Sunday, 29 June 2008

Chris: -__________-|||

in the car,

chris: hm... for my next car, i'm going to switch to CNG... it's much cheaper. petrol is getting SO expensive.
me: what's CNG?
chris: Compressed Natural Gas
me: oh? you mean it runs on FART? *blink blink*
chris: -____________-||| NOT THAT KIND OF COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS! *blow out fumes*
me: =D

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

Read this on CY's blog... what a SGN! He is one messed-up kid man... this SGN should go to NS and try to talk to his PC that way... then sit in DB for a few weeks... really SGN to the core!

Haiz... parents should beat their own children... it's healthy. I remember my kor used to get caned like siao by my mum... i never did, cos i'd cry and wail before she took out the cane... my kor grew up into a nice accomodating guy, i grew up spoilt... haha...

Here's a hilarious clip of stand-up comedian Russell Peters talking about parenting... warning: contains profanity. it's a bit long but it's hilarious LOL

Friday, 27 June 2008

Nikon D300 - $20.99!!!!!

LOL.... *choke choke* hahahaha... my colleague Mr T... is v v funny... LOL hahahaha!

ling: eh vincent, the other time they upgrade your house, how long did they take ha?
vincent: more than 10 days...
ling: oh so how ha? you have to open the door for them?
vincent: no... i just leave home for work and leave my door open! haha
ling: wa! so daring! your valuables how?
vincent: haha... don't know...
ling: i heard some worker took an ah ma's radio... ah ma's radio they also want to take leh!
me: but vincent's things r so high tech they won't know how to use so won't steal la! LOL
T: oh... if it's me hor... all my cameras everything... i go n put price tag... $20, $30... they see so cheap they don't want to steal... can make even more realistic... $20.99!
me: WA! i want to buy... i want to buy! your camera $20, $30? i want i want!
ling: i also want! sell me one leh! $20!

hahahahaha... Mr T is totemo kawaii ne! ROFLMAO!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Model Husband

Read an article about "heavenly king" aaron kwok who is super giam siap with his gf until she buay tahan, broke off w him. according to her friends, he had never even given her an egg... but he has an impressive collection of ferraris, porches etc... he doesn't even give her birthday card -.-

Not noticing my change of hairstyle aside, I think Chris is an exemplary husband. I never had to worry about finances cos he takes care of everything (donno if he uses excel spreadsheets =P) so he'd say, buy this, invest in that n i just sign my name... and we have been travelling quite a lot, almost all the time sponsored entirely by him. everytime i want to contribute, he'd say, "it's ok, dear." he will save save on himself (er... except when it comes to electronic gadgets) but splurge on me or at least allow me to splurge on myself... and he is the one who always thinks about retirement, whether we'd have enough money... try to ensure we won't grow old and starve... he makes the big decisions... i am v gong gong about finances one... i'm the one who never thinks...

me: "dear dear, shall we have a kid? my nieces r so cute!"
chris: can't afford, plus, it's painful?
me: oh ya

me: dear, shall we buy a unit here? *point to cairnhill condos*
chris: can't afford

me: if i learn driving will u upgrade to BMW??? ^^
chris: can't afford
me: oh... mini cooper?
chris: can't afford

without chris, i think i'd be in debt cos i have the tendency to spend without thinking... which is v bad. so... hm... i need to be more aware... cos recently we talked about retirement and i realised... if i don't become more aware... wait grow old... starve er...


he may not be the most handsome, romantic or sensitive... but he shows his love by providing me with security for the future and pampering me but within our means. thanks dear ^^

