Tuesday, 27 May 2008

How Would You Move Mount Fuji?

Recently my bedtime storybook has been "How Would You Move Mount Fuji?" a collection of puzzles and questions posed by smart companies such as Microsoft during their interviews to select the most creative thinkers. It's a wonderful read and I'm so amazed by the ingenious solutions to the equally ingenious questions... gets me v high... LOL

here's one that i can't forget... chris also thinks it's super cool...

Q: You have 5 jars of pills. All the pills in one jar are "contaminated". The only way to tell which pills are contaminated is by weight. A regular pill weighs 10g; a contaminated pill is 9g. You're given a scale (that tells exact weight in g) and allowed to make just ONE measurement with it. How do you tell which jar is contaminated.

A: tell u tomorrow. the answer is so simple yet so cool.

another weight-related question is the famous: You have 8 balls. one of them is defective (i.e. weighs more than the others). how do u tell, using a balance (the type the woman at supreme court carries), which ball is defective in two weighings?

answer tomorrow ya...

Oil Burner or Vase???? *scratch head*

Diao -.-

Today was THE BIG DAY for BIG EVENT and Ling, HM n i were in the guest of honour toilet doing the final touches of flowers n aromatherapy oil (of course it's my idea la) i went to decor the room then when i came into the toilet, HM n ling were laughing non-stop...

me: wassup?
HM: *breathless* hahahahaha
ling: *gasping for air* hahahahaha
HM: *to ling* can i tell ann?
me: wat wat?
HM: Ling took a stalk of the orchid n tried to insert it into the OIL BURNER!!!
me: *stunned* -_______-|||

so funny... then ling whacked my left arm (ya, where the doc jabbed yesterday) cos i laughed at her so i was like AAARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH! AAARRGHHHH!

Haiz... i LOVE my colleagues, they're so cute. so blur yet so cute. LOL

Monday, 26 May 2008


I spent the whole morning doing work then saw the doc, he gave me a jab then when i went home, my eyes --.-- cannot open so i zzz until 6 plus... i have not had such deep sleep for ages... i felt like i could not wake up, like i was trapped in slumberland, cannot get out... quite scary...

Jin Pu Huey

Yesterday... got BIG SHOT say don't want to come SUDDENLY decide to come.
Today... got BIG SHOT say want to come SUDDENLY decide not to come.


some people... cannot make up their minds.

i smart already. don't even bother briefing my helpers anymore. don't even want to print anything too. until the very last minute. cos... they also get confused >.<||| instructions keep changing.

Sio Gim Zhua

Sio - Burn
Gim - Gold
Zhua - Paper

Burn gold paper is what people do during 7th month... they burn paper money to deceased relatives.

well... i have a v strong urge to BURN all the papers generated for BIG EVENT this fri when it all ends. bet it will feel v shiok *dong gan chao ren pose* AH HA HAHAHAHA! i heard some of my friends say they burnt their A Level notes after A level nei. but i must find a place to burn them... tis not respectful to burn in one of those gim zhua containers right? maybe some desolate patch of land? any suggestions?


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bad Idea...

Drinking minestrone soup when u have TWO ulcers in the mouth is a v bad idea >.< it's v painful!

Claire and West

The more we observe Claire and West, the more we feel that West is like one of us and Claire like the other...

West is...
1. v ba4 dao4 (domineering) and wants his ways
2. sometimes a little rebellious and will PURPOSELY do what he is told not to do (like enter the bedroom or study or toilet.. he'd go into the toilet and step ALL OVER outside with his wet paws -.-)
3. a little hot tempered and will throw tantrums *ROAR!* when he is upset (like bite you REALLY REALLY hard or growl at u)
4. v picky about his food... refuses to eat hay that is not fresh
5. active... sniff sniff here, chin chin there... explore explore... jin boh eng... jin kay poh...
6. a diva... he LOVES it when we fuss over him and when claire grooms him...
7. attention seeking... when we stroke claire, he will get jealous, push her away n place his head on the floor for us to stroke
8. territorial... he chins EVERYTHING in the house (including us) to mark that they are HIS... he becomes a little aggressive when we try to mess with his enclosure and touch his things (er... his toilet)... will GGRRR! growl at us, sit on his toilet n refuse to budge or even jump up and bite.

1. is easy going, gives in to West
2. is easy to train
3. is mild-mannered and hardly throws tantrums
4. got hay eat hay, got pellets eat pellets
5. likes to just lounge around in a corner... doesn't like to exercise
6. doesn't mind fussing over west
7. enjoys it when we stroke her but is equally at ease when we leave her alone
8. is happy just being in her enclosure... will lounge in one corner when we go in to clean it.

