Saturday, 10 May 2008

Love One Another

I saw this "verse of the day" on pamela's facebook:

1 John 3:11

"This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another."

Wow! last night during bible study, we talked about "loving our brother" what a coincidence. or is it?

i do find it difficult sometimes to love the people around me and i am sure they find it difficult to love me too. cos i can have a v short fuse at times n throw my temper, sometimes i talk without thinking so i offend people, sometimes i am v sensitive so get easily offended n will get upset, i am self-centred, i whine and grumble a lot, i think the best way to do things (such as housework etc.) is MY way, i like it when people give in to me and if they don't (depends on how close they are to me), i will sulk (yeah, my family n chris gets that all the time).

just last night, my "brother" and my "sister" made me rather upset. one didn't prepare the thing he was scheduled to prepare. in the lift i breathed, "U DIDN'T PREPARE!" he ignored me, didn't even apologise. one didn't bring her book. and i was late because the people who were driving were late. if not for the fact that i was totally exhausted, i'd have just gone first with Gr. one thing about this group is punctuality... it's been an age-old problem since the time of shawn. when i was the leader, also same. When Lis was the leader. also sama sama. then people come for BS without bible or guidebook. that to me is weird... it's like going for a class without your textbook or material. that time asked my "brother" to find the book in his car, he also cannot find, haiz... in the car on our way back last night, Gr n R were saying something then i roared, "i think we should try to be punctual n remember to bring our stuff n prepare if we're leading!". R was stunned. there was an awkward silence. then Gr quickly said, "ya ya, we should prepare even if we're not leading ^^" then i think i also irritated another "brother" because i was eating the cracker balls non stop krrrr....! krrrr....! krrrrr! and he couldn't concentrate.

n sometimes my colleagues (although technically speaking, not ALL of them are my "brother" or "sister") say things (they think it's funny) that hurt. just that day during lunch... they said something that really hurt me so i just walked away. anyway, after that i forgot about it le cos i was too busy with BIG EVENT to be angry.

so u see, i irritate u, u make me upset... but all in all, we still try to forgive and move on. with our own strength, we can't but with God's strength, we can do all things. where there is friction, it means we have grown closer cos it's only when u r close that u will rub against one another n get on one another's nerves. last time YD n I, G n I also had our fair share of friction... especially YD n I. but now no more le...

Let's try to love one another...