Phi Phi Puke

I read my friends CY and ling's blog entries about their trip to phuket (pronounced poo-ket... we have heard some ang mos pronounce it most profanely when we were there -.-) and am reminded of phuket. i love phuket... v idyllic and i LOVE thai food ^^ but one v amusing incident happened on our way to Phi Phi island... we took a speed boat and because it was v v windy that day, the waves were v choppy so the speed boat bumped it's entire 1.5 hour journey to Phi Phi. needless to say, i (v susceptible to motion sickness) was one of the first to puke. then others started puking. and we puked n puked until we ran out of bags and we all were just puking in ONE bin... super gross... the first time i dashed to the bin, i lost balance and chris n another ang mo guy grabbed me and i accidentally puked on the guy's arm. he must have -______-||| but was v nice about it... just wiped it away w his other hand! haha... gross... and there was this uncle who refused to puke in the bin with everyone else so decided to just hang his last plastic bag, handles over ears, over his face!!! LOL he looked super comical sia... once in a while he'd puke into it n i bet he was breathing in puke fumes =P

the best part is... when we FINALLY reached phi phi, it rained! best... -.- haha

haha... it was quite an experience... i still like thailand la. chris n i both do cos the food is great, it's affordable n service is excellent. we'd probably go back again.

Monday, 23 June 2008

HAIR- Raising

Today I had a hair cut...

me: dear, do u notice anything different?
chris: what? *admire his new DIAMOND phone*
me: -.-
chris: what? *continue admiring his phone*
me: u didn't even look at me
chris: er what?
me: *stroke my hair*
chris: oh u cut your hair?
me: -.- U. DIDN'T. NOTICE. -.- -.- -.- -.-
chris: *know he stepped on land-mine* sorry dear, her her... u cut your hair! ^^
me: -.- that day... west n claire came back from sheryl's place (the boarding place lady), she BRUSHED their hair, u NOTICED!
chris: *sweat blood* er... dear.... don't be like that la.... sorry sorry...
me: our children combed hair, u noticed, i CUT hair, YOU DIDN'T NOTICE!
chris: *try to pacify me* sorry la, don't be angry la...
me: next time i need to dye it RED is it? then u will notice...
chris: *try not to say something wrong*
me: or i must cut like your hairstyle, then u will notice?
chris: cut my style? then u will be v handsome like me!
me: -____________________________-|||

girls, next time cut hair, use his credit card, he will surely notice. oh, make sure u also highlight, perm, do treatment. e whole works. ya.

*breathe out fumes*

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Day 9 (Last Day): Tokyo

1. Odaiba

We took the yurikamome train from Shinbashi to Odaiba, where the bay is, to look see look see. The weather was misty misty, sky not blue but it’s a v nice walk around, with all the boardwalks… nice views of the bay area and rainbow bridge ^^ Went up the Fuji TV Tower but because of the mist didn’t take many pictures. When we left, we saw three garung guys cleaning the outside of the dome 25 storeys high… wa… such a cool job, not for the faint-hearted or acrophobics. haha

Had Kurobuta shabu shabu (slurp!!! yum yum!) at Shio-Dome before heading to the airport to fly back home. It was really good... swish the paper thin slices in the boiling water, dip it in the Soba soup they provide and WA!!!! v v delicious ^^

Took this on the train so a bit blur but it's the nicest cos the rest are misty misty...

There was a chapel with a view of the bay and rainbow bridge... nice ^^

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Day 8: Kinugawa -> Tokyo

1. Ueno Park; Shinobazu Pond

I think Ueno is where the arty farty people congregate cos that’s where the museums and concert hall are. It’s a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Spring. Shinobazu Pond at Ueno Park is covered in lotus leaves in summer. The last time we came here in autumn 2004, the pond looked really horrible… a huge mass of dead brown leaves… but now it looks much better ^^ there are also hydrangeas in full bloom by the pond... i like ^^

2. Dinner - Puffer fish
How can leave Japan without first eating my puffer fish??? haha... yum!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Day 7: Nikko and Kinugawa

1. Shinkyo (Sacred Bridge)

A beautiful structure, it’s a curved wooden bridge built very long ago and still stands strong over Daiya river. I have a thing for bridges because I am always v amazed by how people in the ancient times, with their limited technology can build something ACROSS a river… I once watched a documentary about bridges and boy… are these builders smart… I like this bridge v much… but the one I really want to visit is the Kintai bridge in Yamaguchi. THAT is an awesome bridge.

