Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Precious

My niece Gwyneth looks so fragile... i didn't dare carry her cos i was afraid she'd drop, snap, break in half etc... LOL. she is so cute... well, she and her sister Kyrsten are going to inherit my stuff (unless i have kids) ^^ hm... i can't wait to buy all the cute cute clothes for them and bring them for SSO baby prom, kid's plays etc... chris says my kor will -___-||| cos if his daughters mix around too much w me then they'd become ATAS like me. I'm ATAS meh? I'm v heartleander de nei ^^

i was hoping to paparazzi her about 150 shots but in the end i only took 15 shots of her cos my bro grumbled about the red light (AF) and my MF sucks so oh well, bo pian.

In the car, chris n i had this conversation:
me: hm... what should i buy them for their first month? how about little gold bars?
chris: -_________-|||????? er dear, that's so OBIANG! gold bars...? *roll eyeballs*
me: good wat. can keep.
chris: er... but it's v lao tu!
me: *ignore him* how much do u think a small gold bar costs? n do u think they'd engrave the names?
chris: i don't know n i don't want to know! -.-