Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Because Of Who You Are

*pant pant pant* =PPPPPPPPPP

wa biang, i was practising sandy patty's "Because of Who You Are" just now and i sang until sweat, tear, tummy pain and heart beat v v fast... v tiring... like run marathon and mind you i already lowered the key and improvised the last part so it's not so high.

she started w F Major then went up to F# then G# then A


my piano teacher helped me to lower it to start from D Major and still i felt my diaphragm was not big enough... i need to go running, swimming and do crunches liao... hua kao... no wonder she is sandy patty...

u listen u will know what i mean...

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Annual Spring Cleaning

At around this time of the year before CNY, i usually do my annual spring cleaning. chris used to help me but ever since he switched career, he has been v busy w work that i do it alone =P and i must say that jin1 ri4 bu4 ru2 wang3 nian2 (this day not like previous years) as i get tired easier and don't have that much stamina =P think i'm getting old hehehe...

i believe all husbands will agree w me that women have a thing for paper bags LOL everytime we buy something, if the shopping bag is pretty, we'd keep... and accumulate... and keep... and accumulate...

until become like this...

still can't bear to throw... cos they're ALL so pretty!! especially those from boutiques which we carried our newly-purchased shoes or handbag in... hehehe

everytime someone needs a bag and chris takes out a random bag i'd go

ann: DEAR!!! don't take the Dior one!!!
chris: *randomly picks another one*
ann: AAHHH!!! not the ferragamo one!!!
chris: -.- u come n choose -.- i don't understand why u need to keep SO MANY paper bags!!! *wave hands in the air*

or sometimes when he needs to sell off his old gadgets he'd randomly take my prettiest bag -.- don't know is it purposely one...

chris has 4 pairs of shoes (here got 3 cos he is wearing one pair at work ma)... ah yo, i just realised we have more umbrellas than chris has shoes hahaha

i won't tell you how many pairs of shoes i have =P

later pack kitchen... women have another passion... it's called tupperware LOL most homemakers will have AT LEAST ONE tupperware. my mother-in-law has every shape and size i think LOL i have some, also got lock lock boxes, japanese bento boxes, disposables etc. some of the more unusual items i have are these little bottles for sauces when i bring lunch to work and cake boxes when have birthday celebration n we can't finish the cake. i will tabao for people to bring home.

my butter curler and fancy whisk

shark skin wasabi grater which i bought in osaka then i realised that singapore doesn't sell fresh wasabi plant -.- i think the japanese eat every part of every fish so i believe this was humane-ly made (i hope)

my salad spinner!!! it's v v useful. not matter how dry you think your salad leaves are after you shake shake them in the colander, this gadget can SPIN out all the liquid...

i put in some strawberries (u can spin berries too)

then SPIN!!! (i opened the cover so you can see the basket spinning... you are supposed to close it la)

cloth for lunchboxes... don't know why i need so many also LOL everytime i go to japan, i will see nice ones n buy. the red n white, blue n white ones are gifts from japanese business associates.

my cute melody lunch box set with matching bag and chopsticks. the the smaller containers can be stored in the larger ones.

my amagurichan (amai means sweet, kuri is chestnut or kao luck, chan is a term for addressing kids) cooler bag

flask for chilled sake with hole for ice. i have another one from hokkaido which is prettier but doesn't photograph as well (this one the indentation for ice is different colour ma)

chopstick rests from kyoto

my lazy susie

better go le, =P i have to:
pack and clean kitchen
clean study n kitchen glass - done
pack bomb shelter - done
suck windows
pack wardrobe
pack shoe cabinet - done
pack study - chris supposed to do since it's his territory
put up CNY decor

Monday, 29 December 2008

AAAAWWWWWW!!!!!! So Cute So Cute!!!

hahaha after seeing sonia sidhu in a bumble bee costume, i am so tempted to buy one for my nieces so i went on the net to search and found 3 that i really like... in the following order kekeke

Master Yoda

much potential, i sense in you! LOL

Princess Leia

Snow White

vote leh vote leh...

photos courtesy of

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!! Kungfu Panda Is Too Violent!

yesterday was the great reunion of my uni bible study group. everyone was there, all the husbands and kids. we even managed to get our ex-bible study leader Martha! ^^

it was pot bless (as opposed to pot luck cos christians believe everything we have is a blessing from God, not by luck) high tea. elizabeth brought delicious gourmet chicken n beef pies, era brought scones and biscotti, liming baked a shepherd's pie and alison made a pretty cake!

after i took a pic of alison's pretty cake, i didn't take any more pics cos i wanted to eat the cake... =P

and we realised that other than chris and jon, the rest of us are in the same profession ahahaha LOL

well, everytime i see their kids, i feel inspired to have kids too because they are so well-behaved, well-mannered and don't scream or wail. ok, someone did spill a cup of grape juice but it's ok la, she is so cute so i told them if they drink properly and don't spill again, i'd let them feed my fish kekeke... n they did cooperate so i gave each of them a tiny bit of fish feed and they threw the pellets into the pond =)

jon and liming's daughter danielle (last row behind chris) is such a cute princess... i put on kungfu panda for the kids and she got so scared and cried softly because she found it TOO VIOLENT!!!!
aaawwww.... so princess, so cute. daddy had to put her in a separate room to calm her down... hahaha... first time i heard kungfu panda is violent... but we realised that many cartoons are rather violent w tom n jerry at the top of the list LOL

and caleb (in front, the only boy la) told his mum he likes aunty ann cos aunty ann has colour on her cheeks and eyelids... hahaha... this boy has got good taste in women LOL

sarah (on my left) is the ever-sociable and lovable girl. she reached out her hands with a nicely-wrapped present and said v sweetly, "Aunty Ann, this is for you ^^" aaawww... so sweet... my heart really melted man...

and era and hardev's (hardev is sikh by birth christian by choice =D) baby girl sonia is super cute la! she changed into a bumble bee jumper with a hood... haha... so cute so cute... i must buy that for my nieces ^^

and i like the way era handles sonia... she is v garung one. they actually brought the 7-8 month old sonia to UK recently n i think they backpacked!!! *clap clap clap + salute* they bathed her in the wash basin cos the bath tub was too big *clap clap clap* and when she fell asleep at my place, era just placed her on my bed with bolsters all around, we turned on the air con then era came out to eat, drink n be merry! cool... if i ever have a kid, i want to be like era (minus the backpack part!)

tis good that everyone looks pretty much the same except that martha has lost some weight which she distributed to the rest of us. and of cos, chris didn't fail to give his Apple sales-talk and we've got one more convert LOL

then the girls showed their husbands my shoe cabinet and extended wardrobe and the guys were like -______________-|||

era to hardev: SEE! i don't have too many bags ok???!!!
hardev: -.-|||

but i think charis (caleb's sister) has a lot of potential... she brought her dolls and luggage-bag full of dolls' clothes... so girl... hahaha and i loved her pretty pink pearls ^^

aaahhh... so cute so cute... and everytime they come, they won't fail to leave behind something... the last time it was some doll's milk bottle, last night it was alison's watch LOL

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Extraordinary Laundry

boy and i thought hanging bedsheets on park benches is gross... wait til u see people hang out their CHICKEN to dry!!!!