2. Toshogu Shrine

This shrine honours the famous Tokugawa Ieyasu (De2 Chuan1 Jia1 Kang1 in kanji) who chris says is the founder of modern Japan… er… ok… my history sucks… that’s why I didn’t get into Japanese course in Uni cos I think they asked me that same question and I answered wrongly =P this shrine is resplendent n v elaborate w intricate craftsmanship, befitting of his reputation. Also visited Rinnoji and some other ji (temple) whose name I can’t remember now =P thing about these temples and shrines is that the road leading up to it is always some stoney pathway like they want to test your determination to get there. Ferragamos is not a good idea -.-

3. Hananoyado Matsuya

Chris thinks I have the habit of choosing the most ulu baluku ryokans… I think we were the only non-Japanese there and the staff don’t really speak much English except for one guy. It’s a v old, traditional ryokan where the windows are really made of PAPER! Felt v tempted to poke but it’s not nice la hahaha… There was a beautiful garden and from our room, we could see the ravine running beside the ryokan. The outdoor onsen is v v nice too, especially the men’s one. It’s the stone-type right beside the ravine so as u soak in it, u can take in the spectacular view… as for me, I can hear the rushing waters which was equally therapeutic ^^ I don’t know whether it’s our choice of ryokan, area or because it’s a weekday but the place was full of old folks LOL… in any case, when u watch Japan hour, it’s always the old folks who they feature haha…

Hananoyado Matsuya
Accessibility: 3* (quite ulu… take Spacia limited express train from Asakusa to Kinugawa-onsen… 2 hours… then change train to Kinugawa-Koen… 5 mins… then walk 3 mins)
Service: 5* (even before we arrived at the front door, they came and greeted us and had our reservation card w our name ready at the counter)
Amenities: 3* (normal stuff, nothing extra that impressed me)
Food: 4* (dinner was not really to my liking because they served lots of cold food… it’s summer cuisine I guess… but I liked the breakfast ^^ scraped the plates clean =P)
Ambience: 5* (v exclusive, v authentic and traditional, nice river view ^^)
Onsen: 4.5* (nice outdoor onsen… stone type)
Sight-seeing: 1* (nothing much to see or do there)

Our room view

Chris wearing a yukata, strolling in the garden with a koi pond

Monday, 16 June 2008

Day 6: Hokkaido -> Tokyo

We had planned to go to Asahikawa Zoo (supposed to be the most famous in Japan, also recommended by my Japanese hairdresser) but changed our plans due to inclement weather. Flew to Tokyo earlier… i was a little disappointed but thank God we did that because our hotel Sunroute Shinbashi is so new (opened in April) that it isn’t even on the map!! We had much difficulty finding it in the day… imagine reaching there at about 11pm (our original time) when all the shops are closed and there is no one to ask directions and it’s cold…. Really thank God for protecting us ^^ tis a v cool business hotel with minimalistic contemporary interior décor.

Sunroute Shinbashi Hotel
Accessibility: 3* (Quite difficult to find)
Service: 4* (standard)
Amenities: 5* (got facial cleanser, cotton pad n bud, hairbrush)
Food: 5* (nice simple western breakfast)
Ambience: 5* (I like the slick design)
Sightseeing: 5* (what sightseeing??? I went shopping la!)
First stop I made is of course GINZA (one stop away)!!! It’s a shopping paradise… raided Mikimoto pearls shop, Itoya stationery shop (where I found my Namiki fountain pen at a much cheaper price -.- super bang), burberry BUILDING (5 storeys high) and Bic Camera ^^

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Day 5: Hokkaido

1. Furano
We enjoyed ourselves there v much ^^ although the lavender fields are not yet in full bloom, the place is already v pretty and God blessed us with excellent weather (albeit a little hot =P) so that Daisetsuzan (Mt. Taisetsu) could be seen quite clearly.
Chris liked the lavender ice cream so much he eat TWO cones haha… we also tried the vegetables in season: potato and asparagus with butter… yum yum! Top it off with a slice of furano melon each and AH! Shiok ^^

