Thursday, 31 January 2008

Film And Taxis

Golly... nowadays taking taxi is like shooting film... got to think think think, deliberate, consider then stretch out arm... cos it's so expensive!


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

We Live In Singapura



Wa, Mr T is selling his bronica w this lens that lens for $7k!!!!! he says that's half price... sheesh.... that means ori price is $14K @.@

$7k... i can buy ALMOST two Chanel bags nei... LOL

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Golly... our server crashed.... and all my pics r in there... die... hope chris can revive it... he put the hard disk in the freezer nei... he can't eat can't sleep, like loved one died like that... LOL

Jia you, dear! *wave pom pom* Wo yong yuan zhi chi ni!

Eye-ing i phone

*fling arms in the air* TIAN LI HE ZAI!!!!!!

Roy has i-phone and he said, "might i add, not just one"

I also want *pout*

Pian Xin

My charcoal drawing teacher Raphael is pian xin... he will walk around n help my classmates then when he reached me he U-turn go to other people...

last night the whole time i was just shading shading on my own... don't quite like charcoal drawing... prefer oil-painting... after this will take oil painting...

*grumble grumble*

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Men Are From Mars...

Just now on our way home i asked chris to drop by the shopping mall near our place...

me: i need to get toner.
chris: ha? why u want to buy toner?
me: -.- IT'S NOT TONER FOR PRINTER!!!!! IT'S TONER FOR MY FACE! *roll eyeballs*
chris: >.> oh..? say properly ma...

diao -.-
diao -.-
diao -.-


Wa, my neighbour has a v cute terrier... met them in the lift just now... lick my toes, lick my calves, jump on my calf, lick my knees... lick lick lick lick lick until so shuang...

so cute ^^

Like A Virgin

[Madonna's song in the background: like a virgin.... Ahw... touched for the very first a]

roy was playing around w the 5D my cousin lent me n he wanted to mount the flash when he...

roy: *gasp!* ann, i just realised... it's a VIRGIN!!!
me: oooh... golly...
roy: how ha? will he mind?
*both of us stared at the glossy black black hot shoe... hesitate*
me: hm... think should be can la... he lent me his flash too...
roy: sure ha?
me: yeah...

so he cliak on the flash and i screamed for effect... LOL

of cos, he gave me the you-are-gross look

*slap thigh* i am so naughty...

Food (Er... actually water) Review: Fiji Water 5*

Lately I have been drinking Fiji Water a lot cos I find it has a v light, v clean taste but no lingering after taste... i drink half a bottle every morning before my daily hiroshima...

How good is Fiji Water? well, their tag line is "Untouched by Man"... until you drink it that is.... that's how pure it is.... cool, i like.

chris thinks it's just a gimmick and he could bottle tap water n market it as atas water n no one could tell the diff.... well, there was a blind test conducted by some water n food connoiseurs. they were asked to drink water in 5 glasses and they all happened to pick Fiji water as their fav.... almost all picked NEWATER as least fav (i'm not surprised...) LOL

$2.80 per 1000ml from Cold Storage

Japanese vs. Korean Strawberries

We all know Japanese strawberries are exorbitant... the cheaper supermarket types that i eat in japan are about JPY700 ($10) per punnet which is still quite reasonable.... but there are the JPY 120,000 ($160-170) for 20 too.... siao...

so that day grace called me and chirped excitedly,

g: eh ann, jap strawberries are in season... we're going to isetan to buy!
me: oh? good good. help me buy 1 punnet

when it came, i almost had a heart attack.... $27.50 for ONE punnet!!!!! TAKAI!!!!!!! that's like $2 each!!!!! i felt it too decadent to enjoy it myself so i brought it to my in-laws' place and shared it w family... our ah ma, got good taste... she said v sweet v nice...

then on wed i saw korean strawberries at the minimart downstairs at $9.90 per punnet n i was like, "wa! cheap!" so i grabbed one, inspected it and paid at the counter. the girl looked at the price tag, beo me, then looked at the price tag again....

girl: er... jiu kuai jiu...
me: ya
girl: wa, hen gui hor?
me: ke shi hen tian... wu you suo zhi ^^
girl: ha? hen tian ah?
me: mm.... ri ben de gen gui nei! $27!
girl: ha?

rog n i concluded that the korean ones are just as sweet and much better value for money (at almost one third the price) but grace still prefers the atas jap ones. chris? he is happy with his water melon or rock melon! LOL

A Night At The Opera

Last night i watched Verdi's La Traviata w my goodest bestest friend Jiahui... had expected it to be more tragic and even brought tissue but didn't cry buckets... sheesh... i guess it didn't really tug at our heart strings cos we didnt feel the couple had chemistry.... loved the music though... listening to sops hit the ultra high notes and do their impossible vocal gymnastics really gives me the kick.... their voices are like instruments... want wat note also can.... ultra cool....

but i am not going to give a synopsis n review about the opera... that, u can google and read yourself =P

my walk through the underpass to the esplanade was scary.... there were pockets of teenagers wasting away their precious lives and smoking away.... so disgusting, the walkway smelled of cigarettes... n i didn't dare diao them cos scared they beat me up... but there was an exhibition of pinhole photography featuring the works of a swiss photographer which i felt was an acquired taste =P

