Friday, 13 June 2008

Day 3: Hokkaido

1. Lake Toya
Didn’t really plan for this but it’s nearby so we detoured to Lake Toya. It would have been lovely if not for the drizzle and mist over the lake. We did, however, manage to grab a seat at the hotspot restaurant Wakaishimo Honten where chris had hotate (scallop) rice and soup while I had tenpura soba and oshiruko (red bean paste dessert with rice balls). Nice view of the lake from the restaurant which features floor to ceiling windows ^^ quite a quiet lil town though.
If there is a chance I’ll want to go back n I’ll stay one night at one of the hotels near the lake because from April to October, there is a 20 min fireworks display above the lake at 8:45pm, fired from a boat in the middle of the lake ^^ should be v v nice.

2. Sapporo Clock Tower
This clock has never missed a second in 120 years… antique one nei… nice ^^

3. Hokkaido Government Building

4. Dinner at Kani Honke
Similar in concept, quality and price with Kani-ya in Kyoto… walking distance from our hotel… another reason to stay there ^^ we had kani sashimi, cold kani, kani toufu, kani hotpot, kani porridge, kani steak, kani tenpura, yubari melon. the tarabagani leg STEAK was WOW!!!!! The leg is so THICK that they grilled it like steak with butter… waa……. Before we even savoured it, I already started salivating when the creamy buttery fragrance tantalized us… a MUST-TRY ^^