Thursday, 28 February 2008

Boh Bose

Haiz... our bose system isn't working... n chris just lets it be. he has this bad habit one... light bulb blow, act blur. shower head spoil, act blur. sound system no sound, act blur.


got Apple TV, no surround sound... how to watch moobie? -.- sheesh

Sizzling Hot...!

Golly... yesterday i had to (last min) do an outdoor shoot at guess wat time?? 12 - 2plus! =P it was sooooooooooooooooooo HOT! HOT! HOT!!!! i almost died. and the worse was since the sun was right above, i couldn't even use roy's shadow as shade!!! i could feel my skin burning and my camera being cooked (black ma) in the HOT HOT HOT sun! when i went home, my arms and shoulders were pink and i felt so tired (heat saps me of energy) i plonked on the bed at 9:15pm to zzzz...

chris told me this morning, "wa dear... last night when i came home, the whole house was dark dark quiet quiet no one greet me nei..."

haha, tired ma.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Maiden Presentation

My first time... Wo De Di Yi Ci... *shy look* gave to my organisation...

reason why i have not been updating my blog is cos i have been busy trying something out.

I wanted to do a presentation for my organisation to showcase the sandcastle building session so i spent one whole day on Mon PP-ing the selected photos... didn't get to use Mr T and Roy's pics at all cos I couldn't get them in time so anyway, yesterday I did up the Keynote and the animations and chose the theme song from A Team
to go with it. then i realised i need more slides cos the song is a freaking 3:14 min long!! so GAH! go n PP some more... PP PP... add slides. then wanted to time the transitions sui sui so they come on the first beat of the bar. took me so long to tweek it man. finally finished at 10:30pm on margaret and my throat was so painful i almost died... drank antelope's horn... ah... feel better.. go shower

then i transferred the file to Gabrielle (Air) and GAH!!!! her version of keynote is newer so there's some incompatibility, the transitions are off!!!! GAH... chris tried to solve the problem but couldn't... sheesh... but he found this new feature in keynote that can record slideshow... i was like -.- got this feature early early don't say... i spent so much time doing the timing for each of my 58 slides on margaret -.-

so went into room to record. i pressed record slideshow then realised i don't know how to stop so i screamed, "DEAR!! how to stop ha? press ESC is it?" i happily record record... wa! perfect timing... review... GAH! it recorded the "DEAR!! how to stop ha? press ESC is it?" -.- apparently it picks up whatever sound on the mic!!! so even the music cannot be too loud while recording otherwise you get double sound. Never mind, record again... GAH! a bit off... redo.... half way through got message:

Your slideshow has been suspended because you are running on reserve power

BU HUI BA!!!! *want pull our hair le*

plug in power, record again... half way through... chris opened door n came in "DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM STILL RECORDING!!!!!!!!" chris, "BU HUI BA, record for so long???"

record again.... GAH! key a bit retarded not responding cos no batt


record again... GAH!!! last part a bit off again!!!!

record again...

finally got it right after 1:00 AM *panda eyes @.@*

brought gabrielle to work... adaptor, check, power, check. connect to projector, check audio. wa loud loud... BUT. BUT. BUT. no VISUAL!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH! *sweat bullets* call chris... changed resolution ding ding dong dong bing bing biang biang...

finally got it running... PHEW!

Mr Tee says it's very nice ^^ that's good enough for me

Thanks Chris (dear) for your help!

Talk About Being Prepared...

On the one hand, there are citizens like grace, roger and chris, on the other, there are people like my colleague HJ who is always prepared, super organised, super neat, super efficient, never missing a deadline.

recently our organisation went to build sandcastles at East Coast as a bonding activity. seems like it's the IN thing now... so anyway, we were all so impressed by our own sandcastles that many staff wanted to buy the sandcastle building kit...


HJ ordered one and we were like...

CC: buy for who? your mother? your gf?
me: ya lor...
HJ: for my children next time
LL: ???
me: -.-
CC: -_______-|||
me: er.. isn't it a bit too early? u r ... erm... not married...
HJ: buy and keep lor. next time they can use.
CC, LL, me: -.- <----> -.- <---> -.-
HJ: cannot meh?


HJ, u win oredi! LOL

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Manfrotto... Gitzo?

