Monday, 28 April 2008



*grasp stomach, roll around, laugh until cry*

LOSDL (Laugh out super duper loud)

*gasp gasp... catch my breath*

ok.... i'm ready to tell my story...

well, today i took a cab and when i got in, i was greeted by loud Jackie Cheung ballads. i have nothing against Jackie. i like his songs actually n i think he is a v good singer. but... to my horror.. the uncle started singing along... VERY LOUDLY, like in karaoke. the problem was... he didn't know all the words (no karaoke screen with the highlighted words ma) so he would SUDDENLY join in... fade away cos he didn't know the words... then join in again...

uncle: WO HE NI WEN BIE! (i kiss you goodbye)
jackie jackie jackie jackie
uncle: WO HE NI WEN BIE!
me: -.-?????

uncle: YI QIAN GE SHANG XIN DE LI YOU! (one thousand hurt heart reasons)
jackie jackie jackie
uncle: OHH....! OOOOHHHH!

those OH OH AH AH parts he will sing super loudly... and will clear his throat before his triumphal entry... totally oblivious of the fact that there is actually a passenger or he just ignored my presence...

boy... i turned my face to the left, looked out of the window and stifled my giggle. i could not tahan... then i looked down to the ground, used my right hand to cover my face then giggle. i so needed to roll on the floor and laugh loud loud but you know... that'll be really rude... so it was torturous... needing to laugh but cannot laugh have to bie zhu... so smsed people to tell them i cannot tahan... needed to laugh... n i pretended to be laughing at my friend's sms lor... ha ha ha a bit but try to control didn't dare laugh too loudly... wait he ham tam me er...

uncle: YOU AI JIU YOU HEN! (got love will got hate)... jackie jackie jackie... WANG JI NI WO ZUO BU DAO [two missing words) TIAN YA HAI JIAO! ZAI NI SHEN BIAN JIU HAO! (forget u i cannot do... to the ends of the world... as long as i'm w you!)
me: -__________-||||

you know... not everyone has the same wide vocal range as jackie so when uncle hit the high notes, his voice will crack and i'd -.-||| i kena trapped in there listen to uncle sing for a grand total of $20 worth of trip. buay tahan....

what an interesting journey. it surely had a significant impact on me.



Is it just me or do you also feel that the weather is sizzling hot these days? the heat saps my energy and the humidity melts me. buay ta han...

this reminds me of my sec sch Science teacher. you see, i was in a girls' sch and he was this young chap (in retrospect, he is not handsome at all but then, compared to all the aunties and ah pehs, he was like one of the most shuai teachers around)

this teacher is v fair and he liked to wear pastel-coloured shirts... hm the material is quite thin. so when it got v hot (last time ma ta wear shorts, classrooms no air con one) he'd sweat and we won't be able to concentrate cos we could see his erm... "eyes" staring at us.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Squeeze Theorem

Some time ago one of my friends wrote a blog entry entitled "sardines" recounting his ordeal on a crowded MRT train and how he had to hold his breath and didn't know where to look or put his hands because there was a well-endowed lady right in front of him LOL. well, when we were in Japan in 2005 (1st time), we decided to try out the rush hour madness for fun and golly, you have not experienced "packed like sardines" until you experience this... we managed to get in then felt our bodies being shoved in... in... in... in... we didn't really need to move... we were just being moved LOL... it was so packed that you don't have to carry your handbag. it won't drop to the ground one trust me. u can go handsfree and your handbag will still be pressed against you LOL. we both felt it was quite an experience.

Enjoy this video...

