Monday, 14 January 2008


In the car to parents-in-law's place last evening..

me: er... dear.. later YOU tell your parents we going malacca on 1st day of CNY hor
chris: why me? i want to go on 2nd day after visitation on first day... YOU r the one who wants to escape visitation... YOU tell...
me: er... but they're YOUR parents... YOU tell better ma... more qin qie
chris: -.-
me: i tell my mum... you tell your parents... ya
chris: -______- u v convenient nei... more like your mum told u she is going overseas...
me: hee.... ^^

but i decided to test water first....

me: *scooping soup* er.... ma ma.... wo men xin nian yao chu guo...
ma: orh... bai wan nian hou chu gao ha?
me: er... mei you.... chu yi chu guo... *avoid eye contact*
ma: orh... *silence*
me: wo mama ye shi chu guo nei! ta shuo bu yong gen ta bai nian!
ma: ni mama hen modern hor... qu na li?
me: wo men qu malacca.... wo mama qu vietnam...
me: orh...

at the dinner table

chris: *pretend to concentrate on his chicken* new year we going overseas
ma: wo zhi dao... ann gen wo jiang le
dad: go where?
chris: malacca
dad: that time i asked u whether u want to go u said no!
chris: don't want la
dad: we go together la
me: *giggle*
chris: don't want la
dad: then i can bring u go n eat all the good nonya food!
chris: er... ann doesn eat
me: I DO!!!! i like peranakan food!
chris: -.- *can u be more cooperative??? i don't want to go holiday w my parents u tweet! shoot me "ni you mei you gao cuo" look*
me: wa, ayam buah keluak! yum yum!
chris: *exasperated*
me: *senses his exasperation* er... we're going w another couple, church friends la...
dad: oh... ok.

so... yea!!!!! we managed to tell both sides we wen be around for CNY lo!!!!! hahahaha!