to buy 10 more lacquer bowls (the shallower type), ice bucket, ice tongs, 10 soup spoons, japanese chef knife, sake cups n flask (the kind w the hole for ice) for COLD sake ^^ when whatever catches my eye n i fancy. of cos, will got to the letter-writing shop in namba to buy my sakura stickers n pretty letter-writing papers ^^

i realised i do have some stuff that most people don't have (when i am free will take pics of those i never featured before):

1. mezzaluna (herb chopper)
2. milk froth maker
3. salad spinner for spin-drying leaves.
4. shark skin wasabi grater (bought in osaka last year which i have never used cos singapore hardly has fresh wasabi, which i love)
5. electric orange juicer
6. waffle iron cum sandwich maker cum sandwich grille (yes, i can make olio dome kind of sandwich by kiapping it in the sandwich grille to press it n toast both sides)
7. cheese plate, cheese knife n cylindrical cloth cover for the cheese plate
8. lazy susan cake plate
9. cake knife n cake server
10. tea cosy
11. bamboo steamer
12. ying yang claypot steamboat (it's a claypot w a partition in the centre... most ying yang pots are metal de, mine is claypot de k)
13. kaminabe (paper hotpot)
14. cookie press
15. wooden sushi serving plate

Golly, i do have a lot of wu-ey-bo-ey in my kitchen (the stuff have overflowed to my empty room le) =P but i still think my kitchen is incomplete. i can do with dishwasher, food processor, coffee maker, wine opener n ....... ^^