Gah... I need a proper tripod w a ball head. My lousy $35 olympus tripod is really getting on my nerves. n using it w the 5D is really CMI. sian hua cha zai niu fen shang (fresh flower on cowdung)...

if i am filthy rich w money to spend like flowing water, then don't need to fan nao le, just get gitzo titanium ($4050)! ^^

but now i can't even afford YD's $1300 gitzo... actually can la, i just ngiao la. it's one handbag nei! anyway, i find his tripod bag too long and don't like the colour of his ball head although i really like his legs.

Haiz... any suggestions? I want a good, sturdy, leg can open big big, neck can stretch tall tall, carbon fibre one w ball head. preferably looks nice w nice bag. how how?

Babies, Kids and SGNs

Yesterday I went to my pembry school gathering and Golly, almost all my friends who r married (except the newly-weds) have kids already and one even has 3 with a 4th one on the way!!! i am happy for them but no thanks.... my ex-pembry sch teacher kept trying to psycho me to have kids and he went on and on. if not for the fact that i respect him as my teacher, Chinese saying "Yi Ri Wei Shi, Zhong Sheng Wei Fu" (one day as a teacher is like a lifetime as your parent), i'd tell him to shut up, enough already. seeing those w kids big bag small bag, go out must bring food, pillow and whatnots... cannot sit down n eat in peace cos their kids r crawling all over them... i really take my hat off them. i can never do that. i'd be too sian to even go out lugging all that baggage n i will sai my kid nerng ba if he crawls all over me while i am enjoying my food. and not to mention travelling overseas... how often have u heard parents say, "oh, we have not been overseas for the past 2 years"? just shoot me.

chris n i make it a point to avoid hotels with noisy kids, especially resorts. i mean, u want to go there to relax and lounge by the pool w your book or swim in peace u don't want kids to be screaming their lungs out, splashing water in your face. i don't even want to think about the pee in the pool =P when we were at majestic malacca, a boutique hotel, rog noticed that the children were v v well-behaved. they'd sit quietly n eat properly or just sleep on the armchair with their toy while daddy n mummy spend a romantic dinner together. nice.

same applies to places in singapore. we don't go to orchard cineleisure, we don't go to heeren, marina square all that. full of See Gin Nahs. some of them so rude, so loud. if we want to watch a movie, great world city is our number 1 choice. it's an adult place cos it's inaccessible so SGNs can't go there.

There are Gin Nahs I like such as G, YD, KJ, CG n all you know who u r la... if u r reading my blog, u belong to the category of gin nahs i like lor LOL... there are Gin Nahs we don't like n they are what Chris calls "See Gin Nahs" haha.

15 April 2008

That. Is the date I most HATE in the entire annual calendar. cos I HATE, DETEST, ABHOR filing taxes

-.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

I HATE doing accounts, i HATE anything that has got to do w finance, I HATE thinking about investments, I HATE it when chris tells me my money is not doing anything. I HATE getting calls from seemingly friendly people from banks (how did they get my number anyway??!!) who blabber on and on about some new scheme I am just not interested in and i want to politely tell the person to toot off. Every month I have enough to spend, I give mum, I give tithes, I save up a bit so why do I even need to think about all these other things that I don't want to think about but I HAVE to think about????

By virtue of my specialisation, people assume i am good w numbers. u r wrong. i can think, i can solve problems. but I HATE financial stuff ok. so next time when we go for lunch or something, don't ask me what is $89.70 divided by 7. you go whip out your phone calculator and calculate. don't make me waste my brain cells.

I stared at the stupid form and I want to zzzzzz........ i know i can do it online but i have inertia equivalent to Mt Fuji moving to Kyoto when it comes to these things. everytime Chris or anyone talks to me about finances, I want to zzzzzz... and I get calls at my workplace from people who want to come and talk to the staff about financial investments, estate planning and all that da pian. DA PIAN DA PIAN DA PIAN!!!!!! tomorrow i have to meet one.

Someone please stab me.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Reality Check

Golly... Ken-Ichi Matsuyama is so ugly!!! I mean, the character he plays... Eru (L) is so cute n so cool but the real person is so scruffy w beard n all n ugly!!! yeek!

It's like Legolas is so cool but Orlando Bloom is so blah...

It's the make-up la. They create these fantasy guys on screen but in reality, they look like any ordinary guy -.- feel so cheated.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Noah's Ark

GAH!!!!!!! and i thought i could sleep in... -.- i had a nightmare...

haiz, i am in charge of organising an outdoor event this afternoon and there isn't really a wet weather contingency so i'd been rather srtessed. i dreamt that there was a deluge, a thunderstorm that brought torrents of rain that overhead bridges almost collapsed and the only mode of transport was by teleportation.