In some extreme cases, the train master will shove people in using a metal stick with a flat plane on one side. damn comical... LOL

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My good friend Era bought the Rainbow vacuum cleaner (the one grace has which cost $3k++ which i borrow occasionally to suck dust mites) and i wonder what got into her to give my contact number to the salesgirl -.-

so J called me to arrange for a cleaning session and I made it clear to her i am not interested to buy. then she made it sound like it was a one-time cleaning service that they provide and Era "gave her voucher to me". if i like the service, next time i can engage them to come n clean. so i though ok, no harm. suck out the dust mites in my bed.

but when the girl C arrived, she was in office wear n started doing a sales pitch.

i insisted that i was not going to buy it but she insisted on showing me the demo so i v mian jiangly let her suck my bed. while she was demo-ing, she went on n on n on about the functions blah blah blah... i just walked out n left her to talk to herself. then she asked me for friends' contact n i was flabbergasted. told her nicely that i don't think it's appropriate to anyhow give my friends' contact to her. if she wants, she can leave her number n if i have friends who r interested, i'll get them to call her. but she still kept insisting... i got so fed up i called Era...

me: ERA!!!!!! why did you give my number to the rainbow woman??
era: oh... sorry... hehehe

*want to strangle her*

anyway, when she was done with sucking my bed, i quickly helped her pack her things n dragged them out to the living room, offered her a drink n took my keys, jingle jingle... she still lai zhe bu zou -.- say need to borrow my phone to call headquarters to inform them that she has done the demo at my house. i reluctantly agreed.

damn irritating.

hm... i should have given her the contact of someone i don't like! sabo them. LOL

Lao Lu Ming

Lao Lu Ming - means slogging your butt off. it refers to people like CC and me who have to slog to stay alive. once we stop, like when on leave or on weekends, we fall sick. been sick last weekend... had v bad sore throat n felt feverish but come Mon, ok le
my throat is super painful now but am sure come Mon will be ok le.


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Stop Dreaming

Wa, lately I saw babies... so cute... almost felt like having my own and *pats chest* Heng ah, I became rational and thought of some reasons why NOT to have:

1. Enema
2. Catheter
3. Episiotomy
4. You become a cow (my friend said, "if they were big, they'd sag. If they were small, they'd shrink"). Some women may bleed. Some become engorged so the boobs are like ROCK HARD -.- it's super painful.
5. Your hips are never the same again. You can forget about wearing back your pre-maternity skirts.
6. Feeding, every two hours = no sleep
7. No freedom for at least one year. Forget about that holiday le.
8. No more buying things i like... Namiki pen? My foot! use red leaf la!
9. Tua bao suay bao when go out
10. Your kid may grow up to be a See Gin Nah *sighs*

Ang Ku Kweh Mould

Golly... my kor's Gwyneth looks EXACTLY like him...

but 100x cuter

got chance i upload her pic k? nowadays busy until no time to pang jio

When Is It Your Turn?

Question I hate most: When is it your turn?

A friend of mine, in response to such questions, says:

"Children are a blessing from God.
And since it's more blessed to give than to receive,
I give other people the blessing ^^"

Well said ^^

Go Forth and Multiply

Babies babies... everywher babies... eveyone's having babies... Pamela and Adriel just had Caleb, Era and Dev has Sonia and my kor, had Gwyneth and Kyrsten... i am officially a gugu (this just sounds so wrong) kor says if i don't have kids, i can pass them all my bags n shoes... good idea ^^

the most hero of all is Era... natural birth, no epidural (anaesthetic) *applaud + salute* that woman is one garang girl man... she said she didn't really feel anything when they inserted the catheter into her urinary tract *AAAHHH OUCCCHHHH!!!!!! i hear only feel pain liao -_____-||| my sister-in-law said she was like SSSS!!! SSSS! AAAHHH!!! pain when they "inserted the tube into my jiji" then they also insert enema (this pump thing to induce da pian) into your behind to make u da pian (so that you won't shit when you push your baby out) right... i can't wait... enema, catheter.... *shudder shudder* just kill me... not even FIVE carat diamond solitaire (D colour, internally flawless) can make me wanna go through that man. and the worst has got to be episiotomy. this is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
it's when they "slice" the "opening" to aid the exit of the baby. i hear already also want to faint... cut the down there????? just shoot me.

And Era, my hero, went through all that WITHOUT epidural.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, Happy Earth Day!

