Wednesday, 12 December 2007

J for Germany?

I have had to read my IC no to people over the phone (tour agents/banks etc.) and there was once...

"may i have your IC no pls?
~ SXXXXXXX Germany
" so it's SXXXXXXXJ?
~ -.- er G, G for Germany
"oh... er... ok
~ -.-

reminds me of the bimbo joke... bimbo went into lift and pressed G button n it sent her to the Groundfloor then she exclaimed, "orh! G for Geero!" diao...

and there was one year i ordered a christmas log cake and told the girl
~ erm... i don't want any santa claus figurine ya? just gimme reindeer, thanks.
so she wrote on the order form don't want santa... c-l *pause for v long like donno how to spell* i stared wide-eyed... i waited, she paused, until i buay tahan...

~ er... it's c-l-a-u-s
"oh haha, thanks =D
~ u r welcome -.-

and when chris orders his fav ice blended vanilla at coffee bean, they will sometimes spell his name wrongly. it's been spelt as kris, cris and yes, even christ...