-.- die la

Thursday, 21 February 2008

There's Something In The AIR!!

Oooohhh... there's something in the AIR...

Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
She is slim. She is sexy. Oh yeah. She is Gabrielle, new member of the Wong family.

*run around the room like a siao char bor* Chris bought me the MacBook Air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he wrapped it in a... erm... an.... envelope... LOL ^^

That's Melody bonding with Gabrielle...


I am not talking about electronic through the lens... i'm talking about


have u seen a hershey's kisses choc THIS BIG???????

I haven't...

CC n i had a great time dissecting n digesting it ^^ oh btw, that's CC's beautiful hand ^^

Copy Cats


I want eat tang yuan today... everybody also has the same fantastic idea to eat tang yuan today... the peanuts soup is sold out -.-

copy cats! all copy cats! i want eat tang yuan everyone also wants to eat tang yuan


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wild Wild West

-.- while cleaning west's cage... west tried to hump chris' hand...

-.- chee ko peh

Let's PP

I'm not talking about post-process... i am talking about pee pee... Golly... west has reached puberty... he'd stand in front of claire's cage n challenge her by peeing a puddle there. then claire will retaliate by peeing back. i pee u, u pee me...

Haiz... chris n i reduced to ah sahm like that... everyday wiping pee off floor...

can't wait to neuter n spay them -.- but chris said v sayang for west to be castrated a virgin, he suggested paying the breeder $50 to "let him have a go" before the op...

-.- dear, people is breeder, not mamasan. she runs a petshop and pet hotel, not brothel -.-

Yeah Baby Yeah!

Ooh Yeah... i tried the lens baby today... cool, i like ^^ XQ borrowed it for tomorrow night though so i'll get it only after that. can't wait to play w it ^^

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sweet Childhood

If you didn't eat this when you were young... that's sad... u had a deprived childhood! LOL

Monday, 18 February 2008

Go Fly Kite

I tell you... my neighbourhood people really practise healthy living... every time i jog, i see many other joggers, kite flyers n remote control plane flyers...

yesterday while jogging, i saw a kite flying competition at one of the open fields so it was kites kites n kites galore! so pretty... the entire blue sky was bedecked with colourful kites. i was so tempted to run back n get my camera but i thought about the feasting over the past week n decided to continue running. then after that i had to go in laws place for dinner so no time.

=( regret nei

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Breathing Out Fire

I read on G's blog that a "top JC" kid put a mouthful of ethanol in his mouth and tried to breathe fire with the labortory flame (bunsen burner?) and burnt himself on the neck and face...


Chris did something similar... he sprayed an aerosol can at the bunsen burner to create a flame thrower... precisely what the CAUTION on the can says NOT to do


oh.... i forgot to mention chris is from a top JC too... diao...

Ms Bao Ka Liao


cook - me
clean - me
change light bulb - me
fix shower head - me


and i did home econs, chris did technical... the water pressure in the shower has been v v low so i fed up, opened up the shower head n fixed it. now it's PISH!!!!!! powerful... nicer to wash ma.

what's the world coming to?



Golly... just now at the petrol station near my in-laws' place, i almost niam my body onto a guy who i thought was chris but thank goodness i retracted my body in time and apologised... he looked puzzled... i acted blur n quickly walked away... LOL

actually, this isn't the first time. at the petrol station near my work place last year, chris walked in first to get a drink then i went in... i was v tired from work so i think i was a bit cock-eyed... saw this guy who looked like chris n decided to be cheeky, whacked his butt PIAK!!! hard hard then the guy turned around!!!! *GASP!* AAAAHHHH!!!!! I FROZE. ON THE SPOT. he gave me the who-is-this-xiao-cha-bor-who-molested-me look! it was so super malu... luckily i was dressed nicely so he didn't really kick up a big fuss... i apologised profusedly... golly...

Sheesh... every time we go to that petrol station, chris will say "^^ dear, your favourite petrol station!!" i will -.- him...

Friday, 15 February 2008

The Winningest Cute Of 2007

Ultra Kawaii!!!

Moshi Moshi! ^^

Yay! now i no longer have to connect my 400D to Margaret to download pics (cos my card-reader doesn't work)! Chris got me the Moshi Cardette ^^ in matching colour ^^ kirei ne!

watashi wa dai suki desu!


