Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bai Kah Bird

on my way back from piano lesson, before we went jogging, i spotted a baby birdie hoping on one leg to a corner and crouching there... so poor thing... must be injured... i thought, "if tio cat or dog sure see keow keow one" so when we came back from jogging, i showed chris n we decided to rescue it to give to aunty loy loy... she keeps many birds in her balcony. see if she can nurse it back to health.

couldn't find any box so a cut the top off a shopping bag and used it to contain the birdie. it kept chirping... can't fly cos still young... brought it to mum-in-law's place tomorrow my father-in-law will send to loy loy house... my mum-in-law gave it some water in a dish n some cantaloupe but it didn't eat. father-in-law says maybe still in shock.

hope birdie survives...