They're both so different yet they live harmoniously with each other ^^ guess who is like who? LOL

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bunny Farting

Ok... this one's really classic... chris n i laughed until almost kok our heads on the laptop n i almost choked on my own saliva! but sorry can't embed...

bunny fart

For My Kitty-Lover Candy

So cute!!!! ^^

kitty dozing off... AAAWWWWWW! so cute...!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Kawai Ne ^^

AAAWWWW....! Claire looks soooooooooooo cute! I have been so busy typing BIG EVENT stuff THE WHOLE WEEKEND -.- finally had time to paparazzi my babies ^^ but it's so difficult to shoot them. got to put the camera on the floor, bend down, close right eye, try to look through viewfinder then shoot. who ask them to be 10 cm tall -.-

now i got cock-eye le

Lao Lu Ming (II)


Sore Throat
Tomorrow, work day
sure OK
Lao Lu Ming
What can I say

Food Review: Santouka Ramen

We tried Santouka ramen at The central yesterday. I like the broth which is flavourful yet not too salty like Miharu at Gallery Hotel. However, some may find the broth a tad too oily. The egg... hm... is less than perfect cos the yolk was not gooey but almost hard-boiled. the sake-ikura gohan (salmon and salmon roe rice bowl) was delightful though, with generous topping of ikura, one of my favourites ^^

Apparently, Santouka is ALL OVER hokkaido ^^ ok, we can't wait to try the real thing in June!

San Ji Ping Guo Dian Hua

During lunch yesterday, Chris said excitedly....

chris: hi dear, I'm getting a DIAMOND ^^
me: *perk up* =D how many carats????
chris: -.- i mean PHONE! Diamond phone!
me: o? *pick at small orangey ikura(salmon roe) spheres...*
chris: so... you want Ping Guo Dian Hua (apple phone)?
me: ^^ Ping Guo Dian Hua? i want i want! is it San Ji (3G)?
chris: yeah! San Ji Ping Guo Dian Hua (3G i-phone) is coming...!
me: ^^ wo ai ping guo! watashi wa ringo ga suki desu!

heh heh... and my stupid nokia is giving me problems.. screen keeps blinking. God's will ^^

Wo Ai Ping Guo (i love apple)! Ping Guo Shi Tou (apple rocks)!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Yankee-fied and Nipponised

Today, Pastor Melvin commented that the youngsters have been "Yankee-fied" (i.e. infused w too much American culture) hahaha... in the car on way to lunch...

me: wa! thank God i retained my chinese roots ^^
chris: -.- er dear... u r one of those yankee-fied people
me: no... when i speak mandarin, shee shee sha sha to my clients, they sometimes don't understand ! they say too cheem! *arrogant look*
chris: er... that's cos their chinese is bad... i mean badder than yours. ya, badder.
me: i don't think i'm yankee-fied... nipponised maybe... but definitely not yankee-fied.
chris: you are, dear. you are BOTH yankee-fied AND nipponised. you are in dire need of chinese tuition. from now onwards, every week, u will go to my mum's place for tuition la (his mum is a retired chinese teacher)
me: -.-


Today we had lunch at The Central (Clarke Quay) ...

me: wa, will be so nice to stay around here ^^
chris: we can't afford it dear
me: wonder when we can afford
chris: when i become DD (deputy director)
me: wa! -.- then we will be LAO KOK KOK le
chris: no la, i know of DDs who are 30 plus
me: is it? wa! if u become DD, i will be TT (tai tai) lor! ^^
chris: -___________-|||

Saturday, 17 May 2008

3 X 3 = 6?????

Some people like to try to be funny with people in my profession because they think we're v innocent n gullible. this caterer for our TUAH LENG KONG, TUAH TUAH LIAP BIG BIG EVENT promised to give us 6-feet tables then when it arrived, it was 3-feet long so E. was like...

E: eh! it's 3 feet long la!
caterer: 3 by 3 = 6 feet wat!
HM: -.-
ML: -__-
Y: -_____-
me: -___________-|||

Wa lao... who is he trying to kid?
Either he is bodoh or he thinks we're bodoh...


Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I have always wanted to write an entry about this but never really got down to doing it.