This is my Father's world,
and to my listening ears
all nature sings, and round me rings
the music of the spheres.
This is my Father's world:
I rest me in the thought
of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
his hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world,
the birds their carols raise,
the morning light, the lily white,
declare their maker's praise.
This is my Father's world:
he shines in all that's fair;
in the rustling grass I hear him pass;
he speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world.
O let me ne'er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father's world:
why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!
God reigns; let the earth be glad!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dai Gou

Dai Gou means generation gap...

Example 1:
chris: wa dear, knight rider (some show) is coming!!!!
me: ?????
chris: you don't know what knight rider is? how about "V"? battlestar galatica?
me: ?????
chris: ah yo dear, did u have a deprived childhood? u never watched TV?
me: -.- i played masak masak with neighbours. i had a social life -.-
chris: ah yo dear, you v poor thing nei... never watch TV
me: I DID! i watched wrestling... oh, and ah xin (Oshin - japanese serial about poor japanese girl), and ah chan (HK serial about poor cheena pok guy's survival in cosmopolitan HK) and wu suo nan yang (this one all of you know right? starring huang wen yong and xiang yun), hong tou jin (about samsui women), bian yuan shao nian (about delinquents, li nan xing's debut) ya... i did watch TV *sulk*
chris: ah yo, we have dai gou...

Example 2:
chris: wa dear, the A level chinese exam i want to sign up for (his company encourages people to take language exams... they gib $$$$) is super easy! the text is xue shan fei hu (Snow Mountain Flying Fox)!
me: aiyer! that kind is read from right to left, up to down one is it?
chris: -.-
me: sorry, i read Jane Austen, Catherine Lim all that.
chris: aiyer... only gooniangs read that. real men read Jin Yong (some famous cheenapok novelist who Chris admires).
me: we have dai gou...

so chris is v familiar with stories like Shen Diao Xia Nu (Divine Condor Pugilistic Girl), She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan (Stories of the Heros Shooting Condors), Yi Tian Tu Long Ji (this one i don't know how to translate... got Sky got Dragon something) and Yuan Yang Dao (Mandarin Duck Sabres). he is familiar with strokes like Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang (Conquering Dragon's 18 Palms), Yi Yang Zhi (One Masculine Finger) which he gamely showed me but i -.- didn't believe him, Liu Mai Shen Jian (6 Pulses' Divine Swords) and a lot more...

Golly... so ah peh...

Example 3:
i hear a Tommy Page song over the radio in the car...

me: Wa! Tommy Page nei! he was v hot last time! many girls liked him!
chris: -.- this kind also can call singer??? *cannot tahan Tommy Page* what a gooniang *switches to his favourite CD*

me: -________________-||| i don't want to listen to Chu Liu Xiang, Yi Tian Tu Long Ji all that!!!!!! i want listen to Tommy Page!!!!
chris: but this song is VERY nice! ^^ you don't know how to appreciate...
me: let me out let me out!!!!!!!!! *bang on car window* *sulk, kena trapped in car listen to ah peh song* -.-

we got dai gou hor? LOL

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Garlic Chocolates

Few days ago, i bought this huge pack of chocolate-coated cookies from Marks and Spencer and put it in CC's personal pantry. Today, WAH! i saw that she has opened it =D and placed the cookies in her Doraemon tupperware!!! WAH WAH! so i ripped off the cover and attacked the chocolatey cookies BUT!... BUT!.... BUT!!!!!!!!!!

-______________- why taste of garlic one??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Next time, don't put pungent bad breath-inducing garlic cookies in plastic tupperware... cos even after you wash, scrub, sun, disinfect, the smell will still LINGER -.-

oh... the piece i picked up happened to be gingerbread on the inside and CC still joked, "v match ma..." (as in garlic and ginger)


Topless No More

Phew...! today i managed to have some time to breathe so i packed my desk and it feels good to be able to see my desk top again ^^

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Jin Boh Eng

From the frequency (or rather, lack of) of my recent posts, you should know i am jin boh eng. yeah... i am super stressed... this is a v bad time for all of us at the office...

