Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Big Shot... Small Fry...

Due to my work recently, I had to hook up my cell group friend DF to my clients and out of curiosity, i googled DF's name and WA!!!!! he has at least ONE PAGE worth of google on him and his work on MMORPG... sounds cheem hor? Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. WA! he is smart one nei... impressed impressed... he has always spoken very "spiak" English during bible study but didn't realise he is so tok kong one LOL

this kinda reminds me of my own thesis "Achromatic Number of a Graph" hahaha... i bet i will fall asleep when i read it now cos it's so cheem. chris' thesis is worse! "Shewhart Mean and Variance Schemes" @.@??????

it amazes me how we came up with such cheem proofs and results then. i doubt i can understand all of it now! LOL

well, for fun, i googled my own name too and chey! not me... not me... not me... eh? facebook entry, maybe it's ME! click... -.- not me...

diao... i am a small fry LOL