Spoilers... those things people add to the boot of their cars to make it look sporty/scary/cool/fierce etc... well, it's supposed to create bernoulli's effect but the problem is, in Singapore, we don't travel at high enough speeds for bernoulli's effect to actually take place so those spoilers are kinda aesthetic... except that they're ugly. not at all aesthetic. and what makes me cringe are lots of fins. i find them plain hideous. not to mention coloured flashing lights... ah yo... so BENG... i just don't understand why people pay money to do up their cars and it turns out looking like Michael Jackson.

Gua Gua Gua!

Tonight is v guah (cold) and the frogs tell you that too... on my way to church for ministry meeting just now, i passed by a pool of water (actually it's a defunct fountain) and the frogs in it raised up a cacophony of guah guah guah it scared the hell out of me!

when i was young, my mum n i had to cross a narrow pavement to get home and because it rained, there were frogs EVERYWHERE!!! they croaked guah guah guah GUAH GUAH!!!! and they jumped from left to right right to left across the pavement i was so scared i cried so my mummy piggy-backed me *sobs*

i hate it when frogs guah guah guah. v disgusting.

Big Shot... Small Fry...

Due to my work recently, I had to hook up my cell group friend DF to my clients and out of curiosity, i googled DF's name and WA!!!!! he has at least ONE PAGE worth of google on him and his work on MMORPG... sounds cheem hor? Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. WA! he is smart one nei... impressed impressed... he has always spoken very "spiak" English during bible study but didn't realise he is so tok kong one LOL

this kinda reminds me of my own thesis "Achromatic Number of a Graph" hahaha... i bet i will fall asleep when i read it now cos it's so cheem. chris' thesis is worse! "Shewhart Mean and Variance Schemes" @.@??????

it amazes me how we came up with such cheem proofs and results then. i doubt i can understand all of it now! LOL

well, for fun, i googled my own name too and chey! not me... not me... not me... eh? facebook entry, maybe it's ME! click... -.- not me...

diao... i am a small fry LOL

Monday, 12 May 2008

Kittens Watching Tennis


Sunday, 11 May 2008


Yesterday during one of my rare visits to chris' study... i found his old ACER laptop on the floor...

me: er dear... i saw your old laptop lying on the floor... the male one with balls (he put two cooler balls under it)
chris: oh... ya
me: er... so dear, how many laptops do we have at home now? praytell?
chris: praytell? *roll eyeballs... wonder why i use shakespearean language...* ermm... 4. cos margaret still around...
me: -.- we only TWO people...
chris: oh, the two balls one has been DECOMMISSIONED
me: oic.. like some people's CCTV?



OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Chris thinks i have OCD cos he thinks i'm obsessed w my niece's pictures. i'd edit edit, then close... go sleep... wake up... edit edit again... then stare... then marvel at her cuteness... then edit edit again.... then edit blog... then marvel again...

i have OCD meh?

Era's Baby

Era's baby is also so cute ^^ father indian, mother chinese... sure grow up v v pretty de...

Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Precious

My niece Gwyneth looks so fragile... i didn't dare carry her cos i was afraid she'd drop, snap, break in half etc... LOL. she is so cute... well, she and her sister Kyrsten are going to inherit my stuff (unless i have kids) ^^ hm... i can't wait to buy all the cute cute clothes for them and bring them for SSO baby prom, kid's plays etc... chris says my kor will -___-||| cos if his daughters mix around too much w me then they'd become ATAS like me. I'm ATAS meh? I'm v heartleander de nei ^^

i was hoping to paparazzi her about 150 shots but in the end i only took 15 shots of her cos my bro grumbled about the red light (AF) and my MF sucks so oh well, bo pian.

In the car, chris n i had this conversation:
me: hm... what should i buy them for their first month? how about little gold bars?
chris: -_________-|||????? er dear, that's so OBIANG! gold bars...? *roll eyeballs*
me: good wat. can keep.
chris: er... but it's v lao tu!
me: *ignore him* how much do u think a small gold bar costs? n do u think they'd engrave the names?
chris: i don't know n i don't want to know! -.-

Mummy, I Didn't Eat Che Che's Hay!

Relak One Corner

Bunnies are so carefree ^^ After their operations, Claire and West have been getting along fine. They'd lie side by side like this... Claire's face, West's paw... so cute ^^

Love One Another

I saw this "verse of the day" on pamela's facebook:

1 John 3:11

"This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another."