HJ... his doc says his toothache may be stress-related... today sitting beside me he kept pinching his left cheek

CC and me... at night can't sleep well... sometimes will wake up in the wee hours of the morning like 3, 4 am. she says at least she can go back to bed easily... i am a bit worse... will stare at ceiling... turn right stare at wall... check clock 4am... turn left stare at chris... face ceiling... cover duvet over head like corpse and try to go back to bed... then when sleep until sweet sweet, my alarm will sound and got to go to work le... -.-

when we chat nowadays, we're talking about WORK WORK WORK too... then we'd slouch for 5 mins on the couch seh already left half a life then GAH! got to go back to work work work again >.<

everyday i walk into the office, i tio left right front back up down kang tao jit tua too... then busy busy busy then WAH! so fast eat lunch le then cheong here cheong there, biah lai biah ker.... WA so fast 5pm le still got so much work to do... stay back do do do do... i see my desk i also stressed... wait, i can't see the top of my desk at all... i am soon not going to be able to see the top of the used-to-be empty desk beside mine cos i have taken over it too =P

still not enough.... go home on weekends still lug back do


wo yao tao pao

Monday, 14 April 2008

Machine Gun

Some of u know that i have been attending this important course cos garmen says must go for skills-upgrading ma... this is a topic that interests me so i was v eager to attend.

but there is this v attention-seeking person in class and EVERY time the trainer asks the class something, she will think aloud one. she'd be like, "Orh! Orh! I know i know! It's this this that that!" but most of the time her answers are wrong one... cos she never really think just anyhow ham tam. it's really bad sometimes. so the whole workshop was like

trainer: shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa?
rest of us: *try to think*
attention seeking person: ju ju ju ju ju ju ju
rest of us: -.-

trainer: shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa?
rest of us: *try to think*
attention seeking person: yak yak yak yak yak
rest of us: *roll eyeballs*

trainer: shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa?
rest of us: *try to think*
attention seeking person: te blah te blah te blah
rest of us: >.<

trainer: shee shee shaa shaa shee shee shaa?
rest of us: *try to think*
attention seeking person: kee lee koo loo kee lee koo loo
rest of us: *breathe out fumes*

so she makes so much noise the rest of us can't think... it was so bad today that i got a headache because i was so pek cek! i need silence to think one... with this person yak yak yak yak yak, i can't think properly so i had to cover my ears with my fingers...

and she likes to ask DIAO Diao diao diao questions like

"Why you want to ask that question? It's not realistic!"

Aunty, hypothetical example la! -.-

"Why learn this? It's useless!"

Aunty, you never know when you will need this! -.- anyway, the trainer used a nice analogy: when the people in ancient days discovered binary numbers, they probably didn't know that it will be so widely used in computer systems today because knowledge is always far ahead of our times. well said!

the trainer tried in his subtle ways to get her to tone down a bit so once when she tried to answer, he said, "wait wait! think first!" then she grumbled, "you veh funny nei! ask question but dowant people to answer one!"

Aunty, it's not he doesn't want PEOPLE to answer, it's he DOESN'T WANT YOU TO ANSWER!!!!

buay tahan... another two sessions with this woman... heng ah, only two more otherwise i will kee siao...


Rollin' Good Time

West + Kitchen Paper Roll = Good Time


Chris was using a roll of kitchen paper to clean the floor near the kids' enclosure and he didn't realise West was havin a good time with the roll of paper *gasp* when we saw it, he was already ferociously violating that roll of paper and then he GRRRAAAHH!!!! let out a loud sigh, rolled over and hugged the roll like a bolster!

LOL... so funny! He is getting neutered this Sat 9am... poor dear.

Cool Music

This is really cool. you can either say this person is a genius or is super free! LOL

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Huah Kao! nowadays taking taxi really costs an arm and a leg... Jiahui told me her gf took from Sembawang to Tanjong Pagar, got jam, total $40++ *faint* so i had the following conversation with chris:

me: dear ah, nowadays taking taxi is soooo.... exp.... shall i learn driving?
chris: er... it's ok dear. no matter how exp, it will still be cheaper than paying for the increase in my insurance premium if YOU drive my car... hee hee
me: -.- that bad meh?
chris: =D
me: -.-

so, i zhu ding be driven le la =P

Freshness Guaranteed...??

