Saturday, 26 April 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My good friend Era bought the Rainbow vacuum cleaner (the one grace has which cost $3k++ which i borrow occasionally to suck dust mites) and i wonder what got into her to give my contact number to the salesgirl -.-

so J called me to arrange for a cleaning session and I made it clear to her i am not interested to buy. then she made it sound like it was a one-time cleaning service that they provide and Era "gave her voucher to me". if i like the service, next time i can engage them to come n clean. so i though ok, no harm. suck out the dust mites in my bed.

but when the girl C arrived, she was in office wear n started doing a sales pitch.

i insisted that i was not going to buy it but she insisted on showing me the demo so i v mian jiangly let her suck my bed. while she was demo-ing, she went on n on n on about the functions blah blah blah... i just walked out n left her to talk to herself. then she asked me for friends' contact n i was flabbergasted. told her nicely that i don't think it's appropriate to anyhow give my friends' contact to her. if she wants, she can leave her number n if i have friends who r interested, i'll get them to call her. but she still kept insisting... i got so fed up i called Era...

me: ERA!!!!!! why did you give my number to the rainbow woman??
era: oh... sorry... hehehe

*want to strangle her*

anyway, when she was done with sucking my bed, i quickly helped her pack her things n dragged them out to the living room, offered her a drink n took my keys, jingle jingle... she still lai zhe bu zou -.- say need to borrow my phone to call headquarters to inform them that she has done the demo at my house. i reluctantly agreed.

damn irritating.

hm... i should have given her the contact of someone i don't like! sabo them. LOL