Today someone made me super duper pissed i was so angry i almost cried in my cubicle... so during lunch i confided in CC to let out steam...

i mumbled: GAH! i go jump MRT track la!
CC: er... can don't jump NEL? will affect me and samuel. jump other line can?



Feb 14, Valentine's Day...

it's so commercialised... flowers are exorbitant, restaurants only have SPECIAL menus and it's crowded everywhere... n v day just makes unattached people feel like losers. i saw many youngsters WA! make such a big deal of V day... haiz... they're still young so they have the energy n time to bother about such trivia.

Chris n i don't really celebrate v day... we did have dinner together, at HOCK LAM BEEF NOODLES!!! =D yum yum...

but when i comes to my birthday... it's different story. in our family, MY birthday is a FESTIVAL that stretches one month... good food at nice, posh restaurant is a must and THE GIFT, preferably something i can't afford or too giam siap to buy for myself! ^^

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Never See Or Pretend Not To See?

Today I big bag small bag to work... carried tripod, crumpler camera bag with camera, lens n flash, big bag of snacks (ovaltine biscuits, fancy gems, pong pia from melaka, chips) to contribute to CC's personal pantry, margaret, LV bag...

Chris was carrying two small bags of trash...

He wanted to pass me keys to lock up...



Some men... really qian ma one... then later he guai guai help me carry bag of snacks...

Wanton West


We sent the two kids Claire n West for boarding when we went to Melaka. the lady lets the bunnies out to play once a day and thought since west is young, he is safe... boy was she so wrong... our darling son West tried to hump EVERY girl bunny within 30 cm radius...

So malu... to be told that our son tried to impregnate every girl... *slap forehead*

An Arm And A Leg

Golly... taxi is SOOOOOO... super EXP!!!! totemo takai!!!! i took taxi home last night from work (n u know how near my workplace is from home) and it cost me an arm and a leg - $9.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is daylight robbery!!!!!

if add 80c, i can eat one veg, one egg, one meat chai fan for 4 days!

*impaled by stabbing dagger, dagger handle still wobbling* i feel so heart pain... sheesh

Prehistoric Teacher

You know how queasy and incomplete we all feel when we forget our handphones?? i feel utterly naked without mine, i am serious...

But my charcoal drawing teacher Raphael is pre-historic... I am positive he lives in a cave...

grace: sir! can have your handphone number?
Raphael: i don't have a handphone ^^
grace: *wide-eyed* ha? kk... email email! don't tell me u don't have internet ha! *girlish giggle*
Raphael: i don't even have a computer! how to have internet?
me: -_______-
grace: 0.0 HA????? then how people contact u?
Raphael: they snail-mail me
me: -_______-
grace: ???? they write to you?
Raphael: yes, they have to write a few days in advance if they want to find me...
me: -_______- grace, i tell u what... scribble on a piece of paper, roll it up, tie it to pigeon leg then let go! fei ge chuan shu!
Raphael: *turns to class* are you guys on facebook?
some of us: yeah....
others: but of cos!
Raphael: *sigh* there is just too much information these days! it's information overload! i refuse to have all these technology.

Golly... in this day and age... how can don't have handphone and internet? as it is, it's already bad enough some people are still using ancient technology like modems... NO internet??? Golly... just stab me.

L is for...

L: Change The World

21 Feb 2008 Thu

Oh Yeah!

Finally something worth watching ^^

Lost Bottle

*sobs* i lost my pink Nike water bottle... v cute one and it has a velcro strap with hook that i can hook to my lowepro or crumpler when i shoot pics.

now it's gone... i can't rmb where i left it...


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Strange Pictures

I sent my pembry school friend my photos link and he replied my email with the subject: "Strange Pics" then he asked... "are these your pics or did u download them from some website? how come don't have u inside? who r these people?"

uncle, if have me inside then not i shoot one le ma!!!

diao -______________-

All Aw Loo Loo

i discovered, through charcoal drawing, how much we all touch our noses, without even realsiing it! Golly... during charcoal lesson, i laughed at my classmate (this chinese guy with an american slang)...

me: hahaha... your nose is black!
banana: *giggle* look at YOUR nose!

i turned to inspect myself in the reflection and GAH!!! my nose is black too! then i looked around the room and almost everyone had black nose! and some had streaks above their mouths that look like moustache LOL like me...

imagine a class of professionals doing charcoal drawing... dressed v cool-ly, look v serious but all with black noses... funny right?

