Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Garlic Chocolates

Few days ago, i bought this huge pack of chocolate-coated cookies from Marks and Spencer and put it in CC's personal pantry. Today, WAH! i saw that she has opened it =D and placed the cookies in her Doraemon tupperware!!! WAH WAH! so i ripped off the cover and attacked the chocolatey cookies BUT!... BUT!.... BUT!!!!!!!!!!

-______________- why taste of garlic one??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Next time, don't put pungent bad breath-inducing garlic cookies in plastic tupperware... cos even after you wash, scrub, sun, disinfect, the smell will still LINGER -.-

oh... the piece i picked up happened to be gingerbread on the inside and CC still joked, "v match ma..." (as in garlic and ginger)