O… haha… at Naka-Furano station, we met this cute uncle who is v v friendly. Chatted w him for a while… we think his job must be rather boring cos he waits at the ulu station for the train that comes every half hour… when he will walk out to the track and wave his luminous orange baton… v cute uncle… in the half an hour we were there, we were the only other people apart from him... haha... cos most people take tour buses to the farm but we decided to just take train since we have the pass, then a JPY600 (abt SGD$8-9) taxi to farm... despite his mundane job, he is still so joyful… it’s amazing ^^

This is taken at the train station where the cute uncle works

2. Biei
You should catch the tour bus as it’s probably the cheapest and most convenient way to tour this area. However, it stops for like 10 mins at each spot and I was so frustrated that the other passengers kept getting into my frame -.- so didn’t shoot much. DON’T cycle unless you want a workout! The nearest park is like ONE HOUR ride away…. UPHILL… =P heng ah, we took the bus. June is a little early so visit in July to Sep when the flowers will have bloomed ^^ Biei is famous for potato so we tried the potato udon and potato curry rice… WA! I liked the potato curry rice a lot. The mixture of mashed potato, cheese, curry and rice makes for a v satisfying meal. Try it at PUU, a craftshop/café near the Biei station.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Day 4: Hokkaido

1. Isshiya Chocolate Factory (Shiroi Koibito)
I was expecting REAL chocolate but it was more of a white chocolate cookie factory (shiroi means “white”, koibito means “beloved”)… when we approached, the fragrance of freshly baked cookies filled the air ^^ for flower-lovers like me, the park is a wonderful place to visit with HUGE (I mean REALLY HUGE. B.I.G.) roses, hydrangeas and various blooms everywhere!

The building also features a collection of lovely teacups!!! Wa… got Wedgwood, royal doulton, minton etc… sooooooooooo pretty!!!!! So envious…
I tried decorating a cookie but it turned out v different from the sample they gave =P

2. Lunch: Kurobuta
yum yum… the best of the best pork ^^ I had the pork and eggplant cutlet, chris had kurobuta don which is like oyako-don with kurobuta ^^ nice. When we go to Tokyo, we’ll try it again, this time we’ll order the shabu shabu =P

3. Tokiwa Park
Took the train to Asahikawa… Asahikawa Terminal Hotel is really convenient as it’s just right beside the station but the staff don’t speak much English and the breakfast REALLY SUCKS… LOL. O well, for the convenience, you’ve got to give n take haha. Visited some obscure park… nothing v spectacular, flowers everywhere lor.

Asahikawa Terminal Hotel
Accessibility: 6* (v convenient. Come out from station is the entrance liao)
Service: 3* (can’t speak English… and gave inaccurate weather forecast... told me weather v cold + rain so i wore thermal underwear n brought trench-coat, turn out super hot! -.-)
Amenities: 4* (normal)
Food: 2* (read above =P)
Ambience: 3* (a bit lok kok)
Sightseeing: 3* (Nothing much unless u go to Furano or zoo)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Day 3: Hokkaido

1. Lake Toya
Didn’t really plan for this but it’s nearby so we detoured to Lake Toya. It would have been lovely if not for the drizzle and mist over the lake. We did, however, manage to grab a seat at the hotspot restaurant Wakaishimo Honten where chris had hotate (scallop) rice and soup while I had tenpura soba and oshiruko (red bean paste dessert with rice balls). Nice view of the lake from the restaurant which features floor to ceiling windows ^^ quite a quiet lil town though.
If there is a chance I’ll want to go back n I’ll stay one night at one of the hotels near the lake because from April to October, there is a 20 min fireworks display above the lake at 8:45pm, fired from a boat in the middle of the lake ^^ should be v v nice.