We had pasta at Al Dente but wat really impeded our enjoyment of the smoked salmon bruschetta, wild mushroom soup and lobster spaghetti was the stupid bar nearby playing BOM BOM BOM music... their bass was like so super strong that we felt the entire restaurant vibrating and i got a migraine from that... -.-

but CHOCOLATE cures all diseases ^^ yes, we shared a haagen daz BELGIAN CHOCOLATE ice cream.... AH! chocolate is the love of my life.... and the whipped cream... thick and rich.... mmmm...aaaaahhh!!!.... i felt my migraine melt away ^^

so we got seated.... wa... some people really show PDA (public displays of affection) and we stared but pretended to look like we were not staring (girls have that ability)... the guy was standing during scene change and his partner stroked and massaged his inner thigh.... during the show, his partner was grabbing his arm lovingly... o, did i forget to mention his partner is ANOTHER GUY????? ya, that's why we stared ma... diao... so jiahui n i were like

-.- <---> -.- at each other

v busy... got to watch opera, read English subtitles n observe the couple... LOL

during interval, we gossiped about them...

me: so, are they?
jh: CONFIRMED.... so en ai...
me: =P
jh: but there were THREE of them...
me: ya lor, why three ha?

-.- <---> -.- *two light bulbs light up, one after another*

haha, really enjoyed the night out w my goodest bestest friend.... we dated each other to go shoot Hort Park for the Hort Park Photog competition, can win Nikon D80... and she's gonna teach me more PS... kekeke


Yes, the run was yesterday morning and I am only blogging now cos I was too tired yesterday to even lift the cover of Margaret...

So we all lined up at the start point and everyone before the run was like, "ah ya, walk la walk la..." but then PEH! the horn went off and you see people running for their lives... Golly.... talk about being competitive... I really cheong the first lap to stay in first position cos HJ n i strategised that it's easier to prevent people from overtaking than to try to overtake cos u r just going to get more n more tired and slower as u go along... but after the U-turn, I felt a bit of stomach cramp and slowed down then M. W. overtook me and I told myself just keep pace... Ling2, who was walking, shouted, "Ann! jia you!" ^^

last 300 m, S. A. H. overtook me.... I pushed myself n overtook her but did it too early cos i didn't realise there was another bend then when we were reaching finishing line, she cheong past me, i "basket" but got no energy left... stomach pain some more... HJ, who had finished the run, came beside me and paced me... "Ann kuai dian! yao dao liao!" i heaved, "any female behind me?" HJ, "no no, quick!" so I used my last ounce of energy left and AAHHH! cheong.... settled for third position... didn't even bother to look good for PPC, Tee and all perched there camera-ready.... so PPC took a v unflattering pic of me which i eyeballed him to delete... kekeke...

think i could have maintained first position if not for the fact that I was going to have code red (which is today... sheesh... that explains the stomach cramp) and i was too shagged out on Friday doing some recce stuff for the big shots... I walked n walked n walked for more than 2 hours, carrying my camera, 2 lens, flash and tripod.... they were depending on me to shoot pics.... anw, i don't want to talk about that... those were not great pics... just, "Ann Ann, take this part!" so i go there, click... "Ann Ann, here!" click.... my calves and ankles were aching so badly on Fri night because of the recce i was mentally prepared not to be in top 5.

but conrad came up to me after the run and said I was a motivation for the guys and gave them a run for their money cos he saw me in front of him and he told himself he DIE DIE also must overtake me otherwise the face donno where to put... imagine Mon going back to work and people saying, "wa, conrad, ann ran faster than u!" LOL so yeah, no wonder I saw so many guys zoom past me. Neo ran past me too... haha... HJ came in 5th position. he was right in front at the beginning but was overtaken by some guys... no one could outrun M. C. who was just doing a leisurely JOG... he is the type who can clear 2.4km at under 9 min and gets $400 every year for IPPT... Golly, so fit, so cool.

Little Neo told my dept, "Eh, later Ann go up to collect medal no need to cheer too loudly la." i -.- him... so my name was called and i ran there wearing my cool Dior shades n tried to look ACAP (as cool as possible), tried not to trip... threw flying kiss at cheering crowd and posed for PPC. kekeke... CC said, "we didn't cheer loudly for u." i know u did la, don't pretend =P

after that CC, Miss L, HJ and i went to have lunch and i felt so smelly, sticky and disgusting i sat on the floor of Miss L's car cos i didn't want to dirty her cutesy winnie the pooh seat covers... then CC had this fantastic idea to take bus home together so we waited... n waited.... n thought.... ey, how much will it cost if we share cab? tried to wait for cab.... no cab... then bus came and while CC was chirping away, i nodded and mumbled my monosyllabic responses... then it became just MM... AH... answers... cos i zzz liao... LOL

When i reached home, i really SCRUBBED myself from head to toe.... blow hair then slumped on the bed and zzzzzzzz........

What a tiring day but am glad i got a medal! ^^

Friday, 25 January 2008


AAHH!!! I want to cry le!!! I tio egg shell again TODAY!!!!


that's two days in a row


Thursday, 24 January 2008

Odiferous Smell That Permeates The Heavens

Chou Qi Xun Tian in Chinese means odiferous smell that permeates the heavens what am i talking about?

The King of fruits - DURIAN. How can something that smells so bad actually taste good?

Today on my way home in the air con bus, some inconsiderate person brought up the stinko fruit and i was so irritated... *pinch nose* argghhh!

