Thursday, 24 April 2008

Go Forth and Multiply

Babies babies... everywher babies... eveyone's having babies... Pamela and Adriel just had Caleb, Era and Dev has Sonia and my kor, had Gwyneth and Kyrsten... i am officially a gugu (this just sounds so wrong) kor says if i don't have kids, i can pass them all my bags n shoes... good idea ^^

the most hero of all is Era... natural birth, no epidural (anaesthetic) *applaud + salute* that woman is one garang girl man... she said she didn't really feel anything when they inserted the catheter into her urinary tract *AAAHHH OUCCCHHHH!!!!!! i hear only feel pain liao -_____-||| my sister-in-law said she was like SSSS!!! SSSS! AAAHHH!!! pain when they "inserted the tube into my jiji" then they also insert enema (this pump thing to induce da pian) into your behind to make u da pian (so that you won't shit when you push your baby out) right... i can't wait... enema, catheter.... *shudder shudder* just kill me... not even FIVE carat diamond solitaire (D colour, internally flawless) can make me wanna go through that man. and the worst has got to be episiotomy. this is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
it's when they "slice" the "opening" to aid the exit of the baby. i hear already also want to faint... cut the down there????? just shoot me.

And Era, my hero, went through all that WITHOUT epidural.