2. Sapporo Clock Tower
This clock has never missed a second in 120 years… antique one nei… nice ^^

3. Hokkaido Government Building

4. Dinner at Kani Honke
Similar in concept, quality and price with Kani-ya in Kyoto… walking distance from our hotel… another reason to stay there ^^ we had kani sashimi, cold kani, kani toufu, kani hotpot, kani porridge, kani steak, kani tenpura, yubari melon. the tarabagani leg STEAK was WOW!!!!! The leg is so THICK that they grilled it like steak with butter… waa……. Before we even savoured it, I already started salivating when the creamy buttery fragrance tantalized us… a MUST-TRY ^^


The Japanese use English as well as I speak Japanese... here are some just for laughs... LOL

We all know Japanese have fetishes...

And they take kinky to a new level... if you're hoping that they sell what they claim to... sorry to disappoint... it's a souvenir shop... a piece of Japan anyone?? LOL

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hokkaido: Day 2

1. Odori Park
Flowers are beginning to go into full bloom in Hokkaido so it was a v nice stroll down the park. Nice to sit down for some ice-cream or have a picnic there ^^ we chatted with a friendly Japanese lady for a while. She thought we were there for honeymoon LOL.

2. Noboribetsu Onsen
stayed at Dai-ichi Takimotokan which is one of the biggest establishments in Noboribetsu. I don’t normally like big big ryokans but given it’s convenient location, free shuttle service (2 hr ride with one rest stop, from Sapporo bus terminal platform 4 at 1400 hrs; reservations for seats may be made via email) and 7 different hotsprings, it’s a decent place. Otherwise, I’d much prefer the exclusive type… quiet quiet, not so crowded ones…
wa! cheong onsen cheong until siao man… there were like 7 indoor pools and 4 dotenburo (outdoor pools), a total of 7 types of hot spring water claiming to cure every ailment in your body from headaches to shoulder ache, backache, skin problem, digestive problems to preserving youth and beauty… u name it, they’d have a pool suitable for u. of cos, I tried all LOL. They also have the waterfall type to TATATATATA massage your shoulders, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and ankle-deep wading pools where the outer path is hot and inner path is ice-cold (kinda like the thalasso hydrotherapy pools)… supposed to improve blood circulation but be warned… you’d feel a tingling sensation in your feet… toiletries wise…wa! Shiok ah… besides the usual, they have cleansing oil for face, collagen or charcoal face wash, peeling gel, collagen or charcoal pumice, sake essence, collagen toner, lotion, hair essence, … HWA! My skin never felt smoother… I so need to LIVE in japan… LOL
bought loads of onsen powder for myself and the girls (grace and ling ling, not sure if pris has bath tub) hee hee… but hor... buay tahan... got one singaporean aunty (i know cos of the way the family spoke) was scrubbing herself with a towel IN the hot-tub... wa liao... so gross...

Oh... do visit the Jigokudani (Hell Valley... the Japs call hot spring sources "hells")... especially at night cos it's v v nice ^^ on Fri and Sat, there is some ritualistic dance n fireworks display (which we missed cos we were there on a thu...) our hotel is just a 5 min walk away from the Hell Valley... v convenient.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hokkaido: Day 1

We arrived in Narita at 6:35am… darned… I missed sunset cos I took sleeping pills but managed to shoot this…

then we transfered to Haneda and flew to Chitose... what a long flight... yawn... stretch...

1. Otaru
A quaint little town peppered with various craft and souvenir shops. Stop at Minami Otaru station, come out, turn left and walk down. Worth visiting is the Music Box Museum and shop (with the famous clock tower, see pic) where you can find exquisite music boxes of all shapes and sizes. Once you enter, you can hear the tinkling of music in the air and it feels like you’re in fairy-tale land. Another interesting place is the glass factory where some of the finest glassware can be found. I bought a lovely sake flask and twin-cup set with sakura design… so nice ^^ can’t wait to use it.
We had Yubari melon, one of the sweetest melons I have ever eaten which is also v v pricey at SGS$60 in Meidi-ya or isetan supermarkets at home =P seems like it’s yubari melon season now ^^ slurp! There was also grilled bi-colour sweet corn but I was too full to eat =P
The sushi in Otaru is supposed to be v fresh as it’s near a port so we stopped by for a snack of uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), sake (salmon), toro (tuna) amaebi (sweet prawn), hotate (scallop), tarabagani (king crab) sushi…. Chris had tarabagani soup… Yummy!
Otaru canal looked much nicer in the posters as it was shot at night but we didn’t want to miss the train so left before sunset. There was this uncle taking photos for people at a fee… he used a Canon 1D… wa… drool.
Dinner was ramen! ^^ Sapporo ramen, one of our favourites… yum!