Wow! last night during bible study, we talked about "loving our brother" what a coincidence. or is it?

i do find it difficult sometimes to love the people around me and i am sure they find it difficult to love me too. cos i can have a v short fuse at times n throw my temper, sometimes i talk without thinking so i offend people, sometimes i am v sensitive so get easily offended n will get upset, i am self-centred, i whine and grumble a lot, i think the best way to do things (such as housework etc.) is MY way, i like it when people give in to me and if they don't (depends on how close they are to me), i will sulk (yeah, my family n chris gets that all the time).

just last night, my "brother" and my "sister" made me rather upset. one didn't prepare the thing he was scheduled to prepare. in the lift i breathed, "U DIDN'T PREPARE!" he ignored me, didn't even apologise. one didn't bring her book. and i was late because the people who were driving were late. if not for the fact that i was totally exhausted, i'd have just gone first with Gr. one thing about this group is punctuality... it's been an age-old problem since the time of shawn. when i was the leader, also same. When Lis was the leader. also sama sama. then people come for BS without bible or guidebook. that to me is weird... it's like going for a class without your textbook or material. that time asked my "brother" to find the book in his car, he also cannot find, haiz... in the car on our way back last night, Gr n R were saying something then i roared, "i think we should try to be punctual n remember to bring our stuff n prepare if we're leading!". R was stunned. there was an awkward silence. then Gr quickly said, "ya ya, we should prepare even if we're not leading ^^" then i think i also irritated another "brother" because i was eating the cracker balls non stop krrrr....! krrrr....! krrrrr! and he couldn't concentrate.

n sometimes my colleagues (although technically speaking, not ALL of them are my "brother" or "sister") say things (they think it's funny) that hurt. just that day during lunch... they said something that really hurt me so i just walked away. anyway, after that i forgot about it le cos i was too busy with BIG EVENT to be angry.

so u see, i irritate u, u make me upset... but all in all, we still try to forgive and move on. with our own strength, we can't but with God's strength, we can do all things. where there is friction, it means we have grown closer cos it's only when u r close that u will rub against one another n get on one another's nerves. last time YD n I, G n I also had our fair share of friction... especially YD n I. but now no more le...

Let's try to love one another...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Karaoke-On-The-Go (II)

Somehow I keep bumping into weird people -.-

today on the bus home, there was this person listening to Jeff Chang's "Love like rushing waters" (Ai Ru Chao Shui) and singing aloud.

i'm not kidding... the bus was so crowded... but this person was totally doing a k-box...



Chris broke the handle on my mug... the one with my photos... given by YD, G, CH and P...

he said he will glue it back...

but thing once broken le, no matter how u glue back also won't be the same anymore...


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bai Kah Bird

on my way back from piano lesson, before we went jogging, i spotted a baby birdie hoping on one leg to a corner and crouching there... so poor thing... must be injured... i thought, "if tio cat or dog sure see keow keow one" so when we came back from jogging, i showed chris n we decided to rescue it to give to aunty loy loy... she keeps many birds in her balcony. see if she can nurse it back to health.

couldn't find any box so a cut the top off a shopping bag and used it to contain the birdie. it kept chirping... can't fly cos still young... brought it to mum-in-law's place tomorrow my father-in-law will send to loy loy house... my mum-in-law gave it some water in a dish n some cantaloupe but it didn't eat. father-in-law says maybe still in shock.

hope birdie survives...

Break A Sweat

Today I dragged Chris out to run...

me: let's run to CY's house then run back
chris: -.-||||||||| er... run to grace's place run back can le la... hee...
me: -.- ok ok, we run 15 mins then u-turn k?
chris: -.-||| *that's like 30 mins lor*

so we ran ran ran then chris suddenly turned and wanted to go home i was like -.- WHERE R U GOING??? he ^^ at me... pointed to the bridge...

chris: let's go home!!!! ^^
me: but not yet reach CY house!!!!
chris: you said run 15 mins then u-turn de... *sulk* you lie to me...
me: *roll eyeballs* ok ok... but it's 13 mins only...
chris: almost le...
me: furthermore, i'm the one w the stopwatch... i say not yet 15 min -.-
chris: almost le la... ^^
me: haven't even break a sweat -.-
chris: ^^


A Night At The Concert

We caught Blossoms of Spring last night, a Chinese Orchestral performance by Xi'An Conservatory of Music and although i was never too fascinated with chinese orch music (with the exception of familiar favourites like Dance of the Yao people), i thoroughly enjoyed myself ^^

