Sunday, 27 April 2008

Squeeze Theorem

Some time ago one of my friends wrote a blog entry entitled "sardines" recounting his ordeal on a crowded MRT train and how he had to hold his breath and didn't know where to look or put his hands because there was a well-endowed lady right in front of him LOL. well, when we were in Japan in 2005 (1st time), we decided to try out the rush hour madness for fun and golly, you have not experienced "packed like sardines" until you experience this... we managed to get in then felt our bodies being shoved in... in... in... in... we didn't really need to move... we were just being moved LOL... it was so packed that you don't have to carry your handbag. it won't drop to the ground one trust me. u can go handsfree and your handbag will still be pressed against you LOL. we both felt it was quite an experience.

Enjoy this video...

In some extreme cases, the train master will shove people in using a metal stick with a flat plane on one side. damn comical... LOL