Hort Park

Hm... I just submitted my Hort Park pics last night... hope can win something. Dry box also good ^^

Monday, 11 February 2008

-.- zzz

I'm getting really sick of my pics and the limited features in LR... i need CS3!!!


Majestic Melaka

The reason for the title is not because Malacca is majestic but because the hotel we stayed at is The Majestic haha...

It was an enjoyable break for us both and i like Malacca for it's peranakan culture and the good food (chicken rice balls and chendol). the way to my heart is through my stomach... v simple ^^

here are some photos but note:

1. i only brought 400D w kit cos i scared tio robbed =P then i wished i brought 50mm f/1.4, wide angle n zoom -.-
2. i will be v busy so i cheong-ed the PP

so the pics may not be great ya?


Majestic Melaka


I think Margaret is going to die... she can't shut down and keeps having problems lately...

Maybe it's time to get MBA - MacBook Air

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Malacca Day 3: Fantastic Ideas


everyone had the same fantastic idea to come back from malaysia today...

and everyone also had the same fantastic idea to eat KFC at second link before coming back...

took us 7 hours to get back from Malacca


Friday, 8 February 2008

Malacca Day 2: Butterflies And Your Stomach

I wanted to go swimming and grace persuaded rog to go swimming too... so rog n i jumped into the pool and swim swim swim... while grace n chris lounged on the deck chairs by the pool...

grace: dear! swim more laps! get rid of your tummy! swim more swim more!
rog: >.<|||

so she is like lying there wearing her gorgio armani sunglasses, sipping water...

grace: dear! swim butterfly! it's good for toning stomach muscles!!!
rog: >.<|||
chris: poor roger!... ^^ *continue lounging by the pool*
me: *to chris* ah you! don't be lazy! come n swim too!
chris: =D =D
me: -.-
grace: dear! swim some more! exercise!!!
roger: pool too small la, v hard to swim properly...
me: *giggle*
roger: *stop n stand at far end, whisper to me* better stay around here...
grace: dear! do the turn in the water thing n swim a few more laps!!!
roger: too shallow la, cannot!
grace: *look suspicious*
me: ya, up to my chin only... don't be such a slave driver la! n the two of u *point at chris n grace* sit there shiok shiok only!
chris: *to me* ah dear... swim more laps ha!!! don't be lazy! *giggle*
grace: roger used to have 8 pack!!!
me: ya, my husband USED TO BE karate black belt...
chris: wat's so nice about 8 pack??? mine is UNITED ^^ china 6 countries united as one.. good!!!

before we left, chris kicked the water in the pool with his toe n said

chris: don't say i ner swim ha!


like that also can...

Malacca Day 2: Grace Is A Carnivore

GRACE... my bestest friend... is SOOO a carnivore... she doesn't eat veg n her ONE meal can last her one whole day....

so we ate breakfast in the hotel n went out for a historical tour n grace can walk n walk n walk n walk n walk... we were starving...

me: hungry already!!!!
roger: *nod* ^^ ya ya! dear i'm hungry!
me: so hungry.... can we eat chicken rice already???
roger: ^^ wa, i'm so glad u all are around... it's 3 vs 1. when two of us go for holiday, she doesn eat n i'm so hungry!!!!

we finally ate at 2pm -.- n maybe because we were starving, the chicken rice balls tasted SSOOOO good... we felt it was THE BEST chicken rice we have eaten in OUR ENTIRE LIVES!!!!

then we continued walking walking... see red buildings... Christ church malacca, church of saint paul....

at 4 pm...

me: can we eat chendol already???
roger: ya ya! chendol!
grace: ah ya! not hungry yet la! i want to see barber shop!!!
me: we want eat chendol!!!!! *chris, rog n i turn opp direction gravitate towards chendol shop*
grace: ey... come come we want to go this way...
me: ey! not WE hor.... WE want to go this way *point opp direction* YOU want to go that way!
grace: ^^ see barber first la...
me: kk.... *my bestest friend ma*
so we reached the address given to us n 4 of us stared at the entrance...

