Sunday, 30 March 2008

Burberry - The Beat

I don't know if any of you saw the Burberry - The Beat fragrance ad on TV (if you watched Bourne Supremacy on sunday evening, you would have seen)... the girl... has super nice legs sia... i think she looks really cool... but her T shirt... i don't think i will dare to wear! hahaha

My Top 10 Destress Methods

As you all know, i have been feeling v stressed lately because of work... so much so that i feel like running away to the ends of the earth... =P

Here are my Top 10 Destress Methods (not in any particular order):

1. Chocolate - chocolate just perks me up and chocolate fondue fountain... well, makes my joy overflow? hahaha I had this on Fri
2. Bird's nest - two words: Yang Yan (Nourishing)
3. Almond milk tea - Comfort food for me. Bird's nest IN almond milk tea.... WA! like i said, is tian xia wu shuang! ^^ I had this today ^^
4. Shopping - never buy look look see see also shuang. i did this today. saw a nice TOD's bag... wa.... i v like... wait for GSS, maybe will be on sale.
5. Sing and pray - this really works out my diaphragm and i do feel tired after singing... for some peculiar reason which only some of you will understand, i do feel much better after singing and praying... it's like a load lifted off my shouders and i can go back and face work on Mon.
6. Perspire - went jogging just now and i swear my face felt smoother after that!!! no matter what you slap on your face to deep cleanse etc... there's nothing like purging everything out from within. perspiring is one of the most effective and natural ways of detox.
7. Clean the house - yeah, like i said, i kee siao, swept n mopped floor on fri night after work even though i was really tired. i felt much more energised after that. i also cleaned the kids' enclosures. i felt that psychologically, i cleared my mind too... like i cleared the mess at home.
8. Home Spa - this is best done AFTER the exercise. scrub face, put mask, scrub body from toes to neck... scrub n scrub n scrub... wa... feel so refreshed. i did this today. Taking a bath is v relaxing too. add in some onsen powder... WA!
9. Watch a nice movie - tonight... Bourne Supremacy... Matt Damon. good enough ^^
10. Go for facial - appointment on Tuesday =P

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kani Kani!!!

Ha ha! there is Kaniya in Sapporo and Otaru!!!

And the one in Otaru is a teppanyaki style restaurant, with wagyu too!!!! =D =D =D YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dong gan zhao ren stance* AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Pao Ba, Hai Zi

Rmb i shared about this WORKSHOP i had to conduct? well it's part of this REALLY BIG project i am involved in and i feel rather stressed by it... cos the person i have to report to super li hai to chute pattern (not the kind of pattern grace n i like to chute, the work kind of pattern which i neither like to chute nor am good at chuting) yesterday i told HY..

HY: wa... wei shen me ni hao xiang hen qiao cui... (wa, why do u look so haggard?)
me: wo hen stressed... wo yao tao pao... (i feel v stressed, i want to run away)
HY: ha???????? ni yao pao qu na li??? (what? where do you want to run to?)
me: bu dong, wo zhi shi xiang tao pao *tian ya hai jiao maybe, hope i disintegrate n merge into the atmosphere?* (don't know, i just want to run away *maybe to the ends of the earth?*
HY: ni pao bu diao de... (you can't escape)
me: -.- *thanks for bursting my bubble*

ya, pao bu diao de... -.-
but when it ends, i will pao qu HOKKAIDO!!!!! and NIKKO!!!!!! and TOKYO GINZA BURBERRY BUILDING!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Of Cockroach Faeces, Dishwashing Liquid and Merlion

Yesterday evening my boss gave us a treat at Tung Lok Signatures at The Central. The Peking duck was perfectly fatty and crisp ^^ CC and i had 3 servings... actually we were v controlled le... we tried to stay composed, let others eat first round first, then we ate second round... then left TWO pieces we were like
>.> <------> <.< anyone wants? ask out of courtesy only la... but most of the people at our table are the shy type so we ho say lor! we raised chopsticks, shouted, "Anyone wants???? jit sia! Nerng Sia! SAH SIA!!!!!" whack ah!!!!!! hahahaha

the fresh American Ginseng with chicken soup was saturated with all the goodness and essence yum yum =D CC n i had a second helping =P

These were the two dishes i really liked... the star garoupa, steamed live prawns, Wuxi pork chop, noodles, veg all that were ordinary.

Worth special mention is the dessert. I mean, special WARNING. DON'T ORDER IT. it's called "Chilled Dessert with Dried
Apricots and Perilla Seeds ". when i made the reservation, i asked them what perilla seeds were and the aunty could not describe it to me. then i realised it's just chinese almonds nan xing bei xing -.- but hor, it's the most revolting dessert i have ever tasted. i felt it tasted like dishwashing liquid. not that i have tasted dishwashing liquid but that's what i feel dishwashing liquid will taste like.

so imagine, after all the nice dishes, came the dessert. everyone picked up their spoons, scooped a spoonful and slurped it. then >.< >.< >.< =P =P =P but being shy people n not wanting to offend me (cos i chose the menu, but it was a fixed set) or my boss, they uttered, "It's a very UNIQUE taste" and v mian qiangly ate it until i buay tahan sighed, "=P HEN NAN CHI AH!" then they all murmured in agreement n some decided to stop eating.

i lamented that i should have requested for a change to almond tea then some people said, "ee... taste like Cockroach faeces" i was like, "how u know? u eat before cockroach sai meh??" then they asked, "u eat before dishwashing liquid meh?"

ok lor... u win. but i still think almond tea RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when it was time to fill in feedback form, i never give chance... actually i did. i wanted to write, "your dessert is not fit for consumption" or "your dessert tastes like dishwashing liquid" but decided to go with "the taste of the dessert is less than satisfactory, v disappointing"

There was a question: were your drinks refilled promptly?