1. Sun and Moon Restaurant @ Wheelock Place

I had dinner with Jiahui, my goodest bestest friend, the other night and we ordered the Sun salad. It came in a long jar and the waitress poured in the sesame dressing and shook it vigorously. "Very interesting!" we thought. the salad was fresh and crisp and the sesame dressing complimented it very well... we were relishing every leaf until YEEEEKKKK!! we spotted a small caterpillar crawling out from the salad and up the side of the bowl!!!!! i let out a GASP! and summoned the waitress:

me: there's a caterpillar in your salad!!!!
waitress: oh no *look embarassed* so sorry *quickly remove salad from table*

she came back a couple of mins later with another waitress...

waitress: oh, that is a plant grub
me: ah ha?
waitress: our vegetables are pesticide-free one
me: *so? crap excuse... never wash properly say never wash properly la*
jiahui: but you didn't wash it thoroughly
me: yeah.

so they offered to give us a replacement salad, any one from the menu or to cancel our order. we chose to cancel the order la. still chi de xia meh? -.-

2. "FRESH" Juice

the other day HY took out a carton of "Apple Juice Drink" from the fridge and i commented:
me: that's not fresh
HY: ha? i thought it's fresh? the brand says "X fresh"!
me: but it's apple juice DRINK. when there's the word DRINK, it's not fresh *read the ingredients list out aloud* fructose, glucose, permitted flavouring and colouring... see? not fresh.
HY: then what is fresh?
me: when it says 100% apple juice. even "from apple juice CONCENTRATE" is CMI
HY: oh, i thought this one is fresh nei
me: nope, no it's not.
HY: orh.... but buy already bo pian got to drink lor

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Just Shoot Me: Answer

Well... it's not whether they gamble or not but whether they're good at Math and can think logically and analytically. Computer industries like people good at Math. That's why Chris thrives. His Math is kickass good. As for me, I don't quite like computer stuff anyway. Everything IT fails to work in my hands -.-

Anyway, the answer is yes... Just Shoot Me i.e. don't spin.

Probability (die if don't spin)
= Probability (your opponent shot one of the four empty slots, in particular the one to the left of a filled slot assuming the barrel spins anti-clockwise)
= 1/4

Probability (die if spin)
= Probability (you tio 2 of the 6) cos when you spin, you reset everything. there are 2 bullets in 6 slots
= 2/6 = 1/3

So, probability of dying if don't spin is lower.

The Heat Is On (II)

Forgot to say... after my garlic ordeal on Monday night and Tuesday morning...

yesterday, one colleague (you know who you are) sat beside me and talked to me AFTER eating garlic chips... i -.- said, "you have bad breath" -.-

and this morning, hm... i didn't realise the effect is so lasting. i need to fumigate my toilet...

then at work, i was at her cubicle (the one with bad gralic breath) and another colleague (you also know who you are) came over, picked up the box of garlic chips, opened and ate some and offered me too. i 0.0 AAAAHHHHHHHH put that far far away from me!!!!!!!!!!!

Golly... hope garlic doesn't become like durian to me -.-

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Heat Is On

Yesterday I had a chicken pasta with garlic sauce at TCC in funan and boy was the garlic really HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! i think they overdid the garlic. i mean, i don't mind chilli hot (i eat chilli padi anyway) but it was garlicky hot that set my mouth, throat and heart on fire! i felt SSSOOOOOO uncomfortable in the car that i held a plastic bag near my mouth in case i puked. it was so bad i felt so sick after that and only felt better after i drank a few mouthfuls of milk...

then i went to sleep...

this morning when i poo poo... erm... i could smell the garlic!!!!!!!! yee er.... so gross... the whole toilet smelled of garlic!!!!! i'm keeping off garlic for a while.

Just Shoot Me

Someone told me the following question was asked during a Microsoft interview:

In a game of russian roulette, 2 bullets are placed in adjacent slots in the gun barrel. Your opponent takes a shot and survived. Now it's your turn. Do you just shoot or spin first before shooting?

