Sunday, 15 June 2008

Day 5: Hokkaido

1. Furano
We enjoyed ourselves there v much ^^ although the lavender fields are not yet in full bloom, the place is already v pretty and God blessed us with excellent weather (albeit a little hot =P) so that Daisetsuzan (Mt. Taisetsu) could be seen quite clearly.
Chris liked the lavender ice cream so much he eat TWO cones haha… we also tried the vegetables in season: potato and asparagus with butter… yum yum! Top it off with a slice of furano melon each and AH! Shiok ^^

O… haha… at Naka-Furano station, we met this cute uncle who is v v friendly. Chatted w him for a while… we think his job must be rather boring cos he waits at the ulu station for the train that comes every half hour… when he will walk out to the track and wave his luminous orange baton… v cute uncle… in the half an hour we were there, we were the only other people apart from him... haha... cos most people take tour buses to the farm but we decided to just take train since we have the pass, then a JPY600 (abt SGD$8-9) taxi to farm... despite his mundane job, he is still so joyful… it’s amazing ^^

This is taken at the train station where the cute uncle works

2. Biei
You should catch the tour bus as it’s probably the cheapest and most convenient way to tour this area. However, it stops for like 10 mins at each spot and I was so frustrated that the other passengers kept getting into my frame -.- so didn’t shoot much. DON’T cycle unless you want a workout! The nearest park is like ONE HOUR ride away…. UPHILL… =P heng ah, we took the bus. June is a little early so visit in July to Sep when the flowers will have bloomed ^^ Biei is famous for potato so we tried the potato udon and potato curry rice… WA! I liked the potato curry rice a lot. The mixture of mashed potato, cheese, curry and rice makes for a v satisfying meal. Try it at PUU, a craftshop/café near the Biei station.