CY showed me this on stomp... wa biang eh! buay tahan... how come got this kind of inconsiderate idiot one????

Friday, 26 December 2008

Mathematics Genius


Chris and I cracked up when we watched this!

Hairy and Pink

Talking about weird people... i suddenly rmb that day when i was on the train, i saw a lady in a pink outfit, pink bag and pink shoes then her makeup also v thick n v pink =P wa, i got a shock man... then i looked down and saw HWA! her legs are so hairy er... really v hairy like guys legs!!! n she wore v v short shorts and pink strappy heels!!! i was sitting opposite her and i can see v clearly all her leg hair!!! AAHH!!

*pats chest* xia si ren er!

Airing Laundry In Public

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk... some people r so gross! they wash their bedsheets until v clean then hang them on park benches to dry!!! =P i saw the aunty laying it out just now when i went to buy lunch then went home, took out my 18-200mm to zooooomm all the way... i almost caught her in the shot but think it's quite bad to shoot people doing gross things la...

don't they know that park benches are not clean??? especially the ones near my house which usually seats sweaty sticky smelly pubescent boys taking a break from their basketball game.. sometimes people sit there with their dogs too... how about bird droppings?? i even saw a condom packet at the foot of a park bench near fort canning once k... don't ask me how it ended up there... so gross man...

eee yer =P

Si Dor Bei Lei

That's how you say strawberry in Cantonese i think LOL. anyway, it's ichigo in Japanese

well, which country's strawberries are the sweetest and most value for money?? ling ling wrote a blog entry about korean strawberries and lamented that after she wrote about it, all the korean strawberries in NTUC were sold out! hahaha... so when i saw them in carrefour on tue, i quickly grabbed two punnets, one for me one for grace. korean strawberries are v sweet and since it's in season now, they're v affordable (as cheap as $3.95) unlike the pricey japanese ones at $20 per punnet -.- they can be found everywhere, even in dry "wet markets". forget about the ozzie n US ones la... no one eats them these days. so sour >.<

this morning while having breakfast, i was watching "Good Morning You Good" on Channel 8 and they featured korean strawberries!!! that's it liao la, all the aunties like my mother-in-law will go and buy... it will get sold out again -.-

oh, that photo was taken in perth... ah ya, i'm too lazy to take out my cam to shoot the korean ones k? LOL

Mind Your Language

I don't know about you but when i was young i really enjoyed watching the English TV series "Mind Your Language" and am thrilled to find them on YouTube!! ^^ it's about an English (as in England English) teacher with a class of students from all over the world who come to learn English as a second language. Their mispronunciations, misinterpretations and misuse of the English language really tickle me. here's a preview...

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Blessed Christmas ^^


That Charlie Zhang's son from little nyonya... i hope when he goes to the food centre to buy drinks and food, no one wants to sell to him!



This commercial is super cute!

Wesley Methodist Church: Carols by Candlelight

just a couple of hours ago was my church's annual carols by candlelight (open-air one... in the church plaza) and boy was it crowded. grace and i decided to chope seats at least one hour before. i went to chope first at 7pm (starts at 8pm) while grace, roger and youwen made their way and even then the seats i choped were almost at the back... there were many people choping seats... chope with bag la, service bulletin la, candle la whatever people could find they took out to chope... didn't see any packet tissue though LOL wa, two youth actually EACH choped one row (total of about 20 seats) for their friends... -.-

at 7:30pm pastor made an announcement...

pastor: MRT warning! Those of you employing Mass Reservation Tactics, at 7:55pm if your friends are still not here, the seats will be released!

so i was a little kancheong n smsed them

me: oei! are you all coming soon? got to give up seats at 7:55pm!

then haiz, grace let go my pigeon -.- she said she has a headache can't come and since she is not coming roger won't be coming too so end up only youwen and me -.- and i paiseh-ly removed my shopping bags from two of the chairs i choped...

youwen: eh, open-air neh... what if it rains??
me: oh, according to grace, it has NEVER rained during carols by candle-light... at most light drizzle or passing shower... and thank God, the weather is so nice and cool today ^^

halfway through Hark the Herald Angels Sing, i felt small droplets...

me: oei, is it me or do you feel raindrops too??
youwen: mmm... i feel it too...

but somehow... it didn't rain! God held back the rain throughout the entire service until the very last song "Christmas isn't Christmas" think it was the last chorus then sssshhhhh..... a v light refreshing drizzle for like 5 mins

pastor came on the mic again...

pastor: Thank God for the light drizzle... i means you guys have to go home now!

haha... he is v cute la

took some shots w my i-phone... sorry la, it was dark dark n i one hand hold candle, the other hand shoot... and the exposure time was like 2 secs -.- but trust me, it looked and felt much much nicer than what you see ^^

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

You've Got Mail

Nowadays when we're too busy or tired to read the mail, we get West to do it. He'd go through the mail v thoroughly...

Read the quarterly church magazine Tidings...

In return for a pat ^^ so cute ^^

Monday, 22 December 2008

AAAHHHH!!!! So cute so cute!!!

Last night when chris n i were watching Incredible Hulk on Apple TV, West leapt up onto the couch!!!!! so cute! we saw his head bobbing up and down from behind the ottoman but suddenly he zhioooppp! jumped up... then he sniff sniff here sniff sniff there and jumped up onto the head rest!!!! ah!!!! so cute! chris and i were so amused just watching him =)

then he jumped back down on the seat and then onto the floor and the Hulk ROARED!!! he was so scared he scurried off back to the enclosure... hahaha... took this w my phone... sorry West looks underexposed as he always does LOL

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bad News Everywhere

my friend CY always reads the papers and the other day he asked if we read about a piece of news and when we said, "no." he went, "you guys haven't been reading the papers!!!" haha

yeah, i don't normally like to read the papers, especially when i'm on leave... when i'm in the office, i'd flip through the papers but when i'm on leave, i won't purposely go and buy papers... i also don't subscribe to ST interactive... one of the reasons why i don't like reading the news is because i feel that today's news is tomorrow's history and i've never liked history... another reason is because the news we read are v often bad news... economy not doing well la, so and so killed so and so la... and not to mention, i feel singapore press is rather biased... hm...

just yesterday, chris bought TNP (chris likes reading TNP because of the soccer section), there was a piece of news about the capture of a psychotic serial rapist-killer who attacked 86 women... one of whom was stabbed in front of her son 49 times. another was dismembered and her 4 year old daughter also sexually assaulted and smothered dead. her husband came home from work and the scene that greet him was too shocking... the forensic department lady who took pictures of the scene was so badly affected she could not work anymore... so tragic... i read already hair also stand.