Cool question ^^

Think about it. Tell you answer tomorrow ^^

My Lamy

Gah... my lamy pen is giving me some problems... the converter can't suck up ink effectively. i bought a new converter still cannot so the ink runs out really fast...

hm... maybe it's time i got a new fountain pen *grin*

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Heart Itchy Itchy... *Scratch scratch*

Woot! The pen shop at wheelock place is having a sale until 13 Apr 2008! I am v tempted... but can't decide between the Graf Von Faber Castell one or the Namiki one. The Faber Castell one is made from special wood (what people use for violin bows) and is platinum plated... WA!!! and the Namiki one i like is something like the grapevine design (can't find on the website) and it's full lacquer, 18K gold nib ^^ Wa!!!!!!!! v tempting v tempting. got 20% discount nei. how ha? i can't decide which one to get. contemporary Graf Von Faber Castell or classic Namiki.

GAH.... so torn...

Diva Behaviour

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are very particular about cleanliness. As you all know, our West Wong stays in a serviced apartment... erm... who services his apartment? Chris and i lor! LOL! He is such a diva when it comes to the cleanliness of his living quarters. i vacuum steam his enclosure once a week and try to clean his toilet at least every other day but sometimes after one day, his litter pan is dirty le... you see, West drinks a lot of water and so naturally pees A LOT. when his toilet is too soiled and we're too busy to bother... he will DELIBERATELY pee OUTSIDE his toilet. when he feels his enclosure needs some "make up room" service, he will tip his food and hay dish and spread the food all around so it looks v untidy. if that fails, he will pee on the floor then look at us defiantly. when he is really pissed, he will move his litter pan a bit to the side, pee on the spot and move it back so the pee is UNDER the pan... haiz... so i bo pian, guai guai clean his enclosure and you see him lounging like cleopatra when i put him back and the first thing he does is USE his toilet...

freshness of food is also a requirement. we try to change his hay everyday but sometimes chris forgets. he will REFUSE to eat hay that is not fresh from the lock lock box. once we give him NEW FRESH hay, you'll see him bury his face and paws in the dish and devour the hay -.-

Some rabbits are such divas.


That day HJ had this throbbing toothache and throughout the morning he cupped his left hand over his left cheek and looked really off colour... reminds me of my wisdon tooth agony a few years ago... the pain was so constantly excruciating that i could not eat anything. those who have ever gone through wisdom tooth op will know that the top one is an EXTRACTION whereas the bottom one is a SURGERY. so the dentist took an X-ray of my cheek which revealed "impacting" bottom wisdom tooth which means while everyone else guai guai grow vertically upwards, this see chui kee decides to be different and grow 45 degrees outwards -.-

so came that fateful day when i had to go for the op... (oh... u get FIVE days MC so make sure you go on a MON!!!! LOL don't be like my gf Pris... did it on Fri... loogee two days -.-) my mummy went with me. the dentist injected anaesthetic donno how many times then he proceeded to drill AROUND the tooth to loosen it so your gum is like an open flower =P then the nurse held on to my head by grasping my temples and the dentist using his jiu niu er hu zhi li (strength of 9 bulls + 2 tigers) HAIYA! yanked out my tooth. he finished the job by stitching up the gapping gum and yanking out the top tooth too (might as well hum balang take out together, save trouble in future ma). while he was stitching, i could feel the thread dangling =P throughout the ordeal, i had to calm my nerves by reciting the Lord's prayer in my heart:

Our Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespassed against us
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
Forever and ever, Amen.

