Sunday, 18 May 2008

Yankee-fied and Nipponised

Today, Pastor Melvin commented that the youngsters have been "Yankee-fied" (i.e. infused w too much American culture) hahaha... in the car on way to lunch...

me: wa! thank God i retained my chinese roots ^^
chris: -.- er dear... u r one of those yankee-fied people
me: no... when i speak mandarin, shee shee sha sha to my clients, they sometimes don't understand ! they say too cheem! *arrogant look*
chris: er... that's cos their chinese is bad... i mean badder than yours. ya, badder.
me: i don't think i'm yankee-fied... nipponised maybe... but definitely not yankee-fied.
chris: you are, dear. you are BOTH yankee-fied AND nipponised. you are in dire need of chinese tuition. from now onwards, every week, u will go to my mum's place for tuition la (his mum is a retired chinese teacher)
me: -.-