Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Jin Boh Eng

From the frequency (or rather, lack of) of my recent posts, you should know i am jin boh eng. yeah... i am super stressed... this is a v bad time for all of us at the office...

HJ... his doc says his toothache may be stress-related... today sitting beside me he kept pinching his left cheek

CC and me... at night can't sleep well... sometimes will wake up in the wee hours of the morning like 3, 4 am. she says at least she can go back to bed easily... i am a bit worse... will stare at ceiling... turn right stare at wall... check clock 4am... turn left stare at chris... face ceiling... cover duvet over head like corpse and try to go back to bed... then when sleep until sweet sweet, my alarm will sound and got to go to work le... -.-

when we chat nowadays, we're talking about WORK WORK WORK too... then we'd slouch for 5 mins on the couch seh already left half a life then GAH! got to go back to work work work again >.<

everyday i walk into the office, i tio left right front back up down kang tao jit tua too... then busy busy busy then WAH! so fast eat lunch le then cheong here cheong there, biah lai biah ker.... WA so fast 5pm le still got so much work to do... stay back do do do do... i see my desk i also stressed... wait, i can't see the top of my desk at all... i am soon not going to be able to see the top of the used-to-be empty desk beside mine cos i have taken over it too =P

still not enough.... go home on weekends still lug back do


wo yao tao pao