And i said it like what... 20 times? LOL

my dentist is v v good and v zai. and my case is v good already cos can take out in one piece... some people's tooth are impacting horizontally so cannot pull out in one piece got to crush into little bits then pick out the pieces. u better pray that the dentist doesn't leave any bit in there and stitch it up =P come to think of it, i think for my first op, the dentist cracked it into 2 pieces but that was v long ago can't rmb le. i remember when my bro did it, the stupid dentist (not my dentist) pried open his mouth so hard that it split open at the sides so he bled inside AND outside... -.- and shawn, when he did it, the stupid dentist didn't give him proper after-care instructions i think. he went back to sleep (think he removed the cotton ball maybe) and when he woke up, his pillow was drenched in blood =P

oh... not say i sexist... but when it comes to dentist, choose a male one better cos males are stronger... one YANK HAIYA! come out liao... women dentists i think will pull ah ya cannot, and pull again ah ya still not out and pull and pull.... it's kinda like parking car la... guys one shot ho say already, girls in out in out in out... LOL. so, go for the dude ya!

and some people like to do all 4 at one go. i think better to do one side at a time. firstly, that way can get 5 + 5 =10 days MC ma... LOL and also do left side can use right side to eat and vice versa. do both... wa, how to eat?

P.S.: i kept my tooth in a jewellery box nei. u all want see? i can take a pic n upload. i am too lazy to take out my cam from the dry cabi la. so only by popular demand lor.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Movie Review: Becoming Jane ****

I watched Becoming Jane with Priscilla on Apple TV today. It's a movie about the life of Jane Austen, one of my favourite writers who wrote Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy.

It's a rather sad story and much of S & S and P & P are inspired by her own story I believe... except that they had happy endings. in the story, Jane and Tom Lefroy loved each other but they could not marry because of various circumstances so they eloped... well, almost. Jane could not go through with it when she found out Tom had siblings who depended on him so if he left, they'd have no one to depend on. The scene when she left in a horse carriage, turned back to look at him for the very last time... was heartbreaking...

Jane never married and continued to write and established herself as one of England's most-loved writers. In her short life of 42 years, she wrote 6 of the most-read novels: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park. Tom married and named his eldest daughter Jane... so sweet.

I remember reading Sense and Sensibility when I studied Feminist Theory in the Uni. The movie starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet was delightful. and i just loved Pride and Prejudice, both the novel and the movie. But you've got to watch the BBC version which is a mini-series starring Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, not the Hollywood one starring Keira Knightley. I have not watched nor read Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Maybe will read or watch it soon

Differences Between Men and Women

Chris will so totally agree! LOL

Funny Video: Italy vs Europe

Bruno Bozzetto is really creative!

Flied Lice Paladise

I read in the papers that some Singaporeans are snapping up 10 kg sacks of rice and they showed a picture of a certain NTUC with the rice section cleared of rice. Some people are really kiasu... Singapore doesn't just import rice from Thailand wat, so there's is no need to hoard rice. We also import from other countries like america and vietnam. Moreover, chris was saying, "don't eat rice cannot eat other types of carbo meh?" yeah, there are other sources of carbo like potato, pasta, bread etc wat.

yesterday at the minimart downstairs, i also saw people buying 10 kg sacks of rice. i don't know about you but chris n i take 3-6 months to finish ONE 2-kg packet of rice (Japanese rice is usually 2 kg). if i do buy thai rice, i buy the 1 kg pack one cos i like my rice fresh. 10 kg? er... unless your family is v big (or your family members are like G) otherwise it will probably last more than 6 months. rice keep too long will seh gu (grow weevils) one. then when you wash it, the gu will float to the top. v gross de.

but the price of rice is sure to increase. so maybe when we eat out, they will give v little rice (poor G, she can eat 3-4 bowls one)... chris n i normally share one bowl cos i eat v little rice. maybe the rice will cost more than the liao... -.- or bring own rice get discount...

hm... i don't want to imagine how little rice my office chicken rice stall will give if the price of rice increases. as it is, now i already don't feel satisfied after eating one plate add egg add tau pok add veg... tsk tsk tsk. maybe next time when you order n get your chicken rice, you'd be like, "eh? fan zai na li?" can't see the rice cos hidden under the thin pieces of chicken (the uncle likes to whack the chicken meat with his cleaver to flatten it so it covers more area then chop it into pieces). maybe got to eat 2 plates like what the guys sometimes do le... LOL

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dear, Do You Love Me?

