Saturday, 24 May 2008

Claire and West

The more we observe Claire and West, the more we feel that West is like one of us and Claire like the other...

West is...
1. v ba4 dao4 (domineering) and wants his ways
2. sometimes a little rebellious and will PURPOSELY do what he is told not to do (like enter the bedroom or study or toilet.. he'd go into the toilet and step ALL OVER outside with his wet paws -.-)
3. a little hot tempered and will throw tantrums *ROAR!* when he is upset (like bite you REALLY REALLY hard or growl at u)
4. v picky about his food... refuses to eat hay that is not fresh
5. active... sniff sniff here, chin chin there... explore explore... jin boh eng... jin kay poh...
6. a diva... he LOVES it when we fuss over him and when claire grooms him...
7. attention seeking... when we stroke claire, he will get jealous, push her away n place his head on the floor for us to stroke
8. territorial... he chins EVERYTHING in the house (including us) to mark that they are HIS... he becomes a little aggressive when we try to mess with his enclosure and touch his things (er... his toilet)... will GGRRR! growl at us, sit on his toilet n refuse to budge or even jump up and bite.

1. is easy going, gives in to West
2. is easy to train
3. is mild-mannered and hardly throws tantrums
4. got hay eat hay, got pellets eat pellets
5. likes to just lounge around in a corner... doesn't like to exercise
6. doesn't mind fussing over west
7. enjoys it when we stroke her but is equally at ease when we leave her alone
8. is happy just being in her enclosure... will lounge in one corner when we go in to clean it.

They're both so different yet they live harmoniously with each other ^^ guess who is like who? LOL