Thursday, 24 April 2008

Stop Dreaming

Wa, lately I saw babies... so cute... almost felt like having my own and *pats chest* Heng ah, I became rational and thought of some reasons why NOT to have:

1. Enema
2. Catheter
3. Episiotomy
4. You become a cow (my friend said, "if they were big, they'd sag. If they were small, they'd shrink"). Some women may bleed. Some become engorged so the boobs are like ROCK HARD -.- it's super painful.
5. Your hips are never the same again. You can forget about wearing back your pre-maternity skirts.
6. Feeding, every two hours = no sleep
7. No freedom for at least one year. Forget about that holiday le.
8. No more buying things i like... Namiki pen? My foot! use red leaf la!
9. Tua bao suay bao when go out
10. Your kid may grow up to be a See Gin Nah *sighs*