then last night's news on TV reported that more pets are being abandoned because of the recession... -.- the way i see it in orchard, in the restaurants etc... GOT RECESSION MEH????!!!!! @#%$ chris n i feel v sad... i mean, PETS ARE FAMILY... how can you say, got recession so don't want pets anymore one????!!!! there're ways to cope... you can cut down on luxury items like grooming, treats etc. instead of feeding your dog beef, maybe feed chicken lor. instead of feeding cat salmon, feed kunning la. i'm sure that's better than abandoning your pets... do you say, "o got recession, let's send the kids to orphanage la." no wat! *haiz* upset...

and peoples, christmas coming, pls hor, don't go and buy cute cute pets to give away as presents hor. it's not right. remember, young animals always look v cute. when they're old and no longer cute, will u still love them? and i hate it when people start buying bunnies during easter... then after that abandon them... makes my blood boil... these stupid idiotic tweets... sorry for my coarse language... i'm upset. these pet shops should exercise more caution when selling but of cos, since making profit is their priority, they don't give a shit about the poor animals one...

lemme digress a bit... that time chris n i were at a petshop buying food for our bunnies when we overheard a man choosing a cage for his rabbit. the shopowner recommended a large cage but he pointed to a PET CARRIER BOX and asked "can use that?" the shopowner said, "no no cannot. that's a carrier box!" and the man said, "the rabbit so small need such a big cage meh?" wa biang, if chris didn't stop me, i would have given the guy a piece of my mind. animals like humans need space. you wouldn't want to live in a room the size of a single bed right???? so pls la uncle, use your backside to think you will know you need a big cage for the bunny. in fact, bunnies should not be kept in a cage all the time because they have v soft paws (unlike cats and dogs who have padded paws) so the wire may cause sore hocks (painful paw condition for rabbits) if they have been subjecting their paws to pressure for a long period of time... pek cek pek cek...

so see la, read news, watch news, see only bad news make me so pek cek... don't read don't see better. in any case, if there's anything news-worthy, CY will surely blog about it or share during bible study one. LOL

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cheena Cheena

Ah... today is Dong Zhi, Winter Solstice =) Tis time to eat tang yuan!!! =D i like the ones with black sesame filling in peanut soup or almond soup ^^ no wonder past few days i'd been craving tang yuan... must be i subconsciously know winer solstice is near hehehe winter solstice falls on roughly 22 Dec...

And Chinese New Year next year is 26 Jan... v early hor? Basically, there is a window in which the CNY can occur, between 21 Jan and 21 Feb and every year, it moves back by 11 days (error: +, -1 day) the next year. If when you subtract 11 days it falls out of the window, then you don't subtract but ADD 19 days (error: +, -1 day)...

2008 CNY was on 7 Feb
subtract 11 days (+, -1) is about 26 Jan so 2009 CNY is 26 Jan
subtract 11 days is out of window le so instead, u add 19 days (+, -1) so it's about 14 Feb (wa, Valentine's day) agar agar there la... chris taught me one.

he read one of our uni lecturer's (Dr Helmer Aslaksen) papers which i find v v cheem but interesting. you can google his name and you will find lots of material about calendars, mathematics and astronomy.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Vroom Vroom!

Wa, today's driving lesson is much more fun la. drove around punggol (teacher says punggol is ulu not so many cars) then drove from punggol MRT to serangoon MRT nei! at times i was cruising at 40-60 km/h ^^ much better than the first two lessons in the circuit when i was travelling at 0-10, at most 20 km/h... zzzz...

oh, i just realised that when i drive friedrich, i'm bound to activate the wiper when signalling LOL

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Guten Tag

I have an announcement to make =)

no la, not pregnant la... siao ah...

chris ordered a new car (cos i can only drive auto when i pass ma... and our current car Akachan the Suzuki Swift is manual)... give you a hint about his nationality...

i named him Friedrich ^^

but chris wants to call him Ah Bug -_________-|||

so his full name is Friedrich Wong Ah Bug

(no la, not BMW la... siao ah...)

Iron Teeth II

i blogged about West being "Iron Teeth" (stubborn) and today, he was at it again...

whenever i want to vacuum the floor, i'd put them both into their individual carrier boxes for a while so that i can remove the hedge and clean up the area but west put up a big fight today. i felt tired before i even sucked their area -_______-|||

i tried coaxing him to go into the box but he ran round and round the pen. then he piggy-backed on claire who was taking a leak on the litter box. claire was like ????? then i managed to catch claire and put her in her box... i cornered west and tried again to coax him to go into the box by gently tapping his butt but he lept over it and ran to the other side. then he went n squat on the litter pan and when i tried to catch him he clawed the wire mesh and refused to budge -.- then he jumped off and ran round and round again... when i finally managed to catch him to put him in the carrier box, he opened his hind paws and placed them on the edge of the carrier box door and refused to go in... i turned him around and pushed his butt in and quickly locked the door

then he went and pee-ed inside the carrier box...

so iron teeth this son...


well, back to Mon again... i accompanied G to get her chi chi scented bottled ink for her fountain pen. young peoples these days are v rich. camera body better than mine nemind, bottled ink also so expensive and fancy. i thought my Namiki ink is expensive at $19 per bottle. the fancy Noodler ink she wants cost $30 a bottle and has fancy names like singapore sling la, vanda miss joaqium la etc etc... and i think they're scented. i rmb asking her whether the esplanade ink smells of durians and she went, "NO!!!???? -.-|||" LOL

then we admired the Namiki pens and she saw one that's really pretty, with a crane that's v v nicely painted... she pointed to it..

G: eh, see that one! wa v nice! the $1242 one...
me: it's $11, 242!!!
G: O.O oh... haha... so where's yours?
me: *pointed to an obscure corner in the lower shelf* neh!
G: haha, yours is put below one... LOL

ya lor... hahaha...

Burn In Hell

I just saw something (that CY wrote about on his blog) that made my blood boil.

There are two groups of people i REALLY ABHOR and wish will burn in hell:
1) those who abuse children
2) those who abuse animals

sorry, i know as a Christian i'm not supposed to wish this but i'm really v upset.