2. JR Tower T38
Went up the T38 to catch the nightview of Sapporo.. so difficult to shoot pictures because of the ambient lights within the viewing gallery and the fact that it’s enclosed (with glass windows) unlike Umeda Observatory where it’s open.
Stayed at Century Royal Hotel, which is connected to the JR Sapporo station via an underpass so it’s really convenient. Comprehensive range of toiletries too… hairbrush, haircomb, shaver w cream, face wash and even nail-polish remover! And yes, a tiny TV in the bathroom where u can soak in the tub while watching TV ^^

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Melody is all packed n ready for Hokkaido... that's her on the lounging chair in our new wardrobe ^^

O by the way, I LOVE my new lens: 50mm f/1.2L... kidding kidding... i wish er... f/1.8 la... haha...

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Thoughtful Gifts

Recently I received two v thoughtful gifts...

1. HJ has left to join another company so we had a cosy farewell dinner with him on Thursday. When he was around, the 5 of us (CC, TF, HY HJ and me) would have lunch together almost everyday and HJ, HY and myself will bring our own lock lock boxes to "ta bao" the food to eat in the pantry (cos it's cooler there). So HJ gave each of us a lock lock box with a pair of fork n spoon and a hand-made personalised card... wa... gan dong nei... so thoughtful... imagine what he does for his gf ^^ will really miss HJ. he is a really nice guy n i think he is v good at his job so it's my company's loss... sighs

2. today, G gave me a japanese cuisine cookbook ^^ wa! i v like ^^ although she feels that she didn't wrap it nicely, i think she put in effort so i felt v touched ^^ love the note too... thanks for remembering me.

Gifts don't have to be expensive (of cos i don't mind diamonds, mikimoto pearls, dior earrings, tiffany, apple anything etc... keep them coming ^^) but it shows when the person has put in effort and i feel v touched by the thought.

thanks people ^^

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My Nephew's Wedding

Golly... i suck at event photography as i always have and confirmed after downloading my nephew's wedding pics. i shot 95 pics in all but mianqiangly salvaged 16. these are the not so cmi ones LOL... plus i only had my kit lens w me (forgot to get the 50mm f/1.4 from suerya) so the depth of field is not as narrow as i would have liked it to be in he case of the portraits... haiz...

anyway, now i know why the "pro" photographer told us to hold ang bao n pose... cos although it doesn't look v pro, proper clear shot is ensured... cos if someone moves a bit, OOF le.. or u will get some unwanted human background... or worst, u may miss the moment then pai seh to ask people to rewind ma... heng ah, melvyn engaged a "pro" photographer n didn't depend on me otherwise i don't know how to tell him... "er sorry, out of all the tea ceremony pics, only one is clear!" =P i clearly need more practice... wedding photography is a v stressful job man... can u imagine, u miss the ring exchange? or the kiss the bride? die er.... LOL so i salute those photographers who go by feel, no need people to pose one...

