Thursday, 17 January 2008

Colours Exhibition

Haiz... I want to shoot:

1. Rainbow
2. Peacock
3. Geiko or maiko's back view walking down back alley in Gion, Kyoto, Japan.
4. Ladybird on green leaf
5. Chinese opera singer doing final touches of make-up (drawing eyebrow or finishing up lip stick will b good)
6. Getai singers
7. Volcano erupting with red hot lava kababom kababom spewing out, flowing down the sides

But but but

1. want rainbow means got rainbow meh?
2. peacock's r v dao de... chey
3. Er... i'd have to be in Kyoto but even then, geiko n maiko are like mount fuji, not say u want to see means get to see de
4. go where to find ladybird???
5. and 6. now not 7th month.... where to find getai n chinese opera....?
7. want to die ah?

tsk tsk tsk....

gotta think of what to shoot...