Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Night At The Concert

We caught Blossoms of Spring last night, a Chinese Orchestral performance by Xi'An Conservatory of Music and although i was never too fascinated with chinese orch music (with the exception of familiar favourites like Dance of the Yao people), i thoroughly enjoyed myself ^^

Guest of Honour is Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts k? mai seow seow... wa, there were so many Gin Nahs too... gin nah know how to appreciate chinese orchestral music music ah? thought it's for lao lang like chris LOL

the Suona player was ultimate! i have never seen, or rather, heard this instrument played so well. the suona, if i am not wrong is some form of chinese oboe (i think it's also a double-reed instrument). i have always associated it chinese funerals LOL but boy was the guy superb! i almost didn't blink and my mouth was equally wide open.

then there was this chinese soprano whose name is super duper cool... her name is XIAN YU YUE GE!!! -.-??? according to chris, xian yu is a v v rare surname and her name yue ge means "surpassing song". WA! so cool... machiam like wu ling gao shou (5-0 high hand) like that! LOL and her dress is pretty pretty... i v like...

the aunty who played the Gu Zheng was tok kong too i almost pictured those chinese fighting shows in which they diu diu diu! shoot people with zither strings.

my favourite violin concerto Liang Zhu (butterfly lovers' violin concerto) was performed by a young musician accompanied by the chinese orchestra. although she is technically flawless, chris n i felt she played with the same emotion THROUGHOUT the piece which is not quite right. perhaps she is still young and has not experienced love n loss ba...

the japanese lady sitting behind me exclaimed "sugoi!!" (sugoi means "fantastic, v good, excellent... yeah..") after every song hahaha... but the uncle beside me.... v disgusting... he removed his shoes and then during the Gu Zheng performance when it was pianissimo, his stomach growled... i -__________-|||