Wednesday, 4 June 2008


You guys know that lately I have been trapped at home cos of the renovations (TV console, extension of wardrobe, storage platform for brownie's room) so i did some cleaning up too... packed the kitchen, bomb shelter aka store room and shoe-cabinet.

shoe-cabinet... Golly, when i removed all the shoes n placed them on the floor... even i was amazed at the number of pairs i have =P i had wanted to take a pic n upload it here but better not la... wait scare the husbands!

bomb shelter aka store room... hwah, at least now we have space to sit in case of emergency LOL i know of a neighbour friend (hint hint: her name is grace) who puts canned food n what nots inside... in case got to stay in there... told her if got war, i will bunk in her bomb shelter, will bring can opener LOL!

kitchen... haiyoh... i finally traced the source of the trail of ants on my countertop... those of u home owners like me will feel the same way... disgusted n upset... when u keep finding ants in the kitchen... for the past few days i had been pressing them dead with paper when i saw them crawling across the countertop... so i found their little hideout - a tiny crevice on the edge haha... grabbed the Baygon, a piece of kitchen paper, direct the nozzle at the entrance, use paper to prevent any from spraying out n SSSPPPPPRRRAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha... i can imagine them panicking, screaming "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" and their alarms sounding "PEEEE! PEEEE! PEEE! PEEE!" code red code red! ah hahahahahahaha! all dead! ah hahahahaha....

i love animals... but ants, cockroaches n lizards are not animals, they're pests and i HATE pests.