I mean, the smell is so pungent... when people eat durians, they have bad breath, their fingers smell really bad....and the worst must be durian in the fridge... EVERYTHING gets defiled and u end up with durian-flavoured everything, from butter to water -.-

chris is not allowed to bring durians into the house n not allowed anywhere within arm-length radius of me if he eats durians.

maybe one day they will find that durians are poisonous like pong pong. i'm sure it is toxic in some way.... people just have not discovered it...

"Gift" From Above

Talking about being especially suay... most people have never had the experience of getting unwanted "gift" from above.... what i mean is bird poop.... yeah, i tio before -.-

i was in JC then and i remember it was Chinese paper so i was sitting on the stone stool eating my bread and reading my shee shee sha sha cheng yu when suddenly, priak! i tio bird poop on my forehead, glasses, bread and corner of mouth...


obviously i threw the bread away... my first reaction was, "Wa biang, such ominous sign... tsk tsk tsk..." but thank God, it didn't affect my grades LOL

but chris reckons i am "lucky" cos he says the probability of being hit by bird poop is v v v v v small


thanks dear, u r always v encouraging...

Eggspecially Suay

This morning I had nasi Lemak for breakfast. There was a fried egg and Arghhh..... there was a piece of egg shell in it.... don't you HATE biting into egg shell? the kkrrr.... is v irritating.... some of u know i LURVE egg... egg steamed, half boiled, scrambled, omelette, sunny-side up, fried, deep fried (even raw if it's used as a dip for sukiyaki beef) k, except for the exotic one with the embryo inside =P

i have lost count of the number of times i tio egg shells...

eat omelette... kkrrr... tio
eat scrambled egg... kkrrr... tio
eat fried egg... kkrrr... tio
eat cake... kkrrr... also can tio


*fling arms into air* WHY WHY WHY????? do i always tio egg shell???????????

*grumble grumble*

I LURVE eggs but eggs don't love me... feel so rejected...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Aw Loo Loo

Aw Loo Loo in Hokkien means v v black...

I went for my first charcoal drawing class with Grace on Mon and boy... was it dirty =P

My teacher is called Raphael (v atas name hor? v arty farty.... suits him cos he's v artistic! kekeke) and he started off by introducing us to the materials.... chunky charcoal, willow charcoal, blenders, kneading eraser etc etc.... then he held the willow charcoal with thumb, index finger and middle finger and said, "this is how u hold the charcoal... now, draw a circle..."

kk.... go round n round.... check that circle is round....

"now, morph your circle into a square"

kk... fill out the corners... smoothen the edges...

"now, morph it into a chair"



k.... i stared at my square for a while and drew some avande garde chair and he commented, "nice chair!" ^^

at this point, grace arrived LATE and she looked around, "who's the teacher?" i pointed to Raphael and she whispered, "Ha? the botak one ah?" -.- i wished instantly that i didn't know her.... shot her a dagger stare... she covered mouth and giggled like a little girl... i rolled eyeballs.... Golly...

Then Raphael continued talking into thin air...

"now, fill the page.... fill it w anything!"


-.- -.-

basket, i drew my circle too high up (want save paper ma... one piece $3+) so my chair is too high up... i stared at my paper for the longest time....
-________-||| sheesh what should i draw.... then Raphael exclaimed,

"just fill the page! does it have to be something recognisable???"

ok.... *peep at classmates* ha? someone drew a large EYE beside the chair.... ooohhh... ok, absract... v picasso.... lemme see.... since i was so inspired by the moon the night before, i decided to draw the moon BESIDE my chair...

"whatever i don't say u can't use, u can use! if u don't like what u see, just ERASE!"

tsk.... don't early early say.... kk so i took eraser and erased my chair n moon and rotated the paper landscape then started drawing a proper moon n a field...

"from what u draw, i can see your personality!!!! i already see a free spirited one and a structured one! the operative word here is "PLAY!" just feel free to play with the materials!"

so i continued drawing my moon in the sky... i took the chunky charcoal and generously HWA HWA HWA! colour colour on my paper make it dark dark like sky...

*walk towards me* "when u do such violent actions, it is good not to breathe in" that advice came too late cos the next day when i or pee sai, it was all aw loo loo... LOL

hahaha.... n i used ALL my 5 fingers to blend the colours.... then drew a field and a barren tree.... Golly, my fingers were so black and i so regretted shampooing my hair before class cos the charcoal dust was flying all over the place. i almost wanted to ask Raphael "is that why u cut botak?" but heng ah *pats chest* i last min retracted my question! LOL

anw, the second half of the lesson was more structured.... we had to draw 3 boxes which Raphael placed randomly on a table with a black cloth over it. everyone had different perspectives so all our drawings will be different (basket, like that cannot copy) and boy was it really difficult to draw them to the exact proportions... got to measure by stretching out your charcoal, close one eye, agar agar then transfer onto paper.... sheesh.... photography close one eye, drawing also close one eye.... one day going to have TUA SUEY BAK (one big one small eye) so better photography close left eye, drawing close right eye... at least balance out....

Raphael seemed rather impressed with my boxes, he commented, "not too bad not too bad.... did you take Art before?"

does interior design count?

hee.... looking forward to my next lesson ^^ so fun so fun

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Isn't this the cutest???