Cheong Here Cheong There

Wa... everytime Christmas approaches, i will cheong here cheong there... so many thing to do. buy materials la, make cards la, write cards la, send cards la, bake cookies, buy presents, wrap presents... te blah te blah... and i learnt something... don't go where everyone else will go to buy your stuff i.e. ORCHARD ROAD.

it was people mountain people sea, water no entry when i went with geraldine. and we were like, "WHERE GOT ECONOMIC CRISIS????!!!!! #$%@" it was a MONDAY afternoon and the streets were packed, the shopping mall was worse. and there were so many rich farts zipping around in HDB flats (the audis, BMWs, Lexus etc... ) basket *grumble grumble*

even the quite expensive royal copenhagen teahouse in takashimaya had a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG Queue... -.- earl grey tea for two with a chocolate explosion cake cost $30 and there was a queue LOL

then when we reached Art Friend, ALL the nice paper was sold out and there were only PEACH-coloured envelopes left -.-||| peach colour is so salah la... for my theme. my theme is maroon and champagne nei... the paper shelves had empty holes and we figured those must have been the envelopes... sheesh...

then on tue, i went to my neighbourhood Popular bookstore and found maroon paper, nicer maroon ribbons and envelopes
-.- see la, everyone must be thinking... do craft/art/cards? GO ART FRIEND!!!! yeah yeah -.- then ho say lor, everything sold out by the time they replenish, you'll be buying for chinese new year.

so yeah, Christmas avoid Orchard, CNY avoid Chinatown. Tis good advice. don't listen you'll regret.

i say only la, next year christmas comes i will still go orchard to squeeze one LOL

Monday, 15 December 2008


i missed my little nyonya AGAIN!!!!! two episodes today!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! i had piano lesson just now!!!!!! it's all the fault of chris' stupid DVD recorder. the stupid stupid stupid cheap DVD recorder that he bought is so stupid!!!!! it won't record if it is turned on. it will only record if it is OFF! and that day chris was watching the recording of the forensic science show and he didn't switch it off.

so i thought it was off but it was not off so the stupid #$%& DVD recorder didn't record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i so wanna take a hammer to whack that stupid DVD recorder...

*fuming mad*

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Tang Yuan and Yu Yuan are Different *sulk*

wa, today's weather is soooooo cold.... bbbbrrrrr..... so everyone at dinner was so super hungry that i didn't eat enough. dinner was at 7pm and by 9pm, i was hungry again =P

on the way home i kinda craved tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) with black sesame paste in peanut or almond soup but we were not near anywhere that sells it so the next best option was the frozen ones from supermarkets. so we braved the drizzle to get some from the Prime minimart near my place...

i ran my eyes across the frozen foodstuff and found the packets of tang yuan!!! wa!!! but.... red bean... red bean... red bean.... dig dig dig... red bean! red bean! red bean!!! RED BEAN!!!!! all red bean no black sesame!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


chris: (seeing me look deeply disappointed* so? where's your tang yuan?
me: *sulk* they only have red bean *sulk*
chris: hm... no choice lor...
me: *SULK*
chris: erm...? why not get some fishballs?
chris: both round round ma...



hm... the HK Gao-Sir forensic science show has ended =( now i will feel so empty on weekdays at 10pm... Dr Gu is so cute la

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Dong Dor Long Dong Qiang

Dong Dor Long Dong Qiang! CNY is coming again... zzz

the top 10 things i hate about CNY are:
1. people asking ME when i'm having a baby
2. people asking US when we're having a baby
3. people asking my mother-in-law when she's going to be a grandma
4. wasting time visiting relatives whose names i don't even know and who i see only once a year
5. giving ang bao to noisy irritating see gin nahs of relatives whose names i don't even know and who i see only once a year
6. being served soft drinks (i don't take soft drinks... just give me plain water)
7. dong dor long dong qiang music EVERYWHERE
8. expensive bah kwa
9. long Q for bah kwa
10. beauty pageant shows on TV

but there are things i love too:
1. reunion dinners with family
2. sleeping w mummy n in-laws' ang baos under my pillow
3. giving ang baos to my cute cute nieces and nephews and cute children of my good friends
4. mummy's cookies

Driving 101

hehehe... i am supposed to have my first driving lesson on 5 jan but someone cancelled the lesson last night so i took it =D and i realised driving can be totally exhausting, for a start at least...

i have not applied for my PDL so was confined to the circuit and the instructor, a fatherly man called T, made me do clockwise rounds for like a gazillion times. i'd clutch the steering wheel tightly with eyes O.O on the road, making sure my car stays in lane so he kept repeating, "relax, you're too tense! don't grip so tightly! relax! relax!"

then after an hour, i could not feel my left leg anymore cos i'm driving auto so the left leg ain't doin' anything and i was concentrating on the hands, the lanes, the accelerator n brake pedals that i forgot about my left leg. and i realised i have a bad habit of tilting my head up to look far ahead so the instructor gave me a cushion -.- i'm not short what! i think it's cos i tied my hair into a ponytail it kept jabbing the headrest... next time tie it lower down.

there was a pedestrian crossing in the circuit and i totally missed some pedestrians crossing it... just zoomed on...

T: you didn't stop for pedestrians!!!
me: oh? got pedestrians??? sorry didn't see
T: u must keep a lookout for them!
me: orh... er... are they calefares??
T: ???? hahaha... that's the first time i heard this... calefare pedestrians??? no, they're motorbike students -.-
me: oh???

i thought comfort delgro employs calefare pedestrians to got thing no thing walk here walk there ma... LOL

anw, when i got home, my whole body was aching like mad and i'm not looking forward to the next lesson =(

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Eat Well

Since i'm in the mood for Chinese, the Chinese have a healthy eating habit and that is:

Zao Can Chi De Bao
Wu Can Chi De Hao
Wan Can Chi De Shao

which means

breakfast eat full
lunch eat good
dinner eat less

see, doesn't sound so good in english. in Chinese it rhymes so well.

oh that day when i visited my bro n nieces, his indonesian domestic helper kept telling my nieces i'm their Gu3 Gu2


it's Gu1 Gu1 la... in Chinese if you say the words with the wrong intonation, it can sound v salah one nei.

Gu3 Gu2 and Gu1 Gu1 a lot of difference nei.

Bai3 Nian2 Hao3 He2

Oh, I learnt something interesting from Kyoto Headmaster-Designate (her surname got Ikenobo one so she must be the donno how many generation of the founder of Ikenobo ikebana).

you know lilies right? the Japanese name is Yuri and the Kanji is written as Bai3 He2. Bai in Chinese means hundred, He means unison so Yuri or Bai He means a hundred unisons. it's a very lomantik flower orh!

reminds me of the Chinese idiom Bai Nian Hao He which means "good unison for a hundred years", usually said as a blessing for newly-weds. somehow, it just doesn't sound so good in English. that's the beauty of the Chinese language. it's so compact yet so meaningful.