"Baba Museum"

me: er... that guy said BARBER shop ah????
grace: ya!
me: i think he meant BABA shop nei...
grace: *giggle* i think so too...

there was a sign... "sorry we are closed, re-open on 9 feb"

me: WA! God's will ah! we have to eat chendol le!
roger: yes! dear, we must obey God's will...come let's eat chendol...
chris: yes! you see the writing on the wall????

we were walking to chendol shop... then grace spotted a beaded slippers shop... n looked interested... i must say the shoes look v pretty n exquisite but i'd probably wear them when i'm... wat... 50?... haha... saw some tiny shoes for bound feet n reminded me of my grandma... grace tried on some beaded shoes... not nice nei... quite aunty...

me: *to roger* ey... better tell your wife shoes v aunty... otherwise we won't get to eat chendol le...
roger: good idea...

so we managed to eat our chendol finally n boy, was the Gula melaka fabulicious!!! ^^

then came back... went swimming... returned to room at 7:15pm... we (three of us) wanted to eat...

grace: ah ya... u all hungry already???? i want to soak in bath tub!!!
me: come back slowly soak la! eat first!
roger: ya ya 7:30pm! hungry already!
grace: 8 la!
me: hungry...
roger: ya ya, see u at 7:30pm *quickly close door so grace cannot protest*

and yes, i still love grace the same... even though i was starving... my bestest friend ma... told her if she wants to go japan w me, i have ONE condition: when i am hungry, she must let me eat!!!! hahaha

but she is v nice la... will eat w us even though she is the only one who is not hungry n the three of us were like ravenous!

i love grace... she is so adorable...

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Malacca Day 1: Nice Spa

After we reached... what better way to start to the holiday then a trip to the spa... i chose the Suam-Suam Panas Experience which included

1. Gula Melaka and honey body scrub
2. nutmeg-rice rolling massage
3. pandan-coconut hair mask
4. bird's nest facial with fermented tapioca mask

wa!!! i liked the hair spa nei!!! as u all know, i LURVE having people shampoo my hair n this spa has TV in the ceiling!!!! so u can watch TV while getting hair spa-ed!!! ubercool ^^

the massage was so good that i feel asleep n grace swore she heard me snore but actually it was just heavy breathing cos my nose was blocked (it always gets blocked when i lie face down)... but i woke up cos i felt my saliva going to drip into the aroma therapy oil burner below so i quickly woke up n SLURRPed it back... LOL...


You know, our Singapore garmen always emphasizes preparedness but there are at least THREE citizens in our country who are not prepared.... they are grace, roger and chris... -.-

on the morning of our departure to Malacca (we were supposed to leave at 8 am), chris n i were all ready to go at 7:50am n chris called grace..

chris: ey, we're coming now
grace: ha? give us 10 more mins.. kk bye!
chris: *to me* er... your good friend says give them 10 more mins
me: -.-||| that's not good... it means we have to wait at least 30 mins... grace's timing gotta times 3 de..

so i decided to just go over n stress her out a bit otherwise we'd never leave -.-

*ding dong* grace opened the door n she was dressed in her sunday best (almost).. i was like

me: wa lao, u wear so nice sure get robbed de!
grace: but it's a v nice hotel!!!
me: *looked at my own Tee, denim skirt n birkies* but we're going malaysia...
grace: but the hotel is v nice one!
me: i don't even dare to wear ANY jewellery *glance at her diamond cross, pearls earrings, diamond bracelet* no wonder u so scared get robbed... u SURE get robbed... -.-
grace: kk... i go take off ^^
me: -.- hurry up

turns out that rog is only JUST trying to log on to CMPB website to get clearance -.-

grace: *holding a pair of trousers... close door to room* don't come in don't come in!!! rog not dressed yet...

then i overheard...

grace: your swiiming trunks...
rog: goggles?
grace: no goggles...
kee lee koo loo kee lee koo loo...

*roll eyeballs* i was -___________-||| don't tell me they're only packing luggage NOW???

so i decided to go home to get my covered shoes... went back, changed into dress, covered shoes, made chris change T-shirt into shirt... chris had Nutella breakfast.. drove back

me: AAHH!!! why u change???? (grace was in 3/4s -.- n sandals)
grace: i just saw on news got people get robbed on way to malaysia!!!!
me: -.- i changed lor... i dressed up... u dressed down...
grace: *giggle*
me: let's go let's go!!!

so we finally reached tuas at 9:45am about to enter check-point when my husband...

chris: er... i need to pump petrol but i can't rmb where the petrol station is...
me: -.- why din u pump near our house???

so rog checked directory, we circle here circle there finally pumped n reached check point at 10am -.- (did i mention we were supposed to leave at EIGHT AM???)