CC went -.- cos she sat between ling n i who drank chrysanthemum tea but she drank jasmine tea. so the girl poured for ling n i but skipped her. she was rather peeved that she had to refill her own cup, in TUNG LOK, 4 times!!! hahaha...

JS gave us a lift home and while spiralling down the car park, CC said she felt faint. then when i chatted w her, she gave me eeee eee er er answers. after i reached home, i received a phone call from CC...

CC: i puked nei....
me: ha??? food poisoning???? *die*
CC: dont know
me: car sick ha?

yak half way...

CC: orh.... i need to go again!!!! bye!

so she did a merlion in S house and he v guan xinly stroked her back.... poor dear. she had nasal congestion from puke block =P i rmb telling her before the dinner not to show S the menu cos he will drool... she didn't... but she showed him the FOOD instead... by regurgitating it for him to see =P

Cordially Invited...

Today I received an invitation from my company headquarters to attend a function and they put:

"Your attendance is CORDIALLY REQUIRED."


Compulsory say compulsory la... first time i hear "cordially REQUIRED" one... it used to be cordially INVITED, now it's cordially REQUIRED. some people, pattern jit tua tu...


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hi, Is This A Good Time?

I'm sure many of you would have received irritating phone calls from banks who want to tell you about funds transfer, increase credit limit etc etc... I received a call from a bank today... and i thought it's one of those calls =P

bank: Hi Ann, I am calling from XXbank, is this a good time to talk to you?
me: No.. i am not free and not interested -.-
bank: ...Wait!!! It's about your credit card annual membership fee! (I had earlier called to request for it to be waived)
me: Oh? ok...
bank: so is it a good time to talk to you?
me: er... ya =P

haha... yeah, they waived it =P

Monday, 24 March 2008

Hokkaido Noboribetsu Onsen

The most famous onsen in Hokkaido area, Noboribetsu boasts a total of 11 types of hot springs. This ryokan has SEVEN different types!!! Shiokedelic man! Can cheong onsen cheong until turn into prune sia! And check out the dining... it's got a crab special! WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Nikko

This ryokan in Nikko is SUPER nice!!!


Saturday, 22 March 2008

Name Game

Hi it's me again. I said I was going to bao chou rmb? LOL...

u know my kor is having twin girls right? so he's now thinking of names and he had the big mistake of asking me for advice... LOL...

kor: gywneth and kirstyn. actually, kirstyn or giselle? which one better? i am torn. gywneth n giselle will be G, G ma. so gwyneth is fixed.
me: how about gabrielle? sexy like my Macbook Air... like the desperate houwewife... oh oh, i know, GUCCI!!!
kor: gucci ler ey si lang tao la!
me: kk... kirstyn is actress (kirsten dunst), giselle is supermodel (giselle bundchen)... both v atas. i like. if i have son, will call Thaddeus Batholomew Wong or Rupert Melchizedek Wong!
kor: Then mum can't pronounce...
me: ya hor.... our nephew Melvin called "Mare Bin" or "Ah Bin"!!!! LOL
kor: i am so torn... Giselle or kirstyn?
me: but hor... kirstyn means "Christian"... u all bai hood (Buddhist) one daughter call Christian a bit salah nei... Giselle is name of famous ballet... the lead called Giselle dies n is forever separated from her lover nei... Giselle means 'pledge', Old German origin.
kor: You v england hor? help me think of Chinese names?
me: that's easy... binary: ling ling (00) and yiling (10)
kor: your head la!
me: kk... si 'en and rui 'en?
kor: not bad..
me: aiyo, if sons easy lor... one call "cai sheng" one call "ling feng" (did i tell u guys my surname is Gao?) LOL
kor: *ignore me*

ey... at least i din suggest Gigi hor!

Siao Lang

I read again in TNP (oh well, yeah, i read TNP too... and yes, 8 days... i like tabloids can? ha ha... n oh... i didn't blog on Thu so today i bao chou can? LOL) that a resident in a CONDOMINIUM in CCK has had a soiled sanitary pad thrown into her beautiful landscape pond... once a month... first is see gin nah... now, siao lang...

-_____________-||| ha???????????????

Some people are siao one.... wait... there are other things thrown down... TV remote control, papaya, rice and even LIVE tortoise!!!! -.- how can throw animals? basket.... #$%@

This tells one thing: Money cannot buy class... either that or that person is siao.

See Gin Nahs

I read in TNP that some SGNs (4 girls 1 boy) bashed up their sec 2 classmate and what shocked me was not so much the brutal act itself but the fact that "she was attacked in front of a dozen onlookers, who did nothing to stop her being punched and slapped." and i find the following absolutely appalling... "Some of them just stood there and recorded the assault using their handphone cameras."

-.- Angry. What's wrong with these onlookers??? Do they have NO sense of righteousness and justice? Can they sleep in peace at night? I can't believe it...

Reason for attack: Because she realised they (the assailants) are bad company and didn't want to "friend" them so that she can concentrate on her streaming exam which I feel is legitimate. Shows she is a sensible girl. The poor girl's mother wept so bitterly and her "heart ached when she saw her daughter's injuries." She could not recognise her daughter due to the bruises. Now the victim is recuperating and undergoing counselling for the horrific trauma she went through.