I really don't like yesterday's arrangement so i re-arranged it to be slanting. i like this better... imagine a gentle breeze blowing from the left. see already feel so at ease. with a cup of green tea, it will be even better =) btw, although the vase pattern is different, it's the same vase, just different sides.

oh, my cam is still w Canon... too lazy to go n get it back. it's near vivocity =P so far. so i have been using my laopok i-phone cam.

the main tools when doing ikebana are the hasami (scissors) and kenzan (pin holder). the hasami is not easy to control for newcomers and i am still trying to get the hang of it. as you can see, there is no grip hole unlike normal scissors. you rest it in your palm with one handle controlled by your thumb and the other by the rest of the four fingers. sometimes i cheat... to make it easier, i put my index finger between the handles to push it open but that's wrong. it's like holding chopsticks... to use it the right way needs practice. the kenzan is super heavy and the spooks are v sharp. the kanji (chinese characters... you know japanese language uses Han Zi, Chinese characters) is read Jian Shan in Chinese which means "Mountain of Swords"... the large one i have is 9cm in diameter and weighs more than 800g almost 1 kg. you wouldn't want to have to drop on your foot the wrong way round cos you'll be in pain, for a v long time. and usually people have different sizes for different-sized vases. i like the kenzan much more than floral oasis (the green sponge thingy) because for kenzan, when you change your mind, you can pull the stalk out n re-poke but for floral oasis, once you poke, there's a hole so u can't re-poke into the same hole anymore. the kenzan also allows more space for the stalk to breathe and water to enter so the flowers last longer on the kenzan then in an oasis.

Leapin' Lagomorphs

Lagomorph is another name for rabbits, just like your kangkong is also called water convolvulus. Lagomorphs are active at dawn n dusk so when i am on leave, i will leave their cage door open through the night so that West won't wake me at sunrise with his teeth kong-ing on the cage grilles cos he wants to come out to play. he'd go kong kong kong kong kong, kong kong kong kong kong >.<

Last night when I went to bed, my tea table was not like this... someone's been adventurous last night... i wonder who

Busy Busy

wa, today v busy man...

went for ikebana (japanese floral arrangement). the kyoto professor came over to teach so class was really crowded. there were people from nearby countries too who came specially because of him... and he speaks good ingurisu k?

why do i like ikebana? cos i think it's cool (other than the fact that it's japanese n i like jap stuff rmb?) and matches my house decor. professor says, in ikenobo (that's my school's name... ikebana got different men pai one) ikebana, there must be

contrast yet harmony, asymmetry yet balance...

so abstract hor?

and we achieve that through

points, lines, surfaces or/and masses


flowers, leaves, branches

for example, today the materials given were anthuriums (the red flower), coconut leaves (the lone yellow curve), white phoenix (the small white one at the bottom), palm leaves (u know how palm leaves look right -.-) and yellow roses... the anthurium can work as both a surface or a line depending on whether you want to highlight the petal or stem, the coconut leave is a line, the yellow roses can be points, the white phoenix at the bottom can be mass or point (many points become mass ma) and the palm leaves... that one ah... could be surface or lines...


and most importantly, the materials must have SPACE between them. not too much... just enough for each to have their own space yet compliment one another.

what i did here is called vertical jiyuka (freestyle) so there is more room for creativity and the rules are not so rigid. you can also do horizontal or slanted arrangements. when u do vertical, you're trying to project an image of growth in the plant, slanted ones project an image of movement, like wind blowing... horizontal one i don't know... strength? i have not tried horizontal yet. but my favourite is shoka, a more traditional arrangement... shoka is v minimalistic, simple and elegant... got a lot of rules one. the stem must be how long how long, must point here point there, face this direction that direction... but i like it. it's so simple yet so nice. then there is the regal rikka, which i am not good enough to learn yet... my teacher (a dentist) learnt for donkey years already k? i still have a long way to go er...

i don't quite like my arrangement today cos i don't really like palm leaves... i would have preferred monstiera leaves which professor used. that one's really nice.


then had leisurely lunch at Singapore Art Museum Olio Dome. the cream barley chicken pie tastes horrible don't order that. after that went for facial and full body massage...

so busy so busy!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Evil Characters

haiz... i HATE evil characters in shows. especially those really really super evil ones who always bully the good people...

last time there was this actor (don't know his real name) who acted as an evil guy called zhou da qiu... and he v suay... is my neighbour... so one day he took same lift as me i scolded him

me: ZHOU DA QIU!!!!
he: *stunned*
me: *diao him* ni hen huai! (u r v evil)
he: *stunned*
me: wo hen tao yan ni! (i hate you)
he: *forced smile* hehe thank you...

he won an award for best supporting actor for that role but he is v rude, didn't thank me in his thank you speech for my encouragement in the lift... up til now i still feel sore. i think he moved away already...

then got another guy Chen Jianfu... also acted as evil evil evil guy... do bad deeds including rape a girl... HWA! everyone hated him er.. when he was interviewed he said he went to market to buy drink aunty refused to sell to him... she shouted in cantonese, "em mai bei lei! (don't want sell to you)"

wa fierce hor? people should distinguish between reel life and real life ma... tsk tsk tsk some people ah...

that evil girl in little nyonya, her character name is zhen zhu... it means "real pig"... see her kiam pah face my blood boil...

Evil Evil Evil!!!

*fuming mad* evil evil evil!!! where got people so evil one!!!????!!!! the evil girl in little nyonya is evil to the core la!!!!! AAAHHH!!!! angry angry!!!... i hope i don't see her on the streets... i will surely scold her. and her irritating kiam pa face, hwa, she sure won't get a SINGLE endorsement cos NO ONE will buy the product she endorses... use already wait become evil like her...

GAH!!!! *blood boil*

ha, but never mind... the guy she likes will not like her... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! i think he will like yueniang or joanne peh... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Movie Review: Bolt (5.5*)

For animal lovers, Bolt will be a thoroughly enjoyable show. i strongly recommend it, especially for families... v heartwarming and entertaining ^^ a must-watch... =)

i won't say too much of the plot... go watch it k? it's really nice.

i am reminded of snippets of nemo and toy story in this show cos the story is about a deluded dog actor in an action series who thinks all his powers are for real, kinda like buzz lightyear in toy story, and his adventure-packed journey back to find his owner, kinda like nemo travelling back to find his dad or woody finding his way back to andy. there was this one scene in which the cat, Mittens, recalled how she was abandoned, that is strangely reminiscent of this scene in toy story 2 though not as poignant...

comic relief came in the form of an obese hamster, Rhino, who also thinks Bolt is for real and is his number one fan... together, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino traverse from one end of america to the other end to find Penny, Bolt's girl.

and yeah of cos, it's a happy ending ^^

oh, i would have given it 6* if they didn't keep the poor hamster in the ball all the time. that type of portrayal may mislead kiddos into thinking that they can keep a hamster in a ball... so minus half a star for cruelty to animal.


here's my dream car... BMW Z4... but i prefer it in black or navy blue... cannot afford la! that's why call DREAM car, understand?? if can afford won't be DREAM liao lo...

Saturday, 6 December 2008

AAAWWWWW.... So cute!!!!

AAAWWWW.... not say i want to say er... my nieces are sooooooo cute!!!! so cute so cute so cute!!!! but too bad i had to use my lao pok i-phone camera cos my canon is still being serviced...

