Friday, 2 May 2008


well, those of you who r closer to me know that i am involved in this TUA LENG KONG, TUA TUA LIAP, big biG BIG event that's causing me to be super stressed and busy (until no time to pang jio)...

well, SOMEONE had the fantastic idea to have a 'desktop exercise' so today we spent 2 hours running through the actual day programme with walkie talkies n boy was it thrilling! I said a grand total of TWO lines: during comms check: "Ann here, over" and "Ann to XXX, ushers sent, over" -.-

I spent half the time listening to A talk to B, B talk to C, C talk to B, B talk to D, D talk to B ding ding dong dong... -.- and the other half wondering why on earth i have to be there on a Fri while my newborn niece waits for her aunt who never showed up...

C. Chen came over and grumbled...
C: Wat a productive use of my time!
me: yeah... i said a grand total of TWO lines!
C: I haven't said a single word except "C here, over!"
me: kekeke ^^
C: i'm going to watch soccer! *grumble grumble*

basket.... wat a bleddy waste of my previous time.