Melvyn's Wedding Pictures

I Hate Pests >.<

I think most people (especially boys) will have killed a poor animal when they were kids because either they were naughty or it was a freak accident.

one of my friends had a hamster and he once threw it up in the air then caught it in his palms... he though it was really fun and kept doing it. but sometimes, our estimation is not 100% perfect one so on the last throw, he missed the catch and the poor furry creature plunged nearly 2m to its death. when he recounted it to me, he still felt bad about it... haiz...

well, i have once "tortured" a lizard... i am not afraid of cockroaches and will dare to grab it by its feelers but when it comes to lizards, i totally freak out... maybe it's cos my mum told me if the dislodged tail jumps into my ears, i'd go deaf -.- diao... so one day i saw a lizard in the bathroom and from previous experience, i know that lizards ain't afraid of Sheltox or Baygon.. i needed a quick way to kill the lizard effectively without getting too close...

so i went to boil water *evil grin*

i held the kettle in hand, squat down, edged close enough not to startle it then *evil grin* poured the hot water to "cook" the lizard. it died instantly.

i hate pests... >.<


You guys know that lately I have been trapped at home cos of the renovations (TV console, extension of wardrobe, storage platform for brownie's room) so i did some cleaning up too... packed the kitchen, bomb shelter aka store room and shoe-cabinet.

shoe-cabinet... Golly, when i removed all the shoes n placed them on the floor... even i was amazed at the number of pairs i have =P i had wanted to take a pic n upload it here but better not la... wait scare the husbands!

bomb shelter aka store room... hwah, at least now we have space to sit in case of emergency LOL i know of a neighbour friend (hint hint: her name is grace) who puts canned food n what nots inside... in case got to stay in there... told her if got war, i will bunk in her bomb shelter, will bring can opener LOL!

kitchen... haiyoh... i finally traced the source of the trail of ants on my countertop... those of u home owners like me will feel the same way... disgusted n upset... when u keep finding ants in the kitchen... for the past few days i had been pressing them dead with paper when i saw them crawling across the countertop... so i found their little hideout - a tiny crevice on the edge haha... grabbed the Baygon, a piece of kitchen paper, direct the nozzle at the entrance, use paper to prevent any from spraying out n SSSPPPPPRRRAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha... i can imagine them panicking, screaming "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" and their alarms sounding "PEEEE! PEEEE! PEEE! PEEE!" code red code red! ah hahahahahahaha! all dead! ah hahahahaha....

i love animals... but ants, cockroaches n lizards are not animals, they're pests and i HATE pests.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Open Doors: Answer

Answer: The open doors will be 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ..., 100 i.e. the perfect squares.

In order for a door to remain open, it must have been toggled even number of times e.g. door 4 toggled twice: start (open), toggle (close) on day 2 and toggle (open) on day 4. Door X is toggled on Day Y for every factor Y of X e.g. Door 16 is toggled on Day 2, 4, 8, 16. Door 30 is toggled on Day 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30.

1. A perfect square is a number that can be expressed as the square of an integer e.g. 4 = 2^2, 9 = 3^2, 16 = 4^2, 25 = 5^2, ...
2. An integer N is a perfect aquare if and only if its prime factorization is a product of primes raised to even powers e.g. 36 = 2^2*3^2, 81 = 3^4. This is obvious since N = q^2 where q is an integer.
3. A perfect square has odd number of factors including 1 and itself e.g. 36 = 2^2*3^2 has (2+1)*(2+1) = 9 factors including 1 and itself (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 36). Excluding 1 which is the starting when all doors are open, perfect squares are the only numbers that have even number of factors including itself and hence will be toggled even number of times.

I <3 Apple

Cool... ^^


Bunnies eating... sometimes West and Claire do that too ^^

Monday, 2 June 2008

Phone Konking Off

Dear Everybody,

My phone is dying soon. the screen turns blank whenever i press a button n it takes 1 sec for it to come back so it's getting terribly difficult for me to sms people. "OK" takes me TWO secs to type -.-

so if my sms is short or if i don't reply, it's not because i am dao or bochap u k?

urgent things just call me la.

Apple phone... apple phone... apple phone.. apple phone.

Printer For Sale

Chris is selling his old colour laser printer FujiXerox DocuPrint C525A.


Anyone interested?

