Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oil Burner or Vase???? *scratch head*

Diao -.-

Today was THE BIG DAY for BIG EVENT and Ling, HM n i were in the guest of honour toilet doing the final touches of flowers n aromatherapy oil (of course it's my idea la) i went to decor the room then when i came into the toilet, HM n ling were laughing non-stop...

me: wassup?
HM: *breathless* hahahahaha
ling: *gasping for air* hahahahaha
HM: *to ling* can i tell ann?
me: wat wat?
HM: Ling took a stalk of the orchid n tried to insert it into the OIL BURNER!!!
me: *stunned* -_______-|||

so funny... then ling whacked my left arm (ya, where the doc jabbed yesterday) cos i laughed at her so i was like AAARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH! AAARRGHHHH!

Haiz... i LOVE my colleagues, they're so cute. so blur yet so cute. LOL