Monday, 21 January 2008

400D Toy

Golly, after using the 5D... i went back to touch my 400D and


*lift weight motion*


feels like a toy

Diao -.-

Jin Xiao Yi Ke Zhi Qian Jin

Wa! Tonight the moon is soooooo.... big, so round and so bright!!! so i went to shoot with the 5D and fisheye and 70-300 IS... don't think the pics were great though... now too tired le... upload on Tue ba, if they're decent =P

And yes, the moon is round... just now someone pissed me off during lunch (u know who u r)... even after i zhing! turn out my porcupine spikes... u didn't give a hoot.... still dare ignore me.... u really pissed me off.

and tomorrow 7 early 8 early i need to scold people.... cos some people don't know how to follow simple instructions... sheesh. just their luck they have to tio scold the day after full moon.... ROAR! i shall unleash my full moon wrath!!!! ROAR!

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Question: What's better than a pair of pretty shoes?

Answer: A pair of pretty shoes, with Nike Air technology ^^

Cole Haan... I like

Playing The Zither To Cows

Dui Niu Tan Qin is a well-known Chinese proverb which means "playing the zither to cows" often used to describe what one feels when sharing something exciting or interesting to people who don't know how to appreciate it the same way you do.

Let me give you an example...

ann: Haha! Have u guys checked out the latest Macbook Air??????? it's chao cool!
HJ, TF: *bewildered look* ha?
CC: oh, sam mentioned... macbook air...
them: *continue being fascinated with their lunch*
me: *animatedly* it's got the same functions as i pod touch!!!! if you want to scroll through pics, just flick finger on touchpad *wave index finger in the air* and if want to zoom in zoom out, just pinch in pinch out!!!!! *demo* HWA!!!!!!! cool sia!!!!
them: *unimpressed*
me: it's super cool! it's so thin it can fit into an A4 envelope!!!!
HJ: *raise eyebrows* ha?! ...
CC/TF (can't rmb): but got a lot of small small lap top also can fit into envelope ma...
me: AUNTY! *fling arms into the air* it's got full-sized keyboard and 13.3. inch screen nei!
them: *no response, absolutely no show of excitement, zilch, zero, continue to be interested in their cai fan* sorry, we don't know how to appreciate
me: chris n i were watching steve jobs' presentation and we were like cheering and clapping at certain points
them: ...
CC: er... pass me the chocolate... i got no right to be excited... (her boyfriend just bought a new laptop)
me: *exasperated* jian zhi shi dui niu tan qin!!!!! -.- i must blog about this

Friday, 18 January 2008


Mr T JUST BOUGHT D300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's the one i fell in love with in Japan... (well, the fact that takuya kimura was holding it helped greatly)

*pluck petals from flower* Nikon, Canon, Nikon, Canon....

*pull hair*


I just read the newspaper report about the lorries' collision at Pioneer road n 53 foreign workers were injured... I have always been v upset by the sight of pick-ups or lorries packed with foreign workers sitting on planks which are not properly secured. some of these lorries don't have shelters so if it's v sunny, they cover their faces with towels, if it rains, they hold a ground sheet over their heads. i am peeved because i feel they're not treated well... i agree with social worker Mr Jolovan Wham of Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (H.O.M.E) that buses will be better. Yes, at least buses provide better shelter and protection in the event of accidents.

We are humans, they are also humans... why do some Singaporeans treat foreign workers badly? i don't even want to talk about the case of maids... it just makes my blood boil. just because they're born in less affluent societies does not give us the right to treat them badly. Some of these Sinagporeans are high-flying professionals, yet the way they treat their domestic helpers speaks volumes of their LACK OF character and compassion. if your education does not reflect in the way u treat the less fortunate, then your parents have wasted money on you and you have wasted your time. In the olden days (i mean old old as in long long ago in china), a truly educated person is not just someone with loads of knowledge but also one of good character and with integrity and compassion.

I thank God i am born in Singapore and have the opportunity to pursue higher education, to do what i want with my life... but i pray that we, the blessed ones, if it is within our ability, will have the compassion to make the life of the less fortunate better. I am sure almost everyone has some form of contact with a foreign worker, be it in our own homes or relatives' homes... i personally make it a point to treat them with respect... I don't order, I say thank you, I talk to them. I can't help them all but if i can make the life of ONE better, i believe it means a lot to that ONE. it's like the starfish story...

a man saw a boy walking along the beach picking up scorched starfishes one by one and flinging them back into the sea. the beach was covered with hundreds of starfishes... the man said to the boy, "u can help one, but u can't help all. u won't be able to make a difference." the boy picked up one more starfish, flung it out into the waters and replied, "it made a difference to this one"

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Ringo in Japanese means Apple...

Apple TV 2

three words: I ALSO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sheesh.... I heard on the news that many people are buying rodent-like creatures to "welcome the new year" and hopefully to "bring them luck"

i HATE it when people do that.... animals' lives r precious and should not be treated like some toy... after they get sick of it, they abandon their pets (like after Ratatouille, many parents bought mice for their children and after a while, they get tired of the rodents n abandon them)

It's inhumane. It's sick.

I don't want to even think about what happens in rabbit and dog year...

Colours Exhibition

Haiz... I want to shoot:

1. Rainbow
2. Peacock
3. Geiko or maiko's back view walking down back alley in Gion, Kyoto, Japan.
4. Ladybird on green leaf
5. Chinese opera singer doing final touches of make-up (drawing eyebrow or finishing up lip stick will b good)
6. Getai singers
7. Volcano erupting with red hot lava kababom kababom spewing out, flowing down the sides

But but but

1. want rainbow means got rainbow meh?
2. peacock's r v dao de... chey
3. Er... i'd have to be in Kyoto but even then, geiko n maiko are like mount fuji, not say u want to see means get to see de
4. go where to find ladybird???
5. and 6. now not 7th month.... where to find getai n chinese opera....?
7. want to die ah?

tsk tsk tsk....

gotta think of what to shoot...