I hope justice will be done. One of the SGNs has been expelled. Orh Bee good.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Wii!!!!! I found out that Wii is quite fun! the games r quite brainless n wu liao but quite fun la... can play tennis, boxing, shoot things, race cows etc.... ha ha ha... not bad not bad. i like the race cows ones best ^^ most ci ji one.

Bai Oolong

So you know Chris' colleagues came over and this couple arrived first... Alan and a girl (can't rmb her name la) so i offered to get them a drink. Alan came to the kitchen to help me while Chris showed the girl around. then i asked Alan,

me: does your wife want a drink?
Alan: ????? er... i... don't know...
me: oh... erm... she's ok without a drink?
Alan: erm... don't think so...
me: ??? ok

later i found out from chris that Alan isn't married and the girl is another colleague who happened to come together

Say so ma.... so ma lu -.-

Bowled Over

Today Chris' colleagues met for a game of bowling after which they bought Punggol Nasi Lemak and ate at our place. My balls (i mean bowling balls) kept going into the gutter -.- and i scored a miserable score of 48 -.- think i was second last or something -.-

basket... next outing must go Karaoke -.- and I am so gonna sing "Ken Lee"


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Extra Friendly Doc

Recently I heard on the news that it's the Medical Exam period for doctors-to-be now and we're all encouraged to re-schedule not so urgent appointments to a later date..

Well, I went to see the doc today and in place of my usual fav Dr Wong is a Dr L. I have seen him a few times but he never really left an impression, was just the usual hi hi, scribble scribble, chop chop finish, bye bye kinda doc but today when i entered, i was stunned to see not one but 3 doctors... actually 2 of them are medical students just observing. i felt weird already.

so anyway, doc was SUPER re qing and friendly today. v chirpy n happy voice (oh, did i mention he is a guy, the two noobs are females?) and he even pat me on my arm n smiled =Dly in a i'm-an-encouraging-caring-doc-who-clicks-w-my-patients way when he finished his final sentence... after he declared happily he'd give me TWO days MC... i was too stunned to say, "Er... i only need one day MC... i want go back to work tmr..."

I feel he is too fakely friendly le... and in a broken-wrist sorta way... gives me the creeps but heck, i got TWO days MC.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Funny Thais

Thais are a creative bunch...

Funny Thai Commercial hahaha... if u know me well, u will understand why i love this ad... LOL

another one

they're also v kua zhang... LOL

so funny

LOL ^^


Full Moon...

Bad Mood
Whole body bloated
Calf pain head pain back pain stomach pain throat pain everywhere pain
Pimples -.-

hate full moon

zzzing! *protrude claws* keep off... ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Seared Meat

"Sear" - to burn with sudden powerful heat

This morning I cooked baked pork chop to bring to work for lunch and my shin touched the opened oven door so i seared myself. The skin is so cooked... So painful =( Hope won't have scar.


Sunday, 16 March 2008

I Can Only Imagine

Pris sent me this and I thought it's really nice... may sing this song for the next quarter... enjoy and God bless

I Can Only Imagine

Bird's Nest with Almond Tea

I suddenly felt like drinking Almond Tea (Xing Ren Cha) recently and I searched the web for the recipe but wa! it's so troublesome to make... got to grind the chinese almonds (Nan Xing, Bei Xing) with rice then boil then strain then squeeze out juice with cloth -.- Almond Tea is one of my favourite desserts after bird's nest followed by Orh Nee (must be with ginko nuts n pumpkin one)...

Hm... I suddenly feel like eating at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant cos they have bird's nest IN almond tea!!!! Wa, Tian Xia Wu Shuang (there exists no such excellent pair under the heavens) man!!!! yum yum!

Chiku Pah!

Hm... we found a nice ryokan in Yunokawa Onsen in Hokkaido but guess what? The name of the ryokan is Chikuba -.-

People my generation would have played this game. It's somewhat like scissors-paper-stone except you play it with two hands. Chi is scissors, Ku is stone and Ba is paper so the possible combinations are chi chi, ku ku, ba ba, chi ku, chi ba and ku ba... you take turns to change combi SUDDENLY n your partner has to do the same. If s/he chooses the same combi as you, he loses. chris n i started playing this last night... so bo liao! LOL


For My Kitty Lover Friend

Here's a pole-dancing kitty ^^

Friday, 14 March 2008

Happy Anniversary ^^

Hi Dear, Happy R.O.M Anniversary ha! ^^

Hee hee... 3.14 is our R.O.M date... easy to remember ma.... wanna guess why?


AAWWWWWW.... So Cute So Cute!!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Ken Lee

Jiahui sent me this... i rolled on bed laugh until stomach ache n cried...


Wa!! Bee Tang Ah!!!

Wa... doing laundry in my family can be quite... erm... rewarding... u see, my husband Chris has the habit of leaving coins in his trousers' pockets when he throws them into the laundry baskets... when i do the laundry, i have to dig into his pockets and take out the coins... occasionally he does the laundry n he just conveniently throws the trousers into the machine WITH the coins so sometimes i dig out coins from the washing machine n hope one day the machine breaks down then i get to buy a new one... i nagged n nagged n nagged until give up le... now i just collect the coins (from his pockets n the machine) n put them in a bowl...

Today, i counted the coins in the bowl n WA! Bee Tang Ah! accumulated $71.54 worth of coins... check it out...