then i whipped out my wholemeal tuna n cheese finger sandwiches, milo n juices n grace was amazed i was so prepared -.-

Golly... hello people, garmen say must be prepared!!!! diao *roll eyeballs*


K, rat year... kor turns 36 ^^

What i like about CNY:
1. family
2. ang bao from parents n grandma which i will put under pillow n sleep with it under my pillow for 15 days
3. mum's steamboat: abundant abalone, succulent scallops, fresh fish, TTL prawns, crunchy her pio, QQ sea cucumber (i don't normally eat her pio n sea cucumber but my mum's one is v nice)... superb broth! WA! so sweet!
4. giving ang baos to special people i like: my cute nieces n nephews, mum, grandma...
5. HOLIDAY!!! ^^

What i hate about CNY:
1. people wishing me "zao sheng gui zi" (early birth precious child) -.-
2. people asking me when i am giving birth
3. cheonging two reunion dinners in one night
4. spring cleaning: suck pond, suck window, suck glass panels, clean kitchen, suck floor, pack wardrobe, pack bomb shelter, pack kitchen, change light bulbs... getting stressed cos there's always something to clean... n it's like never ending... arguing w chris cos he thinks i have OCD when it comes to CNY prep... like i NEED to clean EVERY part of the house... NEED to fill rice tub w rice n this year i filled it w koshihikari rice... NEED to buy Japanese mikan (tangerines)... NEED to change light bulbs... NEED to change bedsheet to red one... NEED to this NEED to that... i OCD meh? i v simple de. i am a heartlander girl.
5. visiting people i see only once a year during visitation. wat's the point really?
6. people serving me soft drinks during visitation. i hate soft drinks.
7. bad TV programmes like reruns of old old shows or some pagaents.
8. everything expensive. cut hair expensive. fish expensive. bah gua expensive. everything expensive... sheesh.
9. crowded everywhere. everyone don't know cheonging for wat -.- like going to have famine soon... like everything is free de.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hort Park and Raphael

Jiahui n i went to shoot Hort Park on Mon afternoon. We turned into hyderabad road n saw a tiny car park n two people shooting some plants beside the carpark n i went,,,

me: this is it? this is hort park?
jh: wow, it's a small park
me: hope got things to shoot sia...

so we trudged in n were about to shoot some leaves when an uncle who was fumigating the place told us to go "inside"... we were like "inside??" ok lor go inside lor... then WA!!!! we realised hort park is INSIDE!!!! it's never ending de lor... walk n walk n walk n walk n walk... seems like the place is still work in progress and jh grumbled, "tsk tsk tsk, not yet finish how can ask people come shoot for competition de!" but they're quite pro family n quite creative... there's one section they play on the word NURSERY and had plants growing from baby chairs n cot n all, so cute. there are water features everywhere. i like the place, i find it nice.... maybe cos there were only two of us so it was v serene.... nice place to pak tor... kekeke...

we had so much to shoot... shoot plant shoot flower shoot lai shoot qu... but didnt see any insects, would have been great if got ladybird, butterfly and dragonfly u know. we had to stop shooting cos i had to go for charcoal drawing lesson n i was totally wasted by the time i reached...

The set-up for Mon's drawing was a cylinder, a claypot n an organic looking free form vase. hate the vase, v difficult to draw... so i draw draw shade shade.... n Raphael came over admired it, said, "not bad not bad.." nod nod then went to help other people.... at the end of the lesson he said to me, "today your effort is quite good." ^^ i like to be praised by teacher nei... feels v good de... hee ^^

Monday, 4 February 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away.
Come again another day.
We all want to shoot today
But rain can't go Hort Park leh!


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Specially For The Ultra Cool Yandao ^^

Song For You ^^

No No Y'all... Please Stop!

Some people SHOULD (please do... golly) keep their day jobs... especially if u r senior management!!!! LOL

WWF stands for???

i am suddenly reminded of this... LOL

my dad n i used to watch wrestling a lot together (YES! don't be stunned) and yeah, i really enjoyed it... so all those hulk hogan, british bulldogs, ravishing rick rude, undertaker all that... i know.. kekeke together with their weird antics or characteristics. hulk hogan liked to wave his hands by his ear to get the crowd to cheer and he'd tear off his singlet haha, ravishing rick rude is v BHB de, thinks he is v yandao and will wear tights w a woman's face printed on the butt then he will flex his butt muscles n it looks as though the face is moving LOL... undertaker v drama mama... will drag coffin to the match de... ah ha ha... british bulldogs... can't remember le... think their twins from... Britain??? haha.