I am not talking about Johann Sebastian Bach's Air (on a G String)...

I am also not talking about Nike Air.

I am talking...

MACBOOK AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*grab head run around room like siao cha boh*

check out ad

and Steve Jobs' Keynote Address

two words: I WANT!!!!!!!

P.S.: Dear.... Valentine's Day is coming... Margaret is getting old le ^^

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Nice Landscaping ^^

Oooohh, recently my office has been undergoing some landscaping upgrading and I walked around to check it out just now... nice... ^^ there is bamboo, anthuriums, heliconias and baby ginger flowers... nice, i like ^^ ok, at least my BIG boss has some taste... haha

OK le ^^

Hi All, thanks for your concern. My right eye is ok le *blink blink* ^^

Today when i stepped into the office, my dept people are all so sweet n caring... they all asked after me n stared at my eye... but i'm ok le ^^ thanks

Monday, 14 January 2008

Infection Of The Eyelid O.-

O.- Golly... when i reached the clinic at 8:30am sharp (it opens at 8:30am), there were already many people... my number: 10. the number on display: 00 (that means doc not here yet)... sheesh...

read 8 days....

then got one see gin nah made so much noise... i don't get why those ngiao ngiao ngiao shoes r so popular... u know the type that lets out an irritating ngiao sound with EVERY step they take??? people here trying to read k? so i tried to concentrate on my tabloid n entertainment news in between ngiao ngiaos...

oooh... fann n christopher PDA...NGIAO! NGIAO!... wa, fiona is a lucky B.. NGIAO NGAIO NGIAO!!!


after a while, i felt drowsy so i put my head on my lap to rest.... zz...NGIAO!!!! NGIAO!!!! wake up.... zz..z NGIAO NGIAO NGIAO! look up... number on display: 5.


finally managed to see doc... infection of the eyelid... don't know how it happened... doc's diagnosis is always... you have this this that that but not sure how it happened. how convenient... anw, i didn expect it to be so serious that i have to take oral meds... 2 tablets 3 times a day nei... n put cream 4 times a day... sheesh.... smsed CC n she was like:

CC: so serious? so envy u... haha *cos i have MC*
me: diao O.- i gib u la... then u can bai kah + dua suey bak!



In the car to parents-in-law's place last evening..

me: er... dear.. later YOU tell your parents we going malacca on 1st day of CNY hor
chris: why me? i want to go on 2nd day after visitation on first day... YOU r the one who wants to escape visitation... YOU tell...
me: er... but they're YOUR parents... YOU tell better ma... more qin qie
chris: -.-
me: i tell my mum... you tell your parents... ya
chris: -______- u v convenient nei... more like your mum told u she is going overseas...
me: hee.... ^^

but i decided to test water first....

me: *scooping soup* er.... ma ma.... wo men xin nian yao chu guo...
ma: orh... bai wan nian hou chu gao ha?
me: er... mei you.... chu yi chu guo... *avoid eye contact*
ma: orh... *silence*
me: wo mama ye shi chu guo nei! ta shuo bu yong gen ta bai nian!
ma: ni mama hen modern hor... qu na li?
me: wo men qu malacca.... wo mama qu vietnam...
me: orh...

at the dinner table

chris: *pretend to concentrate on his chicken* new year we going overseas
ma: wo zhi dao... ann gen wo jiang le
dad: go where?
chris: malacca
dad: that time i asked u whether u want to go u said no!
chris: don't want la
dad: we go together la
me: *giggle*
chris: don't want la
dad: then i can bring u go n eat all the good nonya food!
chris: er... ann doesn eat
me: I DO!!!! i like peranakan food!
chris: -.- *can u be more cooperative??? i don't want to go holiday w my parents u tweet! shoot me "ni you mei you gao cuo" look*
me: wa, ayam buah keluak! yum yum!
chris: *exasperated*
me: *senses his exasperation* er... we're going w another couple, church friends la...
dad: oh... ok.

so... yea!!!!! we managed to tell both sides we wen be around for CNY lo!!!!! hahahaha!

IT challenged

Got dua suey bak still can blog de.... waiting for clinic to open... thought of going back to bed but i am not in the habit of wake up le go back to sleep.... maybe later ba...

last night chris was teaching his dad how to use a program to organise his photos and i could almost see blood spurt out from his seven orifices... i pretended to watch Alien vs Predator.... but was listening to their conversation the whole time...

dad: wa... so complicated... v pek cek...
dad: but i have so many photos... got to do one by one ah... so pek cek...
chris: *roll eye balls* (u take so many photos my fault ah?) can select ALL n drop at one go de!
dad: shift is it?
chris: u can shift or u can ctrl if u just want to select a few... click, crtl, click
dad: click, ctrl, click
chris: ya
dad: not use shift meh?
chris: *breathe out fumes* CAN! shift is select ALL, u use ctrl when u want to select only a few!
dad: so wat is the difference?
chris: diao... -______-||| *someone please stab me now.... proceeds to demo*
dad: but i want to select all.... can use shift?
chris: *ROAR* YES! *roll eyeballs*
dad: why the pics so small one, can't see...
chris: *roll eyeballs* -_______________________________-|||
that's the thumbnails! it's for u to see which pics u have used!