$71.54 can:
eat 28 plates of 1 veg, 1 meat, 1 egg, chai fan (mai siao siao k? that's more than 5 weeeks worth!) OR
buy 1 Hoya 58mm circular polariser & lens cleaning pen OR
buy 1 cheap Taiwan-made 8GB CF card from PC show (got to top-up a bit i think) OR
buy 1 designer Moshi Cardette Multi-card reader cum dual USB port with $2.54 change OR
buy 2 pairs of charles n keith shoes OR
pay for 2 ikebana lessons + $1.54 change OR
pay for 1 oil painting lesson + $21.54 change OR
eat one simple Puffer fish meal at Tarafuku, Umeda, Osaka OR
buy 1 bottle of Eu Yan Sang concentrated bird's nest OR
pay for 1 month HP bill OR
take peak-hour taxi home from work about 5 times OR
buy one 4-day unlimited JR-kansai pass + 2 bowls of ramen at Kyoto station Isetan building. This pass allows you to travel on the bullet train from Osaka to Kobe to Nara to Hiroshima to Miyajima... and back. The whole Sanyo area la! Unlimited! 4 days. Sit until puke also can! OR
buy at least 1 year's supply of sanitary pad

and the list goes on...

Golly -.-

lemme go do more laundry...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

This World Only Mummy Good

*Familiar song playing in background, the tune of Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao... This world only mummy good... if you got mummy you got food... deep in mummy's warm embrance... happiness always...*

Today i had dinner at mum's place (hardly get to eat there cos most of the time i go in the late afternoon... anyway, i hardly visit her which i feel v v guilty about =( sorry mummy...) and wa, she made plain porridge, chai por omelette, sambal sweet potato leaves, ngor hiang and steamed never-see-before fish!!! although it's not shan zhen hai wei... i ate until jin jin you wei ^^ had TWO bowls of porridge which is a rarity... cos it was cooked my mummy with her love n i ate w her ^^ one of my best meals... hee.... feel v xing fu ^^

This World Only Mummy Good... Mummy will never lock you in car one...

Lao Liao

Yes, I am "not new" anymore so husband doesn't open car door anymore n lock me in car...

Went for ministry meeting this evening n golly... i realised that of the 11 members, i am the oldest girl n 4th oldest member... n i used to be the youngest member (not so long ago... hee) in the office, people call me ann jie -.-

Lao Liao...

In the car, i told Chris, and he said,

Chris: i am the 2nd oldest in my company...
me: what happened to all the old people??? those 40+ ones??? where r they?????
Chris: got retrenched perhaps...
me: *gasp* so sad!!!! will they retrench us when we hit 40?????
Chris: no la, your job... won't la but if you quit, they'll be happy to replace u with a young chap...
me: so sad... haiz... the world belongs to young people hor?
Chris: no... the world belongs to rich people who like to employ young people...

haiz... sad but quite true...

So we all old people how ha?

Lock & Lock

Today, 12 Mar 2008, my husband Chris, locked me in the car.



He parked the car n i bent down to get the umbrella when he got off, closed the door behind him and pressed LOCK, WITH ME INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i banged window.... he walked on...

banged windshield.... he walked some more.... staring at phone...


so i unlocked myself, opened the car door, peeped my head out and ROARED, "YOU LOCKED ME IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

he muttered, "oops..." then hurried to open the door for me but i closed the door, locked myself in n sulked... refusing to come out... geen him... he unlocked door, opened it and looked guilty... i dagger-stared him, "YOU ACTUALLY LOCKED ME IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!"

so i ignored him... and the only words i spoke were, "YOU LOCKED ME IN THE CAR...YOU LOCKED ME IN THE CAR...YOU LOCKED ME IN THE CAR..."

when i got into the lift, i quickly pressed the button to close lift door don't let him come in (cos he locked me in the car ma) but he squeezed in -.-

then reached home i opened door n wanted to quickly close it don't let him come in (cos he locked me in the car) but he stopped it with his ru lai shen zhang -.-

as it is, he doesn't open car door for me anymore cos i am "not new" i v hurt already.

NOW, lock me in car...

5 years later, make me sit boot

another 5 years later, don't let me sit car le la




Some People -.-

Wonder if you guys watched this Channel 8 TV programme about hawkers who don't do well at all n in come these celebrity chefs who try to revive their waning businesses by teaching them "secret recipes"? well, sometimes i get super pissed when i watch this programme because i feel these people don't deserve the chances... i mean, if a celebrity chef is willing to "chuan shou" his mother's claypot rice recipe to me, i jolly well take down notes, pay attention n will even get my friend to video tape it down lor!!! but this loser of a guy kept getting the steps wrong la, forgetting this n that la, not paying attention la... i was jumping in my seat n wanted so much to slap him left right up down front back n hope he "wakes up his idea"!


then there is this other show Jamie's Kitchen in Australia in which Jamie picks out teenage delinquents n hopes to transform them into chefs. n these see gin nahs... i don't think they even treasure this chance!!!! they're not v focused, some drop out n all... DO THEY EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME???????? learn cooking from Jamie Oliver???? Hello, wake up your idea kid!

so angry... some people don't treasure their chances -.- give me give me... i don't mind learning how to cook that claypot rice or having a stint with Jamie.

