Thursday, 1 May 2008

Money Is Not Important...

I was channel-surfing and chanced upon a programme featuring weddings of the filthy rich... and this is what they showcased

1. 4000 wedding photos shot at 4 locations. They chose SEVEN to be framed and displayed at the dinner (they didn't mention whether there was an album)
2. $30000 wedding gown
3. US$6000 antique kimono which they got famous designer to transform into a cheongsam (i must say it's really exquisite)
4. custom-designed jewellery crafted by masters in Italy, flown into Singapore a few days before wedding

hm... wow...

during the interview, the guy mentioned, "money is not the most important..."

ya right.

dude, money is not the most important because you have LOADS of it lor