when they climb on the ropes n PA! jump down on their opponent or RUN to the edge, ricochet n WHAM BAM! hit their opponent, we'd curl up as though in pain, grimace n groan "OOOH! AAHH!" haha... but when i got older, i found out it was staged so i stopped watching...

well, in sec 3, one day my Geog teacher (v lao tu one... this old aunty who is v v conservative... always catch people's short skirts, never sit properly etc... we all girls' school one) asked us

T: girls, do u know what WWF stands for?
me: *i smugly raised my hand* WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION!!! *oooh hoo! oh yeah! for once she's gonna talk about something interesting!!*
T: *look of horror as though i just said i smoke marijuana* wrest...ling????? u girls watch wrestling??? *one hand on chest one hand cover mouth*
me: er ya... *look guilty as though i have sinned*
T: *look of disdain* W-W-F stands for WORLD WILDLIFE FUND!!!! *roll eyeballs*

not my fault that her question was not specific wat! i really did answer the question correctly... WWF really did stand for world wrestling federation ma... only that they later changed it to WWE, world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT... yeah, they were entertaining people alright...

k lor, WWF stands for world wildlife fund lor... hope she's happy...


Amazing Grace

The Sound Of Music

I just found out one of my friends used to compose n arrange music... that's so nice... i wish i can do that too... some of his songs were written for people he knew... if i can compose, the first song i'd write is a song for my grandma... i think my music will mostly be sad songs... cos when i'm sad, i'd sing or listen to sad songs n cry then i'd feel better... like now... i feel sad so i wish i can write it down in the form of a song but i can't so i feel v frustrated... i'd write about God too if i could... cos only God knows how i feel... there're things i don't tell grace, jiahui, chris... things i don't tell anyone at all... i don't even know how to tell God...but i know He knows... He sees my heart, He knows my struggles, He feels my pain...

i have learnt never to rely on anyone but God n myself... Only God never changes... He is the same yesterday, today n forever.

Life Sucks...

I did loads of sucking today...

suck water out of pond
suck water into pond
suck windows
suck glass panels
suck shower panels
suck floor

suck suck suck

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Golly yesterday morning it almost rained IN the office (as in INSIDE)... someone brought a large bag of you tiao to share w everyone else and then someone else decided to heat ONE strip up by toasting it in the toaster oven but eh? not hot nei... so someone else came up w a fantastic idea to put it on a paper plate n microwaving it for THREE MINUTES!! *slap forehead* 3 minutes is for things like soups or stews that u take out of the fridge... so what happened??? the paper plate caught fire in the microwave oven so when the door was opened... wa! the smoke really got in our eyes!!! so neo n i went to the rescue and i was like -.- THREE MINUTES???? u put it in there for THREE MINUTES??? *must be never cook at home one la... LOL* then people who smelled the bad smell came by to look see look see thought neo n i were the culprits... sheesh... so the whole day the office smelled burnt n we all walked around smelling like we sprayed the same brand of expired perfume called Eau De Parfum: ciao ta by Christian Door! LOL...

heng our office doesn't have sprinklers... i don't want to imagine what would have happened... but one thing i know: THAT strip of you tiao was super crispy!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Home Song Stories

I finally watched Home Song Stories yesterday on DVD... cried and cried... cos the earlier part of her life reminded me of my grandma (not e one who just celebrated 98th birthday, that's foster one... my biological maternal grandma) and i felt v v sad...

there was one scene when Joan Chen combed her daughter's hair and said, "don't make the same mistakes mama made..." i think that's v intimate n v nice... to have your mummy comb your hair... n to comb your daughter's hair... i don't think my grandma ever combed my mum's hair cos she died before my mum even started growing hair... my mum never combed my hair (except during my wedding)... she doesn't do affection at all... maybe because she never really felt affection from her own mother so she doesn't know how to show it.

then this morning when i was putting on make-up, i thought of my grandma again and i kept crying again... so eyes a bit swollen...

i never met her, i never knew her... but i feel her pain... i hope i get to meet her in heaven... then i can hug her... she never knew Christ cos i think she never heard the gospel... will i get to meet her?

but this morning something hilarious happened in the office n i laughed n laughed so for a moment i felt better... but golly, now typing this entry is making me cry in my cubicle again... sheesh...