later in the car...

me: dear, u r v impatient w your dad nei... slowly teach ma
me: but your dad diff generation so not familiar ma... not everyone is like u
me: maybe next time u write prog for him.... he can will it to happen one... no need use hand... think only happen le... kekeke
chris: orh... then might as well, don't even need to think happen le! better....
me: LOL... u v bad.... u r a tech snob
chris: toot toot toot (censored) sian hua cha zai niu fen shang! to think i paid $250 for that prog.... so pu huey... he doesn know how to use technology want to use... ah... powerpoint la.... slideshow la.... jin gao chute pattern! then end up, i got to teach him until vomit blood nei!
me: oohhh... but slowly teach la.... *think about next time when i am old n ask my kid to teach me.... haiz... will he also be like that? call me niu fen? so sad...*

tsk tsk tsk... be nice to old people ma...

Dua Suey Bak... O.-

Dua Suey Bak in hokkien means "one eye big one eye small" normally it means pian xin but today, i will take the literal meaning...

GAH... woke up in the morning ready to go to work to meet new people then feel something wrong w my right eye. my right eye lid felt esp heavy n when i blinked, i felt the right eye closed first... so i blur blur... walked to mirror and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my right eyelid is swollen like a gold fish eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny thing is my eyeball is totally fine... not red or anything.... just the stupid eye lid... so now i have dua suey bak.... *grumble grumble* chris thinks it may be an insect bite... wa, the insect so shen tong guang da can fly into my room when i shut the door and window n switch on air con...

haiz.. so later gotta go see a doc just to check that it's fine... i hate to sabo my colleagues to cover my work for me.... so if it subsides, i will go to back to work... chris went -.-

chris: u r weird... got MC to take why u complain?
me: today is the first time i meet my new clients... it's so not nice to be absent....

indeed... i was in a dilemma.... to see them in my hideous state? or to be absent....? well, cannot have bad first impression right? seee doc ba... LOL

hm... n last night i prepared nutritious obento for lunch today. tuna n cheese sandwich w salad and grapefruit....

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Mmmm... Aaaahhh...

Hot Bath
Loccitane Foaming Milk

Aaahhh ^^

Jiang Hua Yu

Today in church during corporate prayer, i had to pray with an old lady n other lady A. when we were about to start praying, the cute old lady exclaimed,

OL: wo bu hui jiang ying yu!
me: o.O er... *die, my chinese is cmi!* wo men jiang hua yu la...
so i tried to pray through the prayer pointers in chinese...
me: *pause* ee ee aa aa... *sweat bullets*
-____-||| *run out of vocab*.... er... erm... AMEN!
lady A: *in spiak chinese* shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa....
me: O.O *wa, her chinese is spiak de nei*
lady A: shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa.... feng zhu ye su de sheng ming dao gao, a men!
me: *hey, that was what i wanted to say at the end but i forgot how to say it!*

so... diao.... my chinese is super cmi =P

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Draw Me Close

Sang this in church today... the You, refers to Jesus

Draw me close to You
Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear You say that I'm Your friend

You are my desire
No one else will do
'Cause nothing else could take Your place
To feel the warmth of Your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to You

You're all I want
You're all I've ever needed
You're all I want
Help me know You are near

Friday, 11 January 2008


Today I was feeling a little under the weather and almost puked out my chee cheong fun n siew mai breakfast so i left office at 12:30pm, came home, washed up n wanted to take a nap when i saw a big mess on my bed. previously, i kept telling chris not to let the rabbits onto the bed but sometimes they will climb on n claire, a teenager, is spraying urine everywhere to mark territory n west is still v young he will leak droppings although he is toilet trained for pee pee.

so i was about to plonk my body onto the bed when i saw bits of crumbled rabbit's droppings and rabbit litter on my side of the bed... I WAS SO UPSET... if u know me, u know NO ONE is allowed to touch my pillow other than myself... chris, it's v unhygienic. i will say this for the last time. KEEP THE RABBITS OFF THE BED.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged; take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy laden, cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge, take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do your friends despise, forsake you? Take it to the Lord in prayer!
In His arms He’ll take and shield you; you will find a solace there.

Blessed Savior, Thou hast promised Thou wilt all our burdens bear
May we ever, Lord, be bringing all to Thee in earnest prayer.
Soon in glory bright unclouded there will be no need for prayer
Rapture, praise and endless worship will be our sweet portion there.

Should I Close My Blog?

I have been thinking... should I close my blog... cos i have a feeling only 4 people read it regularly... G, CC, chris and myself...

so... should i close it?

Trust His Heart

I am leading worship tonight and I just feel like singing this song... it's one of my favourites...

Trust His Heart

All things work for our good
Though sometimes we don't see how they could
Struggles that break our hearts in two
Sometimes blind us to the truth

Our Father knows what's best for us
His ways are not our own
So when your pathway grows dim
And you just don't see Him
Remember, He's still on the throne

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When you don't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
Trust His heart

He sees the masterplan
And He holds our future in His hands
So don't live as those who have no hope
All our hope is found in Him

We see the present clearly
But He sees the first and the last
And like a tapestry He's weaving you and me
To someday be just like Him


He alone is faithful and true
He alone knows what is best for you


So when you don't understand
When you don't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
Trust His heart

Thursday, 10 January 2008


As I am typing this... I am sobbing... cos I felt v v sad just now...