Gwyneth with gugu

Kyrstin with gugu

ah... zuo yong you bao! ^^ krystin is the one with electrifying hair LOL

this one is a splitting image of my kor LOL

kyrstin looking stunned in between the two miffys i got from huis ten bosch (nagasaki, kyushu)

ah yer! so cute!!!



CY has D300
Geraldine bought D300
YD bought D3!!!! yes! D3!!! i didn't forget to type digits! it's DEE THREE!
Roy bought 5D MkII and smsed me, "5D MkII seriously RAWKS!"
MRT bought D700!!!!!


i. am. officially. the. person. with. the. most lao pok camera -.-

got economic crisis meh??? like don't have leh... everyone upgrading camera, shopping centre crowded, restaurants crowded... how come only chris n i feel got economic crisis???

and i can't even say to YD and MRT "u got the body! i got the legs!" cos their gitzo tripods... well, let's just say when my gitzo meets their gitzo it's "small house meet big house"... LOL

k lor, u got the body, u got the legs lor

but i got the ferragamos! HNG! *sulk and emo in one corner*

I Got A Signal!

AAAWWWW... so cute!!!! but i took this w my phone cam... so noisy and the focusing is so bad... i-phone cam sucks big time...

Tear Jerkers

WA!!! Thu's episode of little nyonya was SAD SAD SAD... super SAD!!! chris recorded it for me and i watched it on fri morning... within the first 5 mins i was angry liao... at the evil aunty who threw juxiang and her daughter off the ship into the sea... then juxiang almost got raped by japanese soldier!!! then yousuke died BOOHOO!!!! then juxiang died BBOOOOHHOOOHOOO! then the little girl dragged the dead bodies of her mum n dad on a straw mat WA.... heart ache heart ache...

one small mount of tissue (above, taken w phone camera cos sent my cam for servicing) and that's for ONE episode. when i watch korean weepie dramas during my leave periods, i can watch 6-8 hours continuously non-stop (only take toilet and snack break) then you can multiply that mount by the number of episodes... LOL chris will come home and ask suspiciously...

chris: er dear, you watch korean show again..
me: er... how you know??
chris: -.- *point to mountain of tissue* too kuazhang already! cry until like that!!!

there was one korean drama "Autumn Fairy-tale" which is super cham... u know, guy loves girl, girl loves guy but cannot be together cos girl got leukemia *can feel CY cringe LOL* then when the girl died WA!!! i cried until mucus all dripping eyes swollen... i walked to the study where chris was furiously engaged in battle, pushed open the glass door...

me: DDDDDDDDDEAR!!!! *sobs* ENXI... SI... LE!!!! *wailed*
chris: *stunned* who is enxi???
me: Enxi, the girl in the korean show!!!
chris: -__________-||| cry until like that! i thought your friend died!!!

and *sobs* i missed last night's episode of little nyonya cos i had BS... i thought i recorded it but am not too familiar with the new DVD recorder that chris bought so forgot to press something... AAAHHHH!!!!! BOOHOO!!!!

Itchy Fingers

I have always had mild eczema... although it was much worse when i was schooling and trailed off as i entered adulthood, every once in a while it will come back and haunt me. eczema is a skin condition which the doctor classifies as "no known cause" and when it flares up it is SUPER itchy... some say it's triggered by certain foods like seafood, nuts, soy etc. but it's really difficult to pinpoint which one...

scratching an eczema itch is like.... hm.... sinning. you know you're not supposed to do it but it's so tempting to scratch so you scratch scratch a bit then it feels so shiok you scratch and scratch and immediately after that you totally regret it when you see your bloody scaly skin and wish you hadn't done it... yeah... and living in singapore does not help cos it's hot and humid which makes you wanna scratch more...

can't wear short skirt til it recovers -.-

Thursday, 4 December 2008


just now over dinner...

me: wa dear, nowsaday v high tech neh. the test is computer touch screen one!
chris: pls don't tell me you tried to find the mouse LOL
me: er... worse...
chris: ??? hm?
me: i... brought... 2B pencil
chris: *jaw drop chopstick in the air* dear, you're so 80's...
me: u say i old fashioned... -.-
chris: no dear, you're a bian yuan shao nian k? ^^

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Book and E-learning Say...

past few days i have been commenting on chris' driving...

me: er dear, your hands wrong already... book and e-learning say you have to hold ten-to-two or quarter-to-three
chris: -.- *roll eyeballs*
me: *look out of window* wa, that taxi uncle is also not holding it correctly
chris: u got a lot of comments. no one holds it that way dear.
me: and mr bean... v bad... he change clothes in the car, hands not on steering wheel
chris: -.- that's a show dear...

me: wa, think i will be v scared to drive on expressway... so fast...
chris: then u drive on KPE lor... taiqi tunnel... suitable for u
me: -.-
chris: when u drive, u need to be aggressive
me: book and e-learning say give way and be polite
chris: -.-
me: why do i get the feeling you're teaching me all the wrong things...

I Passed Advanced Theory!! =D

hehehe... i passed my Advanced Theory of Driving liaoz (^^)V

as a product of the world-famous singapore educational system, i know the importance of being well-prepared so i read the book, went through all the modules in e-learning and did all 570 practice questions in the TYS i bought, then went through again those modules i wasn't too clear and all those questions i got wrong. then read through AGAIN those parts i am not so good at... like that how to fail??? LOL

wa! nowsaday they're v advanced neh... the test is computerised touch screen one wor! and i still brought two 2B pencils (two just in case the mechanical one doesn't work ma then still got old school one, and must make sure it's 2B k?) and soft eraser (must be SOFT) ROFLMAO!!!! heng no one saw er... wait they laugh at me, say i gudong LOL one of the pencils is the miffy pencil HJ gave me and before that i was still thinking i can tell him his pencil helped me to pass LOLLLLLLLLLLL

but hor, i cannot tahan the centre (at Ubi). the public toilet keng qian one! got one uncle perched outside to collect protection money yet there's NOOOOOOO toilet paper!!!!! they make you pay 10c and got the cheek to install TISSUE PAPER dispenser inside!!! -.- what kind of crap is this???? toilet paper is v v important for girls... i'm never going to that toilet again...

