Monday, 28 April 2008



*grasp stomach, roll around, laugh until cry*

LOSDL (Laugh out super duper loud)

*gasp gasp... catch my breath*

ok.... i'm ready to tell my story...

well, today i took a cab and when i got in, i was greeted by loud Jackie Cheung ballads. i have nothing against Jackie. i like his songs actually n i think he is a v good singer. but... to my horror.. the uncle started singing along... VERY LOUDLY, like in karaoke. the problem was... he didn't know all the words (no karaoke screen with the highlighted words ma) so he would SUDDENLY join in... fade away cos he didn't know the words... then join in again...

uncle: WO HE NI WEN BIE! (i kiss you goodbye)
jackie jackie jackie jackie
uncle: WO HE NI WEN BIE!
me: -.-?????

uncle: YI QIAN GE SHANG XIN DE LI YOU! (one thousand hurt heart reasons)
jackie jackie jackie
uncle: OHH....! OOOOHHHH!

those OH OH AH AH parts he will sing super loudly... and will clear his throat before his triumphal entry... totally oblivious of the fact that there is actually a passenger or he just ignored my presence...

boy... i turned my face to the left, looked out of the window and stifled my giggle. i could not tahan... then i looked down to the ground, used my right hand to cover my face then giggle. i so needed to roll on the floor and laugh loud loud but you know... that'll be really rude... so it was torturous... needing to laugh but cannot laugh have to bie zhu... so smsed people to tell them i cannot tahan... needed to laugh... n i pretended to be laughing at my friend's sms lor... ha ha ha a bit but try to control didn't dare laugh too loudly... wait he ham tam me er...

uncle: YOU AI JIU YOU HEN! (got love will got hate)... jackie jackie jackie... WANG JI NI WO ZUO BU DAO [two missing words) TIAN YA HAI JIAO! ZAI NI SHEN BIAN JIU HAO! (forget u i cannot do... to the ends of the world... as long as i'm w you!)
me: -__________-||||

you know... not everyone has the same wide vocal range as jackie so when uncle hit the high notes, his voice will crack and i'd -.-||| i kena trapped in there listen to uncle sing for a grand total of $20 worth of trip. buay tahan....

what an interesting journey. it surely had a significant impact on me.