Today, i watched a nice korean movie Le Grand Chef which the review said is a "comedy". whoever reviewed that either has no heart or is a complete idiot... it's actually a v touching show with some poignant bits... so when i was showering n thinking about it again, i cried in the shower... one scene which tore my heart into shreds was the scene when the guy, who was in a cooking competition, had to find the perfect cow for the cow-carving segment of the competition but he could not find one even after scouring the markets... but... he has a pet cow, whom he treats like his sister.... the scene when he sent his cow to be slaughtered, and she looked back at him and he sobbed.... i cried n cried... i needed to sob, but i was a little shy (don't want people around me to think i am too emo) so i control and didn't dare sob. it's v v sad... i can totally understand how the guy feels.... having to sacrifice your pet... it's like killing brownie to make stew... it's what i call heart wrenching... the cow teared too... when i saw the tears run down her cheeks, i felt my heart ache... when the chef was a young apprentice and could not bear to carve the cows they reared, his master would cane him and say, "do not become emotionally attached to your ingredients...".... that's v good advice... otherwise, when the time comes, you just can't let go... but u still have to do it... u have to take the knife, jab it in, cut it open... carve it... n every cut u make, cuts your heart deeper than anyone can ever imagine...


GAH!!!! Today i have a v important presentation and by Murphy's Law, "everything that can go wrong went WRONG"!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

firstly, my dinosaur of a laptop (HP tablet) took aeons to start up... then *nightmare of all* my screen could not show on the screen in the conference room... Fn F4, cannot, Fn F4 again... still cannot. must have pressed it like 1000 times!!! *pull hair* ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!! >.<|||

so i tried to change the graphic settings... got to right click but cos i panic le, i kept putting two fingers in my touchpad then press the left click (cos i use apple at home ma!!!!) then eh??? cannot.... then i WTH ARGGHHHHH!!!!!! so i made an announcement to apologise for technical glitch n i remember i was using a PC.... DIAO! -____-||| double diao -_____________-||| fix graphic display problem...

kk, Fn F4 again.... *keep fingers crossed* YEAH!!!! can le.... but ah!!! my own screen doesn have!!!! AAHHH!!!!! Fn F4 again?????? still cannot... *want to throw laptop on floor le... *fume from ears*

meanwhile, CC ran up to get her laptop so i can use hers... but her wallpaper is plastered with many many pics of her cute niece Nana... diao -.- we heck la, just hooked it up... everyone went, "wa! haha!" k, what a start....



Tuesday, 8 January 2008

CC on MC

haiz... today CC didn't come to work (she kiak! sprained her ankle remember?? the last time she sprained waist...diao) the office like so quiet n i feel like so sian... no one to chit chat w... n HJ n TF went for breakfast never ask me along *grumble grumble*

CC, quickly come back already.... or else i will finish my Lindt chocolate (n possibly yours!) =P

Lost Watch

Boo Hoo... I lost my ugly swatch watch.... although it's quite ugly n i don't really like it, i wear it for sports... on sun i wanted to go jogging and could not find it... so i could not time myself...

got to buy another watch but i am broke...

*sobs sobs*

Cool Pic Of Me

Here's a cool pic of me shot by Eunice at The Pinnacles, Perth (Western Australia)

Monday, 7 January 2008

CC Bai Kah

My colleague CC sprained her ankle while playing badminton on sat. T n i were like:

T n me: wa! was it because u were furiously chasing a shuttlecock?
CC: er no, i was holding it and walking from one side to another when i kiak! sprained
T n me: -_____-|||

so today she came w a bandage over her ankle n limped around... so poor thing... so we sayang her... helped her pao milo, fill water bottle etc...

hope she recovers soon ^^

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sore Eyes

Golly... today on my way back from piano lesson i saw two half-nude guys jogging -.- so disgusting... i mean i wouldn't mind if they r hot bods but they r not. they are flabby, doughy, boing boing bods... for goodness sake, some guys need to be considerate to other pedestrians.... perlease... unless u have a 6-pack, put on a shirt.

n then i went to buy dinner and saw a guy wearing a v v louse singlet n anyone could see his boobs (yes, some men have boobs)... disgusting! then there was this aunty who wore a T without a bra!!!! diao.... did i mention she is an aunty...? Perlease... wear a proper T shirt WITH BRA (if u r female) when u go downstairs to ta pao food...

sheesh.... almost got sore eyes from all these visual pollution....

i don't even want to talk about people who go downstairs in their PJs... n worse, PJs with heels...

Grandma Turns 98!!!

^^ my maternal grandma just turned 98 and we had a 4-table birthday celebration for her last night ^^ i love family gatherings... this side of the family.... cos my aunt n cousins don't ask irritating questions like, "when is it your turn?" but GAH, i didn't bring my camera... so sayang... there were soooooo.... many kids, all my nephews n nieces..... all so cute! my cousins are really baby-making machines.... got one pair of twin girls somemore... n another pair popping out soon from my sis-in-law's tummy...LOL.

but my page boy is now taller than me n my flower girl has also grow so big LOL.... my eldest nephew Melvin is getting married in June.... how time flies...

We took photos w ah ma.. again, i wish i brought my cam.... we looked so cute...