*grumble grumble*


Read on a friend's blog (hahaha, i like v free keep reading other people's blogs hor? ey... some of u also read my blog like EVERYDAY!!!! don't pretend! u know i am talking about YOU! LOL ^^) about how his hobbies have remained constant over the years n it set me thinking about my hobbies... and gosh... I. AM. FICKLE.

in kindergarten n pri sch, i was into drawing... colour pencils, crayons n all n i think i drew quite nice pics =P then in sec sch... i picked up saxophone n got into the whole band music thing... i also did well in Home Econs so i was also into cross stitch n knitting. i tried knitting a sweater for my ex bf but never got past the front piece =P in JC, i realised that i like singing so wanted to chao band n join the choir but the (stupid, evil, cunning) band teacher told the choir teacher not to take me in cos she needed me in band so i kinda joined band and was selected to be the principal player (student conductor) which i hated... i think everyone hated me cos there were so many qualified people with grade this n that who coveted that post but i landed on me, someone with NO musical background... i rmb one b*tch commenting that the instructor chose me "because i was pretty" W.A.B! anyway, so my passion for band music kinda waned cos i hated band practice n hated band n hated the band people. n the guy i had a crush on liked that b*tch which didn't help. yeah. so i hated my JC life. i wanted to chao school n chao band all the time. i only had ONE good friend - priscilla. o well...

in uni, i was singing quite a lot too for campus crusade for Christ and when i started working, i didn't really have time for hobbies (although i was still singing in church) until a few years ago when, inspired by my mum-in-law n grace, i tried gardening. i have since given up cos i think God blessed me w many gifts but gardening just isn't one of them =P in chris' words, i should "be merciful n let plants live" =.= then i started doing ikebana which i quite like but can't say i am v passionate about. ever since we moved bible study to our place, i had stopped going cos it's on every 2nd fri of the month n it's at bugis (inconvenient la).

as u all know, i also tried charcoal drawing but didn't quite like it cos i find it really dirty... oil painting may be better for me... may go back to it (i did try it for a while, painted a grand total of ONE pic!). i find that raphael, my charcoal drawing teacher, doesn't really TEACH per se... but then again, how many art teachers really TEACH??? hahaha...

then recently i picked up photography, inspired my two people YD n G, who taught me a lot about photography n since i am a sucker for good brands n will try (if it is within my means) to get THE BEST... i find it a VERY expensive hobby. i hope my love for it doesn't whither =P

then i started this fish rearing thing, again inspired by grace, the Queen of Pattern Chuting. CY n ling gave me a book about it which i have not even touched.... too lazy. maybe read it this week ba. hahaha...

thing about me is when i am passionate about something, i will buy the stuff n buy the best so i spend a lot. like i have two precious vases i bought in kyoto which i mailed back home, my piano, my camera n stuff... =P talking about piano, i am beginning to think it may not be my gift =P maybe try guitar, persuade conrad or aaron to teach me for FREE ^^ o ya, i like tea drinking too which explains my collection of teacups n teapots.

but i am never really too INTO my hobby.... u can say that i am a jack of all trades, master of none. i know a bit of each but i won't say i am an EXPERT in these ares. i pick up things fast but never really excel in anything -.- which i find quite sad.

i guess, the only hobby that's remained constant for me is: Singing. just that my repertoire is restricted mainly to Christian music. don't ask me to sing karaoke, i don't do that well... n someone once asked me to coach her daughter n i went, "er.... i don't know how to TEACH people to sing, i just... SING" LOL

maybe i should forget about everything else n take singing lessons ba. LOL

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Childhood Amnesia

Read on a friend's blog about this term called Childhood Amnesia. Well, he and his wife were discussing at what age children start remembering things and whatever we can't remember in the earlier part of our lives is classified as childhood amnesia...

Hm... i have had my mum's friends come up to me at my wedding telling me last time we did this this that that together and i went ???? haven't a clue... don't even think i have seen the person before! so sad... hahaha.

so what were my first memories? i remember my grandma carrying me at the foot of my aunt's block in Tiong Bahru and me muttering, "Wa Ai Jiak Mo Gou!" (i want to eat mushroom!). i also remember showering with kor n mum... the next memory i have is of me standing at my gate with a small handbag slung across my chest posing for a photo and another of me singing at my friend's birthday party... yeah...

Gosh... it's scary what i remember is what is so me... i like to eat mushrooms, i love public baths, i love handbags, posing for photos and singing... it's quite amazing that my personality has already been formed since young LOL

Playing God... Messing With Creation

I read, to my dismay, in Sunday Times that scientists have managed to "grow" human body parts on animals and almost puked at the pic of two Vacanti mice, with an ear growing on their backs. According to Wiki, the Vacanti mouse was created in 1997 by Dr. Charles Vacanti at the University of Massachusett's. The "ear" was actually an ear-shaped cartilage structure grown by seeding cow cartilage cells (there was never any human tissue used) into a biodegradable ear-shaped mold. As much as I appreciate the motivation, which is to grow body parts like ears and noses for people who were born without them or had them torn off during accidents, I can't help but feel very uncomfortable about such research which I feel is a little like playing God. I feel it's just plain weird and against nature...

Size Does Matter...

When I went shopping for my tripod, the uncle told me the small small tripods are for ladies, guys like BIG BIG tripods... which is true cos the guys i know like BIG BIG cameras, BIG BIG lenses so naturally they need BIG BIG tripods... chris likes BIG BIG TV, BIG BIG monitors... on the other hand, ladies want everything small small... small small bag, small small laptop, small small camera, small small tripod...

hm... but.... there's one thing from guys women like to be BIG BIG... in fact, the BIGGER it is, the more excited they get... they may even cry...




Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lose Appetite =P

Today at my in laws place, my mum-in-law served seedless black grapes at the end of dinner. This grape is rather oddly-shaped. It's elongated, like a bullet. My husband Chris, a combat medic, held up one grape, examined it and blurted out, "Reminds me of a suppository..."


Lose all appetite le. Heng my mum-in-law is Chinese educated she probably didn't understand and my dad-in-law didn't hear it... -.-

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Git Zo Good!

I finally got my tripod ^^ I bought the Gitzo GT 0540 v light, only 800g, great for travelling. I didn't really like the Gitzo ballhead and anyway they didn't have a small one for my tripod and the manfrotto one is like SOOOO heavy so i got a giotto. got quick release, two knobs for adjusting the ball, 3 bubble gauges (x, y, z axes). total weight of tripod and ball head is barely 1.2kg ^^ ok, i do hope that they will bring in the smaller Gitzo heads cos I feel that now, it's a bit of a niu fen cha zai sian hua shang!!!! LOL (giotto is MIC, gitzo is Italian)

i got the tripod bag too. wa, it has a sleeve where you can slot in your nametag n contact details. but seriously, i don't think anyone will return a gitzo if they find one (unless it's G's dad!!! LOL)...! but hor, i think they should seriously redesign their tripod bag for the ladies market... it's hideous but heck la, it's padded and it says "Gitzo"... at least for golf, someone got smart and started a new range of accessories and apparel for female golfers.

i am so looking forward to using it ^^

Pretty Pretty

Hey hey... I am happy!!! ^^ I got a black Kate Spade calf leather handbag!!! kawaii ne ^^ i have been looking for a black bag but the DIOR one is SOOOOOO expensive! saw this today and fell in love with it. it looks like a gyoza and i love gyoza. and oh yes, the model is "Anne"

How nice is that? ^^

Gender Equality?

Today is International Women's Day and I must declare that I am proud to be a woman. at least my wardrobe options extend far beyond pants and shirt ^^ don't belittle us women, we keep the economy running ya... not to mention the population growing...

On a more serious note, I feel v sad that men in some countries still treat women very badly. recently my pastor shared that in a certain middle eastern country, it used to be that the women have to walk 10 steps behind their men but now, the women walk 10 steps ahead. before you rejoice, listen to what the men have to say when quizzed about this reversal of roles: LANDMINES -.-

And I read in the ST that in South Africa, women who wear mini skirts risk getting raped. The men feel that if a woman dresses that way, she is "asking to be raped". What rubbish! this country has one of the highest cases of rape, molest and sexual harassment. n this, sisters, are the REPORTED figures mind you. i am sure there are many that go unreported. the women lament that they often get groped in public.


In Japan, a developed country, the mindset of some men are still v primitive... yes, they grope women on trains. sexual harassment in the workplace is also an issue. thank goodness they have "women only" train carriages. A colleague told me his Japanese friend insists that his wife walks around n serves him NAKED. she is only allowed to wear clothes when they have guests...

Basket... P.O.S.

I just read today in TNP that there are some MPs in another certain country who make sexist or misogynistic remarks such as, "toilets are like new brides after they are completed. after some time, they get a bit spoiled" ha??? what sai is this man? "widows are humble... but divorcees, most of them are [randy]" and "... it is unusual for women's issues to be touched by men... But women are supposed to be touched by men."

ROAR!!!! MP???? MCP more like it!!!! Fuming...

I feel blessed to live in Singapore. Although the men who have EXACTLY the same educational qualification and experience as me earn much more (cos of NS... oh alright..!), I feel safe and protected.

I studied Feminist Theory in the uni but I am not hardcore on equality. ok, i do think "chairman" and "mankind" should be replaced by "chairperson" and "humankind" respectively but i believe God made men and women different. we're supposed to complement each other. we're different so let's celebrate that. So how should men treat women? pastor says Jesus is the best role model. In the bible, we read many instances of women being exalted by Christ. He loved, respected and protected them. Christ, the Son of God was born of a woman. Women were the last to be at His death, the first to see His resurrection. remember the woman at the well who had many husbands? Jesus said to the crowds who despised her, "whoever feels you have no sin, cast your first stone." the crowd then dispersed. and the woman with the alabaster flask who anointed Jesus with expensive perfume was scolded by the VIP men but Jesus defended her and praised her act.

risking being stoned by my ex-classmates, i must say i find it nice when men open doors, pull chairs for women (although Chris thinks men only open car doors for women under 2 circumstances: the girl is new or the car is... LOL). i remember that recently i had to do an event and at the end of it dismantle the exhibits. when the men saw me, in a dress n ferragamos, and my girls, trying to carry the stands, they FLOCKED to help. that's chivalry to me and i like that in men. i don't see people help roy! LOL.

At home, it is the consensus that chris is the head of the house BUT... I am the neck ^^

Happy Women's Day, Jie Mei Men!!!


Easter's approaching so I bought some really nice chocolate eggs with praline filling and wrapped them up nicely. I also bought some really really cute bunny cards to go with the gift for grace, pris and ling from my bible study group. n I thought it'll be nice to include a write-up on the origin of Easter eggs so I googled it... to my horrow, I found this. It turns out that Easter eggs n bunnies are paganistic practices with NO Christian links at all... sheesh...