Guest of Honour is Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts k? mai seow seow... wa, there were so many Gin Nahs too... gin nah know how to appreciate chinese orchestral music music ah? thought it's for lao lang like chris LOL

the Suona player was ultimate! i have never seen, or rather, heard this instrument played so well. the suona, if i am not wrong is some form of chinese oboe (i think it's also a double-reed instrument). i have always associated it chinese funerals LOL but boy was the guy superb! i almost didn't blink and my mouth was equally wide open.

then there was this chinese soprano whose name is super duper cool... her name is XIAN YU YUE GE!!! -.-??? according to chris, xian yu is a v v rare surname and her name yue ge means "surpassing song". WA! so cool... machiam like wu ling gao shou (5-0 high hand) like that! LOL and her dress is pretty pretty... i v like...

the aunty who played the Gu Zheng was tok kong too i almost pictured those chinese fighting shows in which they diu diu diu! shoot people with zither strings.

my favourite violin concerto Liang Zhu (butterfly lovers' violin concerto) was performed by a young musician accompanied by the chinese orchestra. although she is technically flawless, chris n i felt she played with the same emotion THROUGHOUT the piece which is not quite right. perhaps she is still young and has not experienced love n loss ba...

the japanese lady sitting behind me exclaimed "sugoi!!" (sugoi means "fantastic, v good, excellent... yeah..") after every song hahaha... but the uncle beside me.... v disgusting... he removed his shoes and then during the Gu Zheng performance when it was pianissimo, his stomach growled... i -__________-|||

Saturday, 3 May 2008

I Gotta Get Out Today!

Golly... I was looking at my Takashimaya credit card bill for last month and it was $97.88 -.- that's the instalment for Gigi, my i-ecologi vacuum cleaner... what does that imply?

I didn't shop for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!

no wonder so stressed, pimples all pop out... basket.

I gotta get out today...

and ooohhh... chris n i r catching a concert at esplanade... got butterfly lovers' concerto.... can't wait ^^

Friday, 2 May 2008


Modernisation has changed the way people communicate...

her her her... chris n i were v wu liao just now... he was using his MacBook Pro n me my Air which was on his back (he is lying down on his tummy... Claire n West running around us... chinning us, licking us...)

Then we started MSN-ing...

Reminds me of the other time at Adriel's place... where Tom, Chris n Adriel sat on the couch and started having a conversation using Bluetooth on their mobile phones... there was total silence but they seemed to be bonding...


Ann's Financial Management Theory

Yippie..! taka sale! for every $100 spent, get $10 voucher! that's 10% rebate on top of the usual 6%!!! WAAAAAA!!!!! duo mai tuo sheng nei!

=D =D =D


well, those of you who r closer to me know that i am involved in this TUA LENG KONG, TUA TUA LIAP, big biG BIG event that's causing me to be super stressed and busy (until no time to pang jio)...

well, SOMEONE had the fantastic idea to have a 'desktop exercise' so today we spent 2 hours running through the actual day programme with walkie talkies n boy was it thrilling! I said a grand total of TWO lines: during comms check: "Ann here, over" and "Ann to XXX, ushers sent, over" -.-

I spent half the time listening to A talk to B, B talk to C, C talk to B, B talk to D, D talk to B ding ding dong dong... -.- and the other half wondering why on earth i have to be there on a Fri while my newborn niece waits for her aunt who never showed up...

C. Chen came over and grumbled...
C: Wat a productive use of my time!
me: yeah... i said a grand total of TWO lines!
C: I haven't said a single word except "C here, over!"
me: kekeke ^^
C: i'm going to watch soccer! *grumble grumble*

basket.... wat a bleddy waste of my previous time.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Money Is Not Important...

I was channel-surfing and chanced upon a programme featuring weddings of the filthy rich... and this is what they showcased

1. 4000 wedding photos shot at 4 locations. They chose SEVEN to be framed and displayed at the dinner (they didn't mention whether there was an album)
2. $30000 wedding gown
3. US$6000 antique kimono which they got famous designer to transform into a cheongsam (i must say it's really exquisite)
4. custom-designed jewellery crafted by masters in Italy, flown into Singapore a few days before wedding

hm... wow...

during the interview, the guy mentioned, "money is not the most important..."

ya right.

dude, money is not the most important because you have LOADS of it lor


Labour Day Lousy Programmes

It's Labour Day Holiday and the best Holiday TV Programme is Miss USA????? is that the best they could offer????


Ming Zhi Gu Wen

Ming Zhi Gu Wen - means know already still ask

Yesterday my big boss saw me and asked, "Wa, why u got so many pimples?"

me: Stressed...

I didn;t add... and it's all because of you