5 jan start first practical driving lesson. chris says he can't wait to sit in the passenger seat and comment on why i took this longer route la, why didn't take that route la... ju ju ju ju ju chatterbox in the car, and he wants to bring video cam to record my first mistakes
-____________-||| so "encouraging"

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I enjoy reading books by female writers about women and make it a point to read something when i am on long leave. i'd really cry (until got a lot of tissue kind) when i read them because the stories are v poignant... usually about how evil men abuse these helpless women and how they struggle to survive against all odds. sometimes i am reminded of my grandma when i read these stories... and i will hate men (yes, all men, colleagues, chris, kor... ALL) for a few days because i will go around thinking "Men are bad" but of course, i snap out of it after a while, thankfully.

some of my favourites are:

Wild Swans by Jung Chang (about three generations of Chinese women, spans the Cultural Revolution)
Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah (can't rmb story liao)
Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah (evil stepmother, useless father who didn't protect, te blah te blah)
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (about the lives of 4 American Chinese girls and their mothers who left their tragic pasts in China to come to USA)
Sold by Zana Muhsen (this one is super super super sad... real life story about two Yemeni sisters SOLD by their own dad and imprisoned in horrible marriages... suffered rape and abuse... the elder one managed to escape but the younger one is still trapped...)

i once stood at border's n tried reading The Rape Of Nanking but I could not carry on... it's just too depressing... i put the book down and never touched it again...

this week a bit busy... maybe next week go scout for something to read ba

New Piano Teacher

Heh heh heh ^^ i got a new piano teacher who is v good at hearing and chords for contemporary Christian worship songs (and whose sight-reading sucks too LOL) he came last night and taught me some interesting stuff ^^ good good... think i will learn a lot from him hehehe (^^)V

Monday, 1 December 2008



how to left hand play quavers right hand play triplets AT THE SAME TIME?????

arrrggghhhh.... i can only do that by splitting the stupid beat into 6 beats but that is stupidly slow...

aarrggghhh.... v pek cek...!

Movie Review: Body of Lies (4*)

We caught Body of Lies over the weekend and i found it quite engaging. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, the show is about an undercover CIA agent Leo in the Middle East who reports to Russell. Leo is the one who does the ground work and negotiations while Russell sits in his comfortable office in USA observing his every move, both with the same goal of capturing the most wanted terrorist whatever his name is. you see how the good guys try to outsmart the baddies and vice versa, the lies and deception, the plotting and planning, the persuasion tactics, the torture etc... it's definitely warfare although there weren't bullets flying around all the time.

very enlightening for a female civilian like me.

there was one scene when the terrorists captured Leo and almost tortured him... i couldn't bear to watch so i covered my face... chris told me after the show that he was rescued before they actually tortured him but i guess it was the anticipation of what was to come that frightened me... i cringed from the sounds that were made, not to mention watching it. the ang mo guy beside me also partially covered his face. v disturbing scene... not for the faint-hearted or pregnant ladies.

and people in such jobs can't really have family and loved ones... Leo is divorced... and there was this Middle Eastern girl (a nurse) who Leo liked v much but in the end, to protect her, he had to give her up and just watch her from afar through a window, because if the terrorists find out and catch her, they're going to torture and kill her... *sobs* so sad...

Actually, i liked Leo v much in "Titanic" (i know i know, v corny... ) because he looked really dashing... then in "Catch Me If You Can", he was a brilliant and handsome conman... conning women to sleep with him AND pay him for it LOL... but later he started acting in shows like "Gangs of New York" and "Blood Diamond" in which he is scruffy, dirty, oily, smelly then i didn't like him anymore. i don't like dirty guys =P

but in this show, although he was also v dirty and scruffy and has visibly aged a lot since Titanic (don't know if it's the make-up or he REALLY aged), i found his acting v good and was v impressed...

a good movie to catch but if you're timid like me, close your eyes and cover your ears in the scene when Leo was captured by the terrorists and placed in an interrogation cell... don't say i never warn you.

oh, Russell Crowe is so fat la... haha

Pot Calling Kettle Black

in the following account, my bestest friend grace is the pot and i am the kettle...

we were watching TV together on fri when grace suddenly asked..

grace: eh, after you get your license, when chris is not around will you call me n say, "grace! i langgah!!" LOL
me: -.- no offence but i'd rather call roger (grace's husband)...


Friday, 28 November 2008

Sigh-Way Code


wa biang... i read the advanced driving theory book read 30 pages zonked off TWICE -.- it's like reading fund supermart or smart investor (chris' fav mags which i read if i have insomnia)

super boring la...

i can watch korean drama for 6 hours, read one whole cookbook at one sitting or read a girlie novel continuously for 3 days and never fall asleep...

this one... read few pages only i zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

what 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear la

ah yo, i'm taking auto why must i still learn the this gear that gear la... and clutch this clutch that... engage clutch disengage clutch -.- super buay tahan-ly boring

turn left got step abcde la -.-

turn right also got step abcde

and now they give all sorts of help:

ten years' series la
e-learning la
tutorial la
mock exam la


pattern more than badminton.

i really feel v sian... since i took the auto scholarship, there is no chanel bag so the motivation is v v low. the only impetus are:

1) when chris is overseas, i won't gong gong-ly take taxi while the car is parked in the car park
2) when my nieces grow up, i can bring them out
3) can visit my mum n grandma more
4) can bring my mum n mum-in-law out (not together)

if got the following, i'd be more interested/motivated:
1) they do a DVD and get a handsome korean or jap actor such as Takeshi Kaneshiro to teach. i confirm will watch it more than once
2) offer takashimaya vouchers for passing (1st time: $100, 2nd time: $80, 3rd time: $50)

last time chris wanted to make me swim length (i always only swim breadth cos i'm scared) he enticed me w Fendi bag. he said swim 4 laps got fendi bag. i CHEONG AH!!!!!!!! then yay! won my first fendi bag LOL

now no chanel bag leh... where got motivation? ... hi dear ^^ her... her... her... =D ^^ =)

zzz... i go do laundry first.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Japan Hotels Review

Hotel Review: Osaka Granvia 5*

I strongly recommend Granvia hotels in Japan as they’re always v conveniently located near the stations (Osaka and Kyoto Granvia are connected to the stations) and they have a comprehensive range of amenities. Besides the usual, Granvia Osaka also had cotton pad, cotton bud cum ear picker, body wash cloth and facial cleanser. What really impressed me was the face steamer in the room!! Ya, no kidding, they really had a face steamer for ladies… cool ^^

Breakfast was a choice of buffet at the café or Japanese at the Japanese restaurant. Usually the buffet will also have a section of Japanese food like porridge, miso soup and condiments which I like but Chris prefers the ang mo stuff like bread and cereal so we’ll normally go for buffet.

Free internet, cable TV and pay TV available. Got heated toilet seat ^^ chris thinks I expect too much but but but heated toilet seat is v important during autumn and summer neh!!! He pees standing up and shits after me so of cos it doesn’t matter to him la! Imagine waking up in the middle of the night or early morning to pee then you sit on the icy cold seat!!! GAH!!!!! But if it’s warm, you’d go AAaaaahhhhhh…. ^^

oh but some hotels are v giam siap they never switch on one neh. you've gotta switch it on yourself. if you can read chinese, you can agar agar figure out la.

Ryokan Review: Iwaso Miyajima 4*

Location-wise in Autumn, this ryokan beats the rest FLAT! But I felt the dinner and breakfast were not spectacular and the hotspring was quite normal too =P

Internet… what internet??? TV??? Don’t lah! Go cheong the onsen and admire momijidani la. You paid so much for the location you want to lock yourself in the room meh???!!!