Haiz... now I have 3 bags full of chocolate eggs... hm... think will just give to them to eat ba.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Scary MMS

I am sure most people would have received the scary MMS of the escaped convict by now. i have not. hahaha. but seriously, if u think about it, he probably wouldn't re-appear looking like the MMSes right? if he had any cow sense, he'd disguise himself as Harry Potter, PCK or something right? anw, talking cock offered this ridiculously funny spotter... LOL

Food Review: Wild Rocket Restaurant @ Mount Emily (6*)

I am in an extremely good mood now... cos i had an excellent dinner with my bestest goodest friend Jiahui at Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. We slurped up EVERY morsel of food, there was virtually nothing left on the plate... short of licking it up...

First up came the water. we were asked, "flat or sparkling". we chose flat and they served FIJI water. add points. ^^

Then the foccacia... gosh... the warmth of the bread emanates from within which means it's fresh from the oven. there is a difference between reheated bread and freshly baked bread. for freshly baked bread, the heat comes from INSIDE. dipped in extra virgin olive oil, yum yum!

Roasted Pumpkin Rocket Salad with Feta Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes
FRESH FRESH FRESH!!!! basically it's got every ingredient i LURVE: pumpkin, rocket, feta and tomatoes... the rockets are so fresh n crisp and the pumpkin's sweetness complemented the bitterness of rockets perfectly. the toasted sunflower seeds added a different twist to the dish. each ingredient enhancing the taste of the others and together they danced beautifully in our palates ^^

Mushroon Ragout Pasta with White Truffle Oil
mmm.... v light and healthy pasta. we felt v fulfilled yet not guilty.

Panfried Catfish with Green Curry Sauce and Olive Rice
olive rice, one of my fav ^^ i like the fusion of thai green curry and catfish which i believe is v american. perfect union of east n west!

Chocolate Gateau with Vanilla Ice Cream
THIS.IS.SO.GOOD.I.ALMOST.CRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must say this was the piece de resistance of the entire meal for us, particularly for me.

SE (Appearance)
When it arrived, i noticed that the ice cream was a perfect sphere, with NONE melted. applaud!!!!! it means the ice cream came straight from the freezer to me. u know how some restaurants scoop out the ice cream then the wait staff wait wait wait then serve n by the time it reaches u, some of it has melted n turned liquid? this one, NONE melted. then we felt (really! literally felt) the warmth of the choc gateau in the surrounding air which means it came straight from the oven.

XIANG (Aroma)
the chocolate aroma whiffed through the air and we caught a hint of it.

WEI (Taste)
i pried it open with my spoon and the chocolate lava OOZED out!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was the foreplay. i was v v turned on already. i lifted a small piece, scraped some ice cream and put it into my mouth. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ORGASMIC!!!! it was sustained, prolonged, at-a -lost-for-words, hit-the-roof enjoyment. from the moment i tasted the first mouthful to the last lick of the spoon and resisting licking the plate... i felt my head going to explode and i wanted to cry. the crust was warm n crisp n the choc lava warm n runny... seducing my palate n i feel for it. the only agony was in restraining myself not to groan n moan too loudly.

I have found my cure for PMS... this dessert has made it to the list of food i MUST eat before i die.

Tea and Coffee
I ordered chamomile and they served it with honey. add points. jiahui's coffee came with warm frothy whipped milk. add points.

all in all, we feel v xing fu eating the food and could sense the chef's sincerity in preparing the food to perfection. from the selection of the fresh ingredients and homegrown herbs to the flawless timing of the food so that you feel it came straight from the chef's heart to you. they were also v thoughtful, splitting our pasta into 2 portions for us and when a pregnant lady came in, the waiter offered her a back cushion.

Cost: we spent $108 + which we felt was worth every dollar... oh, the Fiji water cost $5 per bottle n we downed 3 bottles. turned out that the cofee n tea at $4.50 each are cheaper than the Fiji Water. but it's ok, we don't mind cos it's excellent water.

we will DEFINITELY go back again.

note: it's quite out of the way so it's best if you drive or u can cab there then take a LONG leisurely stroll down. great place for pak tor.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Friends Are Like Bras

Today someone did something that made me feel v touched

You know who you are ^^

Remember I was v sad i lost my pink Nike bottle? N i went to find it at the shop, the colour they have is like dark pink or purple... so ugly -.- mine was baby pink... so this person, over the weekend, went to find one in light pink and when i reached the office today, there it was, sitting on my laptop with the message

"Friends are like bras. Close to the heart and there for support."

LOL! how apt how apt!!! *laugh until cry*

I wrote on the bottom my name, my number and the message: "This is my fav bottle. If found, pls return"

Thanks thanks, for the kindness... v sweet of you. Jin Zai Bu Yan Zhong ^^

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Excuse Me, Are You A Singer?

Today in church i sang the song How Beautiful by Twila Paris

and these two Haggai Institute pastors from Africa were so ministered they came up to me...

them: Do you have an album? Can we buy? How much?
me: er... i am not a singer... i just sing in church...
them: oh! you should cut an album!
me: i never thought about that.. haha

anw, they liked the song so much that they asked me to copy for them (one song only so it's ok la) so when i was done i called one of them (they gave me their namecards) to inform him that i have mailed it n he should receive it soon. he was so grateful n he kept saying i should cut an album. then he asked me for my prayer requests, any prayer requests, even my husband, my father, mother, family prayer requests also can... that's nice... then he asked,

he: do u have children?
me: erm... no
he: it's alright! The Lord will give you soon!!
me: *please er! don't want la!* erm... thank you
he: are u preparing to have?
me: erm... not yet *actually it's not ever*
he: it's ok... when u r preparing to have, the Lord will give you!


when he heard that the song i copied for him was by the original singer n not by me, he was v disappointed...

he: oh, but it will not sound the same! she will not have sung it the way you did!!
me: oh... sorry *i really don't have album!!*

then 1 min later, the other one called me and thanked me n said want to invite chris n me to Nigeria if got chance.