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Open Doors

Another interesting problem from the book i've been reading... think about it while i go for my nephews wedding dinner ^^

in a school there're many lockers (say numbered 1-100). every morning, the one student stands in front of a locker to perform the following activity.

day 1: open all locker doors
day 2: close all doors numbered 2, 4, 6, ..., 100
day 3: toggle (toggle means close it if it was open, open it if it was closed) all doors numbered 3, 6, 9, 12, ..., 99
day 4: toggle all doors numbered 4, 8, 12, ..., 100


day 100: toggle door 100.

Q: after toggling door 100, how many doors remain open?

clue: think of the factors of each number... answer tomorrow.

Expensive Tea

Golly... my nephew is getting married today n early early in the morning went to his place for tea ceremony... heh heh... i get to drink tea nei ^^ my first time drink this kind of expensive tea. not say want to drink means can drink one nei. need to gib BIG ang bao...

wa, if he has a kid, the kid has to call me "Lao Yee" (grandaunt)

No Need Passport

last night we had dinner with the cell group people n CY n ling brought their american friend M. M's wife is not here cos she doesn't have a passport. well, it's not uncommon for americans not to own international passports cos their country is SO BIG they'd probably not be able to finish visiting their own country! they can see niagara falls, mount rushmore, grand canyon etc etc... n i bet shopping in NY is quite good ^^

singapore... it's a totally different story... where can we go?

east coast park -.-
zoo -.-
bird park -.-
botanical gardens (ok, this one's nice)


sentosa -________-|||

chris says now got one more -----> pedra branca! LOL

ya lor, we so NEED to have international passports otherwise we'd be so sian...

Korean Drama

Lately since i am on leave, i have been cheonging korean drama (i can watch like 6-10 episode a day) and boy, it's such a weepie! there'd be this tissue box with a MOUNTAIN of of wet tissue balls in front of me... chris feels i cry until like i know these people personally LOL

one thing i love about korean shows is that they really tug at you heart strings and when the guys profess their love, they always sound v poetic. they are always v v "chi qing", they'd be in agony when the love of their live is in agony, they'd like cannot eat cannot sleep if cannot be with the girl. they're super gentle... most of the time handsome and rich ta blah ta blah... the couple always has their special music, special place, special item of love, special moment etc... but they seldom have premarital sex one (unlike american shows which are so decadent). it's at most a kiss on the mouth. the female lead always gets the love of the guy she loves... there'd be this other guy who also loves her but she bochaps him. there'd be this other girl who loves the male lead but he bochaps her. the characters are always v artistic one... architect la, drama student la... n the one i am watching now "Huang Zhen Yi" about a courtesan and her sad love life, the characters are super poetic, super talented one.

there was one scene where the girl danced for the guy in this really scenic place and he was like machiam mesmerised the conversation went something like this... imagine that it sounded much more poetic in mandarin and i believe even more so in korean...

guy: can u not dance?
girl: why? do i not dance well?
guy: no... it's not that... it's... TOO BEAUTIFUL. i do not wish that you to dance this way for others

when he died, she stopped dancing... diao.

then the bad people are super bad u want to shred them alive kind but u know that in the end, good will triumph over evil and the star-crossed lovers will have a perfect ending. either they end up together forever or both die (and hence are together forever in the after-world).

amazing fantasy... that's what captivates me.

Errant Employers

Read a newspaper article about an employer packing 54 workers into a 2-room flat by lining up 18 triple decker beds. the beds don't have mattreses, just wooden planks. packed like chickens. only difference is they're human. thing is the idiot tio caught the first time round n was fined a mere $2000 afterwhich he moved his workers to a place with WORSE living conditions to "punish" them for telling on him.


i am sure his children are ferried to school in his luxury sedan and his bedroom is probably bigger then the workers living quarters. some people got NO conscience "liang xin"... i feel v v upset when i read such news. how can one human being treat another human being this way? and how can MOM just fine this idiot $2000????!!! what's $2000 to him? his mistress' bag probably cost more than that!

chris think these idiots should be sent to jail and fined jialat jialat like $20k or $200k. i think he should not go to jail but made to stay with his family in the workers' quarters for like one year.


this B*ST*RD should really go eat shit n die.