Sunday, 16 December 2007


YES! YES! YES! finally reached japan. i will upload pics when free k?

wat better way to start my gastronomic journey than FUGU (puffer fish)!!!!! I had wanted to eat this last just in case i die then cannot enjoy the rest of the journey le but heck la, it's v safe de la... LOL... we headed to Tarafuku at Umeda for dinner after checking in to New Osaka Hotel. Actually, after we dragged our luggage to Shin Osaka n was preparing to check in, we realised that our JTB agent made a mistake... she told us she booked New Osaka Hotel for us n gave us the info to that hotel but in actual fact she booked Shin Osaka Hotel (New Osaka Hotel is read Shin Osaka Hotel in japanese) but can't blame her cos there are apparently THREE hotels there called Shin Osaka Hotel... so we waited... called... and waited.... called... and waited.... until they finally sorted things out n got us a room at New Osaka Hotel.

Food Review: Tarafuku at Umeda
Taste: 4* I almost cried when i ate the porridge!
Value for money: 4* er... it's fugu so it's supposed to cost a bit more la (JPY 5,500 for each approx. SGD70) but i don't think it's Torafuku, which is the best.
Service: 4* good. they had a waitress who can speak fluent english...
Ambience: 4* tatami sit on floor type
Will I go back again: Yes!

We had the set which consists of:
Fugu Sashimi (my favouritest!! one plate not enough nei...)
Fugu skin (i don't usually eat fish skin... actually, i hate it but Fugu skin is nice cos it's QQ de... crunchy crunchy.... i like ^^)
Deep Fried Fuku
Yaki Fugu (Grilled)
Nabe Fugu (Hotpot)
made from the stock at the end of the Nabe... Woa.... my favourite!!! woa.... the stock has absorbed all the goodness n essence of the Fuku, veg etc...., add n egg, yakinori.... wa.... oh.... shiok factor: 6*
Dessert was musk melon w strawberries ^^
I also had sake brewed in roasted Fuku tail... v interesting. was expecting a small cup but ta da! it came in a big glass... diao.... i took the equivalent of a small cup n left the rest there... (i can hear YD going.... ah! so wasted! LOL... )

Hotel Review: New Osaka Hotel
Why i like it: 3 mins walk from Shin-Osaka station. That's it.
Why I don't like it:
1. i got to drag my own luggage to my room
2. got no dressing table
3. no wireless internet
4. TV not working
5. the basin tap cock de. water is either scalding hot or ice cold so i have to fill the basin w lukewarm water to wash face.
6. toilet seat not heated
7. breakfast no variety