Saturday, 14 June 2008

Day 4: Hokkaido

1. Isshiya Chocolate Factory (Shiroi Koibito)
I was expecting REAL chocolate but it was more of a white chocolate cookie factory (shiroi means “white”, koibito means “beloved”)… when we approached, the fragrance of freshly baked cookies filled the air ^^ for flower-lovers like me, the park is a wonderful place to visit with HUGE (I mean REALLY HUGE. B.I.G.) roses, hydrangeas and various blooms everywhere!

The building also features a collection of lovely teacups!!! Wa… got Wedgwood, royal doulton, minton etc… sooooooooooo pretty!!!!! So envious…
I tried decorating a cookie but it turned out v different from the sample they gave =P

2. Lunch: Kurobuta
yum yum… the best of the best pork ^^ I had the pork and eggplant cutlet, chris had kurobuta don which is like oyako-don with kurobuta ^^ nice. When we go to Tokyo, we’ll try it again, this time we’ll order the shabu shabu =P

3. Tokiwa Park
Took the train to Asahikawa… Asahikawa Terminal Hotel is really convenient as it’s just right beside the station but the staff don’t speak much English and the breakfast REALLY SUCKS… LOL. O well, for the convenience, you’ve got to give n take haha. Visited some obscure park… nothing v spectacular, flowers everywhere lor.

Asahikawa Terminal Hotel
Accessibility: 6* (v convenient. Come out from station is the entrance liao)
Service: 3* (can’t speak English… and gave inaccurate weather forecast... told me weather v cold + rain so i wore thermal underwear n brought trench-coat, turn out super hot! -.-)
Amenities: 4* (normal)
Food: 2* (read above =P)
Ambience: 3* (a bit lok kok)
Sightseeing: 3* (Nothing much unless u go to Furano or zoo)