Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dai Gou

Dai Gou means generation gap...

Example 1:
chris: wa dear, knight rider (some show) is coming!!!!
me: ?????
chris: you don't know what knight rider is? how about "V"? battlestar galatica?
me: ?????
chris: ah yo dear, did u have a deprived childhood? u never watched TV?
me: -.- i played masak masak with neighbours. i had a social life -.-
chris: ah yo dear, you v poor thing nei... never watch TV
me: I DID! i watched wrestling... oh, and ah xin (Oshin - japanese serial about poor japanese girl), and ah chan (HK serial about poor cheena pok guy's survival in cosmopolitan HK) and wu suo nan yang (this one all of you know right? starring huang wen yong and xiang yun), hong tou jin (about samsui women), bian yuan shao nian (about delinquents, li nan xing's debut) ya... i did watch TV *sulk*
chris: ah yo, we have dai gou...

Example 2:
chris: wa dear, the A level chinese exam i want to sign up for (his company encourages people to take language exams... they gib $$$$) is super easy! the text is xue shan fei hu (Snow Mountain Flying Fox)!
me: aiyer! that kind is read from right to left, up to down one is it?
chris: -.-
me: sorry, i read Jane Austen, Catherine Lim all that.
chris: aiyer... only gooniangs read that. real men read Jin Yong (some famous cheenapok novelist who Chris admires).
me: we have dai gou...

so chris is v familiar with stories like Shen Diao Xia Nu (Divine Condor Pugilistic Girl), She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan (Stories of the Heros Shooting Condors), Yi Tian Tu Long Ji (this one i don't know how to translate... got Sky got Dragon something) and Yuan Yang Dao (Mandarin Duck Sabres). he is familiar with strokes like Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang (Conquering Dragon's 18 Palms), Yi Yang Zhi (One Masculine Finger) which he gamely showed me but i -.- didn't believe him, Liu Mai Shen Jian (6 Pulses' Divine Swords) and a lot more...

Golly... so ah peh...

Example 3:
i hear a Tommy Page song over the radio in the car...

me: Wa! Tommy Page nei! he was v hot last time! many girls liked him!
chris: -.- this kind also can call singer??? *cannot tahan Tommy Page* what a gooniang *switches to his favourite CD*

me: -________________-||| i don't want to listen to Chu Liu Xiang, Yi Tian Tu Long Ji all that!!!!!! i want listen to Tommy Page!!!!
chris: but this song is VERY nice! ^^ you don't know how to appreciate...
me: let me out let me out!!!!!!!!! *bang on car window* *sulk, kena trapped in car listen to ah peh song* -.-

we got dai gou hor? LOL