Monday, 24 December 2007

Why I Love Japan

Here are some reasons why i love Japan:

1. The food!!!!! i can totally eat japanese food EVERY day!!! there is so much variety n they're mostly healthy ^^
2. The weather - there is just something about the weather n the air. my skin n hair r at their best ^^ my hair will go where i ask it to go, won't stubbornly point in NSEW directions.
3. The people - majority are v v polite n civic-minded.... although we did meet one jap guy who tried to cut Q at the bus stop.
4. The WORLD-CLASS transport system - Japan's transport system then can call world-class k? when they say bus, train, subway, shinkansen leave at 10:22, it leaves at 10:22.
5. The toilet bowls - those w heated seats, bidet, spray, blow-dry, music... hee ^^
6. The shopping - excellent de lor *look at my new luggage bags*
7. The service - even small small shops give good service n will wrap nice nice. when it's raining outside, they will wrap your carrier bag with a plastic bag so your purchases won't get wet de. that is wat i call GEMS.
8. The eye candy - jap guys r good-looking!LOL.
9. The sights - within japan itself, there are so many sights... even the japanese have holidays in other parts of japan... most of the places we visited, the tourists r actually japanese, didn't really see many foreigners like us, except at famous tourist attraction spots.