Sunday, 9 December 2007

Recipe: Hot Cocoa

*smack lips* chocolate chocolate chocolate... tastes great gobbled, slowly savoured, slurped, drunk, licked. mm... mm... ooh... chocolate is good. i LURVE chocolate. the weather lately has been nice n cool, rainy n all... so tis best to have a nice cup of cocoa ^^

2 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp sugar
200ml fresh milk

1. mix the cocoa powder, sugar and teenie bit of cold milk (about 3 tsp) into a smooth paste
2. heat remaining milk in microwave oven for about 1.5 min, high
3. whip milk with hario super creamer
4. pour into cup
5. sprinkle with more cocoa powder
(i used a clover template here ^^)
6. (optional) serve w tiny marshmallows on saucer if u dont wanna spoil the design. some people just add a few on the top
(reduce sugar then)

enjoy ^^ ah!