Sunday, 30 December 2007

Out of Synch

I normally use my mobile phone as an alarm but last night I left my handbag at my girlfriend's place so i told chris to set the alarm for me for church....

so this morning... i was sleeping so soundly (think i had a sweet dream but i can't remember my dream) when i felt the soft warm glow of the sun's rays through my eye lids.... then i

me: AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! dear, i'm gonna be late for work!!!! AAAAHHH AAAAAHHHH AAAHHH! *bolt out of bed into wardrobe*
chris: *mumbles something incoherent*
me: AAAAHHHHH!!!!! *panic* AAAAAAHHHHH!!! why didn't u wake me??? i thought i told u to set the alarm clock for me? *panic*
chris: ah... bbb... brrr.... mmmmm...
me: *pause* wait.... today is new year's day right? it's a holiday... no wait, it's new year's eve.... oh no, wait, it's sunday! GAH!

*crawl back to bed to sleep.. zzz*

hahahaha, i'm so stressed about going back to work, golly =P