Got heated toilet seat ^^

Hotel Review: Miyako Hakata 4.5*

If you can’t get the Granvia hotels, Miyako is what u can consider. Miyako hotels are also always situated near the major stations. Miyako Hakata, 2 mins walk from Hakata station, had a good range of amenites too like facial cleanser, cotton pad, cotton buds and bubble bath satchets in addition to the usual.

Breakfast is a choice of 3 restaurants. We tried the one at level 12 because the view is nicer but the buffet is very no frills, simple ordinary stuff. But they had one saving grace… they served Earl Grey tea with lemon in Noritake fine bone china teacups ^^ ok, add 0.5 star.

Free internet, cable TV and pay TV available. Got heated toilet seat ^^ but the thing about Kyushu hotels is that they dub all the TV programmes into Jap. I saw BBC channel on the TV menu and exclaimed, “Haha! At least something we can watch!!!” then when I switched to the channel -.- they dubbed it into jap… BBC… they also dub… bu hui ba! *slap forehead* in Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, there were at least English programmes neh…

Hotel Review: Kagoshima Taisei Annex 3*

This hotel is about 5 mins walk from Kagoshima-Chuo Shinkansen station which makes it very convenient but don’t expect too much in terms of amenities. Just the usual. However, there is a public hotspring bath for males. The staff totally don’t speak English.

Hotel Review: Hakata Centraza Hotel 4*
We were hoping to stay all three nights in Hakata in Miyako but dang! The second night Miyako was full so JTB put us in this hotel, which they CLAIMED is in the same category. It’s obviously a notch below lor. Firstly, no internet in the room so fail liao -.- then the amenities also suck la. Only one packet of two pieces of cotton pad -.- I need FOUR. Two for eye make-up remover, one for toner, and one for toner the next morning. At least Miyako gives 4. Then got no facial cleanser.
But the upside is it’s CONNECTED to the station via underpass (exit 14) whereas for Miyako, you have to cross the road after getting out of Exit 15. We’d gladly cross the road for internet and better amenities man.

Hotel Review: Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch 4*
This is about the same category as Centraza. At $300+ a night, I’d say it’s v expensive given it’s LACK of amenities. No cotton pad, no facial cleanser, make us face car park. I don’t mind paying if they give me a room with a nice view lor. Then the stupid breakfast buffet Q is super long… think their restaurant is too small for the number of guests. So we ended up eating Japo breakfast which is fine by me cos I love japo giam chai. They served rice with 10 different kinds of giam chai and fish, soup and toasted seaweed, and green tea. I ate almost everything… ^^ so nice la. Especially the Japanese plum ume, wa, my favourite er. But poor chris only ate rice and fish and looked suspiciously at all the condiments without really touching them LOL

So our verdict? Go for Granvia. It will always be our first choice. If Granvia is not available, then Miyako is fine. The rest, Chris says no internet = fail LOL

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Japan Nov 2008 Day 7: Sasebo (Nagasaki)

20 mins from Huis Ten Bosch on the Nagasaki Sealiner train is Sasebo where you can get on the Pearl Queen Cruise around Kujukushima. Ku in Japanese means 9, ju means 10, shima means island so kujukushima means 99 islands. Actually there are 208 islands but last time they lost count of the number of islands in that region and hence used 99 to represent the uncountability. Then a system was deviced to “classify” a piece of mass/rock as an island. Firstly, it has to be visible during high tide, secondly, there must be vegetation.

The landscape is quite awesome and since the weather was great and not misty, we could see every island clearly. I didn’t upload many pics cos I think my pics don’t really do justice to the beauty of this place… I need a 10-22 or 14mm -.- Wait for Chris to upload the video k?

Tonight is our last night in Japan =( and so it’s back to Hakata for some dinner and shopping at Daimaru =(

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Japan Nov 2008 Day 6: Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki)

An hour and a half from Hakata is Huis Ten Bosch, a Holland-styled resort which looks fabulous at night in Nov and Dec (because of Christmas ma). They all Japanese like ang mo things one... LOL

The station reminds me of Malacca… I donno why LOL

The top picture is ANA JR Huis Ten Bosch Hotel which we WISHED we stayed at -.- if you get the rooms facing the right direction, you’ll have wonderful view of the village and the sea ^^

The whole place is a complete replica of Holland (i assume... i have never been to Europe) with Dutch street names, canals, ferries, windmills all that... we felt like we were in Europe except we were in Japan LOL not bad leh... no need to travel so far can feel like in Europe.

The staff at Huis Ten Bosch speak some English... er... but not very well k... the baggage girl (in Japan, there are "bellgirls") wrote my name as "Dear Ann" cos on the email print-out it was written as "Dear Ann" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

and hor, you better pee properly hor! wait police catch you er!

Although the shows are mainly for kids, we found some of them rather enjoyable, especially the House of M.C. Escher, which features the works of the genius Escher using 3-D computer graphics... As a Math student, I find it very cool... We also learnt from our visit to the Teddy Bear Museum that the name “Teddy” is to commemorate Theodore Roosevelt (whose nickname was Teddy)… cool. Since it was a weekend, the entire Nagasaki came here, young and old, families and all.

Family bicycles are available for rent… (papa, mama and two kids, usually one boy one girl... both super cute... standard Jap family)

people come here to get married… this couple is pushing their page boy and flower girl... totemo kawaii desu

te blah te blah la…

We strongly suggest making a seat reservation on the train way in advance (like a few days) cos we didn’t and had to stand for a while til the masses alighted at Saga, another touristy spot. We also recommend staying at ANA hotel, Hotel Amsterdam or Hotel Europe. ANA hotel is outside the resort while the latter two are inside. One-day passports to enter the resort (incl. of entry to main facilities) cost JPY5000+ and if you stay at one of the Huis Ten Bosch hotels, you’re allowed to extend the pass for another day. Just ask the hotel for a re-entry pass when you check-out. We stayed at Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch. It’s a bit CMI… no internet =P and they put us in a room facing the carpark... -.- basket

In the months of Nov 2008 – Feb 2009, the entire resort is bathed in magnificent illumination and there’s a 5-min fireworks display every night at 8:45pm but GAH, the location of the bursts is so unpredictable so I did not get a single decent shot of the fireworks -.-

The light-up at 5:50pm in front of the Glass Museum

Hotel Europe

Route to Palace Huis Ten Bosch (modelled after the palace of the Queen of Holland)

Starlight walk at Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Oh oh oh… we had lunch at Chocolate House in Huis Ten Bosch and the Curry rice is v good ^^ the hot chocolate…WAAAA!!!!! Is REALLY chocolatey ^^ every mouthful I sipped made me think of my cute colleague CC and how she’ll love it too so I bought her a box of sweet chocolate, hope she likes it ^^