4th gen: all the kids... the nephews n nieces
3rd gen: US! i just realised i am the youngest in my generation... no wonder i am so spoilt... =P
2nd gen: my mum n her brothers...

ah ma is still v lucid except that her eye-sight is not good n she is partially deaf so we have to shout into her ear to talk to her.... v funny.... cos other people will glare at us like we are v unfilial! LOL...

wa, if Melvin has a baby... it will be 5th gen nei.... ubercool

i LURVE family gatherings.... ^^

if people don't ask me irritating questions during CNY, i will much prefer to spend it at home de... sheesh

When Is It Your Turn?

I am sick n tired of people pointing to some pregnant lady or kid and asking me "when is it your turn?" -.-

i feel like, next time at a funeral, i go point at the coffin n ask them, "so when is it YOUR turn?"


Escape CNY

Hm... i don't quite like CNY... i mean, i love family gatherings... i just dislike people asking me, "so when u planning on having kids?", "so long le, how come still no kids?" te blah te blah...

so this year, chris n i are thinking of escaping to some nearby country w grace n rog (who face the same woes as us n they have been married for an even longer period)...

i met my mum last night at grandma's 98th birthday dinner n was bracing myself to tell her our decision when she chirped

mum: ah... jia guek meng lai ka wa bai ni ha! wa ai chook kok! (this CNY, no need come n visit me ha! i will be overseas!)
me: *phew!* ha? wa ma si! (wa, me too!)
mum: wa ker vieknangm! (i am going to vietnam)
me: orh...
mum: hor la hor la, meng bai la bai ker... (good la good la... no need visit here visit there...)
me: *phew*
mum: er... ler wo sio ngia kee bor? ziok wa... (u got camera? lend me)
me: *raise eyebrow* er mee, wa gai camera jeng jia complicated gai.... ler boy hio eng gai la... (er mum, i don't think u'll know how to use my camera nei... it's erm... rather complicated...)
mum: *to kor* compli-ted see mi gai? (what's the meaning of complicated?)
mum: ler ga wa la.... ah.... ka wa pang feelim hor... (u teach me la... help me load film first ha)
chris: *leans towards me* er dear, nowadays no one uses film le nei
me: -.- *got la, king n eunice* got la.... old-school people... but not the type my mum is refering to...
me: *to kor* er... mee can't even handle sms nei... can handle digicam anot
kor: LOL

Feel The Nails

I am singing this weekend and bought this song from i-tunes. first time i heard it, i cried... then every time i sing it, i will cry n cry.... cos i feel i always fail.... and hurt God.... and I keep doing it over n over again.... n not just to God.... also to people I love and who love me.... i feel so wretched.... i am such a horrible person....

GAH.... i hope i don't cry on stage...

Feel The Nails (Ray Boltz)

They tell me Jesus died
From my transgressions
That He paid that price
A long long time ago
When He gave His life for me
On a hill called Calvary
But there’s something else
I want to know

Does He still feel the nails
Every time I fail
Can He hear the crowd cry, "Crucify!" again
Am I causing Him pain
Then I know I’ve got to change
I just can’t bear the thought of hurting Him

It seems that I am so good
At breaking promises
And I treat His precious grace so carelessly
But each time He forgives
What if He relives
The agony He felt on that tree

Does He still feel the nails
Every time I fail
Does He hear the crowd cry, "Crucify!" again
Am I causing Him pain
Then I know I’ve got to change
I just can’t bear the thought of hurting Him

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord (2x)

Do You still feel the nails
Every time I fail
Have I crucified You Jesus with my sins
I am tired of playing games
I really want to change
I never want to hurt You again

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord (2x)

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Battle Of The Bunnies

Whenever west goes behind Claire, he has the reflex action to mount her... meanwhile, Claire has declared war on West... she deliberately pee-ed in HIS enclosure when we let them out to play... it's her way of saying "I'm upset!"...

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Seeing Double

-.- diao

chris bought another 24 inch monitor...

One pair of eyes, how to see TWO 24 inch monitors????

he said, one pair of legs, how to wear so many pairs of shoes...

-.- diao

but i don't wear them simultaneously wat!

-.- diao

My Hump My Hump..

Golly... West, that chee ko peh, tried to hump Claire just now... she rejected his advances but he tried it a second time.... got her so upset she is sulking in the cage....

keeping them separate for now...

gotta neuter or spay le...

Golly, boys are bad

Perth 2007

I have also uploaded my Perth pics but I don't particularly like them.... cos I didn't really like Perth.... the weather was bad, hate the flies... plus I didn't really shoot with my heart...

So... there u go =P

WEEEE!!!!!!! WEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Weeeeee!!!!!!! *run around the room screaming AAHHHH!!!!, zip out of window, fly around the world twice, meteor shower in the backdrop, come back to room, run around the room again shouting AAAHHHH!!!!, do silly dance*

MR T says my Japan photos are V NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from him, it means a lot to me ^^

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

it's like
martha stewart AND Jamie Oliver like my cooking
Ken Hirai wants to sing duet with me

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^


Roy says they are QUITE nice... *grumble grumble*

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Weeeeee!!!!!!! *run around the room, zip out of window, fly around the world, brush fingers past stars, come back to room, run around the room again, do silly dance*

My Lightroom teacher says my photos are V NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

it's like
martha stewart likes my cooking
dick lee says i have a nice voice

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!!!

To all the people I love (you know who u r),

Happy New Year!!!

*hugs* ^^