-_____- a bit far but sound interesting...

haha... i must say they are v v friendly, i felt a little overwhelmed! i am v glad my song touched some people... but now my greatest worry is they will be praying for me to have children soon then die ah... u know these holy reverends, their prayer v ling one... LOL

Like Flowing Water

my bestest friend grace gets to meet people from all walks of life in the course of her work and recently she met a true blue tai tai... this tai tai resides in one of the most prime locations in singapore... give u a hint... it's an island and she has two yachts


grace: do u go out to sea often?? ^^
tai tai: oh no no... once or twice a year
grace: ???? then wat does your boatman do?
tai tai: clean my yachts! ^^


and hor, mind u, she has other yachts in other parts of the world which i presume she uses "once or twice a year" when she goes there...

they talked about cars...

tai tai: oh oh... i ordered a Lambourghini ^^
grace: wow! r u going to drive it?
tai tai: oh no no... it's for my son! ^^
grace: ??? but isn't he hardly in singapore?
tai tai: ya ya... he comes back once or twice a year ^^


n guess wat? the speed limit on that island is 40km/h

-_______- diao

oh, before u wa and pupils start turning into $$, the son is 27 n MARRIED le!!! *darned... there goes P's (P is our friend whom we're always trying to hook up with rich guys... she is our last chance to have a tai tai among us!) chance and our chance to sponge on her*

oh, but she has a daughter, 24, still single... i STRONGLY suggest only those with Lambourghinis need apply. no wait... u better own a helicopter cos she just ordered one


k anw, her idea of CHEAP is way WAY out of our league...

tai tai: oh this one cheap cheap! only $2 million! ^^


grace mentioned she saw a piece of v v nice property n it's valued at about $35m and she went, "where where?? i want to buy i want to buy!"

-_____________- biang eh, machiam like buy charles n keith shoes like that... $35 a pair! wa i want to buy i want to buy! except that this one has a MILLION behind the 35... sheesh

when someone commented that her rug is v nice, she smiled n said, "oh it's v cheap! only $75k! ^^"

-_______________- aunty, that's NINETEEN, 1-9 gitzo traveler titanium tripods mind u!

haiz... n there we were... CY contemplating buying Canon 40D n me, my ball head tripod... we had to think here think there, think left think right, think up think down, think back think front, still not bought yet! LOL...

some people really have too much money to spend... the only time i get to spend in 1million is when i am spending in rupiah -.- what can she aspire to have since she already has everything??? well, i think she can aspire to own rocket lor... i'm sure all her friends have private jet or helicopter ma, so to be special, she can own a rocket! LOL... diao... hahaha...we were thinking of applying to clean her boat for her... maybe clean one week can buy my tripod le! LOL

i bet she sings out of tune *grumble grumble*

Food Review: Japanese Bicolour Sweet Corn (6*)

ONE word, THREE syllabi: OR-GAS-MIC

last night we had BBQ at CY's house n i brought 2 cobs of japanese bicolour sweet corn. i cut out all the kernels, put them in an aluminium tray n popped it on the grill for the longest time. then stirred in generous amount of butter (ey, use butter k? not margarine... butter is good... cos it's tasty) n boy, we were all MMM-ing and AAAH-ing.... it's so oishii!

but it's more expensive than the conventional ones. 2 cobs cost $5 plus. normal ones cost about $1.50? but it's worth every of the three times the price man.

Toilet Break Away

i had wanted to blog about this but been busy...

*slap forehead* our prison actually let lose an alleged terrorist... what were they even doing??? my friend, a lecturer at TP, said even during exams when the students need to go to the loo, the invigilators will ESCORT them... and this is an alleged terrorist mind you...

this reminds me of the show The Shawshank Redemption in 1994 starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman... in that show, Tim Robbins escaped the prison by digging a hole in the wall big enough for himself using a, guess what? TEASPOON! and he had to crawl through 4 football fields in length of SEWAGE!!!! =P that's really trying hard so i got nothing to say. moreover, he was wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and her lover so i was glad he got away anyway.

our alleged terrorist... what did he do? take a leak...

SOMEONE (we all know who that someone is) should get his ass badly fried... basket...

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Let There Be Light (II)

Haha... tonight we had to stay back late to work n a few of us were v inspired by Digital Camera magazine's light graffiti pics that we felt "oohh yeah! the workplace is dark dark! let's do some light graffiti ^^!" but our drawing kinda sucks... we really need more practice so here's what i think is the nicest. it's a person skateboarding down a flight of stairs. ok, u can still see hints of my legs n probably my birkies LOL! cos i don't have Photoshop CS3!!! >.< so can't burn it off (the limitations of Adobe Lightroom) but this is the rough idea. will do better next time ^^

basically u find a dark dark spot, mount your camera on a tripod, set to bulb mode, ISO low low, f/11 thereabouts and draw in the air with a torchlight. make sure torchlight faces camera. v v fun. if not for the fact that we were too tired and they were locking up the place, we'd have gone on LOL...

Tis the first time I am the LAST to leave my office... golly.