I don't normally like to ask silly questions like "Dear, do you love me?" i feel it's so insecure =P but you see, once in a blue blue moon, i get a small zit on my butt and i can't reach it so i hope chris can squeeze it for me. the first time i asked:

me: dear, do you love me?
chris: o.O er... yes... why?
me: can help me squeeze pimple on my pi pi?
chris: NO!!!!

now when i ask him "dear, do you love me?" he will immediately reply "NO I AM NOT GOING TO SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLE!!!!!"


CC says she also gets v scared when her bf S. calls her "dear dear" (he doesn't usually call until so endearing one ma)...
she will -________-|||


Leng Leng Qing Qing

Sigh... today CC didn't come cos she went to choose HDB flat with her dear dear and TF is still on MC so the office leng leng qing qing one. i was so sian i almost finished HJ's can of chips.

Faster come back already...

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Lately i feel v v tired at work because there's so much work to do and today i run up run down run left run right run here run there so busy... on my way home i felt sooooooooooooo tired that i thought i was going to collapse and die... and on the bus i thought better write my will to divide my assets (mainly my clothes, bags, shoes n stuff) among chris, ma, kor and girlfriends in case i really collapse. imagine newspaper headlines: "Woman Overworked: Collapses and Dies"

i don't dare tell chris cos he will say i morbid -.-

i morbid meh?

Sing To The Dawn

Wa, it's so nice to jog early early in the morning... today i didn't have to report to work so early so i decided to wake up early to run. actually i felt a little lazy until somebody (you know who YOU are...) smsed me 7 early 8 early... wait it's 5 early 6 early... to ask me a question... so since i can't go back to sleep, i went running. chris said "siao!" =P

on my way back at about 7, i saw the warm hues of dawn bursting forth... so nice ^^ and i felt so energized but towards the later part of the day, i felt v sapped of my energy cos it was SO hot n SO humid =P

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho ho ho! i booked my hokkaido trip lo!!! (^^)v

also going to Nikko. look out for my updates in june k? i will be travelling on the trains quite a lot and so can blog on the train ^^

Duo Mai Duo Sheng

Wa i found out if i use my taka credit card in taka japan, i get 3% rebate nei!!! ^^ so the more i buy, the more money i save er!!! ^^

Takai Taxi

-.- basket... i took taxi from takashimaya home and it cost a whooping $24!!!! my heart feels super pain now... first time take taxi home exceed $20 one... and it's due mainly to the idiots who slowed down to catch a glimpse of the car plate number of the accident vehicle cos MIRACULOUSLY, like God parted the red sea, the traffic SUDDENLY became smooth-flowing AFTER we passed the accident site -.- some singaporeans are plain irritating. Chris feels people who cause traffic jams should be qiang bi (executed). i agree.

Cocktail Peanuts

while i was Q-ing for taxi... i saw an ang mo couple munching on cocktail nut mix and it reminded me of something that charis and lydia (from church) told me some time ago... they read an article that did a study on what common items carry the most germs and the thing that came up top few was COCKTAIL NUT MIX in bars, those that have a communal bowl where everyone digs in n grabs a handful. among other disgusting stuff they found is... get this... URINE. yes... absolutely nauseating right? how did it get there in the first place? no, it's not because you made the bartender angry so he decided to pee in it... it's cos... some men go to toilet to wee wee and they don't wash their hands after that. then they happily dig into the mount of nuts and spread it around...

so next time beware... the giam giam taste may not be salt nei


Ya Ya Papaya

Golly... Singaporeans are getting really weird when it comes to dress sense. today i saw TWO girls dressed in nice tops with bare back (as in it's low back or there's a hole at the back) but they didn't bother to either go braless or wear the right kind of bra so there's the bra strap showing at the back... zhiooop right across. Xiao mei, there's such a thing called sticky silicone bra that you stick on your assets so there's no strap behind. there're also low back bras. if not, since yours is not that well-developed, can go braless -.-

then i saw a man (broken wrist syndrome type) in a loud orange T shirt with the message "I declared myself Mr Ya Ya Papaya!"