Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Irritating Callers

These days, i keep getting irritating calls... I got one again today when sucking floor...

troo troo...

*pick up phone, woman's voice at the other end*
"Hi, may i speak to Mr Wong pls?
~ he is not around *it's 3pm... he is at work... duh...*
" may i have his mobile number pls?
~ *of cos not!* erm... may i know who's that speaking?
" oh, i am a property agent...
~ wat is it about? i am his wife. u can speak w me.
" oh i just want to ask if u would like consider selling your flat
~ no we're not interested
" but the price now v good
~ erm... ya i know. but we'd need a place to stay?
" why don't u consider selling?
~ erm... *lady, r u dumb or wat?* in order for us to sell THIS flat, we'd need to first get ANOTHER place to stay?
" the price now really good u know
~ *breathe out fumes* i know *and for the one millionth time* but we're not interested k?
" how about renting out your room?
~ not interested
" your area v good... a lot people want, can fetch good price
~ we don't like the idea of strangers living w us, thanks. bye.

so irritating... why can't they understand that in order for us to sell, we need to buy first? diao... so dumb. n how did they get our number anyway? do they just flip the yellow pages n start dialling? housing agents nowadays r so desperate ah? golly...